Chapter 644: The information on Earth God

The Lingwu spirit was very eager to survive, so it immediately opened its mouth.

When Long Yi heard it, his eyes shone brighter and brighter, and finally, a smile appeared on his face. It seemed he had found a treasure this time.

This Lingwu spirit could condense and disperse at will. Although its attacking power was almost negligible, it could actually ignore any kind of barriers. Moreover, it could disappear without a trace after transforming into a mist. Just a moment ago, as long as it was not trying to seize his body, it basically would have been very difficult to notice it. It would be very useful in prying information.

What made Long Yi even happier was that the huge mysterious head-shaped boulder where this spirit resided was a very powerful defensive divine artifact. Those mysterious lines on it could absorb worldly qi of the cosmos to defend. According to this Lingwu spirit, even the seven Main Gods might not be able to breach the defense of this mysterious boulder.

After hearing such good information, how could Long Yi waste his time in hesitation? He immediately bit his finger and dripped his blood, reciting the incantation of blood contract. Then, a blood-red magic mark appeared in the air and shot into the glabella of Long Yi and the Lingwu spirit. Instantly, he felt a terrifying divine sense lurking in his consciousness. If this divine sense was not restricted by his blood contract, then he feared that he might have become scared witless in anxiety.

This divine sense didn’t display any strength, but Long Yi still felt that its power was so tremendous that he wouldn’t be able to resist it. Perhaps, the owner of this divine sense was truly powerful to the extent of defying heaven. This made Long Yi feel endless joy.

“This divine sense is certainly left behind by my Father God. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have deceived me.” Moyun snorted, but there was a hint of shame in her tone.

“Moyun, does this world truly have the God of Creation?” Long Yi asked.

“Of course, Father God created the entire world, this is the undeniable truth,” Moyun replied without any hesitation.

“But, in the dark space ten years ago and when I was stuck in the energy barrier this time, I saw the birth and evolution of the cosmos, and because of these insights, my strength advanced greatly,” Long Yi said.

“Indeed, since you were able to comprehend a tiny bit of creation law of my Father God, you have achieved such incredible progress.” Moyun proudly said.

Long Yi helplessly made a bitter smile. He opened his mouth to say something but gave up eventually. From the tone and expression of Moyun, it was obvious that she unquestioningly believed that this entire world was created by the God of Creation, but why was he able to comprehend the truth of heaven and earth from her place? There must be something wrong in certain places.

“Moyun, have you seen the God of Creation?” Long Yi remained silent for a while and asked.

Moyun shook her head and said: “No, ever since I can remember, I have been one of the seven Main Gods, and after millions upon millions of years, my past memories are already fuzzy.”

“Then, how do you know that this world and you all were created by the God of Creation with certainty?” Long Yi asked.

“I just know it, and your suspicion is an insult to Father God.” Moyun coldly answered and disappeared without a trace.

Long Yi just rubbed his nose and made a wry smile. He, however, was screaming in his heart, what the hell is ‘you just know it?’ That God of Creation is so mysterious. It was reasonable to say that the seven Main Gods were the very first lives he created, but why haven’t they seen his true appearance? That truly was strange and even more unbelievable.

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“Lingwu, come out.” LongYi was in a bad mood as he called out.

A dense fog condensed into a child-like phantom in front of Long Yi and said with a fawning smile, “What instruction does Master have for this little one?”

“Didn’t you tell me that this strange stone can become a defensive divine artifact? Tell this Young Master how to use it.” Long Yi ordered.

At that moment, information flowed into the consciousness of Long Yi. Then, with a thought, that mysterious boulder flashed and flew into his palm after shrinking into a fist-sized rock.

“Boundless world, chaotic cosmos, defend!” Long Yi chanted an incantation. Everything blackened in front of his eyes and when his sight returned, he felt as if he had fallen into the center of the cosmos. There were shining stars all around, and these stars were interconnected with veins. This scenery was very spectacular.

“Where is this?” Long Yi couldn’t help feeling surprised.

“Replying to Master, this is inside that mysterious boulder. As long as you hide here, even if the heaven falls and the earth cracks outside, you will be fine here,” replied the Lingwu spirit complacently.

This mysterious stone turned out to be a tortoiseshell. If he used it, wouldn’t he become a coward? Long Yi laughed at himself as the corner of his lips twitched, thinking that this was similar to those magicians with powerful barriers. If he could do nothing after entering inside, what was its use? Even if the defense of this stone was invincible, since it cut off any sort of offensive action, Long Yi felt somewhat pity. If he could both attack and defend with this stone, then the threat of Heavenly Demon King would have become nothing.

Long Yi chuckled. The greed of people was truly insatiable; it was without end. All people had insatiable desires.

Just when Long Yi was thinking of leaving, he suddenly noticed that those stars inside the stone were arranged in such a pattern that they were trying to tell a kind of indescribable arcane truth in it. It was a kind of ‘can be sensed but not explained in words’ feeling.

Momentarily, Long Yi unexpectedly entered a kind of profound state and was unable to extricate himself. He felt as if these stars wanted to tell him something, but just when he was about to grasp it, it suddenly disappeared without a trace. Moreover, when he felt like he was about to comprehend something, that feeling would disappear again.

Long Yi seemed lost in thoughts as he came out from that mysterious stone. He blankly stood still just like an old statue.

After a long time, Long Yi came back to his senses. He then sized up this underground space shrouded in mist. This space was not big at all. There were sharp stalactites above. Occasionally, a drop of liquid dripped down from their tips. And on one side, there was an underground brook. It was unknown how long it was.

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Under the direction of Lingwu spirit, Long Yi jumped into the underground brook and swam opposite direction. After swimming several hundred meters in the dark brook, he suddenly saw the light. He saw that the water of this underground brook was unexpectedly gushing towards a hole above.

Long Yi knew that this was the result of underground pressure. This brook was certainly gushing upward to that lake of Pearl Mountains, and it was also the source of the spiritual springs.

Suddenly, Long Yi thought of a problem. Now that he had taken away Lingwu spirit and the mysterious boulder that produced spiritual mist, could this lake still be the lake filled with spiritual qi like before? Would the water in the lake still be called holy water?

“Fate, this is fate,” smiled Long Yi. If this lake was not filled with spiritual qi, then he wouldn’t have discovered this underground space, and also wouldn’t have found this Lingwu spirit as well as this mysterious boulder. This mysterious boulder might play a big role in this catastrophe. Even if he didn’t take away this mysterious boulder, how long would this holy water last in this catastrophe? So, Ent Race was not in a loss.

After Long Yi came to such a conclusion, he felt better a lot. He then broke through the ground and entered the bottom of the lake.

When Long Yi surfaced from the lakewater, he saw the shore was filled with ents. There were more than one thousand. All of them had rushed over from different parts of this Pearl Mountains under the order of the Ent Patriarch.

“Young Master…” Xiao Yi, who still was somewhat weak, dashed over and tightly hugged Long Yi.

Long Yi gently patted Xiao Yi’s back and sighed softly. If it were not for Xiao Yi forcibly calculating at the bottom of the lake for him, she might not have suffered a backlash.

Xiao Yi and Long Yi had a contractual connection. But, after Long Yi fell into that underground space, she had lost that connection. She was so worried that she nearly went insane. Now that she saw him standing alive in front of her, her tense nerves finally loosened.

At that time, Ent Patriarch Mu Huai walked over and asked, “Honorable Lightning God, I wonder if there were any gains at the bottom of the lake?”

“I have some gains, but there was no Earth God’s spirit tablet,” Long Yi answered with a tinge of disappointment.

“Lightning God doesn’t need to worry, I have summoned all my clansmen stationed throughout the Pearl Mountains. If we ask them, we might get information on Earth God’s spirit tablet,” comforted Mu Huai.

“I hope so.” Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and called Moyun in his heart, but the angry Dark God unexpectedly didn’t respond to him.

The Ent Patriarch Mu Huai summoned all his clansmen at the lakeside and held a conference. He then enquired for possible traces of the Earth God’s spirit tablet.

According to Long Yi’s words, the place with Earth God’s spirit tablet would certainly have strange flowers and fruits. These ents sum up a hundred or more such places in a short time, making Long Yi roll his eyes. If he went to all those places to look, then he would need to spend a long of time.

But, just when Long Yi was about to analyze which location was the most likely place to have Earth God’s spirit tablet, one ent suddenly mentioned, “About strange flowers and fruits, I have heard from Demonic Lion who had just come from Fragrance Plain mention something. In the Fragrance Plain, the barbarians offer sacrifices to a divine tree inside their holy land. This divine tree neither blossoms nor bears fruits, but its leaves can cure all kind of diseases, ailments, and poisons. In return, they need to offer delicacies to it. Otherwise, the leaves would become normal leaves again.”

“There is such a thing? A tree can also eat something? Can it be that that tree also belongs to our Ent Race?” Mu Huai exclaimed in surprise.

“That shouldn’t be the case, but the strange thing is, all the delicacies offered will disappear without a trace,” the ent clarified the patriarch’s question.

Long Yi was extremely interested in this odd matter. He made up his mind. Irrespective of whether the true Earth God was there or not, he would go there to take a look.

That ent clearly saw through Long Yi’s plan and added, “Those barbarian people are very barbaric. Even before the war of God and Demon 100,000 years ago, they lived in barren Fragrance Plain from one generation to the next. They never leave the Fragrance Plain. But, they also never allow any outsider to enter their territory. Because every one of them possesses terrifying strength, no power had gone to provoke them. After all, the place they lived was barren without any resources.”

“Since it is so barren, why is it called the Fragrance Plain?” Long Yi asked in confusion.

“This … I also don’t know,” replied that ent.

At that time, Moyun’s figure suddenly appeared in Long Yi’s sea of consciousness. She then just spoke a sentence and disappeared again. Her sentence: no one is more gluttonous than that Earth God fellow.

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