Chapter 334: Breakthrough to the Heaven Dipper Realm

After killing the three masked men, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist started to slaughter the rest of the black-robed men who were at the Heaven Dipper Realm. With absolute strength, those black-robed men couldn’t put up any resistance and were all slain swiftly. There were a few black-robed men who had escaped a few miles2miles1 Chinese mile = 500 meters away, but all were slashed into pieces by Li Fuchen’s sword qi from a distance.

After killing all the Heaven Dipper Realm black-robed men, Li Fuchen started to slaughter those below the Heaven Dipper Realm.

There were just too many of these black-robed men, which numbered a total of more than one thousand. After killing 100 to 200 of them, the rest had managed to escape Li Fuchen’s vision.

After opening up the storage bags of the three masked men, Li Fuchen’s mood became much better.

In the three storage bags, there weren’t any blood-colored pearls as they were probably all submitted, but there were plenty of low-grade spirit stones.

One of the bags had 62 low-grade spirit stones, while the other two bags had 88 and 180 spirit stones respectively. With a total of 330 spirit stones, this was definitely a huge windfall.

‘I wonder where these evil dao experts got these low-grade spirit stones from?’ Li Fuchen was rather puzzled.

Low-grade spirit stones were extremely valuable for Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists. It would be praiseworthy for a regular Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist to have a few low-grade spirit stones. Even high-level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists wouldn’t have too many low-grade spirit stones, as they would also have to cultivate and absorb them.

After adding up all the spirit stones that Li Fuchen obtained previously, he now had around 500 low-grade spirit stones. This was undoubtedly a giant sum and it was unknown if a newly progressed Reincarnation Realm martial artists would even be able to gather so many low-grade spirit stones.

“What? Wolf Hall Master, Monkey Hall Master, and Rat Hall Master were all killed?”

After more than one month, in the underground conference area between the Azure Water Region and the Heaven Fiend Region, the bull-masked man was both shocked and infuriated.

The Wolf Hall Master was just slightly inferior to him, but even with assistance from Monkey Hall Master and Rat Hall Master, they were still not a match for the masked man. They couldn’t even escape and were slain immediately. How could he not be shocked and infuriated?

“We might have to request for a Blood Child in order to kill the masked man.” The rabbit-masked man proposed.

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If the righteous sects had their prodigies, then their Multitude Blood Cult naturally had their own prodigies.

As a prodigy, strength was something that couldn’t be judged with one’s cultivation level or realm.

The Blood Childs of the Multitude Blood Cult who had reached the Heaven Dipper Realm would basically have cultivated the Multitude Blood Evil Technique to the 17th rank and beyond. Those who had a higher cultivation level would have reached the 19th rank. In addition, their proficiency towards the 5-star secret technique and the mystic class peak-tier martial arts weren’t something the animal masked men could compare with.

In his opinion, a Blood Child at the 7th or 8th level of the Heaven Dipper Realm was sufficient to kill the masked man.

“Request for a Blood Child?” The bull-masked man was a little hesitant.

The Blood Childs were also busy cultivating and they were like the Blood Ancestor and the upper echelons of the Multitude Blood Cult; where they were all unwilling to come out for operations. They would only mobilize or act whenever they were in the mood or had an interest.

But without a Blood Child, they couldn’t deal with the masked man. It would be even more impossible to request the assistance of an elder, as they were people at the Reincarnation Realm. They had much more important things to do and they too had to cultivate.

“We will put this matter aside for now and talk about it later. The fourth major area of the Azure Water Region is now classified as a forbidden area and all operations are to stop.” The Bull Hall Master made his final decision.

Originally, the Azure Water Sect only had three remaining Reincarnation Realm martial artists and they had to oversee the Azure Water Sect, hence, they shouldn’t have time to deal with the Multitude Blood Cult. But who would have expected for the sudden appearance of the masked man who was extremely formidable and even had the strength that surpassed a regular peak level Heaven Dipper Realm practitioner?

Apart from those factors, they had a shortage of members as they had recently lost four Hall Masters, which was quite a significant loss for them.

“My Mystic Heaven Sword Art has finally reached the perfection stage.”

On this day, Li Fuchen let out a breath of relief.

Right now, he had yet to use the Mystic Heaven Sword Art, but after he broke through to the Heaven Dipper Realm, he would have to use his normal methods in combat and not rely on external strength.

External strength should only be used in crucial moments.

Since Li Fuchen didn’t return to the Azure Water Sect for a long time, he intended to make a trip back.

With the Giant Sickle Terror Bird5Giant Sickle Terror BirdFlying spirit beast that Ouyang Wentian gave to Li Fuchen, Li Fuchen returned back to the sect in just a few days.

After returning back to Azure Water Sect, Li Fuchen got to know of the latest information at the front line of the war.

The second battle still resulted in the defeat of the Hundred Sects. The accumulated power of the Demonic Ten Regions had surpassed the Hundred Sects’ imagination. There were many more class 5 high-tier demonic beasts and class 5 demons than the information the Hundred Sects had obtained. There were at least seven or eight more and these elite combatants had affected the overall circumstances of the battle.

If it wasn’t because the Hundred Sects had more combatants giving them the advantage in numbers, this war wouldn’t even have to be fought, as they could simply admit defeat.

Even so, the Hundred Sects had lost some Reincarnation Realm martial artists, including the Azure Water Sect’s Supreme Elder Liang.

Elder Liang was killed by the sovereign of the Horn Devil Region, the Horn Devil King. It should be said that he was mistakenly killed by the aftermath of a battle between the Horn Devil King and the three Supreme Elders from the Sky Dragon Sword Sect.

After Elder Liang had fallen, there was a layer of shadow covering the Azure Water Sect.

The fall of a Supreme Elder had a huge impact, which might affect future development for the next century. After all, every Reincarnation Realm martial artist was a sect’s pillar and every loss would result in the disequilibrium in a battle between the pinnacles.

Grand Elder Zhao Wujin had also participated in combat. He who had encountered plenty of small opportunities was fortunate enough to break through to the peak level of the Heaven Dipper Realm. But it was nearly impossible for him to take another step and step into the Reincarnation Realm, as his 4-star bone frame was limiting his potential.

Which was why Zhao Wujin intended to slaughter in the battlefield and see if he could comprehend the Reincarnation Realm when his life was in danger. In the past, there were plenty of such examples, but just very rare.

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At the same time, Li Fuchen got to know that some of the elite prodigies of the Stars Ranking had also joined in the battle.

Like Situ Lei who had reached the peak state of the 3rd level of the Heaven Dipper Realm, as well as Qi Heng and Jin Xudong who had both reached the 3rd level of the Heaven Dipper Realm.

As elite prodigies, these three individuals’ combat ability must not be judged with their cultivation realm, as they were already competent enough to clash with 6th or 7th level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists.

In addition, Jiang Ruoliu and Xu Lin had also broken through to the Heaven Dipper Realm. The former was at the 3rd level of the Heaven Dipper Realm while the latter was at the peak state of the 2nd level of the Heaven Dipper Realm.

Especially Jiang Ruoliu whose illusion arts and illusion martial arts were simply a nightmare for the demonic beasts and demons. In terms of spirit willpower, demonic beasts and demons were easily affected by illusions arts, which would cause them to go berserk and become violent.

The five of them might not have a huge impact, but it would at least inspire everyone else. If they were on the same battlefield with the elite prodigies, what else did they have to fear?

Golden Light Region…

Situ Lei was currently being chased down by a class 4 high-tier demonic beast and was in a pathetic state.

After Situ Lei broke through to the peak state of the 3rd level of the Heaven Dipper Realm, his Thunder Lightning Divine Technique had successfully broken through to the 18th rank, giving him a deeper comprehension towards the Heaven Thunder Death martial arts. Apart from that, after he progressed, he had started to access the Thunder God Sect’s 5-star secret technique, Heart of Thunder. His current strength was already comparable to a 7th level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist of the Thunder God Sect.

But a 7th level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist was just equivalent to a weaker class 4 high-tier demonic beasts. But this class 4 high-tier demonic beast which was in pursuit of him had a strength which was close to the 8th level of the Heaven Dipper Realm.

“Human kid, hurry up and claim your death!”

This class 4 high-tier demonic beast was the Raging Inferno Beast. It had a body which was the size of a small mountain as it was currently opening its giant mouth while spitting bundles of flaming spheres at Situ Lei.

“Seems like I have to use the power of the martial pattern.”

Situ Lei’s maneuvers were extremely quick and was like a flashing thunderbolt. After barely dodging the flaming spheres, Situ Lei’s clothes and long hair were fluttering even without wind. A boundless and violent qi presence extended out suddenly, causing the Raging Inferno Beast to feel a trace of heart palpitation.

“Bare Vicious Fist!”

Situ Lei yelled out while executing a fist which blasted at the Raging Inferno Beast.

At this same moment, a powerful field enveloped the Raging Inferno Beast.

When pressured by the field, the Raging Inferno Beast felt its body becoming much heavier as its overall strength had been cut down by 40% to 50%.

“Not good.”

The Raging Inferno Beast was appalled. How could it have known that Situ Lei could burst out with such power?

There was simply no time to dodge as the Raging Inferno Beast was struck on the chest. In the next moment, its massive body was penetrated immediately.

The Bare Vicious Fish was an earth class fist art. Its power was extremely dreadful and not even the body of a demonic beast could withstand it.

After killing the Raging Inferno Beast, Situ Lei extinguished the Bare Vicious Fist martial pattern instantly.

During close combat in the battlefield, Situ Lei didn’t want to use the Bare Vicious Fist martial pattern unless necessary.

Firstly, the power of the martial pattern become weaker with every usage.

Secondly, he wanted to temper himself and unearth more of his potential.

Similar to Situ Lei, Qi Heng, Jin Xudong, Jiang Ruoliu, and Xu Lin who all had earth class martial patterns on them.

Of course, it didn’t mean that all Mystic Martial Experts would bestow earth class martial pattern to their personal disciples. The Mystic Martial Experts would only willingly sacrifice themselves to brand martial patterns on those personal disciples with exceptional talents.


Back at the Azure Water Sect… Li Fuchen also wanted to participate in the battle.

But he knew that if he didn’t breakthrough to the Heaven Dipper Realm, the Sect Patriarch Ouyang Wentian wouldn’t allow him to join in the battle. After all, to Ouyang Wentian, if Li Fuchen were to join the battle with his Earth Shatter Realm cultivation, he would be no different than cannon fodder. Even if Li Fuchen wasn’t some regular Earth Shatter Realm martial artist.

‘I have to breakthrough to the Heaven Dipper Realm in a short period of time.’

Li Fuchen had drawn up a plan for himself.

With the true dragon-shaped Heaven Dipper Battle Imprint, Li Fuchen had a much easier time sensing the Heaven Dipper Realm’s power.

Furthermore, with the assistance of the star road’s energy, his cultivation had already reached the limits of the Earth Shatter Realm.

One month later, in the Azure Water Sect’s direct disciple district, there was dreadful heaven and earth qi wave that spread out. At the same moment, in the radius of a few miles, the temperature was increasing abruptly. Some of the flowers and weeds were spontaneously combusting even without any fire.

There were many direct disciples who were looking in the direction of the source and were feeling apprehensive.

In their vision, they felt as though they saw a rising sun, which had a dazzling radiance and blazing heat. They could even feel it, even though they were some distance away.

This breakthrough phenomenon wasn’t normal.

“Who is the one breaking through? Such a horrific phenomenon.”

“Can it be Li shixiong1shixiongsenior brother (disciple)? I heard that his cultivation had already reached the limits of the Earth Shatter Realm. With the Heaven Dipper Battle Imprint as the first ranker of the Stars Ranking, it is possible for him to breakthrough in such a short period of time.”

Everyone was in discussion.

In the sky, a figure flashed past.

It was Ouyang Wentian.

When he detected someone breaking through and had such a massive phenomenon, he rushed over immediately.

After he discovered that it was Li Fuchen that was breaking through, Ouyang Wentian was pleasantly surprised.

Li Fuchen was only 21 years old this year. To break through to the Heaven Dipper Realm at the age of 21 was a record that was unprecedented for several centuries in the East Unicorn Continent. Perhaps, in just a few more years, Li Fuchen would become a reliable core strength of the Azure Water Sect.

The phenomenon was just beginning and as his cultivation was progressing, Li Fuchen’s true inferno qi was gathering and condensing. It was just like a sun, and this sun seemed to remotely conform with the sun in the sky, causing the entire place to be illuminated with a scarlet red light.

“This phenomenon is much more prominent than when Situ Lei broke through.” Ouyang Wentian thought in his heart.

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