Chapter 332: Star Road Inheritance

This sword was naturally the Clear Sky Sword Art’s sword move.

But when compared to before, this sword was unbelievably powerful and dreadful.

A single brandish of the sword burst out with two types of field, one being the Nine Revolution Purple Qi field and the other being the Clear Sky Sword Art field.

Under the suppression of these two fields, the dog-masked man and many of the Heaven Dipper Realm black-robed men were all feeling difficulty in breathing, while their movements were impaired. Their strength was at least restrained by 50%.

At the same moment, countless sword lights converged and as a majestic light sphere enveloped everyone.


When the light sphere exploded; which included the dog-masked man within, all the black-robed men that rushed over were all burst into smithereens.

When Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist extended his hand to vacuum, only one storage bag was drawn to his hand.

This storage bag belonged to the dog-masked man and if Li Fuchen didn’t guess wrongly, it was a middle-grade storage bag. Not only was the material durable, but there was also a small array which prevented the storage bag from being destroyed.

As for the other storage bags, they had already turned into dust.

Li Fuchen immediately kept the storage bag without even taking a look inside. He then thought to himself, ‘No wonder the Mystic Martial Experts could strike fear in the East Unicorn Continent’s Hundred Sects and the Demonic Ten Regions. Even if their cultivation was restricted after exiting from the domain, just the use of an earth class cultivation technique and an earth class martial art was already enough for them to dominate the entire East Unicorn Continent, crushing peak level Reincarnation Ream martial artists.’

When the remaining 1000 over black-robed men saw that Li Fuchen had killed all the high-level members with a single sword, they were all frightened stiff as they scuttled in all directions immediately.


When dealing with these small minions, Li Fuchen didn’t have to make use of the Nine Revolution Purple Qi Divine Technique pattern or the Clear Sky Sword Art martial pattern. He didn’t even have to use his Bronze Sword Essence, as he could simply use his original strength to slaughter them. In just a short period of time, at least 100 to 200 black-robed men were slaughtered.

A pity that there were just too many black-robed men, as they were all scattered throughout the surroundings of Green Jade City, making it impossible to kill all of them. The rest of the black-robed men had all escaped one after the other.

After finishing up the slaughter, Li Fuchen left Green Jade City swiftly.

Inside Green Jade City, the city lord was initially panicking but soon enough, when he realized all the black-robed men were fleeing, he was at a loss for a moment.

‘78 low-grade spirit stones. A little less when compared to the cat-masked man.’

Along the way, Li Fuchen opened up the dog-masked man’s storage back and found 78 low-grade spirit stones.

Apart from those, there were some blood-red pearls. From those pearls, Li Fuchen could feel an overflowing resentment and the blood dao power.

‘Damn those evil dao demonic practitioners.’

How could he not know that these blood-colored pearls were condensed by using countless human blood essence and contained a huge crime within it?

‘I better hand it over to the sect’s upper echelon to handle!’

Li Fuchen didn’t know how to handle these blood-colored pearls. If he were to directly destroy it, the blood dao power might scatter out and the resentment along with the blood dao power might give rise to some evil being which might cause even more destruction.

After thinking for a moment, Li Fuchen placed all the blood-colored pearls in a separate storage bag.

For the next month, Li Fuchen frequently patrolled the seventh minor area and would occasionally patrol the sixth or eighth minor area as well.

Gradually, there was a rumor regarding a masked-man that started to circulate in the three minor areas.

Towards this rumor, the Azure Water Sect was naturally very pleased. They might not know who that masked-man was, but they knew that the masked-man had an extreme hatred for the evil dao forces, which was in line with the Azure Water Sect.

‘Without a spirit beast as transportation, it is truly tiring.’

Li Fuchen wasn’t a Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist and even if he was, he would still feel the fatigue if he were to travel without rest for several days. For this factor, flying spirit beasts were much superior to humans. A class 4 aerial spirit beast could fly for days and nights without a trace of fatigue. In fact, they were using the air currents to help them stay afloat and there were moments when these aerial spirit beasts were in a gliding state which didn’t require an ounce of spirit qi or stamina from them.

‘Eh? It is a star stone.’

On this day, when passing by a town, Li Fuchen neutralized a small evil dao force with ease. After he eliminated the leader of the group, Li Fuchen found a star stone in the leader’s storage bag.

The star stone was useless for Situ Lei who had already progressed to the Heaven Dipper Realm, but it still had great benefits for Li Fuchen who was in the Earth Shatter Realm.

At least he could enter the Star Road Hidden Domain one more time.

Furthermore, with the support from the star road’s power, he could quickly reach the peak level of Earth Shatter Realm which would assist him in rushing towards the Heaven Dipper Realm.

Apart from those things, there was a rumor that if one passed the Star Road Hidden Domain, they would be able to obtain a great inheritance.

What was the inheritance? Li Fuchen didn’t know, but he had to try.

After obtaining the star stone, Li Fuchen immediately returned to the manor at the outskirts of Cloud Mist City.

After crushing the star stone, Li Fuchen entered the Star Road Hidden Domain in an instant.

First stage, second stage, third stage…

Li Fuchen was like an unstoppable force and he didn’t spend a lot of time before passing the seventh stage and arrived at the eighth segment of the star road.

Previously, when he was on the eighth segment of the star road, he was only able to walk a hundred steps.

This time, his cultivation was already at the 9th level of the Earth Shatter Realm and he should be able to pass the eighth stage without much difficulty.

Just as Li Fuchen expected, he didn’t encounter many difficulties when passing the eighth stage.

After he passed the eighth stage, 128 portions of star road energy descended and entered his body.

Instead of heading straight for the ninth segment of the star road, Li Fuchen sat cross-legged on the island and started to increase his cultivation.

With support from the star road energy along with the low-grade spirit stones, Li Fuchen’s cultivation increased progressively.

9th level of the Earth Shatter Realm, middle stage… later stage.

In just a short moment, Li Fuchen’s cultivation had reached the later stage of the 9th level of the Earth Shatter Realm.

At this moment, all the star road energy he had obtained had been depleted.


Li Fuchen stepped forward onto the ninth segment of the star road.

The qi field of the ninth segment of the star road was extremely horrific. It was fortunate that Li Fuchen’s cultivation was at the later stage of the 9th level of the Earth Shatter Realm and he had extraordinary spirit willpower. Otherwise, just the star road qi field alone was enough to instantly expel Li Fuchen out of the Star Road Hidden Domain.

Enduring the suffering, Li Fuchen resolutely advanced.

100 steps, 1000 steps, 10,000 steps.

Li Fuchen was slowly walking deeper into the ninth segment of the star road.

Li Fuchen didn’t know that since the ancient times, let alone passing the ninth stage, no one had ever taken a step onto the ninth segment of the star road.

Li Fuchen was the unprecedented first individual to have taken a step on the ninth segment of the star road.

There were many reasons as to why he was able to achieve this.

Firstly, Li Fuchen’s cultivation technique rank was very high, as he had cultivated the True Inferno Technique to the 18th rank.

Secondly, as his spirit soul had evolved into the blue spirit soul, Li Fuchen’s spirit willpower was stronger than ever before and was on a whole other level when compared to his previous attempt of the Star Road Hidden Domain.

If he were to attempt the Star Road Hidden Domain with his previous spirit willpower, he wouldn’t have been able to persevere till this juncture.

It was unknown as to how much time had passed. Li Fuchen lifted his head and could already see the island in the distance.

It was a golden island and in the skies above the island were plenty of floating anomalies. At times it would look like large mountains, at times it would look like endless wind storms, at times it would look like tens of thousands of sword qi, or the prideful sun hanging in the sky…

‘Perhaps the ninth stage truly has a hidden inheritance?’ Li Fuchen thought to himself.

The thought flashed in his mind as he continued to advance. The dreadful star road qi field would constantly put pressure on his body and spirit willpower. If anyone of the two collapsed, it would immediately cause a change reaction.

Li Fuchen didn’t know how long had he been walking, but the distance between him and the golden island was getting closer and closer.

When Li Fuchen was close enough, he noticed that there was a giant golden light sphere in the center of the island. The golden light sphere had things that seemed to be wandering around inside, as they would occasionally emit a horrific qi presence through the golden light sphere, causing the illusionary anomalies above the island.

After gritting his teeth, Li Fuchen’s eyes flashed with a terrifying radiance as he increased his speed.

The blue spirit soul had given him extraordinary spirit willpower.

And this spirit willpower was getting stronger as it faced challenges. Up until now, Li Fuchen had yet to reach his limits.

The pressure from the star road qi field was just the thing for him to figure out his own limits.

But as Li Fuchen got closer to the golden island, his speed ultimately slowed down.

Of course, it was merely a decrease in speed but he was still far from reaching his spirit willpower’s limits. At least for now, Li Fuchen was confident that he would be able to reach the golden island and pass the ninth stage.

As time elapsed and Li Fuchen took the final step, the boundless and dreadful qi field suddenly vanished.

Li Fuchen was already on the golden island.

There wasn’t any test at the ninth stage, as Li Fuchen directly walked to the front of the golden light sphere.

There were items roaming inside the golden light sphere; they were obviously weapons. There was an ancient-looking war sword, a pitch-black war hammer, a heavy war halberd, blazing sun gloves, and there was even a simple and unadorned battle armor.

‘Could these weapons and armor be the inheritance?’ Li Fuchen’s brows pricked up.

There were many types of inheritance, such as spiritual inheritance, weapons and tools inheritance, and many many more.

A spiritual inheritance is to pour an entire inheritance into your consciousness and allow you to slowly comprehend it.

Weapon and tool inheritance was to pour the inheritance into the weapon, and as one got proficient with the weapon, they would receive the inheritance.

After giving some thought, Li Fuchen attempted to put his hand closer to the golden light sphere.

When his hand was placed on the golden light sphere, the sphere radiated with an endless brilliance. Immediately after, the ancient-looking battle sword flew out of the golden light sphere and landed in Li Fuchen’s hand.

Boom, Crackle!

Unending bolts of lightning burst out in the skies above the star road, as every bolt of lightning would extend out for millions and millions of miles2miles1 Chinese mile = 500 meters.

“Joint-Heaven Sword!”

The instant Li Fuchen grasped onto the ancient war sword, as an intent entered Li Fuchen’s consciousness.

Just from the name, this Joint-Heaven Sword was certainly a remarkable and exceptional artifact sword.

But Li Fuchen realized that this Joint-Heaven Sword was actually a mystic class peak-tier artifact sword, which was only one tier superior to the blacklight sword.

“Eh. Something isn’t right. This sword seems to be sealed.”

Using his awareness with his qi to check the Joint-Heaven Sword, Li Fuchen discovered some clues.

In the depths of the Joint-Heaven Sword, there were chains of runic wordings which sealed the core sword pattern of the Joint-Heaven Sword. If a single chain was a single layer of seal, then this Joint-Heaven Sword had obviously been sealed with multiple layers.

Even though the sword had multiple layers of seals, it was already a mystic class peak-tier artifact sword. If all the seals were broken, it would definitely be extraordinary.

‘If I want to obtain the inheritance in the Joint-Heaven Sword, I will have to unlock all the seals, otherwise, having this artifact would also be useless.’ Li Fuchen thought in his heart.

As soon as Li Fuchen obtained the Joint-Heaven Sword, there was an expelling force that teleported Li Fuchen out of the Star Road Hidden Domain.

In the manor at the outskirts of Cloud Mist City, Li Fuchen appeared out of the air.

‘I wonder how the strength of a mystic class peak-tier artifact sword is like.’

Although Li Fuchen had yet to unlock the seals on the Joint-Heaven Sword, it was still a mystic class peak-tier sword and was already a rare artifact. Among the seven Reincarnation Realm martial artists in the Azure Water Sect, only the four Supreme Elders and the Sect Patriarch Ouyang Wentian had a mystic class peak-tier artifact sword. Not even the two Protectors had one.

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