Chapter 204 – Who is she?

Zhou Wei disappeared after climbing back up the cliff.

No one saw him even once during the entire eight days. When he reappeared in the refining hall, Qin Tian was shocked and thought to himself, “He’s actually still alive?!”

Qin Tian had not expected Zhou Wei to still be alive. Even after falling off the cliff, he was still not dead. Such strong life force.

In the refining hall, Zhou Wei acted as though nothing had happened. As he glanced at Qin Tian, he gave a cold smile filled with so much killing intent that it made others shudder.

Yan Bing frowned, wanting to expose the despicable deeds done by Zhou Wei that day. However, she was stopped by Qin Tian, the expression in his eyes indicating that Yan Bing should not speak about it.

Without any evidence, Zhou Wei would definitely refuse to admit it. Besides, the things that had happened would not be good for Yan Bing and Yan Xin’s reputation.

Qin Tian had already taken advantage of it, so speaking out would only worsen the situation.

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To a certain extent, Qin Tian should be grateful to Zhou Wei. If it weren’t for his poison of the nine acacias, perhaps he would not have been able to play a dragon with two phoenixes. At least, not that quickly.

It was solemn and majestic inside the refining hall and Shen Yan’s expression was also extremely serious. Looking at the ten disciples in the hall, worry lingered inside her.

This Inner Disciple Competition was very important to her.

Shen Yan gently exhaled a breath, letting her tense mood calm down. Looking at Zhou Wei, then at Qin Tian, she smiled a little and said, “The ten of you are the best amongst the disciples in the Fierce Sun Pillar. This Inner Disciple Competition is related to the future of the Fierce Sun Pillar. So, I hope you will devote all your effort to be in the top ten no matter what it takes.”

“Yes, master. We will definitely devote all our effort to it.”

All ten disciples replied in unison.

Amongst these ten people, the top was Zhou Wei at rank two Rebirth realm. In second place were Yan Xin and Yan Bing who had just broken through the Rebirth realm. At rank three Ascension realm, Qin Tian was ranked the lowest among the ten.

However, in Shen Yan’s heart, Qin Tian’s importance was substantial and was not any lighter than Zhou Wei’s.

Even she could not complete the mission in the dark ocean. It was possible that Qin Tian was not a simple rank three Ascension realm cultivator.

Shen Yan nodded with a smile and waved one hand. Xiao Qing picked up the Netherworld god sword with both hands and walk forward.

Zhou Wei’s eyes shifted slightly and his expression changed.

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Qin Tian smiled coldly in his heart.

“Half-god tool, Netherworld god sword. Refined from millennium iron, the soul of the tool is a rank nine Winged Tiger King’s core. It can resonate with the soul, becoming one with its wielder and manifesting incredible power.”

As she spoke, Shen Yan did not look at Zhou Wei once.

The ten people on the floor knew that it used to be a reward for Zhou Wei when he broke through to become a master refiner. However, now that his rights of it had been revoked, any one of them had a chance to own it. Instantly, their eyes blazed with excitement.

Only Zhou Wei’s eyes remained as calm as ever, although he felt hatred in his heart.

Half-god tools. There were very few of them in the whole of Tianji Sect, so just how precious were they?

How could Zhou Wei not feel pained in his heart?

Yet, his face showed a strange smile, a fleeting smile. Internally, he said with incomparable coldness, “Laozi’s things, nobody shall think of snatch it away.”

Looking at the blazing expressions of the disciples, Shen Yan nodded with satisfaction and said, “The person amongst you who obtains the highest ranking, I will reward with this Netherworld god sword.”

“Master, do you really mean that?” Yan Bing cried out in excitement as she stared at the Netherworld god sword.

“When has master ever deceived you?” Shen Yan smiled lightly.

The crowd revealed fanatical expressions.

In addition to strength, the Inner Disciple Competition relied on luck. With good luck, the opponent for several rounds would be weak. If one’s luck was bad, the first round would be against an expert and it would be an instant defeat.

Zhou Wei’s cultivation was the highest, yet it did not mean that he could obtain the best result.

If he faced an opponent stronger than him and lost while another disciple encountered a weaker opponent and won, then Zhou Wei’s ranking would be low.

Hence, all ten of the disciples present at the moment had an opportunity to acquire the Netherworld god sword.

Shen Yan greatly raised their fighting spirit by taking out the half-god tool as a reward. This was a first in the Fierce Sun Pillar.

In the past 100 years, the Fierce Sun Pillar had not won a good ranking.

Zhou Wei was the only disciple who entered the top ten places, although only he knew how he was able to enter.

Although Fierce Sun Pillar held a very important position in Tianji Sect, it never had an optimistic outlook in terms of cultivation, especially against the other seven major pillars.

In this world where the strong is respected, just by knowing how to refine tools, no matter how amazing they are, without any power one would only be a laughingstock to others. In Shen Yan’s heart, she had always wanted to change. However, since she had entered the Void Piercing realm, her cultivation had stopped no matter how she practiced.

In her heart, in addition to tool refinement, she also desired to become strong.

The Inner Disciple Competition was a grand event in Tianji Sect. Almost all of the inner disciples would come to watch it while also thinking that they are worthy of participating at the same time.

Besides a few disciples who guarded the gate into the peak, all of the members of the Fierce Sun Pillar went down the mountain to participate in this event


Before the start of the Inner Disciple Competition, the selection of outer sect disciples had already ended.

Lin Yan, Yi Qianhan and the others successfully advanced to become inner disciples.

Displaying great combat strength in the trial, Lin Yan had been eyed upon by an elder of the Thousand Sun Pillar. It would not be long before he became a member of the Thousand Sun Pillar.

The five of them had entered the inner court for only a few days. They maintained a respectful attitude towards everyone and were extremely passionate. Having endured so many years, they finally became an inner disciple. For them, this was the biggest breakthrough in life.

Tens of thousands of disciples gathered in the square outside Sky Above Sky. The crowd was constantly discussing and arguing.

At one corner of the square, the five of them including Lin Yan were standing on tiptoes, looking around for Qin Tian’s figure.

“Will Brother Qin come?” Changfeng called out anxiously. By now, his strength had already reached rank 3 Spirit Refining realm, his aura had changed immensely.

“He will definitely come,” Lin Yan said confidently.

They were only able to enter the inner court because of Qin Tian’s help.

Without Qin Tian, they may possibly still be stuck in the outer court, receiving tasks day and night only to complete them and exchange for a meager amount of merits, with the cycle repeating itself.

Yi Qianhan also had a slightly anxious expression, even though she was cold as an iceberg. At the moment, her eyes held an imperceptible fanaticism.

Suddenly, there was a turmoil in the crowd as they all turned to the side, someone shouted loudly, “The disciples of Fierce Sun Pillar are arriving.”

“So beautiful, they’re all beauties.”

“How could there be two men? Who are they, isn’t their luck too good?”

“Damn, you don’t even recognize Zhou Wei? He’s the eldest senior brother of Fierce Sun Pillar, one of the top ten in the last competition. His refining technique had reached the grade of master. He is someone whom all the elders valued.”

“Who is the other one? Haven’t seen him before, could he also be representing Fierce Sun Pillar?”

“Don’t know.”

“Haven’t seen him before, who knows where he came from.”

…The crowd whispered, feeling unfamiliar with Qin Tian’s appearance. Some capable disciples who sensed Qin Tian’s aura could not help but sneer.

Rank 3 Ascension realm, they estimated that he would only be able to enter the top 100.

If he wanted to go further, it would probably be impossible.

From a distance, a few elders shook their heads and sneered, “The strength of the disciples from the Fierce Sun Pillar are too weak, to even send out a rank 3 Ascension realm disciple.”

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“Haha…” One elder laughed loudly and said, “The refining techniques of the Fierce Sun Pillar aren’t too bad. Compared to cultivation, how powerful can a group of little girls be?”

“Haha, what Elder Liu said is right.”

“In the past 100 years, Fierce Sun Pillar only had one disciple who had entered into the top ten ranks. It’s like they’re just passing through, making everyone laugh.”


The elders around him also laughed. They were all elders who hold authority in the inner court. Towards Fierce Sun Pillar, they only felt deep envy. They had the best conditions in Tianji Sect with a peak covered in dense Qi, while also having the rights towards the resources of Thousand Snake Valley. This made many people feel jealousy and even hatred.

“Brother Qin, it’s Brother Qin…”

Lin Yan shouted loudly and the five people turned to look at the same time. Watching Qin Tian walk amongst the disciples from the Fierce Sun Pillar, they were all excited with enthusiastic expressions.

“Why did he enter Fierce Sun Pillar?” Lin Yan thought to himself.

“What’s wrong with Fierce Sun Pillar?” Changfeng asked.

Lin Yan did not answer. Just why did he do that? In truth, Qin Tian’s potential was the best he had ever seen, but to enter Fierce Sun Pillar which specialized in refining puzzled him. However, it only bothered him a little and he soon forgot about it. No matter who Qin Tian became a disciple of, he was still their benefactor.

“Brother Qin, Brother Qin…”

Lin Yan, Changfeng and the others waved their arms and shouted loudly.

Qin Tian looked into the distance. Seeing Lin Yan and the others, he immediately waved his hands, his expression light and smiling. He felt happy from the bottom of his heart that they were able to enter the inner court.

“Master, I’m going to see a few friends,” Qin Tian said respectfully.

“Go, but come back soon,” Shen Yan replied. Looking at the elders who were laughing at her not too far away, her expression turned sombre and she felt anger in her heart.

“Master, I am going too,” Yan Bing immediately said and without waiting for Shen Yan to agree, she took her sister Yan Xin and followed.

When Yan Bing followed Qin Tian’s line of sight towards Lin Yan, she saw a beautiful female disciple. Although she was not certain if Qin Tian knew her, she had a feeling that he must be familiar with her, so she took her sister to follow him.

As Yan Xin and Yan Bing followed, Qin Tian secretly thought, “Could they be jealous?”

“Brother Qin.”

When the five of them saw Qin Tian came over, they immediately greeted.

“Haha… Long time no see. You’ve all become inner disciples, congratulations,” Qin Tian smiled.

Yan Bing and Yan Xin stood behind Qin Tian. Looking at Yi Qianhan, they felt animosity arose in their hearts.

A woman’s nature.

Yi Qianhan’s appearance did not lose to them in any way. If compared individually, Yi Qianhan’s beauty was slightly more eye-catching.

Yan Xin and Yan Bing were twin sisters who when put together, had naturally overwhelming charm.

Yan Bing looked at Yi Qianhan and revealed a smile that one would usually be unable to see. “Who is she?”

“Who are they?”

Yi Qianhan also asked at the same time.

Qin Tian looked at Yi Qianhan and then at Yan Bing who had a faint, forced smile. He rolled his eyes and sighed inwardly, “Master is calling us…”

“Don’t go yet.”

“If you don’t say it clearly, we won’t let you go!”

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