Chapter 331: Nine Revolution Purple Qi Divine Technique

‘The Demonic Ten Regions have taken six of the sects’ regions?’

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist was very surprised to receive this piece of information.

The Demonic Ten Regions might only be ten regions, but each of them were extremely massive. Not even the regions that belonged to the top ten elite factions were comparable.

Furthermore, the sovereigns for each of the Demonic Ten Regions were all horrifying existences, each having the ability to sweep across the continent. It was impossible to just rely on the top ten elite factions to resist against the Demonic Ten Regions.

“Those regions that are occupied are certainly suffering a miserable fate!” Li Fuchen was speechless.

In those six regions, there must at least be a few billion lives at least. When a few billion lives were under the governance of demons, it was imaginable how bleak life would be.

‘Fortunately, the Azure Water Region is still quite far away from the Demonic Ten Regions.’

Li Fuchen couldn’t even imagine if the occupied region was the Azure Water Region. What kind of scenery would he be seeing now?

It was a known fact that the Azure Water Sect was just a third-rate sect and the Azure Water Region was naturally a third-rate region and wasn’t any superior to the six occupied regions.

‘My strength is still too weak. I don’t even have the ability to protect myself.’ Li Fuchen shook his head.

He noticed that since the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain had closed, a series of incidents had happened and he truly didn’t know what was going to happen next.

Unexpectedly, war had erupted.

The Hundred Sects were willing to give up the six regions, but their conditions were for the billions of humans to migrate out of the six regions. But the Demonic Ten Regions were extremely powerful this time and not only did they not allow for those humans to migrate, they even requested for the Hundred Sects to continue giving up 14 more regions so that the Demonic Ten Regions could each govern over two human regions.

When facing such a harsh request from the Demonic Ten Regions, the Hundred Sects naturally didn’t agree and war immediately erupted.

The Demonic Ten Regions were at the western side of the East Unicorn Continent. Those six regions which were occupied had immediately become the battlefield for the war between the Demonic Ten Regions and Hundred Sects.

The Hundred Sects had a total of a few hundred Reincarnation Realm martial artists, while the Demonic Ten Regions also had hundreds of class 5 demonic beasts or demons.

As a third-rate sect, the Azure Water Sect had sent out three Reincarnation Realm martial artists to the six regions.

But due to the scale of the war, it was impossible for Reincarnation Realm martial artists to control the entire battlefield. Hence, the various sects had also sent out a huge number of Heaven Dipper and Earth Shatter Realm martial artists to the battlefield.

The Azure Water Sect had transferred over 200 Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists and over 3000 Earth Shatter Realm martial artists. In comparison, the other sects only sent more and not any less.

It was rumored that the Heaven Fiend Sect had sent out more than 300 Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists and close to 5000 Earth Shatter Realm martial artists.

The first battle of the war had lasted for an entire month.

The Hundred Sects were embarrassed because this first battle had resulted in their loss.

After living in seclusion for countless years, the strength of the Demonic Ten Regions was much stronger than everyone had imagined. Especially the sovereigns of the Demonic Ten Regions, who were all heaven-defyingly powerful. When the Mountain Shaking Elephant restored itself to its original form, it turned into a giant elephant that was over 1000 feet immediately. Its body crashed around and shook the sky and the ground, it could even smash a large mountain into pieces with ease. Its trunk could change in size and when wrapped by it, even high-level Reincarnation Realm martial artists would be injured by it effortlessly. Its suction force was even more horrific as it would siphon all the boundless heaven and earth energy. When expelling, even a peak level Reincarnation Realm martial artist would be forced back by three feet.

The Devil Pattern Tiger wasn’t any inferior to the Mountain Shaking Elephant. He had both the traits of a demonic beast and demon while having strange and dreadful capabilities. In the battlefield, he was the only one that killed a high-level Reincarnation Realm martial artist in an instant. But after everyone was familiar with his ability, no one gave him a second chance.

It was needless to speak about the demons.

In terms of lifeforms, demons were no.1, demonic beasts were no. 2, and the human race was no.3. This was publicly known and with it, one could understand how powerful demons were.

The Hundred Sects had lost the battle, but they weren’t reconciled as they sent even more Reincarnation Realm martial artists and lower realm combatants to the battlefield.

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This time, the Azure Water Sect had sent out another 100 Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists and 1000 Earth Shatter Realm martial artists that were led by a Reincarnation Realm martial artist.

As for the havoc wreaked by the evil dao forces in the Azure Water Region, they were all currently considered as small matters. Once the Hundred Sects was defeated, the losses would be even more catastrophic as they would lose more than a dozen regions and billions of lives.

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As there were lesser experts in the Azure Water Region, the evil dao forces got even more presumptuous.

In fact, the Hundred Sects knew that the evil dao forces were definitely colluding with the Demonic Ten Regions, or at least a few regions were. But there was no choice, as they could only either pick the Demonic Ten Regions or the evil dao forces to focus on as the main enemies of the Hundred Sects. Right now, the threat from the Demonic Ten Regions was much more intimidating. Hence, they had no choice but to let the evil dao forces run wild for now.

Li Fuchen very much wanted to join the battlefield, but he knew that he wouldn’t be of any impact even if he were to join the battlefield. He would rather stay and resist against the evil dao forces in the Azure Water Region.

‘It much better now. Without Elder Qin Ming and Elder Xu Chang around, I can use some of my hidden trumps as much as I like.’

In this state of emergency, Qin Ming and Xu Chang were both transferred away. In the fourth major area’s seventh minor area which originally had fifteen inner sect elders, it was now left with eight.

At this juncture, Li Fuchen couldn’t be bothered to be concerned about using up the earth class sword art martial pattern and earth class technique martial pattern. He couldn’t think about reserving his trump and watch on helplessly as the evil dao forces wreaked havoc in the Azure Water Region, slaughtering countless lives.

He wasn’t a cold-blooded and ruthless person and this didn’t comply with his sword dao.

It was night time and Li Fuchen wore a mask and didn’t even bring along the Giant Sickle Terror Bird5Giant Sickle Terror BirdFlying spirit beast that Ouyang Wentian gave to Li Fuchen as he patrolled the seventh minor area.

Green Jade City.

This city was known for producing green jades.

In the silent night, more than a thousand black-robed individuals suddenly appeared and surrounded Green Jade City.

The leader was a dog-masked man who was the evil dao expert that had killed hundreds of thousands of people in Iron Mountain City and severely injured Xu Wansong.

“Hehe, now that the Hundred Sects are busy dealing with the Demonic Ten Regions, it is a rare opportunity. A pity that cities with millions of residents have a strict defense and there aren’t any openings for me to make a move. If I am able to condense a high-grade Multitude Blood Pearl, Lord Blood Ancestor will surely reward me generously.”

The dog-masked man was in a rather good mood. Previously, the cat-masked man had been killed which caused him to be shocked, but now that more than half of the experts from the Azure Water Sect were out on the battlefield, he didn’t believe that the Azure Water Region’s defenses would still be as strict.


From a distance, there was an air-piercing sound.

The dog-masked man fixed his eyes and looked into the dense dark sky and saw a fiery blaze speeding over.

When the blaze got near, the dog-masked man felt strange as the blaze was a 9th level Earth Shatter Realm martial artist who was soaring through the sky. He couldn’t understand how an Earth Shatter Realm martial artist could actually fly through the sky.

“Kill him.”

The dog-masked man ordered a low-level Heaven Dipper Realm black-robed man by the side.


The black-robed man rushed into the sky and welcomed the blaze.


The black-robed man’s hand shook which emitted countless green spots that enveloped the blazing light.

“You are the one who shall die.”

Li Fuchen drew his blacklight sword and poured in the bronze sword qi. In the next moment, there was a bronze sword light that skimmed out which didn’t only neutralize the countless green spots, but it even drew across the black-robed man’s body.


The black-robed man was severed at his waist, and couldn’t be even more dead.

“This guy is hiding his cultivation level.”

The dog-masked man had an incredulous expression as he couldn’t believe a 9th level Earth Shatter Realm martial artist could kill a low-level Heaven Dipper Realm evil dao practitioner so easily. He felt that the enemy must be hiding his ability to confuse them.

“Hall Master, let me kill him.”

A middle-level Heaven Dipper Realm black-robed man flew out.

“Bloodthirsty Saber Art!”

This black-robed man’s weapon was a blood saber. When he brandished it, the saber emitted a horrific blood-colored saber light. When the saber light got close, Li Fuchen could even feel his blood boiling a little.

“A blood dao martial artist could affect the blood and once injured, a closely matched opponent would probably be killed.”

Li Fuchen knitted his brows. He wasn’t afraid of his opponent, but he was rather concerned about the ability of blood dao martial artist.


Li Fuchen used a single sword move to smash the blood-colored saber light, as his bronze sword light slashed with unstoppable force and pierced into the black-robed man’s body.


The black-robed man’s body exploded and turned into ashes.

But just relying on the Black Iron Sword Essence, Li Fuchen’s strength was already comparable to a 4th level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist. During this period of time, his bones were already covered in 70% of the bronze sword pattern. The power of the Bronze Sword Essence wasn’t just a few folds stronger than the Black Iron Sword Essence, it gave Li Fuchen the ability to instantly kill a middle-level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist.

Back when Li Fuchen used the black iron sword qi to activate the Clear Sky Sword Art martial pattern, its strength was even inferior to the bronze sword qi. It was simply the power of the field which was tremendous enough to suppress the enemy.

“Not good. Which level of the Heaven Dipper Realm is this person at?”

The dog-masked man was shocked, as these Heaven Dipper Realm subordinates were all his close-aides. If a majority of them were to fall here, it would have a huge impact on his future operations.

“Bastard, accept your fate!”

The dog-masked man couldn’t suppress himself anymore as he pounced at Li Fuchen with a flash of blood light.

“8th level of the Heaven Dipper Realm.”

Li Fuchen didn’t dare to be careless as the Clear Sky Sword Art martial pattern on his right wrist lit up. This was the first time Li Fuchen used his bronze sword qi to activate the Clear Sky Sword Art.

Swish, Swish, Swish, Swish, Swish, Swish!

A clear and majestic sword light covered the sky and it felt as though the entire zone was congested by this single move. There wasn’t a trace of a gap and at the same time, the dreadful qi field instantly enveloped the dog-masked man.

“Not good. Is this the legendary field? It is an earth class sword art?”

The dog-masked man was appalled as he quickly halted his rushing momentum, while there was an instant addition of a low-grade Multitude Blood Pearl. The boundless blood dao power gushed into the dog-masked man’s body while he subsequently clawed against the clear and majestic sword light. There was a blood-colored shadow which was frightening to the heart.


There was a giant explosion as the dog-masked man flew backward and oozed out a trail of fresh blood from the corner of his mouth.

Li Fuchen had also involuntarily grunted.

If he didn’t have the class 5 demonic beast pelt armor, the aftershock from their clash would have been enough to kill him. After all, his cultivation level was too low and his defenses were nowhere near the dog-masked man’s level.

“He actually went even with me when I absorbed the power from the Multitude Blood Pearl?”

The dog-masked man’s expression got worse. Most importantly, he couldn’t see through Li Fuchen’s true strength.

“Attack together!”

The dog-masked man couldn’t care less, as he ordered the other Heaven Dipper Realm black-robed men to surround and attack Li Fuchen.

“It is time to test the power of the earth class technique martial pattern.”

(TL note: Li Fuchen obtained this martial pattern at the Mystic Martial Expert)

With a thought in his mind, Li Fuchen circulated the true inferno qi to the purple pattern on his back.


An extremely terrifying qi presence scattered out, covering Li Fuchen’s surroundings with a layer of horrific purple qi. Due to the purple qi, Li Fuchen’s hair, brows, eyes, and even his skin became dyed in purple, as though he was a purple battle god.

An intent entered Li Fuchen’s consciousness.

“Nine Revolution Purple Qi Divine Technique!”

“Such a mystical and horrific cultivation technique?” Li Fuchen exclaimed.

Li Fuchen activated the 4-star secret technique, the Pure Yang Dipper Qi as he intended to transmute the purple qi into the pure yang dipper qi. But he realized that the Pure Yang Dipper Qi couldn’t transmute the purple qi.

‘What is going on? Even with the Nine Revolution Purple Qi Divine Technique, my qi quality is only at the Heaven Dipper Realm. The 4-star secret technique should still be effective for me.’

What Li Fuchen didn’t know was that the Nine Revolution Purple Qi Divine Technique was of too high a grade which was comparatively higher than the Pure Yang Dipper Qi, making it extremely difficult to transmute. If Li Fuchen had cultivated the Nine Revolution Purple Qi Divine Technique, he would have been able to transmute it, but the crucial point was… Li Fuchen’s Nine Revolution Purple Qi Divine Technique was only a technique pattern branded on his back and didn’t belong to him.

Fortunately, the purple qi could be transmuted into the bronze sword qi. Otherwise, Li Fuchen’s strength would decrease instead of increasing, making him weaker.

As the purple qi was transmuted into the bronze sword qi, Li Fuchen realized that the bronze sword qi wasn’t bronze in color, but purplish bronze in color.

Seeing that a group of Heaven Dipper Realm black-robed men and the dog-masked man were killing over in coordination, Li Fuchen brandished his sword.

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