Chapter 330: Hundred Sects Assembly


A few days after Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist broke through, there was an even stronger qi presence that enveloped the manor, extending out a few miles2miles1 Chinese mile = 500 meters to the surroundings of the manor.

“It’s Elder Xu Chang?” Li Fuchen revealed a smile.

Elder Xu Chang was previously at the 5th level of the Heaven Dipper Realm, he was now at the 6th level of the Heaven Dipper Realm.

“Xu Chang, congratulations.” Elder Qin Ming came over to congratulate Xu Chang.

Xu Chang laughed and said, “It wasn’t easy. I have been stuck at the 5th level of the Heaven Dipper Realm for five years.”

Qin Ming nodded. “Now that you and I are both at the 6th level of the Heaven Dipper Realm, not only will our Maelstrom Combination Art be stronger, it will be even more perfect.”

Be it combination arts or sword formation, if the practitioners were of the same cultivation level, they would then be able to truly exhibit its true power.

Unless it was those combination art or sword formation that required a leading figure.

In the East Unicorn Continent, most of the areas were occupied by the sects. But there were plenty of other areas which were considered sect forbidden areas.

Like the Demonic Ten Regions.

One of the Demonic Ten Regions was the Blood Devil Region.

This region was in the extreme east and it was located in an ordinary dull gray plain. 10,000 feet underneath the dull gray plan was a gigantic karst cave.

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The karst cave was extensive and it was unknown as to how far it stretched out.

In the center of the karst cave was a blood pool. Seated on the blood pool was an imposing elder whose entire body was revolving with boundless blood qi.

“Lord Blood Ancestor, here is a new batch of Multitude Blood Pearls.”

A middle-aged man whose cultivation was at the Reincarnation Realm spoke with respect.

“How many are there?” The imposing elder didn’t open his eyes and asked indifferently.

The middle-aged man replied, “One high-grade Multitude Blood Pearl, 180 middle-grade, 1200 low-grade.”

If a sect’s Reincarnation Realm martial artists were here and had heard this middle-aged man’s report, they would be utterly infuriated.

A high-grade Multitude Blood Pearl would require the blood essence of a million individuals in order to be successfully condensed. A middle-grade Multitude Blood Pearl would require 100,000 lives, while a low-grade Multitude Blood Pearl would require 10,000 lives.

Which meant to say that… in order to obtain this batch of Multitude Blood Pearls, this evil dao faction had to kill at least 30 million people.

There might be a huge population on the East Unicon Continent, as even the Azure Water Region had close to one billion population. There were even some larger regions which had several billion populations, which would make for a total of more than a hundred billion lives. But 30 million lives was still a shocking number.

It was enough to make anyone humane to be utterly infuriated.

Furthermore, this was just a single batch. Who knew how many lives this evil dao faction killed up until this point? Perhaps they had already taken over 100 million lives and as time continued to drag on, the numbers would only be growing astronomically.

“It is a bit lesser this time.” The blood qi around the imposing elder was tumbling.

Hearing such, the middle-aged man’s body shuddered.

The Blood Ancestor was at the peak level of the Reincarnation Realm and was just one step away from reaching the Battle Spirit Realm. The middle-aged man might also be at the Reincarnation Realm, but a single finger from the Blood Ancestor was enough for him to be consigned to eternal damnation.

“Lord Blood Ancestor. Now that the various sects have increased their strict precaution against us, it will make the speed in obtaining the Multitude Blood Pearl much slower.” The middle-aged man explained.

The Blood Ancestor opened his eyes and glared at the middle-aged man.

In an instant, the middle-aged man felt as though he had fallen into a sea of blood, which had countless blood corpses that all roared and ripped at him.

“Lord Blood Ancestor, this one knows his mistake.”

The middle-aged man quickly knelt down, while his body was drenched with sweat.

After the Blood Ancestor closed his eyes, he spoke apathetically, “Put in more effort. Otherwise, I do not mind turning you into a Blood Corpse.”

“Yes, this one understands.” The middle-aged man stood up and left while backing off.

After the middle-aged man left, the blood pool underneath the Blood Ancestor started to boil as blood-colored figures emerged. With a rough look, there were at least more than 1000 of them, and among them, there were a few blood-colored figures that were emitting prominent blood qi waves, as they were obviously at the Reincarnation Realm. The rest of the blood-colored figures were all emitting a qi presence at the Heaven Dipper Realm.

Opening up his storage bag, the Blood Ancestor grabbed the Multitude Blood Pearls inside and tossed them out casually.


The blood pool was stirred up as all the blood-colored figures were fighting over for the blood pearls. Those prominent blood-colored figures didn’t even bother about the low-grade Multitude Blood Pearls and were only desperately fighting over for the middle-grade Multitude Blood Pearls.

In just a moment, over a thousand Multitude Blood Pearls were all snatched and immediately after, these blood-colored figures sank back into the blood pool, seemingly trying to digest the blood dao power in the Multitude Blood Pearls.

“I wonder which of you would be able to progress to the class 5 high-tier?” The Blood Ancestor grinned.

As he spoke, he took out another Multitude Blood Pearl.

This Multitude Blood Pearl was a high-grade pearl, but he couldn’t bear to give it to the Blood Corpses. He could use this Multitude Blood Pearl to strengthen his blood dao power, as those middle-grade and low-grade Multitude Blood Pearls no longer had any effects on him.


In the center of the Blood Devil Region, there was a blood-colored castle complex.

The inside of the blood-colored castle was spacious and deep.

On the host seat, there was a tall and huge blood-colored demon seated there.

This demon’s qi presence was extremely tyrannical and seemed to be even stronger than the Blood Ancestor. Its body had blood-colored spikes and its eyes were emitting a scarlet red radiance.

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“My son, did that Blood Ancestor old man deliver any Multitude Blood Pearls?”

The blood-colored demon inquired a smaller blood-colored demon below him.

This blood-colored demon also had spikes on his body, but it was much lesser in quantity, while his color was much lighter. He replied, “King Father, not yet.”

“That old man needs to be beaten up. Send a message to him. From today onwards, as soon as he obtained Multitude Blood Pearls, I want 30% of them. If he doesn’t do so, ask him to get out of my Blood Devil Region!” The blood-colored demon snorted with a dreadful demonic voice, which the smaller blood-colored demon couldn’t withstand.

“Yes, King Father.”

The smaller blood-colored demon backed out of the hall frantically.

“Humans are truly a delicacy. This East Unicorn Continent should be controlled by us, demons. All humans are just livestock.” The blood-colored demon’s right hand radiated with a blood light, which siphoned over an Earth Shatter Realm martial artist from a giant steel cage by the side.


The blood-colored demon opened his mouth and bit off the Earth Shatter Realm martial artist’s head, causing blood to be sprayed everywhere.


After Li Fuchen’s cultivation broke through to the 9th level of the Earth Shatter Realm, he obviously felt that his comprehension speed of the Inferno Sword Art was faster and there was a trace of terrifying power that was brewing.

‘The Inferno Sword Intent’s seed is already produced. I wonder how long would it take to grow into a huge tree that can reach the sky.’

If the initial stage of the sword intent was a small tree, then the matured stage was a huge tree, while the consummate stage would be the sky-reaching tree. Before the initial stage, the sword intent was just a seed and would be unable to increase the power of his sword arts.

But once the sword intent seed was formed, comprehending the sword intent was just a matter of time.

Just as Li Fuchen was protecting Cloud Mist City, a huge incident happened that alarmed the entire East Unicorn Continent.

Long River Region, White Mountain Region, Golden Light Region… a total of six regions had all fallen into the enemy’s hand in just a single month. The upper echelons of the sect had met their tragic ends while only a small portion of survivors were able to escape and join the other sects.

There were a common ground among the six regions. They were all near the Demonic Ten Regions.

The ones that invaded and occupied the six regions, were the Demonic Ten Region’s Thousands Demon Region, Tiger Devil Region, and the Horn Devil Region.

The Thousands Demon Region’s ruler was a class 5 peak-tier demonic beast, the Mountain Shaking Elephant. It was said that this elephant had the bloodlines of the king beast, Mountain Pulling Elephant. It was extremely formidable and there was once when five high-level Reincarnation Realm martial artists surrounded this elephant but were severely injured by this elephant. If it wasn’t for the slow speed of the elephant, all of them would have been dead.

The ruler of the Tiger Devil Region was also a class 5 peak-tier demonic beast, the Devil Pattern Tiger, but this tiger seemed to have eaten some demon artifact which caused some mutation in its body, allowing it to possess the traits of both demonic beasts and demons. Making it more ferocious than regular class 5 peak-tier demonic beasts. There was once when it eliminated two sects due to anger.

Different from the two rulers of the earlier regions, the Horn Devil Region’s ruler was a pure demon.

A demon’s ability was innately powerful.

Furthermore, in the same class, there wasn’t any segregation of different tiers. Even the weakest class 5 demons had an ability that exceeded class 5 peak-tier demonic beasts. Only the Mountain Shaking Elephant which had a trace of the king beast bloodline and the mutated Devil Pattern Tiger would be comparable to a class 5 demon.

Of course, there were always pros and cons to everything. A demon might be extremely dominant, but it was also extremely difficult for it to be promoted to the next class.

The Thousands Demon Region and the Tiger Devil Region had a huge group of class 5 demonic beasts.

But the Horn Devil Region only had a total of three class 5 demons.

These three regions of demonic forces had each invaded and occupied two regions of the sects. Once this news was out, it shook the entire continent. Even the top ten elite factions were activating their emergency forces.

For everything in the world, when there was a first, there would certainly be a second time.

If they didn’t put a stop to the Demonic Ten Regions, they would surely invade and occupy more of the sects’ regions.

The Hundred Battle Region had a place called Mt. Hundred Sects. And on Mt. Hundred Sects, there was the Hundred Sects Grand Hall.

This Hundred Sects Grand Hall was a sacred place used to assemble the various sect patriarchs. For the past century, the various sect patriarchs had assembled in this place once, making this assembly the second time in a century.

In the Hundred Sects Grand Hall, there was a giant rectangle-shaped stone table. On both sides of the stone table, were dozens of stone chairs where the various sect patriarchs would sit in succession, according to their sect’s strength.

At the front most part of the stone table were ten gold-colored stone chairs, where the top ten elite factions’ sect patriarchs would sit at.

Azure Water Sect Patriarch Ouyang Wentian was also here, but the Azure Water Sect was just a third-rate sect and was placed towards the end.

The Heaven Fiend Sect was a second-rate sect, so Li Xietian was seated slightly in front.

Right now, the Hundred Sects Grand Hall was absolutely silent, as everyone was waiting for the ten individuals on the golden stone chairs to speak.

The first to speak was the Thunder God Sect Patriarch, Situ Shuo, who was Situ Lei’s cousin grandfather.

As a high-level Reincarnation Realm martial artist, Situ Shuo scanned the entire table and spoke slowly, “The closing of the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain is both a good and bad thing to us. Back in the years, when a class 5 demonic beast killed the Seventh Mystic Martial Expert’s personal disciple, it was slain by the Seventh Mystic Martial Expert, which intimidated the Demonic Ten Regions. Now that the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain had closed, the Demonic Ten Regions wouldn’t live in peace with us anymore. So, this time, we have to either fight or take a step back and give up those six regions that had been occupied. Of course, this would be our bottom line and if they want to invade more regions, then we must fight back.”

As the Sect Patriarch for the Thunder God Sect, Situ Shuo might not want a war with the Demonic Ten Regions, but he didn’t wish to take another step back. Those that weren’t of the same race as us, would have to face our unity. Once they allowed the Demonic Ten Regions to obtain even more regions, the lands for the human race to live on would diminish.

“Patriarch Situ is right. We can give up the six regions which had been occupied, but it shall be our bottom line.” The Tri-Absolute Temple Hostess had also spoken.

“I agree.”

“I agree too.”

The leaders of the top ten elite factions were all in agreement. The rest of the various leaders naturally agreed as well.

In fact, in the Hundred Sects Assembly, they basically didn’t have any right of speech. They were simply here to make their vote. But since the top ten elite factions had a unanimous opinion, there wasn’t anything left to vote on.

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