Chapter 646: Seven Spirit Tablets Gathered

Xiao Yi found herself in the midst of a light beam. Her silver hair was fluttering chaotically as illusory starlight poured into her glabella, forming mysterious patterns in her sea of consciousness. These patterns were very familiar and close, making her think of her master, that woman whose identity was shrouded in a layer of dense fog.

These patterns clearly had some kind of peculiar power. They slowly fused with her.

Just when Xiao Yi was feeling puzzled, a faint phantom suddenly appeared in her sea of consciousness.

“Master.” Xiao Yi subconsciously called out. Although that was just a shadow, the familiar feeling and aura were no different from her master.

“Xiao Yi’er, you are finally here. It seems this Master didn’t misjudge, you are truly the vessel of god; this is your karma.” A warm voice made Xiao Yi tremble.

“Master, this … What is going on here?” Xiao Yi somewhat agitatedly asked.

But that phantom didn’t reply. It just continued speaking, “The Barbarian Clan is the ancient guardian race. Their Great Shaman possessed the power to communicate with heaven and earth. This Master is the later generation of the Great Shaman of Barbarian Clan with the Great Shaman and deity as parents. As for you, if this Master is not wrong, you are an inborn Godhead. However, your divine power is currently sealed. This seal is so powerful that this Master also has no way to undo it. The first generation Great Shaman of Barbarian Clan had foreseen the catastrophe of this world, and since you can hear this Master’s words, this proved that you are the Goddess of Fate foreseen by the first generation Great Shaman. If you are able to find a way to undo your seal, you will become the greatest Prophecy Master throughout the history.”

“Xiao Yi’er, this Master doesn’t have much time. You have already inherited the oracle. Henceforth, the Barbarian Clan will be under your command. Look out for yourself.” That phantom dissipated from Xiao Yi’s sea of consciousness after speaking. Clearly, these were the words left behind in advance.

The light beam quietly dispersed accompanied by the tall pillar’s disappearance. Xiao Yi didn’t open her eyes for a long time, and when she opened her eyes, her transparent eyes flashed with cold radiance like the moon and stars.

At this moment, multicolored clouds had already gathered in the sky at unknown time and numerous rays shout out from them, enveloping the entire territory of the Barbarian Race.

All the clansmen of Barbarian Clan gathered outside this small courtyard prostrated on the ground with tears streaming down their cheeks. Just now, the supreme Great Shaman of Barbarian Clan had left them and the oracle was finally inherited today. For the Barbarian Clan that had guarded the inheritance of the oracle from generation to generation, this was a kind of liberation and also a kind of new beginning. This was their karma for existing in this world.

“Young Master, Master said that I am inborn Godhead, but … my parents and big brother are just ordinary people.” After Xiao Yi came back to her senses, she was rather at a loss. She was a Prophecy Master, so she could foresee the future of other people and even the world, but her fate could not be foretold like a doctor who cannot operate his own body.

“Inborn godhead?” Long Yi was stunned. The inborn godhead meant that she was the pure offspring of a god. Could it be that Xiao Yi is the goddess stranded in Blue Waves Continent?

And after Xiao Yi repeated the words of her master, Long Yi was lost in thought.

Goddess of Fate? Sealed? Long Yi frowned. This matter sounded somewhat familiar.

Just when Long Yi was thinking long and hard, spiritual mist gushed out from below, converged into a child and replied, “Master, I found the holy land of the Barbarian Clan. There is a big tree and under that tree, there is an underground palace and inside that palace, there is a statue of the Earth God.”

Long Yi was excited upon hearing the news. It seemed this was the place he was looking for. The Earth God was in the underground palace.

Altogether, the population of the Barbarian Clan was less than 60,000, and at this moment, they were gathered here.

“Xiao Yi, handle the matter of the Barbarian Clan, I will go to the underground palace and take a look at the circumstances,” said Long Yi.

“Yes, Young Master.” Xiao Yi sweetly replied.

The holy land of Barbarian Clan was 100 meters under the ground. There was an underground palace built with mud and earth. It was surrounded by layers of barriers emitting yellow radiance. If he hadn’t possessed Lingwu, this fellow who could bypass any barrier, then it would have taken a lot of effort to get in for Long Yi. When all was said and done, the earth-attributed barriers were the strongest among the seven attribute barriers. In addition, since these barriers were laid out by the Earth God, it naturally was not easy to deal with them.

When Long Yi entered this underground palace, he saw nine pillars in the hall. There were beautiful patterns engraved on those pillars. At the center, there was a circular platform. The statue of Earth God was standing on it. Other than these pillars and platform, this hall was empty. There was no furnishing.

Long Yi looked around for a while and his gaze, eventually, focused on the statue of Earth God on the circular platform. It was no wonder that Moyun was unable to sense the aura of Earth God these days. It turned out that due to the divine curse, the Earth God’s divine body had transformed into a statue without even a hint of aura.

At that time, Long Yi noticed meat, bones, fishbone, and half-chewed roasted leg below the circular platform, and he couldn’t help smiling quietly. This Earth God was truly gluttonous enough. It was no wonder that his build was almost spherical. Especially that stomach, it was perfectly round like a big watermelon. Just looking at this build, it was truly hard to believe that he was the Earth God, one of the seven Main Gods.

“Moyun, are you there?” Long Yi called for her in his heart.

A faint figure formed in Long Yi’s consciousness and replied with a soft sigh, “The divine curse of Earth God seems to have flared up not long ago. I don’t know when he will become normal again. Moreover, I don’t have the ability to control the Earth Spirit Tablet in his body.”

“Do you mean that we came here for nothing?” Long Yi rolled his eyes.

“That is not necessarily the case. Like how I can let my consciousness out of my body, after 100,000 years, how can this fellow Earth God not comprehend it?” Moyun laughed.

At that time, a powerful pressure suddenly came from all directions and was forcing Long Yi to bend his knees. Moreover, that powerful pressure made his knees bend slightly! Unexpectedly, this pressure wanted to make him kneel forcibly.

The complexion of Long Yi turned cold. No one in this world can force him to kneel! He used AoTianJue and gathered his internal force and spirit power on his legs. Then, the slightly bent knees slowly straightened. His back was like a mountain and his legs were rooted on the ground like a strong tree. Now, his expression was resolute with a hint of sneer mixed in it.

But that gravitational force became increasingly higher. It was as if it wanted to pull down Long Yi at any price.

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The smile on Long Yi’s face got colder and colder. His entire muscles began to pulsate, and his skeleton issued crackling sounds. No doubt, the person who was using the gravity magic in this hall was none other than the Earth God, but if he wanted to make him fall to his knees, then that was just a pipe dream.

 “Break for me!” Long Yi suddenly roared. The air instantly swelled up, burning hot air current spread all around, and the entire hall shook.

A yellow-colored radiance on the ground fluctuated violently and dispersed all around.

“Cough, cough, boy, you have strength. I like it.” A yellow-colored mist diffused from underground and condensed into a fat phantom.

A hint of blood could be seen at the corner of Long Yi’s mouth as he coldly watched this Earth God’s phantom. Sure enough, as Moyun expected, after 100,000 years, Earth God also had comprehended the technique to make his consciousness leave his physical body.

A black figure flashed beside Long Yi and Moyun appeared. She then looked at Earth God and chuckled, “Xuantian, it seems you are leisurely and carefree as always.”

The Earth God smiled at Moyun and released his divine sense. Moyun also released her divine sense. It was equivalent to two people hugging. Not seeing for 100,000 years, they had greatly missed each other.

At that time, Moyun observed that Long Yi was still coldly watching Earth God Xuantian and for an unknown reason, her heart vaguely fluctuated. She knew that this man was infuriated by the probing method of Earth God. With his pride, she feared that it would be difficult to calm down his anger in a short while. Seeing a hint of blood at the corner of his mouth, she unexpectedly felt a bit painful and softly asked, “Silly boy, why didn’t you use the God’s marks and spirit tablets to resist?”

Long Yi nevertheless didn’t reply, but just glared at Earth God Xuantian like a wolf.

“Hey, boy, I was just joking, joking…” Earth God hastily waved his hand and spoke with a sincere expression. Merely, before he finished speaking, he saw the eyes of Long Yi flashing with coldness, and he instinctively felt danger from the bottom of his heart.

Long Yi flashed and disappeared, leaving behind only an afterimage. And at the same time, the sound of an explosion resounded in the air, and a multicolored radiance streaked across the sky and shrouded the phantom of Earth God as countless energy blades flew towards him.

Xuantian was shocked. From the very beginning, he could sense several Main God’s marks as well as the auras of six spirit tablets on the body of Long Yi, so he just wanted to probe the strength of Long Yi as he used his divine powers. However, beyond his expectations, Long Yi didn’t use his divine powers, and the technique he used unexpectedly made him feel inexplicable fear.

One should know that Long Yi’s AoTianJue had already reached peak eight layer. He was only one step away from the perfect realm, ninth layer. Although he needed the greatest fortune to be able to take this step, AoTianJue was the culmination of ancient and current techniques of his previous world. Once one reached the ninth layer, one could move mountains, drain seas, destroy heaven and annihilate earth with ease, becoming practically omnipotent. In addition, the might of AoTianJue in this different world was at least twice as powerful as that of Long Yi’s previous world.  One would well imagine how powerful it was.

Although Xuantian didn’t have a physical body, he was one of the seven Main Gods. In addition, he had his Earth Spirit Tablet and was inside this place where earth attributed magic elements were accumulated. Thus, even the Heavenly Demon King in his prime would find it difficult to injure him in a short time.

Merely, Xuantian knew that he was in the wrong first, so he wanted to receive the attack of Long Yi to let him vent. After all, Long Yi was the hope of the two worlds, but seeing the might of his attack, he had to use earth elements to guard his consciousness.


Shockwaves spread all around, and the entire hall violently shook. At the center, Long Yi and Earth God Xuantian were covered in violent energy fluctuations.

“This boy is truly a freak.” Earth God Xuantian surrounded himself with his energy defense and muttered. One might well say that this attack was earth shaking, surprising him to a great extent. If the defense of earth-attributed magic element was not the greatest among the seven attributed magic elements, he would have had to use his spirit tablet to escape unscathed. What kind of cultivation technique does this boy cultivate? It doesn’t resemble douqi, and it seems that his body is an infinitely vast cosmos. Moreover, his energy resembled power from a pure origin. This was very similar to his father god.

Just as Xuantian was amazed and happy, his heart suddenly turned cold. He immediately used his Earth Spirit Tablet, but a powerful shockwave made him feel unbearable pain.

When everything calmed down, Long Yi was standing without any expression. His robe was in tatters and his hair was in disorder, covering half of his handsome face. But, the edge of his lips was slightly stuck upward, and a hint of complacence could be seen in his cold, black pupils.

And at this moment, Lingwu was several times smaller. His color was also a lot dimmer.

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“Lingwu, you did a good job. Go back to rest.” Long Yi used his thoughts to speak to Lingwu and returned it to that boulder.

Moyun looked at the weaker conscious of Xuantian in shock and asked, “Xuantian, did he truly injure you?”

Xuantian made a wry smile and replied, “I lost this battle, this old bones is truly useless.”

“How could that be? Even if you didn’t use the spirit tablet, with just his ability, how can he injure you so seriously?” Moyun looked at Long Yi with a frown.

“Hehe, this boy is very cunning. That little spirit in his hand can actually break my energy barrier without anybody knowing. Moreover, it carried compressed energy of his body, and its explosion injured me. I truly was caught unprepared.” Xuantian used the energy of the Earth Spirit Tablet to recover his wounded consciousness. As far as he was concerned, this level of injury was nothing serious. Merely, he was brooding because a human was able to injure him without using divine power. Although this human played a little trick, the battlefield was ruthless, and there was no fairness at all, so he could only admit defeat.

Moyun recalled the spirit that had fooled her and her teeth itched for a moment. But, thinking that it had such a use, it would certainly come in handy for the battle against the Heavenly Demon King in the future.

“Boy, your anger towards this god should have dissipated by now,” said Xuantian to Long Yi.

Long Yi just smiled and the coldness in his eyes disappeared. The Earth God had given him enough face by admitting defeat and fault. If he continued to be angry, then he would appear ignorant. So, he humbly replied with a smile, “It was just an insignificant trick, not enough to enter the eyes of the honorable Earth God.”

“Stop with this nonsense, boy. Your this insignificant trick injured me. I, this Earth God, cannot take it,” Xuantian cursed in jest.

Earth God always had a bold and uninhibited nature. He didn’t bother about trifles and also liked to joke. Long Yi was also similar. His temperament was also very uninhibited. After a few words, the two of them immediately became so close that they called each other brother with arms around each other’s shoulders. This made Moyun roll her eyes.

In the war of God and Demon 100,000 years ago, both Heavenly Demon King and seven Main Gods had suffered a loss. The Heavenly Demon King was sealed while the seven Main Gods were cursed with an extremely insidious divine curse.

After the end of that heaven shattering war, the Earth God had wandered about in Blue Moon Continent that was shrouded by an energy barrier. He used countless methods, trying to undo the divine curse, but he failed. Since the Earth God had an insatiable desire for fine delicacies of humankind, he built the Earth God Shrine below the holy land of Barbarian Clan in Fragrance Plain. When his curse flared up, he would deceive Barbarian Clan for foods and drinks. It was only 10,000 years ago he comprehended the technique to separate his consciousness. After that, he attached his consciousness on a jade stone and wandered throughout Blue Moon Continent, but he was still afflicted with the divine curse. When he sensed the dark aura of Moyun a few days ago, his divine curse had suddenly flared up, so he had no choice but to wait for Moyun to come here.

When speaking about his past experience, Earth God Xuantian was in tears. The past events were truly unbearable to recall.

Long Yi teased Xuantian a little, and suddenly, thinking of Lightning God who had vanished after he inherited his inheritance and Water God Xiya, he looked dejected. Now, among the seven Main Gods, other than Dark God, Earth God and Fire God, the consciousness of the remaining Lightning God, Water God, Wind God, and Light God had either dissipated or their whereabouts were unknown. But, six of the seven spirit tablets were with him, and he also had three god’s marks.

Moyun and Xuantian seemed to have seen that something was weighing the mind of Long Yi and became silent for a while.

“Boy, take this Earth Spirit Tablet and leave this godd*mned place with my consciousness to find more delicious foods and drinks. I am already fed up with the things of this Blue Moon Continent. Take me to Blue Waves Continent. Let me experience it.” Xuantian suddenly spoke and a piece of brownish yellow oval-shaped jade plate entered into Long Yi’s sea of consciousness.

As for Long Yi, he just felt his sea of consciousness shaking. With the addition of the Earth Spirit Tablet, he felt as if a completely new type of energy was being poured into his sea of consciousness. Now, he felt that he himself was somewhat different, but he was unable to tell what the difference was. However, seeing he had gathered all seven spirit tablets, he felt content.

The consciousness of Moyun and Xuantian also disappeared into the body of Long Yi, leaving behind only Long Yi in this empty hall. But, he just stood there in a daze as all his concentration was focused on the seven spinning spirit tablets within his sea of consciousness.

The addition of Earth Spirit Tablet made seven spirit tablets connect even more perfectly with each other. In addition, all attributed magic elements below the respective spirit tablet also seemed to draw close to each other, beginning to assimilate together.

Long Yi stood in a daze for a long time, and suddenly woke up with a start. He then looked around again and left this hall.

At this time, in the holy land of Barbarian Clan, all clansmen of the Barbarian Clan had gathered. They were fanatically looking at a beautiful woman on the platform.

On the platform, the transparent pupils of Xiao Yi were glimmering with strange luster. Suddenly, a series of star phantoms shot out from her glabella and circled around her, forming a mysterious star map. At this moment, the sun in the sky suddenly dimmed, the sunlight disappeared, and the moon and stars began to appear. But, the pattern of stars around Xiao Yi appeared strange and unfathomable.

All the clansmen of Barbarian Clan nevertheless trembled and devoutly prostrated themselves to Xiao Yi.

On the platform, starlight flourished, and the moon and stars in the sky also became brighter. As for Xiao Yi, she was already floating in the sky.

Crack crack crack

The platform suddenly cracked and the cracks slowly spread all around.

Upon seeing this, the clansmen of Barbarian Clan who were prostrating below became all the more devoted and began to mutter incantations.

Then, ten huge lustrous and transparent light balls floated up from those cracks and stopped in front of Xiao Yi.

“Guardians of ancient Barbarian Race, with the infinite power of stars as the guide, awaken!” Xiao Yi’s clear voice resounded and her pupils spun. Then, the stars in the sky suddenly brightened and the ten lustrous and transparent light balls slowly dissipated. Unexpectedly, there were ten several-meter-tall giants wearing primitive armor and holding battle-ax inside those ten light balls. They were the ancient warriors of Barbarian Clan, not the ordinary warriors, but the legendary ancient guardians.

Suddenly, the ten guardians opened their eyes at the same time and issued a heaven-shaking roar, announcing their return in this world.

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