Chapter 333: Joint-Heaven Sword’s Prowess

Walking out of the manor, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist arrived at a spacious wilderness where he drew the Joint-Heaven Sword and poured his true inferno qi into the sword.

5%, 10%.

Li Fuchen was surprised as the Joint-Heaven Sword had used up 10% of his qi before getting saturated. Which meant to say that he would only be able to execute ten all-out attacks with the Joint-Heaven Sword. After ten sword moves, all his qi would be consumed.

‘I wonder how the power is like?’ Li Fuchen took a deep breath and slashed with the sword.


It felt as though a massive sword light was going to slice the spatial zone apart. It started with Li Fuchen as the starting point as the sword light violently slashed forward at the wilderness.


The surface of the wilderness had an instant addition of a giant rift which was a few hundred meters long and over a dozen meters wide. The weeds in the wilderness had been turned into dust by the countless tiny sword qi, balding the lands.

‘Such prowess. It is at least three times more powerful than the blacklight sword. Regular mystic class peak-tier weapons might not even have such power.’ 

Li Fuchen was astonished.

This slash was just a regular slash. If he had burst out with all his strength, the slash’s power would be increased by at least ten folds.

How could Li Fuchen know that the Joint-Heaven Sword wasn’t actually at the mystic class peak-tier? It might have been sealed at the mystic class peak-tier, but it was at the limits and it was far superior to any regular mystic class peak-tier artifact sword.

But in comparison, it consumed an extreme amount of qi.

In general situations, a mystic class high-tier weapon was meant for a Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist, while a mystic class peak-tier weapon must at least be wielded by a high-level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist to fully utilize its power.

But Li Fuchen’s qi quality was only comparable to the 1st level of the Heaven Dipper Realm, thus his qi capacity was far less than the needed requirement to bring out the sword’s full prowess.

But Li Fuchen disregarded all this. After he executed this slash, his mind had a sudden emergence of information.

The information started out in a mess, but it was soon rearranged successfully.

‘Mystic class peak-tier sword art, Mystic Heaven Sword Art…’

Li Fuchen wasn’t too surprised when he received the information.

‘It seems like this is the first inheritance and I have to unlock the first seal to obtain the second inheritance. But this inheritance is already rather good. The Mystic Heaven Sword Art seems to be even stronger than the Inferno Sword Art. Moreover, it is extremely compatible with the Joint-Heaven Sword. If it is executed with the Joint-Heaven Sword, its power would be far superior to the Inferno Sword Art. Perhaps in all of the East Unicorn Continent, this sword art is the most superior mystic class peak-tier martial arts.’ Li Fuchen thought in his heart.

Be it the Clear Sky Sword Art martial pattern or the Nine Revolution Purple Qi Divine Technique pattern, they were both an external force. It was impossible for Li Fuchen to rely on them for his entire life.

After passing the ninth stage of the star road, Li Fuchen had obtained another 256 portions of star road energy which was enough to push his cultivation to the limits of the Earth Shatter Realm. He was just one step away from reaching the Heaven Dipper Realm.  

Of course, Li Fuchen understood that it might just be one step, but this last step was the most difficult step.

His cultivation was progressing too quickly. He might have high spirit willpower and high cultivation technique rank which made his fundamentals very stable, but he still lacked a portion of accumulation and a portion of understanding towards the Heaven Dipper Realm.

Fortunately, he had the Heaven Dipper Battle Imprint which would help to quickly compensate for the lack of accumulation. When that happened, it would be time for him to step into the Heaven Dipper Realm.

During the day, Li Fuchen would be comprehending the Mystic Heaven Sword Art. During the night, Li Fuchen wore his mask and went on his patrol.

As time elapsed, Li Fuchen’s proficiency in the Mystic Heaven Sword Art was rapidly increasing and in less than a month’s time, it had already reached the sub-perfection stage.

There were two main reasons why he could reach the sub-perfection stage so quickly. Firstly, Li Fuchen had already cultivated the mystic class peak-tier Inferno Sword Art and it was already at the perfection stage, which was one step away from comprehending the Inferno Sword Intent. Secondly, he had the Joint-Heaven Sword, making it twice as fast for him to cultivate the Mystic Heaven Sword Art as the Joint-Heaven Sword also contained sword intent, but it was well concealed.

In between the underground borders of the Azure Water Region and the Heaven Fiend Region, there was a small scale conference that was being conducted.

On the conference table, there were over a dozen masked men seated.

There was a rat-masked man, chicken-masked man, rabbit-masked man, monkey-masked man, goat-masked man…

“Cat Hall Master and Dog Hall Master have both fallen in the seventh minor area of the Azure Water Sect. Tell me the details.” Seating at the host seat of the conference table, a bull-masked man asked in a cold voice.

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As the chief hall master for the Azure Water Region and the Heaven Fiend Region, the bull-masked man’s status was superior to the other masked men. Now that he had lost two hall masters, it had made him very frustrated.

The monkey-masked man who was also operating in the Azure Water Region replied, “Bull Hall Master, Cat Hall Master died in the hands of an Azure Water Sect’s Supreme Elder, while the Dog Hall Master died in the hands of a masked man. That masked man is now rather famous in the Azure Water Sect’s fourth major area’s seventh minor area.”

“Masked man?” The bull-masked muttered.

They too were wearing masks.

“What is the strength of that masked man?” The bull-masked man inquired.

The monkey-masked man responded, “Extremely powerful. According to the Dog Hall Master’s subordinates, he arrived and immediately injured the Dog Hall Master in a single sword strike. Afterwards, it was unknown as to what kind of secret technique he activated, but he killed all the upper echelons and the Dog Hall Master in a single attack.”


Hearing the response, all the masked men sucked in a large mouthful of cold breath.

To be able to kill all the upper echelons along with Dog Hall Master in a single sword strike, would mean that his strength was definitely at the peak level of the Heaven Dipper Realm. Furthermore, it must have been a peak level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist that cultivated a 5-star secret technique, otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to achieve this.

“This person’s strength is probably not inferior to mine.” The bull-masked man spoke slowly.

As the chief hall master for two regions, his cultivation was also at the peak level of the Heaven Dipper Realm, as he had also cultivated a 5-star evil dao secret technique, making him far superior to regular peak level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists.

“The masked man has to be eliminated or he will affect our operations. Wolf Hall Master, I shall leave that person to you.” The bull-masked man spoke to a wolf-masked man by the side.

The wolf-masked man hesitated and said, “Bull Hall Master, I am afraid I will not be able to eliminate this person with just myself.”

He was the deputy chief hall master of the two regions and was only slightly inferior to the Bull Hall Master, but he still wasn’t confident in eliminating the masked man by himself.

“Monkey Hall Master, Rat Hall Master, the two of you will assist Wolf Hall Master.” The bull-masked man spoke to the monkey-masked man and the rat-masked man.

“Understood.” The monkey-masked man and the rat-masked man nodded.

With the strength of three individuals, they were confident that they could eliminate the masked man.

But they had doubts as to whether the Dog Hall Master used the power of the Multitude Blood Pearl.

As it was normally, Li Fuchen would patrol the three minor areas with the seventh minor area as the main point. He would occasionally extend his patrolling area to five or six minor areas. If it wasn’t for his lack of speed, he wouldn’t mind patrolling the entire fourth major area.

Although Li Fuchen was patrolling every single day, he didn’t neglect his cultivation of the Mystic Heaven Sword Art.

On this day during the night time.

Li Fuchen slowly let out a breath and woke up from his meditative state.

“I am only one step away from achieving the perfection stage for the Mystic Heaven Sword Art. But my Bronze Sword Essence has already covered 80% of my bones.”

With an 80% completed Bronze Sword Essence, it would make the bronze sword qi even stronger. Li Fuchen didn’t dare to say that he was invincible under the Reincarnation Realm, but he was confident that he had the strength to protect himself.

After standing up, Li Fuchen wore his mask and soared into the sky.

Halfway through his patrol of the seventh minor area, Li Fuchen arrived at a nearby vicinity in Cool Breeze City.


Li Fuchen’s expression turned cold abruptly, as he didn’t imagine the evil dao forces to be so brazen and were actually attacking the seventh minor area for the third time. Furthermore, the leader of this group was a wolf-masked man and by his side, was a monkey-masked man and a rat-masked man.

“Wolf Hall Master, he is here.” The monkey-masked man reported.

“I will go test him out. You two find an opportunity to use the power of the Multitude Blood Pearl and use your kill moves.” The wolf-masked man spoke in a grave tone.


The monkey-masked man and the rat-masked man nodded as with a flip of their wrist, they each held onto a low-grade Multitude Blood Pearl.

Flying towards Li Fuchen, the wolf-masked man asked in a cold voice, “Are you the one that killed Dog Hall Master?”

Li Fuchen replied, “I don’t know who this Dog Hall Master you speak of. I simply know that your arrival in Azure Water Region is a mistake.”

“Talking big. Die!”

The wolf-masked man activated the 5-star evil dao secret technique, which caused his body to appear with streaks of blood-colored patterns. With the enhancement of the blood-colored patterns, the wolf-masked man’s qi presence increased drastically. His pitchfork produced layers of blood-colored pitchfork shadows, which all enveloped Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen didn’t dare to be careless as this wolf-masked man didn’t only have a higher cultivation level than the dog-masked man, he even had an enhancement from a formidable evil dao secret technique. Moreover, his martial arts proficiency seemed to be stronger as well.

Using the Nine Revolution Purple Qi Divine Technique pattern to replace the True Inferno Technique, Li Fuchen’s true inferno qi was all swiftly transmuted into nine revolution purple qi, before being transmuted into bronze sword qi, which was ultimately poured into the Clear Sky Sword Art martial pattern.

The entire process might look complicated, but it only took a split moment.

After that split moment, Li Fuchen’s blacklight sword thrust out with two types of fields that stacked and exploded, shrouding the wolf-masked man.

“Not good, there are two invisible forces restraining me.”

The wolf-masked man was appalled. He finally understood how Dog Hall Master perished.

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Under the restraints of the invisible forces, it would already be praiseworthy to even utilize 50% to 60% of one’s original strength.

With his body retreating urgently, the wolf-masked man’s hand held an additional Multitude Blood Pearl. The boundless blood dao power surged into his body, causing the wolf-masked man’s qi presence to increase drastically again. His pitchfork brandished out with a speed that looked slow but was actually extremely fast, clashing against the sky-covering sword light.

Cling, Cling, Clang, Clang!

Sparks burst all over the place and ignited the sky.


The wolf-masked man vomited blood and flew backward.

Under the suppression of the two types of fields, he couldn’t use the limits of his strength and was instantly blasted away.

“What? A single sword strike to injure Wolf Hall Master?”

The monkey-masked man and the rat-masked man were appalled. The blood dao power from the Multitude Blood Pearl entered their bodies before they rushed over to provide assistance and defend against Li Fuchen.

“This person’s strength is not only slightly superior to the dog-masked man. I couldn’t kill him in just a single all-out sword strike.”

At this moment, Li Fuchen had a deeper understanding of his own strength.

The dog-masked man was at the 8th level of the Heaven Dipper Realm while the wolf-masked man was at the peak level of the Heaven Dipper Realm. The strength difference might just be one or two levels, but there was a huge disparity The wolf-masked man’s strength was probably not inferior to the Azure Water Sect’s Grand Elder, Zhao Wujin. After all, he had the enhancement from the blood-colored pearl and also the powerful evil dao secret technique.

“There is no need to waste time on them.”

Sheathing the blacklight sword, Li Fuchen drew the Joint-Heaven Sword.

With the Joint-Heaven Sword in his hand, Li Fuchen brandished the sword at the three enemies.

This time, the severe and sharp sword light wasn’t just stronger by two or three folds. It even had the strength that could slice through all things.

Pfff, Pfff!

The monkey-masked man and the rat-masked man couldn’t even withstand the blink of an eye, as they were instantly turned into ashes. The wolf-masked man had withstood for a moment longer, but couldn’t escape death as well. His entire body was turned into a honeycomb after getting pierced by the countless tiny sword qi before he finally burst into a bundle of concentrated blood mist.

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