Chapter 255: Find Mister Yi Ji-Hyuk (5)

Bring Yi Ji-Hyuk over here?

‘Doesn’t that have a slightly different connotation than to ‘find him’?’ (Christopher McLaren)

It felt as if the difficulty of the task he was given had increased tenfold. To a guy walking in thinking that it was an easy mode, a sudden slap in the face with a hard mode like this was worth a serious lawsuit.

This was totally unfair.

He had a ton of dissatisfaction to get off his chest, but Christopher McLaren simply bit his lower lip hard as his reply. He had already learned how to tell whether his conversation partner was a reasonable person or not on a battlefield decades ago.

And he knew that, without a doubt, the being before him was as unreasonable as one could get. To her, he’d not even look like a worm wiggling on the ground.

“There is something I’m curious about, so do you mind if I ask you about it first?” (Christopher McLaren)

She disinterestedly nodded her head as her reply.

“Which person told you that by coming here and acting like this, Yi Ji-Hyuk will show up?” (Christopher McLaren)

“M-mm?” (?)

As if she was finally interested in him, she stared straight at him.

Would a person ask that sort of a question in a situation like this?

“Hmm, I wonder. I think your people call that place a pub. There was a drinking place nearby. A man with dopey eyes there told me this – that if I wanted to know, then I should head over to the White House next door and grab the President there to ask.” (?)

“His eyes were dopey….” (Christopher McLaren)

He didn’t know which d*mn junkie that was, but Christopher would find the b*stard and show him a world of pain later. He swore it in his heart.

“Mm, I see. However, from where I’m standing, this method doesn’t seem to be the best one available.” (Christopher McLaren)

“Is that so?” (?)

“Yes, Miss….. Mm, excuse me. Forgive me, but what should I call you with?” (Christopher McLaren)

“Although it really is a shameful matter to have my name spoken by a child like you, but still, it’ll be prudent of me to get more used to the ways of this world. Call me Erukana. And also….”

“Yes?” (Christopher McLaren)

“It’s not Miss, but Missus.” (Erukana)

She seductively licked her lips.

“I see, Mrs Erukana. Well, then. Let me get this right. Your demand is for us to bring Mister Yi Ji-Hyuk over here.” (Christopher McLaren)

“That’s right.” (Erukana)

“And then, you’ll release our President.” (Christopher McLaren)

“Ng, right.” (Erukana)

“In that case, I must confirm this before we proceed. Are you in a hostile relationship with Mister Yi Ji-Hyuk?” (Christopher McLaren)

“Why is that important?” (Erukana)

“Will it be fine to use your name and ask him for his cooperation?” (Christopher McLaren)

“Nope.” (Erukana)


“I wouldn’t have asked you to find him, then. I can’t tell you the reason why, but he must not hear my name at all. You must not tell him that I’m here, either. Also, you must not say that someone who knows him is waiting for him here, too. Do you understand? He must not know about my existence.” (Erukana)

Christopher McLaren’s expression crumpled unsightly.

What kind of horse sh*t was this?

He reached into his inner pocket and pulled out a new cigar.


He used his bare fingers to tear the tip of the cigar and lit it up with a lighter.

“Fuu-woo….” (Christopher McLaren)

He slowly sucked in the smoke and let it drift out of his nostrils, flicked the ash on the floor, before settling down on an unoccupied sofa.

“Is there an ashtray in here?” (Christopher McLaren)

“That’s a very insolent question, McLaren.” (U.S. President)

“We’re all about to die anyway, so is there a reason to keep up the good manners? Please, hand me the ashtray.” (Christopher McLaren)

“Here it is.” (U.S. President)

The President pushed the ashtray forward and Christopher McLaren stood up to retrieve it before returning to his sofa.

“H-mm…” (Christopher McLaren)

Only allowed on

He opened the lid of the ashtray to deposit more of the cigar’s ash and settled deeply within the cushions.

“Mrs Erukana.” (Christopher McLaren)

Christopher McLaren called her name with a somewhat more relaxed expression and looked at her.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t comply with your demand.” (Christopher McLaren)

“H-n-ng?” (Erukana)

She let out a little hum and looked back at him with a pair of intensely sexy eyes.

“You can’t?” (Erukana)

“Inferring from what you said, it seems that you and Mister Yi Ji-Hyuk don’t enjoy what one would call an amicable relationship.” (Christopher McLaren)


“And your words also seem to imply that, as long as Mister Yi Ji-Hyuk is brought over here, everything will be resolved. If he comes here unaware of your presence, he’ll probably have to contend with your sudden appearance.” (Christopher McLaren)

“Indeed.” (Erukana)

“I’m not stupid enough to not realise what that signifies. Rather than seeing that spectacle, I’d rather die here in this place.” (Christopher McLaren)

“I’ve heard that this President of the United States of America is the world’s most important being. Was I wrong?” (Erukana)

“There are always enough idiots to replace another, but there is no ability user who can replace Yi Ji-Hyuk. He’s the most important person to humanity, so there isn’t even a need to think about this twice.” (Christopher McLaren)

Erukana found this notion rather amusing as she studied Christopher McLaren.

“I see. So that’s how it was, human. However….” (Erukana)


“You don’t know about me. I can easily make you grovel before my feet and go fetch him if I wanted to.” (Erukana)

“M-mm….” (Christopher McLaren)

“A human less significant than an insect wishes to resist me? I can reap your soul and trample on it before throwing you into the 99th level of infinite nothingness where you’ll drown in regret and suffer from pain for all eternity. If you think you’ll simply escape by throwing away your life, you are sorely mistaken.” (Erukana)

Chills ran down his back.

What this female was saying could not be classified as a simple threat.

Christopher McLaren knew that fact so well. A human wouldn’t be threatening ants, after all. And to her eyes, he’d be even less significant than an ant right about now.

So, she had no need to threaten him at all. He understood that. She was not threatening him, just telling him what the reality was.

“What a scary notion that is.” (Christopher McLaren)

Unexpectedly, Christopher McLaren relaxedly sucked on his cigar.

“Why don’t you go ahead. Sure, what you want would happen. But then, me bringing Yi Ji-Hyuk here on my own volition will never happen. Maybe it’s nothing more than satisfying myself. I owe that guy, you see. No, make that the entirety of mankind owing him something. So, you should choose to charm me and control me anyway you see fit, instead.” (Christopher McLaren)


Her eyes opened slightly wider as if she was genuinely surprised.

“Is Yi Ji-Hyuk such an important person? Even though I think he’s not really the type to impress the others?” (Erukana)

“Impress, my a*s.” (Christopher McLaren)

Christopher McLaren unwittingly spat out a derisive snort.

“There is no human out there dumb enough to have a good impression of him. No, hold on. I think there are a fair number of them in South Korea. However, you won’t find any insane fools like them outside of that country.” (Christopher McLaren)

“In that case, what is it, then?” (Erukana)

“Having a good impression and being loyal are two different things. I personally dislike him as a fellow human being. But I still acknowledge what he has done for us, and if I take for granted all the debt we owe that guy, then I’ve lost my right to be called a man. On top of it all, he’s a very important, a necessary person for humanity as a whole.” (Christopher McLaren)

A deep smile suffused on Erukana’s lips.

“Do you know, human?” (Erukana)

“About?” (Christopher McLaren)

“I’ve never let any insolent ones live after they’ve dared to run their mouths off before my presence. And you have got on my nerves just now.” (Erukana)

“Your lead-in is rather long-winded, isn’t it? If you’re going to kill me, do get on with it. My knees’ been aching for a while now, you see.” (Christopher McLaren)

“What a commendable mindset you have. Unfortunately for you, I’m not going to kill you.” (Erukana)

“So, you’re thinking of using me, then?” (Christopher McLaren)

“No, I decided not to do that, either.” (Erukana)

“Mm?” (Christopher McLaren)

“Been a while since I met a human that I like.” (Erukana)

Oh, so….

Which part? (Christopher McLaren’s inner monologue)

Out of everything he said so far, did he say something that could’ve tickled her fancy?

Christopher McLaren couldn’t help but think that the woman before him was one of those utterly incomprehensible types.

“However, you’re mistaken about something.” (Erukana)

“Regarding what?” (Christopher McLaren)

“I’m not hostile towards Yi Ji-Hyuk.” (Erukana)


“No, you should say that I’m more like his helper, instead.” (Erukana)

“Maybe I look like a dumb as*hole to you because I’m a regular human being. The thing is, though, a person’s intelligence is not as low as you think. Judging from what you said earlier, your relationship with Mister Yi Ji-Hyuk doesn’t seem to be nice at all. Am I wrong?” (Christopher McLaren)

“You are not.” (Erukana)

She didn’t try to deny it.

“However, that rather awkward relationship doesn’t mean we must be enemies. Surely, a weak and pathetic brain of a human should still be able to figure that out?” (Erukana)


He couldn’t be sure of what exactly this woman before him was trying to say. But, he could surmise her words in two ways.

One, she and Yi Ji-Hyuk had an uneasy relationship. Two, even then, she argued that she was not trying to harm him in any way.

“Mm, I guess I get what you’re saying. But, in that case, why can’t I reveal that you’re here?” (Christopher McLaren)

“If you do, everything will go haywire, that’s why.” (Erukana)

“Can you unpack what that means so that this slow-as-rock head can understand?” (Christopher McLaren)

“Nope.” (Erukana)


“Now, I’ve answered everything you asked. I have but one demand. Bring Yi Ji-Hyuk to me. If you do that, then I shall leave willingly. If not, neither you nor this man will be fine.” (Erukana)

“Do I look scared by that prospect?” (Christopher McLaren)

“What a funny question that is. Were you thinking that I’d stop this after you? No, it’s merely the beginning. Until Yi Ji-Hyuk shows up before me, I shall simply repeat myself.” (Erukana)

“……If that’s your plan, wouldn’t it be quicker to seek him out yourself?” (Christopher McLaren)

“M-mm, well, I know that that is indeed the quickest method. Yes, it’s the wisest move. However, there is a very big problem with that.” (Erukana)

“And what could that be?” (Christopher McLaren)

“That’s related to my weakness, so I can’t tell you. Now, I gave you all the information I can give. It’s your turn to choose. Are you going to bring him here, or die?” (Erukana)

Christopher McLaren frowned.

‘Have I been charmed by her already?’ (Christopher McLaren)

That had to be it. If not, it didn’t make sense for him to think that this creature right before his eyes couldn’t be such a bad influence to Yi Ji-Hyuk.

Logically speaking, a being concealing herself and waiting for Yi Ji-Hyuk to show up, and not to mention who wasn’t even a human as well, could only be an enemy to that man.

However, what could this be? This strange gut feeling?

“Will you promise me?” (Christopher McLaren)

“Promise what?” (Erukana)

“If you swear not to harm Mister Yi Ji-Hyuk in any shape or form, then I shall bring him here.” (Christopher McLaren)

“I swear.” (Erukana)

“And I can trust on you that, yes?” (Christopher McLaren)

In that very moment, the atmosphere surrounding her changed.

Her previous atmosphere, filled with laziness and languidness, transformed in an instant, and a gloomy, dark, destructive aura began pouring down on Christopher McLaren.

“Keuh-heu-euk!” (Christopher McLaren)

He found it impossible to breathe as that aura forced its way into his body. But, even as acute pain began stabbing him in every corner of his flesh, there was only one thought that screamed out loudly in his head.

‘D-demon king!!’ (Christopher McLaren)

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This aura belonged to demon kings.

It was strikingly similar to what Beltreche had displayed. It’s just that something felt a bit different; maybe it was due to him being so near and sensing it all alone in a great density, but the aura felt just a bit stickier.

Did this mean that the woman before him was another demon king?

But, she looked completely different from those two monsters before?

Christopher McLaren felt the aura squeezing him suddenly disappear, and spat out rough, heaving breathing.

“To the demon kind, a ‘contract’ is a sacred act. It is not something you and your three inch tongue should dare to make a mockery of.” (Erukana)

“Hah-ah….” (Christopher McLaren)

“I keep all the promises I make. Is that enough for you?” (Erukana)

“Is it fine to ask you one more question?” (Christopher McLaren)

“H-mm, what an insolent human. Fine. Ask away.” (Erukana)

“You….” (Christopher McLaren)

Christopher McLaren asked a question with some difficulty.

“What is your relationship with Mister Yi Ji-Hyuk?” (Christopher McLaren)

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