Chapter 645: Barbarian Clan’s Great Shaman

With these words of Moyun, Long Yi was sure that the divine tree of Fragrance Plain and that gluttonous Earth God have some kind of relation.

Long Yi immediately bade Ent Race farewell and summoning Bai Yu, he flew away towards the Fragrance Plain with Xiao Yi.

After arriving at the Fragrance Plain, Long Yi discovered that the Fragrance Plain was not fragrant like its name suggested. Although the terrain was flat and vast, it was just a barren plain as far as the eye could see. Only yellow grasses grew sparsely on this dull land. It was much more desolate even compared to Huangmang Plain.

“Fragrance Plain, the name doesn’t correspond to reality,” chuckled Xiao Yi.

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“Perhaps, the past Fragrance Plain was not like this,” replied Long Yi. This mystical land could be traced back to hundreds of thousands of years ago. Such a long period of time was enough to change a plain where birds sang and flowers gave forth fragrance into this current barren land.

Xiao Yi smiled thinly, feeling the emotions of Long Yi. Young Master seemed to know from experience.

Long Yi continued with a smile, “The territory of Barbarian Race is in the southwest direction. Let’s hurry on with our journey.” As a person who had lived two lives, who else had such an unforgettable experience like him?

At this moment, the sun was setting. The sunset glow dyed the horizon red. It seemed as if the horizon was burning. This scene was very spectacular.

A white crane spread the wings and carrying two people on its back, it flew towards the sunset and disappeared without a trace as if it was engulfed by the sunset glow.


Shrouded in darkness, the Demonic Hall emitted a kind of terrifying aura. The sculptures of devils with sharp fangs were carved everywhere in this hall, and this hall was very tall.

“General Li Xue, quickly give me the key to the space gate, otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite.” A young girl wearing a smoky quartz armor threatened. She had long brown hair and pure white skin. Her facial features were exquisite, but her eyes had a hint of bloody radiance. Her jade hands were also beautiful and fascinating. They were slender and smooth. But, her sharp black nails made a strong visual contrast to her pure white hands.

A one-horned demon trembled as he replied, “Princess, don’t make things difficult for this lowly general. The Heavenly Demon King has ordered that no one can use the key of space gate.”

“You are courting death.” The young girl coldly snorted and stabbed her jade hand into the chest of this Demon General. She then pulled out his pulsating heart.

“Prin-princess…” That Demon General watched his heart in the hand of this young girl in disbelief and unwillingly fell to the ground.

“I’ve already said this before, don’t try to stop me from doing what I want to do.” The young girl smiled faintly, and with a thought, a small lion with snow-white fur appeared in front of her and drooled looking at the heart in the young girl’s hand.

“Little Xue’er, you have gourmet’s luck.” The young girl threw that heart and the small lion jumped, swallowed the heart as a whole, and clicked its tongue while enjoying the aftertaste.

The young girl then opened the box that the demon general was guarding and seeing a black key inside, a charming smile appeared on her face.

“Siyan, where are you going?” A tall, faint phantom suddenly appeared in front of this young girl and asked in his majestic voice.

“That has nothing to do with you.” The young girl coldly snorted.

“I was trapped for 100,000 years. Even after such a long time, do you still hate me so much?” That phantom was the energy avatar of Heavenly Demon King. In front of other people, he was a ruthless and bloodthirsty person, but in front of his sole daughter, he didn’t have even a hint of it.

“If you want me to not hate you, then die,” replied the young girl indifferently.

Heavenly Demon King remained silent for a brief period of time and lowered his voice, “You shouldn’t go to Blue Waves Continent now. There is a very powerful person there. It would be dangerous if you encounter him.”

“What if I say I insist on going? Will you kill me, too? In any case, when you killed mother, you didn’t even blink your eyes.” The voice of the young girl was somewhat stiff, and she was trembling slightly.

Heavenly Demon King stiffened and the phantom slowly dissipated in front of her.

“Little Xue, let’s go to see that powerful human.” The young girl grabbed the black key and entered the depths of the Demonic Hall.


Deep in the southwest region of the Fragrant Plane, only a hundred or more li away from the sea was the living location of the Barbarian Race. They used mud, stone, and hay to build houses.

The Barbarian Race was an intelligent race that existed from ancient times. They were tall and sturdy, had extraordinary strength, and considered the moon and the stars as a totem. They never communicate with other races. Other races also never provoke them easily.

Long Yi and Xiao Yi, standing on the back of Bai Yu, watched rows and rows of simple and crude buildings along with a towering pillar at the center in a daze. This pillar was more than three hundred meters tall. It seemed to be made of stone but also not made of stone; it also seemed to be made but not made of iron. It was full of carvings of stars and constellations. The stars were connected using a line, forming a mystical symbol which made him have a kind of strange feeling.

After a long time, Xiao Yi suddenly looked astonished and said, “Young Master, the arrangement of stars and constellations of this stone pillar is similar to the astrology of prophecy. Could it be that this Barbarian Race has a Prophecy Master?”

“Oh?” The eyebrows of Long Yi shot up. This Barbarian Race was a race from ancient times. If it wasn’t a bit mysterious, then it was abnormal.

Just when Long Yi and Xiao Yi wanted to go down, the black pupils of Long Yi flashed as he looked straight into the house located at the center. He then laughed, “We are so far, but we were still discovered. It seems there are many powerful fellows in this Barbarian Race.”

He put away Bai Yu and descended to the ground. Then, a group of shadows flew over and instantly stood in front of them. There were 20 roughly three-meter-tall warriors of the Barbarian Race. They were fierce-looking with beard and hair all over. They glared at Long Yi and Xiao Yi like devils.

The height of Long Yi was on the taller side amongst humankind, but in front of these warriors of Barbarian Race, he was just like a child in front of adults.

“Since two guests have come from afar, please come in and have a talk.” An old voice resounded, but when this voice entered the ears, it shook the spirit of others. This type of strength was indeed not ordinary.

With barbarian warriors in the front and back, Long Yi and Xiao Yi were led towards the place of residence of the Barbarian Race.

The barbarians were tall and big in stature, so their residence was also tall and big. But, there was an ancient air, revealing a kind of heavy feeling of years. This was their historical foundation.

The arrival of Long Yi and Xiao Yi caused quite a stir in the Barbarian Race. All through the ages, any outsider that stepped into their territory would suffer attacks. This was the first time the Barbarian Race had invited the outsiders in. Moreover, the Great Shaman of Barbarian Race had personally invited them. This aroused great interest towards these two people, and they sized up these two with either probing or hostile gazes.

Long Yi ignored these gazes. He just curiously looked around while guessing the intention of the Barbarian Race behind this invitation.

The twenty barbarian warriors led Long Yi and Xiao Yi to the entrance door of that courtyard located at the center and stood still nailed on the ground.

“Two guests, please come in. My humble abode is simple and crude, so please excuse me for any shortcomings.” That old voice resounded once again. These words were courteous and polite, completely different from the imagination of Long Yi.

The two people stepped into this courtyard and saw a huge pillar. This, however, was the base of the pillar they had seen from the air before.

“Strange.” Long Yi muttered to himself. When they had entered the Barbarian Race’s residential region, he had noticed that that towering strange pillar had disappeared. Even when they were just outside the door, he had not seen it. But, to his surprise, when they had just taken a step into this courtyard, they saw this towering pillar again. He was somewhat amazed in his heart.

An old man with tall and sturdy stature was sitting under the pillar. His white beard was so long that it reached the ground. His face was also filled with wrinkles. One could tell that he was very old in age, but his eyes were very bright and calm. They were not cloudy like the eyes of an old man. Those were the eyes of a wise man.

“Respected Great Shaman, please excuse us for our boldness, this time…” Long Yi respectfully said.

The old man waved his hand and interrupted Long Yi. His wise eyes scanned Long Yi and Xiao Yi and spoke, “You don’t need to tell me your purpose of coming. Everything is God’s will. You should walk the path you are destined.”

The old man paused and looking at Xiao Yi. He sighed and said, “The divinatory art is predestined, although I can pry a thing or two, it is also not exactly the case. The prophecy can see the coming of the end, but cannot see the actual end because it has too many variables.”

Long Yi was puzzled, but he saw Xiao Yi pondering. Could it be that this Great Shaman is also a Prophecy Master?

“The great calamity is coming, is the end truly unpredictable?” Xiao Yi seemed to be muttering to herself and also asking the old man.

“The entire world is a big game. You and I are all in the game, so how can the people in the game see the end?” The old man faintly answered.

“Since the entire world is a big game, then if there are no players, isn’t that nonsense?” Long Yi thought but had no change in his expression.

The old man continued to watch Xiao Yi and his brown pupils suddenly spun. Suddenly, an image appeared in his mind, but a powerful force suddenly slammed his mind. The old man trembled and vomited a mouthful of blood, but he laughed heartily like a madman.

“So that’s how it is, that’s how it is.” The old man laughed and his expression became incomparably fanatical while watching Xiao Yi.

Long Yi and Xiao Yi looked at each other in blank dismay. This old man seemed to be a wise man just a moment ago, but how come he looks like a madman now? Could it be that they made an error of judgment?

The old man gradually stopped and slowly stood up. He then looked at the towering pillar and said, “My Barbarian Race has followed the ancient divination for millions of years. Finally, the person we are waiting for has arrived. Finally, our task is finished.”

Long Yi was even more confused, but when he was about to open his mouth to ask, he saw the figure of the old man becoming faint and finally turning into specks of starlight that flew towards the top of this pillar.

“What the f**k is going on here?” Long Yi cursed.

At that time, this over three hundred meters tall pillar suddenly shone brightly. Turning into a light beam, it shot directly into the body of Xiao Yi. Even Long Yi was forced back more than ten meters away.

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“Master, the aura of this stone pillar is very similar to the aura of the stone I resided.” Lingwu spirit transformed into a child-like figure and said in Long Yi’s sea of consciousness.

Long Yi frowned and instructed, “Lingwu, go and scout the holy land of this Barbarian Race to confirm the news of the Earth God.”

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