Chapter 166: What Is Wrong With You Today?

Liu Ya was still overly suspicious and continued to inspect Sang Wan, determined to find out what happened.

Shi Fengju was in a good mood today. Glaring humorously at Liu Ya, he scolded, “What are you standing in a daze for? Have you turned silly?”

“Understood, this servant will ask someone to fetch the water at once!” Liu Ya was taken aback and hurriedly replied.

“That servant seems very loyal to you.” Shi Fengju smiled at Sang Wan.

Sang Wan shook her head and laughed helplessly.

Shi Fengju was done washing up in a flash. He then walked around Sang Wan and sat next to her. With a smile on his face, he looked at the servant helping Sang Wan do her hair, wash her face, and do her make-up; it brought him great joy. The servant became so nervous that she almost could not hold the comb steadily with him staring intensely from the side. Normally, she could still converse and joke with Sang Wan. But today, she did not even dare to let out a deep breath.

Many of the servants were puzzled at the sight of their young master being clingy. Their young mistress would often have a shy smile on her face when her gaze met with their young master, just what had those two —— or rather, why were they more lovey-dovey than when they were newlyweds?

Others soon cast that thought aside, but not Liu Ya. When she brought a few young servants to clean up the chamber, she found out that the bed sheet was changed. However, the old one was nowhere to be found.

Liu Ya could not help but be confused.

Although she did not have a lifelong of experiences, she was not at the age where she knew nothing. Seeing the obvious signs of frenzy on the bed sheet, her thoughts finally cleared up was suddenly enlightened. The young servants gaze across at Liu Ya to see if anything was wrong, but Liu Ya quickly waved her hands and said with a smile, “Nothing, nothing! Hurry up and change the bed sheet and tidy up the house! Later when the weather is good, take the bedding and pillows out to bask under the sun!” After she gave her instructions, she went out to find Sang Wan as her heart was itching to confirm her conclusion.

However, with Shi Fengju always by Sang Wan’s side, Liu Ya had no chance to ask. Feeling entirely restless, she paced about with an uneasy heart.

Shi Fengju and Sang Wan quickly noticed her strange behavior and Shi Fengju could not help but become furious at this servant who had not been acting normal since morning!

“Liu Ya!” Shi Fengju shouted with a deep voice, “Go and check if breakfast is ready. If it is, prepare to serve it!”

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“To answer Young Master, this servant has already asked for breakfast to be prepared!” Liu Ya hurriedly replied, but she was unwilling to move away.

Shi Fengju spoke with a calm face, “You’ve been pacing up and down for the entire morning, is something bothering you? If there is, then say it!”

Sang Wan saw that he was at the verge of flaring up, and she gave him a glare. Displeased at Shi Fengju, she hurriedly said with a smile, “Why are you getting angry at a servant! Liu Ya, hurry and urge them to ready our breakfast!”

“Yes, Young Mistress!” Liu Ya could only suppress her doubt and wait for the right chance to ask as she hurriedly left.

“Don’t be angry, she’s only…, only concerned about me…” Sang Wan’s face felt a little hot. The scream from yesterday must have gave her a shock.

Shi Fengju also recalled the incident and he chuckled as he looked deeply into her eyes, “Your servant is a loyal one! But she’s just too upright! Did she think that I will bully you?”

Sang Wan glared at him without saying a word, but she thought to herself: But you did yesterday!

Seeing the slight anger on her bashful face, it made him love her even more. He could not contain his joy when he looked at her from time to time, and he felt both happy and contented.

After the two tidied themselves, they went to the side hall for breakfast.

“All of you are dismissed, there’s no need to serve us here!” With a beauty in front of him, he wanted to be alone and intimate with her. Why would he want any disturbance?

When Sang Wan saw his gaze fixed on her and saw some playfulness leaping in his eyes, she knew that he was up to no good. But now that she belonged to him, how could she refuse him? And so, she smiled and left it up to him.

Liu Ya and the rest took his order and retreat away silently.

“Sang Wan!” Shi Fengju could not wait any longer and he pulled her into his embrace. Rubbing his cheek against her’s, he asked intimately, “What do you like to eat? I will pick it up for you.”

Sang Wan glared at him before picking up a piece of his favourite steamed dumpling with chicken fillings and placed it on his plate. Grudgingly, she said, “I know what you like, but as for what I like, you had to ask me.”

Shi Fengju was fond of her acting like a spoiled child, but he also felt a twinge of guilt from her words. He held her closely and said, “Sang Wan, I will remember what you like from now on! You treat me so well, surely I have to return the favor!” After he saying so, he asked what she liked.

Sang Wan’s most favorite food was the one-inch long dumpling stuffed with tofu, fungus, and ham. After telling Shi Fengju with a smile, he picked one up before bringing it close to her mouth,”Come, are you satisfied that I’m serving you for once?”

Sang Wan laughed as she subconsciously looked around to check if they were alone before opening her mouth to eat it.

The two of them were lovey-dovey and messed around for a while until Sang Wan rushed him to hurry as she was very much concerned about giving her morning greeting to Wang Shi as well as the matter with Shi Third family. After breakfast, the two rinsed their mouth and drape over their woollen cloak as they made their way to Wang Shi’s place.

“Why are you later than usual?” At Wang Shi’s place, Shi Yumei was already present. Seeing that they were late to arrive, she couldn’t help but reproach.

“The matters yesterday were exhausting.” Shi Fengju smiled weakly.

Shi Yumei glared at him and growled softly. She was obviously unhappy with Sang Wan for not responding.

“There are indeed more things to handle these two days. Sang Wan, you’ve worked hard!” However, Wang Shi also added, “But no matter how difficult things may be, they must be properly handles so that others won’t be able to pick out any problems!”

“Mother, don’t worry. Sang Wan has always kept it in mind!” Sang Wan hurriedly smiled and replied respectfully.

Wang Shi smiled and nodded in satisfaction, “That’s good to hear!”

Sang Wan quickly reported to Wang Shi the punishment arranged yesterday, as well as the agenda for today. It included the things that the household had to prepare at the end of the year, various other purchases, and the incoming tributes from the various country houses.

Wang Shi listened with a smile on her face. She did not question much and was not fussy. At times when Sang Wan asked for her opinion, she would readily blurt a few words such as “Just do as you deem fit!” and “Ask the head servants to find out about last year’s practices!” Other than that, there was no other words for Sang Wan.

“Ah, I say, Fengju, are you alright?” Shi Yumei suddenly spoke out loud as she eyed Shi Fengju suspiciously.

In that instant, everyone’s gaze shifted curiously to Shi Fengju from Shi Yumei’s words.

“Big Sister, what do you mean? There’s nothing wrong with me!” Shi Fengju was baffled.

“Are you sure?” Shi Yumei remained doubtful and said, “You seem absent-minded today and at times you would look and smile at your wife. Did something happen?”

Sang Wan’s face redden and she lowered her gaze. She thought in her heart that something must be wrong with him, how could he not know how to restrain himself and even got spotted by someone else.

Without a doubt, Shi Fengju was definitely in a trance as he admired his wife, finding her more beautiful and lovely the more he looked at her. Thinking about the extraordinary sensation from yesterday night and today morning, as well as the pleasure from pressing himself over her body, his mouth unknowingly twisted into a smile. Who knew that his sister would point that out and make a fuss about it.

Shi Fengju found himself in a difficult situation. After giving a light cough, he knitted his brows and said, “What? Nonsense! I was only focused on the conversation between Mother and Sang Wan. Did I even do what you said I did?”

“You didn’t? You aren’t acting weird now, but you were just now; you definitely were!” Shi Yumei was certain.

“Big Sister, you should stop behaving so nonsensical everyday!” Shji Fengju helplessly exclaimed before looking at Sang Wan, “Sang Wan, let’s go take a look at Ji Cui Tower and see how the preparations are going! The decorations also have to be put up soon.”

“Leave then!” Wang Shi nodded when she heard him, “Your Third Aunt sure is an impetuous one; wanting to move in so urgently! The preparation should be fine as long as all the important items are moved in. As for the miscellaneous items, just let them handle it themselves!”

Sang Wan took the chance to get up. She smiled and agreed as she left with Shi Fengju.

“You don’t know anything about handling household affairs, why don’t you stay and accompany Mother? What’s the point of going and adding trouble? Just let Sang Wan handle it!” Shi Yumei could not help but exclaim as she just could not stand the sight of Shi Fengju following Sang Wan around everyday.

“I’m more familiar with Third Uncle and Third Aunt’s preferences. Is there any problem with me going along? Sang Wan never had much interactions with them, so how would she know much about them? Big Sister, would you like to come with us?” Shi Fengju smiled and said.

Shi Yumei was disinclined to arouse more trouble for herself and she shook her head in revulsion upon hearing him before giving him a glare, “If you want to go, go, but I won’t!”

Shi Fengju laughed and left, pulling Sang Wan with him.

After leaving Wang Shi’s place, Sang Wan hinted the servants that were following them to retreat away. Feeling both embarrassed and angry, she then turned towards Shi Fengju and said with her teeth clenched, “You have to restrain yourself in front of others. Otherwise, others will make fun of us! You, you——”

Shi Fengju could not helped but laugh as he gently stroke her cheek and said, “‘I’ what? Who asked you to be so lovely? No matter how long I look at you, I just cannot enough. It’s a pity that today’s matter cannot be delayed. If not, we could have stayed at home and talk idly; there won’t be any need for us to leave Ning Garden1Ning GardenSang Wan & Shi Fengju's place of residence to suffer!”

“Your words are getting more ridiculous as you speak!” Sang Wan was displeased at him, “If you continue to remain unconcerned of my position, then I’ll get angry. If the servants saw us and start spreading rumors, how do you expect me to continue managing them?”

Shi Fengju turned dejected as he nodded and sighed softly, “You’re right, I was careless! Don’t worry, I will pay more attention of my behavior!”

Seeing him dejected and afraid that she might have hurt his feelings, she mumbled softly, “At most, at most when we return to our house…you can do whatever you like…”

“What did you say?” Shi Fengju’s eyes brightened and he asked with a smile.

Sang Wan blushed and she exclaimed, “Nothing! If you didn’t hear me, then forget it! We should hurry along now!”

Shi Fengju smiled, “I heard it clearly! You better honour your words!”

Sang Wan glared at him quietly as he laughed. Reaching his hand out to hold her in his arms, he quickly put it back down after a second thought and they made their way to Ji Cui Tower together.

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At Ji Cui Tower, Nanny Li and two other household department servants were working hard at commanding the rest of the servants to shift and place the various furniture in position. Seeing the two masters arriving, they hurriedly stopped and greeted them.

“Young Master and Young Mistress, you’re here!” Nanny Li stepped forward and said with a smile, “Young Master and Young Mistress, there’s no need for you to worry. By morning, everything will be properly placed. Things like decorations, furniture, and utensils have already been checked according to the list by Liu Ya yesterday. They will all be move from the storeroom by afternoon! For everything else that we do not understand, Young Master and Young Mistress will have to make the decisions when the time comes. But for now, you can go back and have a rest first!”

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