Chapter 647: Flying together

The setting sun dyed the entire world red. A few dried leaves fluttered in the air along with the wind, floating down to the streets of Soaring Dragon City.

The autumn season had made Soaring Dragon City a little bleak and dreary. Although one could see yellow leaves and withered grasses, the temperature, however, was still high like in summer.

The day when the bloody rain had fallen, rumors about doomsday flew around, but under the propaganda of the state, the rumor was gradually suppressed. Commoners had also calmed down because they had confidence in the strength of their empire. Although they knew that demonic beings were coveting their land, they believed that under the wise leadership of their Great Blue Waves Emperor as well as their godly His Highness the Crown Prince, all the difficulties would be conquered.

Many common people began to enlist their children in the army and train in order to protect their homes and defend their country. There were also many commoners who personally sent their only son to join the army. The disciples of various magic and douqi academies also joined the army in succession. Many hidden clans and experts also came forth. For the survival of the entire race of this world, everyone stepped up to do their part.

In the sky above Soaring Dragon City, a shadow appeared quietly. A pair of bloody red eyes quietly looked at this unusually flourishing city below.

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“The world of humans is truly colorful, it’s a pity … it’s a pity…” The shadow gradually faded until it disappeared.


After Xiao Yi inherited the ancient oracle, she became the new Great Shaman of Barbarian Clan. In addition, after she summoned ten slumbering ancient guardians of the Barbarian Clan, their strength to resist the invasion of the Demon World had increased a little.

As for Long Yi, before the life and death battle, he had absorbed the energy barrier of Blue Moon Continent, causing his AoTianJue to break through to the peak of the eighth layer. Then, finding the Earth Spirit Tablet, he had successfully gathered all seven spirit tablets. Like that, a subtle change had occurred with his seven attributed magic power. One might well say that this trip to Blue moon Continent was very successful.

Xiao Yi stayed behind to lead the Barbarian Clan. Long Yi, however, returned to Cyan Wind Empire in a rush. According to Moyun, he had to return to Illusory Forest and look for Fire God Chiyan.

It was already late at night when he reached the capital of Cyan Wind Empire. In the log cabin that was built for the time being, Mu Hanyan was still wielding her brush furiously. She was thinking and writing out the plans, changes, and all sorts of other things that should be implemented in Cyan Wind Empire and even the entire Blue Moon Continent. Although a group of officials transferred from Blue Waves Empire by Long Yi was helping her deal with matters, which made her truly sigh in relief, she still didn’t dare to relax.

“How come you are still working?” A warm hand suddenly rested on the shoulder of Mu Hanyan.

Mu Hanyan suddenly became tense, but immediately afterward, she relaxed. She then leaned back, resting on a warm and broad chest, and closed her eyes like a lazy kitten.

“Why are you working so hard? Didn’t I transfer some people to help you? You just need to deal with big matters and leave everything else to them. If you do everything yourself, then even if your body is forged with iron, you will not last long.” Long Yi worriedly spoke as he injected internal force into Mu Hanyan to help her get rid of her tiredness.

“I know, my good husband.” Mu Hanyan cutely replied and arched her head on the bosom of Long Yi. As a matter of fact, as long as he was around, she didn’t feel tired at all, she felt like the entire world was bright.

The two people quietly hugged each other for a while and Long Yi spoke, “Hanyan, I am returning to Blue Waves Continent tomorrow.”

Mu Hanyan slightly nodded her head. How could she not guess it? But, at this moment, the entire world was not as important as Long Yi for her.

Gradually, the breathing of Mu Hanyan suddenly became heavy. Her beautiful face was also flushed. Unexpectedly, she was aroused.

“Long Yi, my husband…” Mu Hanyan half-opened her eyes and shot a charming gaze at Long Yi as her jade hand moved down towards his crotch, causing him to immediately poke a tent.

Mu Hanyan was innately enchanting, and now that she was deliberately seducing, who could resist her?

The evil fire of Long Yi was instantly ignited, and he immediately grabbed her towering and soft bosom.

“Ah…” Mu Hanyan let out a moan and trembled. Then, with her eyes half-closed, she bit her lower lip. This instantly made Long Yi feel as if he was electrocuted.

Long Yi panted and swept away the documents on the desk. Placing Mu Hanyan on the desk, he majestically pressed her down.

Suddenly, clothes flew everywhere and moans resounded as the two people joined.

“Ah… I am dying, my husband, more.”

“Little lascivious hussy, you want more?”

Upon hearing lewd sounds and obscene words coming from inside, Mu Jingjing, who was outside the door, was already feeling thirsty. Her heart was beating like thunder as she fantasized about the appearance of two people inside this log cabin. The place between her legs was also already tingling and wet. She clamped her legs and wanted to slip away, but she was unable to take even a step away. In addition, a wicked thought of peeping and eavesdropping appeared in her heart.

In fact, Long Yi and Mu Hanyan had already noticed the arrival of Mu Jingjing. But, they just felt some kind of stimulation and continued on.

At that moment, Mu Jingjing stepped forward with a light footstep and holding her breathing, she peeped inside from the chink in the door.

Long Yi felt that it was somewhat inappropriate and wanted to stop, but Mu Hanyan firmly clamped his waist with her legs. Then, she said in a voice only they two could hear, “My husband, don’t you feel it is more stimulating with my younger sister watching from one side?”

Long Yi took a deep breath and accelerated his pounding.

But, this was not enough stimulation for Mu Hanyan. She got up and made Long Yi sit on the chair facing the door, then she sat on his legs with her back facing him. After that, she moved her perfectly round buttocks up and down with Long Yi’s hard thing inside her.

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Outside the door, the maiden heart of Mu Jingjing jumped. Her breathing became heavy, and her private part was also drenched.

Suddenly, the quick up and down movement of Mu Hanyan stopped, and she let out a loud moan with her eyes closed. Soon after that, she softly collapsed on the bosom of Long Yi.

Mu Jingjing came back to her senses as if awakening from the dream and noticed that a warm fluid was flowing down her legs inside her trousers. She was ashamed and wanted to leave from this world that didn’t belong to her.

But, at that moment, Mu Hanyan waved her hand and the door suddenly opened. Then, Mu Jingjing who wanted to leave stealthily was exposed in front of the two naked people.

Long Yi looked at Mu Hanyan and thought, ‘What is this lascivious hussy planning?’

“Jingjing, this big sister knows that you also like Long Yi for a long time. How about taking cheap advantage of this smelly brat together with this big sister?” Mu Hanyan chuckled and replied. Then, she walked over and pushed Mu Jingjing into the bosom of Long Yi.

Mu Jingjing stiffened in the bosom of Long Yi. She also didn’t dare to move. Her brain had already turned into a blank space. But, being surrounded in the manly aura of Long Yi, her heartbeat accelerated.

Honestly speaking, Mu Jingjing and Mu Hanyan were similar in appearance. Her good looks and figure were also not inferior. However, Mu Hanyan was innately charming whose every frown and every smile could seduce anyone, and Mu Jingjing had straightforward deposition without a deep scheming mind. So, all the thoughts in her heart were written on her face. This was another kind of charm.

Because of this, one might well say there was no one that didn’t know her feelings towards Long Yi. Long Yi was no exception. However, since he already had numerous beauties around him, he was busy with his own affairs. In addition, it was an eventful period, so he basically had no time and mood to enjoy the beautiful spring scenery.

At this moment, Mu Jingjing seemed to have come back to her senses from the absent-minded state and suddenly hugged the waist of Long Yi as she exhaled her burning hot breath on his chest.

“Long Yi, love … love me…” Mu Jingjing gathered her courage and spoke her inner thoughts. Now, she didn’t care about anything. She just wanted to have a small place in the heart of Long Yi and always accompany him. It was enough if he occasionally looked at her.

With a beauty offering herself, Long Yi had no reason to decline. He lifted up her chin and kissed her soft lips.

While kissing, Long Yi skillfully undressed her.

Mu Jingjing was an unrivaled beauty. Her skin was snow-white. She had a towering ** and slender waist. Her naked figure was just like the most beautiful art in the world that no person could bear to blaspheme.

Merely, this freak Long Yi was different from the common man. Say nothing of human beauty, he would even blaspheme a goddess or a celestial maiden. Water God Xiya was one of the seven aloof and remote Main Gods, but this didn’t stop him, he courageously did the deed with her, too.

How can the virgin body of Mu Jingjing last long under the master level skill of Long Yi? The bush between her legs was already covered with dews and couldn’t wait to join with Long Yi.

Long Yi understood her heart and slowly unified with Mu Jingjing. As for Mu Hanyan, she was feeling so hot that she was rubbing her plump ** against the back of Long Yi.

*****, the Mu sisters were sent flying together above the clouds throughout the night. As for Long Yi, he tasted a gentle and soft flavor.

Merely, there was not much time now. The morning dews were sparkling under the rising sun. It was a rare, pleasantly cool morning. With a pair of sisters serving him, Long Yi freshened up, wore his clothes, and walked towards the transmission magic array leading to Blue Waves Continent along with these two sisters.

“My husband, take care of yourself. We sisters will handle all the matters of Blue Moon Continent for you.” Mu Hanyan spoke while gently caressing Long Yi’s handsome face.

“For me?” Long Yi raised his eyebrows.

“Hehe, nowadays, my husband’s prestige is unmatched. Since the great calamity is coming, it would be best if all the races come under one person, does my husband want to shirk away from your responsibility?” Mu Hanyan slyly laughed.

Long Yi shrugged his shoulders. He had his own plans in his heart for the future after they safely passed this calamity. The world will be unified at that time, but his old man was still young and he was also healthy. When his old man got old, his children would have already gotten big. Thus, leaving everything to his children, wouldn’t he become free and unfettered?

After a goodbye kiss to these two women, Long Yi stepped into the transmission magic array and disappeared from Blue Moon Continent.

In the rear mountain of Mea Holy Magic Academy in Blue Waves Continent, a figure appeared out of thin air. He was none other than Long Yi. The reason why he came here was to enter the Illusory Forest via the ancient transmission array of the academy to look for Fire God Chiyan’s true body.

Long Yi stood at the summit of a mountain, looking at the students and teachers of Mea Holy Magic Academy walking back and forth. He couldn’t help feeling nostalgic, recalling everything that happened in the academy.

“It seems I am getting old.” Long Yi smiled and shook his head. He felt like times had changed and sighed with emotion.

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