Chapter 352: Is She Someone You Can Mess With?

Another invigilator took a glance at the question and smiled, “Teacher Liu, Ye Jian has won the gold medal in the World Olympics competition. Your question isn’t too difficult for her to solve. However, I agree with you. The headmaster of First City High is indeed crazy.”

Ye Jian had become the center of attention of the entire examination hall. Not only did the teachers deliberately pay attention to her, but the teacher supervisors of other schools had also come over to check on her from time to time. Ye Jian’s name had been the name that was mentioned the most by teachers for many years!

Genius, a talent given by God. Ye Jian had risen up swiftly like a sharp sword, causing tremors across the entire Anyang City!

Two days later, all candidates’ test papers were sealed and sent to the city for review.

Ye Zifan, who had been waiting for the news, received a call from Old Hu in the afternoon. He smiled widely as he answered the phone. However, when he heard the first sentence, “Unable to do it”, his expression changed drastically. He questioned coldly, “Unable to do it? Old Hu, isn’t this what you have been doing all this time?”

“Old Ye, don’t you think that you’re causing a problem to me if you want me to help you to invalidate Ye Jian’s exam paper? Her paper is the main focus out of this entire batch of papers. They don’t even go through us. The papers are personally sent to the city, by two members assigned by the military, as well as an invigilating teacher and a notary, to be marked.

You dare to raise your voice at me, but I’m not even mad at you! If I hadn’t realized that Ye Jian’s name seemed familiar and looked her up, I would have been called up by the Commission for Discipline Inspection at this moment!”

These few words sounded loud and frightening like thunder, scaring Ye Zifan, “What?! The troops personally escorted the papers to the province for review? What is this, Old Hu? Please calm down and explain this to me clearly.”

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“Explain this to you clearly? I also want to know what’s going on. Last year, this candidate was accepted by First City High. In the end, she tore up the notice and directly took a break from school for a year. Old Ye, we have been friends for many years. I’m not going to talk more about last year’s incident.”

“But this year, I’ll pretend that you didn’t give me a call. And that I don’t know anything. We’ll just pretend as if nothing happened. Here’s my advice to you, stop plotting schemes! You better watch out for yourself.”

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If it wasn’t for the fact that they had been friends for many years, he wouldn’t have reminded him.

Ye Zifan was unaware that the phone had been hung up or that he had been blankly listening to the beeping phone for a long time. He sat there for quite a while, stunned, before slowly putting the phone down.

Initially, he had thought the plot towards Ye Jian was just a small matter. Now, it seemed that she wasn’t someone he could mess with!

Even the troops were present … Who’s helping Ye Jian?! Who is it?!

Is it someone that I can’t offend?

Ye Zifan was in deep thought; there were many things that he didn’t understand, but one thing was for sure: Ye Jian’s future wasn’t something he could easily interfere with!

Very well then, who else could it be? Besides Uncle Gen, who was helping Ye Jian?

Ye Zifan sat quietly in the office for a while. Then, looking at the time, he got up and left the office.

Ye Jian didn’t know that her test paper was sent to the capital before she even left school. She was talking and laughing with her classmates from the same examination hall as they walked out of the school. It was then she felt a cold gaze eyeing her.

She looked up slightly. Then, her eyes narrowed as she glanced towards the direction of the cold gaze. She spotted the gloomy Ye Zifan standing in the shade of the trees.

Seeing her coming toward him all of a sudden, he was stunned for a moment. But he quickly regained his indifferent expression and walked over stony-faced.

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