Chapter 165: Her Objective



Sang Wan gasped for air as she laid stationary, her energy spiriting away from her body. This sort of feeling was, was——

Never had she experienced it before, and she did not know how she should describe it. The feeling of both fear and anticipation; this was her first time having such a feeling in both lifetimes.

“Sang Wan!” Shi Fengju raised her head and gave a tender kiss on her cheek as he tidied her messy hair. Softly, he said with a smile, “Tired?”

Sang Wan blushed and she gently shook her head before hurriedly nodding her head. 

Seeing than she was still stupefied, Shi Fengju could not help but laugh and gently pinch her chin lightly as he whispered, “Lie down first, I will give you a wipe.” He gently exited her body, and a hot current surged out at the same time, which made her blush; she did not dare to move.

After cleaning up, the two crashed onto the bed again. Shi Fengju comfortably let out a sigh and caressed her smooth and tender cheek as he said, “Sang Wan, you are finally my wife!” One of his arms went behind the back of her neck and the other hugged onto her waist, keeping her close in his embrace.

“Fengju, don’t leave me!” Sang Wan softly said as she cuddled into his embrace.

“I won’t!” Feeling both happy and affectionate, Shi Fengju hugged her more tightly, “Sang Wan, I will dote on and protect you forever!”

“Okay,” Sang Wan raised her eyes to look at him and gave a gentle smile. He was her husband and also her sky. With just his affirmation, she was satisfied.

“Sang Wan! How can I bear to mistreat you!” Shi Fengju became even more passionate and he uncontrollably lowered his head to peck her face. Softly, he said, “It’s late now, go to sleep.”

“Okay!” Sang Wan meekly snuggled in his embrace and gradually closed her eyes.

Not long after, his breathing became deep and stable. He was clearly deeply asleep. As for Sang Wan, she gently opened her eyes before entering a trance.

His arms were hugging her tightly. She squirmed gently, but his hands did not loosen. Not wanting to wake him up, she stopped squirming and let him continue hugging her. This was her first time being intimate with a man and she was somewhat unaccustomed to it. As her breath touched his strong and white chest, she felt uncomfortable and gently turned her face to face elsewhere.

The recurring pain from her body constantly reminded her that what had happened was real and not a dream.

Sang Wan was out of sorts for a moment as she sighed silently.

Separation was never her best option. What she said during their first night together was nothing but a delay tactic. In actual fact, she had always held a gleam of hope within her.

She was not alone. Her parents doted on her a lot and her oldest brother and sister-in-law did their best to marry her off. If she were to bring home a divorce document, it would be too cruel to them. As a missy from the Sang Family, how could she so easily accept a divorce?

In any case, she was already married. All she hoped for was to live her life peacefully. Shi Fengju was also considered a gentleman, and he was not a bad marriage candidate.

After her second brother became a top escorted examinee, she had strengthened her conviction. With a divorced sister, it would definitely affect his reputation. That made it harder for her to leave. It was also because of her second brother who gave her the support she needed to stay in the Shi family. She knew that on the account of her second brother, her mother-in-law would definitely not let her leave. With countless probing, she finally came to a conclusion.

Stabilising her position in this household a step at a time, all she wanted was to fulfill her duties as a wife, live in harmony with her husband thereafter with mutual respect as husband and wife, take what was needed from each other, and live out their lives peacefully. As for everything else, she did not have any other expectations.

For a very long time, Sang Wan had been thinking about what she said today. It was best if Gu Fangzi left at the end. Even if things were to change and she ended up staying, he would definitely have a sense of guilt to her because of what he had promised her today. Adding to her hard-earned influence and the backing from her second brother, her position was now stable and she could lead a good life.

Gu Fangzi would not be able to easily hurt her anymore.

And that was enough!

Giving her everything to him was just a matter of time. She did not plan to remain as a fake couple with him forever, and she needed a son to further solidify her position in the household. Besides, that was also a duty of a wife, wasn’t it? She would be a competent wife!

Having lived one lifetime, she would not remain naive and trust others easily. She had to plan and fight for herself in order to make them all happen.

If she was destined to tangle with Gu Fangzi for her entire life, then she would leave it up to God to see whose life was longer! Who knows who would have the last laugh at the end!

Her past and present life, her now and future; the intertwined time and space, her dishevelled memories; all were linked in countless ways. Sang Wan fell asleep dazedly after spending half the night letting her imagination run wild and thinking extensively. Now that everything seemed to be sorted out, she could not pinpoint the exact feeling but she felt a sense of emptiness inside of her.

Sang Wan was in a light sleep; she woke up when Shi Fengju caressed her face. Just a few strokes and she woke up, opening her passionate eyes slowly.

“You’re awake,” Shi Fengju lowered his head and smiled. He moved towards her cheek and gave her a kiss, “Sang Wan, you’re beautiful!”

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Sang Wan’s face reddened as she shyly avoided his gaze and said, “It’s almost dawn, time to get up. There’s much to be done today!” As she spoke, she sat up while hugging the blanket before extending her hands to reach for her undergarments and clothes that were at the side.

Shi Fengju hugged his pillow with both hands behind his nape as he smiled while looking at her. His heart filled completely with joy and satisfaction. As of now, she belonged entirely to him and he could look at her as he pleased without being modest.

The more he looked, his eyes deepened and his lower body unknowingly reacted. The woman in front of him with snow white skin, beautiful face, and her body half-covered by a blanket was extremely alluring. Her black satin-like hair was soft and gentle as it scattered down her clear white back. There were a few strands hanging loosely over her smooth and small shoulder which added to the charm.

Shi Fengju wasn’t able to hold himself back. “Ah! What are you doing!” Sang Wan cried when he reached out and pulled her back onto the bed. Before she could finish her sentence, Shi Fengju turned over and pressed himself over her body as he ripped off the undergarments that were freshly on her, revealing her white and supple chest. Shi Fengju licked his lips and smiled, “Sang Wan, it’s still too early for morning greetings, let’s lie in bed a little more…”

Of course, it wasn’t merely to sleep; without finishing his words, he lowered his head and opened his mouth to suck on her beautiful pink circle. A shock ran through her body, she trembled and moaned while helplessly hugging his body tightly.

“You, be gentle a little… Otherwise others might hear us!” Sang Wan said softly.

Shi Fengju took a breather and kissed her chest before smiling at her, “Don’t worry, I will!”

Sure enough, he became gentle. However, he was too gentle and it became more unbearable for her. Her face was flushed and she bit her lip to hold her moans back. Tears trickled down her eyes but they were gently wiped away by Shi Fengju.

Nanny Li, Zhide, and the rest felt it was strange for both their masters not to wake up on time as per usual, but it was quickly explained.

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“Young Mistress must be tired due to the past two days. You all be quiet and don’t wake her up! Zhide, let’s hurry over to Ji Cui Tower and Han Shuang Pavillion. Liu Ya, you stay here and serve Young Mistress and Young Master. When they wake up, take instructions from them!” Nanny Li ordered.

Liu Ya hurriedly agreed. Her heart was in disorder. Sang Wan’s scream from last night had kept her up all night. And today, she did not wake up on time. Could—— something really have happened?

Liu Ya was restless and worried, but she could not simply knock on the door and could only wait. The young servants found Liu Ya acting oddly and they stared at each other, wondering what she was worrying about.

After the two in the chamber were done messing around, they chatted for a while before getting out of bed.

When getting off the bed, Sang Wan could not help but knit her brows slightly in pain. Shi Fengju hurriedly held her and asked gently, “Does it hurt a lot? Do you need me to ask the servants to prepare hot water for you to soak in?”

“No need,” Sang Wan blushed and shook her head, “It isn’t really that painful. It’ll be fine after a while. It’s already time. I have to hurry to greet Mother before handling some things from Third Aunt’s side!”

Shi Fengju smiled and said, “There’s no need to be in a hurry, I will accompany you.”

“Okay,” Sang Wan smiled and nimbly got dressed before helping Shi Fengju put on his robe. Shi Fengju laughed as he opened his arms to let her serve him.

Looking at the messy bed sheet, Sang Wan could not help but feel embarrassed. They had already changed the bed sheet once last night, but after messing around this morning, it needed to be changed again.

“Let the servants do it! Let’s go now!” Shi Fengju felt nothing about it. He covered her ear and chuckled softly, “Relax, I’ve already hidden the bed sheet from last night. I will find an opportunity to bring it back to the study room to wash. No one will see it.”

At first, Sang Wan was puzzled. But she soon understood what he meant: That bedsheet had bloodstains on it so of course it mustn’t be seen by others! Her face flushed as she pouted and stared at him with a soft hum.

Shi Fengju chuckled and uncontrollably kissed her face again. The feeling of them being so intimate with each other was fresh and wonderful. How he wished they could be together forever and never be apart!

“Stop it!” Sang Wan pushed him gently and roughly tidied up the bed sheet as she heeded his advice to let the servants do it.

When the two of them opened the door, Liu Ya dashed straight up to them while looking at Sang Wan, “Young Mistress, are you alright!”

Sang Wan was feeling overly self-conscious, there was no way she could withstand the gaze and questioning. Her face blushed and she unknowingly hid behind Shi Fengju before opening her mouth with great difficulty, “I——”

“This servant! Why are you being so noisy early in the morning!” Shi Fengju hugged her and gave a light pat. Glaring at Liu Ya unhappily, he added, “Are you not going to help your young mistress comb her hair and wash up?”

Liu Ya was not really afraid of Shi Fengju. She scanned them suspiciously and felt that both of them were somewhat odd today. However, she could not exactly identify what it was. She asked again, “Is Young Mistress really alright? Didn’t you hit your head last night? Young Mistress, does it still hurt? This servant has already prepared the ointment. Should I help Young Mistress apply it?”

“No need, no need anymore!” Sang Wan felt guilty and could not wait to bury her head in a hole. She hurriedly gave a weak smile and said, “Really, there’s no need for the ointment anymore. It’s already healed!”

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