Chapter 329: Spirit Stone’s Effect

Elder Liang originally wanted to rush over to Native Peace City first, but when he received elder Lin Kun3Lin KunAzure Water Sect's Inner Sect Elder (8th level of Heaven Realm)’s message, he changed his route at the last moment.

With his Reincarnation Realm cultivation, he naturally arrived at the battlefield earlier than Mao Qiuhai.

“Not good, it’s a Reincarnation Realm martial artist.” The cat-masked man was appalled.

Even if his ability was increased by ten folds, it was still impossible for him to be a match for a Reincarnation Realm martial artist.

The difference between the Heaven Dipper Realm and the Reincarnation Realm was just too drastically huge.

Furthermore, he was definitely not a 1st level Reincarnation Realm martial artist, he was at least at the 2nd level of the Reincarnation Realm.

There was yet another huge gap between the 1st and 2nd level of the Reincarnation Realm.

It wasn’t exaggerating to say that an extremely formidable Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist might be able to exceed three levels to kill an enemy, but when at the Reincarnation Realm, he wouldn’t even be able to exceed one level to kill the enemy, suppression would be the best-case scenario.

Reincarnation Realm, meaning to change one’s life as a whole. But it in terms of the level of life or ability, there was a qualitative leap.


Elder Liang didn’t even draw his sword and didn’t execute the Sect Origin Swords as well.

He simply raised his right hand’s index and middle finger before thrusting at the cat-masked man from over ten miles2miles1 Chinese mile = 500 meters away.


Under the qi pressure from Elder Liang, the cat-masked man’s awareness and bodily reactions were all slower by a whole level. By the time he reacted, a violent sword qi penetrated his body and his entire body had exploded into a blood mist.

“This is a Reincarnation Realm martial artist?”

This wasn’t the first time Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist saw a Reincarnation Realm martial artist making a move.

But every time he witnessed it, he would be extremely shocked.

If one had the ability to cultivate to the Reincarnation Realm, one would definitely have astounding talents. Basically, they were all at least 5-star bone frames.

Li Fuchen had the ability to exceed many levels to kill the enemy in the Heaven Dipper Realm, but when at the Reincarnation Realm, he would only be able to exceed one level to kill the enemy. Just this was enough to shock the entire East Unicorn Continent.

After all, everyone was also a heavenly prodigy and the difficulty in exceeding levels in combat wasn’t easy.

After the cat-masked man perished, the various evil dao practitioners were left without a leader and had scuttled in all directions. But after being chased down by the inner sect elders from the Azure Water Sect, they were all killed in groups. Only one or two hundred of them were finally able to escape.

“Supreme Elder.”

When the crisis of Cloud Mist City had been resolved, everyone bowed towards Elder Liang with cupped fists and greeted.

Elder Liang’s name was Liang Anmu. He nodded and said, “Tell me about the exact situation.”

After hearing his request, Elder Lin Kun narrated all the details to Liang Anmu.

After listening to the information, Liang Anmu smiled and looked at Li Fuchen. “You have done well. This storage bag shall be bestowed to you.”

The storage bag in his hands was the cat-masked man’s storage bag.

As a Reincarnation Realm martial artist, he definitely had the ability to control his strength to preserve the storage bag while destroying the enemy’s body.

Elder Liang had done a check earlier. The storage bag might have valuable items in it and were rather attractive to a Reincarnation Realm martial artist, but Li Fuchen contributed significantly and must be rewarded. It wouldn’t be good if the reward was too little as well. So, after taking out all Multitude Blood Pearls inside, Elder Liang didn’t touch any of the other things inside.

“Thank you, Supreme Elder.” Receiving the storage bag, Li Fuchen expressed his gratitude.

As a Hall Master of the evil dao faction, the cat-masked man should have quite a lot of spirit stones, which made Li Fuchen very elated.

“The battle has ended here. I will go back and continue my watch. All of you will clear up the battlefield.” Leaving behind a statement, Liang Anmu flashed towards the horizon and flashed again before he vanished into the night.

After Liang Anmu left, Li Fuchen opened up the storage bag.

“Good stuff.”

The cat-masked man had more than a hundred low-grade spirit stones. In normal cases, a single low-grade spirit stone would be enough for a low-leveled Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist to cultivate for three months. One hundred spirit stones would allow a low-leveled Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist to cultivate for around 30 years. This wasn’t a small number and in the Azure Water Sect, apart from the Reincarnation Realm martial artists, no one would possess so many low-grade spirit stones.

Thinking about it, Li Fuchen ultimately took out 30 of the low-grade spirit stones.

“Elder Lin Kun, all of you have worked hard. Please split these spirit stones with everyone!”

30 low-grade spirit stones was just enough for everyone to obtain three pieces each.

In response, Lin Kun and the others had on delighted expression.

“How can we?”

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They might be speaking like this, but their hands weren’t as reserved, as they quickly received the spirit stones.

In the Azure Water Sect, they would only receive a few pieces of low-grade spirit stones every year, which wasn’t enough for them to cultivate. Especially Elder Lin Kun who was at the high-level of the Heaven Dipper Realm. A single piece of low-grade spirit stone would be used up in a single month, while the sect only distributed four low-grade spirit stones every year, which he would use up in four months. With sufficient spirit stones, he was certain that he could break through to the 9th level of the Heaven Dipper Realm in five years.

In short, everyone was rather satisfied with this operation.

They might have lost one of the inner sect elders, but how could there not be any casualties in war. There might be a day when they might fall in battle too.

After cleaning up the battlefield, Elder Lin Kun led the men and left. While Li Fuchen, Qin Ming, and Xu Chang continued to stay behind.

From start to end, Elder Mao Qiuhai didn’t make it in time.

Everyone was feeling anxious in Cloud Mist City, as they were surrounded by over one thousand black-robed men, then there were alarming sounds of battle outside of Cloud Mist City. Everyone in Cloud Mist City were flustered but soon enough, the Cloud Mist City Lord started to send people out to console the resident and informing everyone that the enemy had been eliminated. As such, everyone calmed down, but for the next few days, everyone continued to discuss this matter in the inns and restaurants.

There was an ordinary manor in the outskirts of Cloud Mist City.

This manor now belonged to Li Fuchen and he was currently having some tea under a tree.

“I have many trump cards on me, but I cannot expose them so easily. At this current juncture, I might have the ability of a 3rd or 4th level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist. When using the Clear Sky Sword Art martial pattern, my ability can reach the 6th or 7th level of the Heaven Dipper Realm. But this still isn’t enough to protect myself, hence, I have to quickly increase my cultivation.”

He was able to stay outside in the public because of the outbreak of evil dao forces in the East Unicorn Continent. Right now, the Heaven Fiend Sect didn’t have time to spare for him, but once they did, it would be hard for Li Fuchen to come out so openly.

But he had never thought of cultivating until the Reincarnation Realm in the Azure Water Sect before venturing out. He didn’t want a life where he was going to cultivate in such a routine method. Moreover, he had a premonition that staying in the Azure Water Sect wasn’t going to be safe. With his exceptional awareness, he could subtly detect dark clouds of war above the East Unicorn Continent. Before the war erupted, he had to quickly increase his ability and if he was to cultivate like normal, it was impossible for him to reach the Reincarnation Realm unless he had ten or twenty years.

‘I wonder how effective a low-grade spirit stone is during cultivation.’

Li Fuchen took out a glittering stone, which was a low-grade spirit stone.

The low-grade spirit stone’s spirit qi was very reserved and just a trace of the spirit qi wave was enough to cause a turmoil to the heaven and earth qi in the courtyard.

Taking a deep breath, Li Fuchen circulated his qi and poured it into the spirit stone.

Splash, Splash, Splash…

Once his qi entered the spirit stone, Li Fuchen’s consciousness also entered the spirit stone. In the next moment, he could feel a large river in his mind which was surging with tidal waves. They crashed over frenziedly and gushed into Li Fuchen’s body through the meridians in his palm.

“Such a boundless spirit qi.” Li Fuchen was excited.

It was said that a single low-grade spirit stone would be enough for a low-level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist to use for three months before completely absorbing it. But there was also a difference in the lower levels of the Heaven Dipper Realm. A 3rd level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist would need only slightly more than two months to absorb the spirit stone completely. While a 1st level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist would take more than three months to absorb a spirit stone completely.

Of course, this was just an estimate as everyone’s cultivation technique rank was different. Those with a higher rank would be able to absorb the spirit stone’s spirit qi much faster.

Li Fuchen’s qi quality was comparable to the 1st level of the Heaven Dipper Realm, but his qi quantity was far lesser. So it would take him at least more than three months to fully absorb a single low-grade spirit stone. It was possible that he might need half a year.

As there was a painful sensation that came from his meridians, Li Fuchen spent some effort in order to sever the connection with the spirit stone.

“No wonder Earth Shatter Realm martial artists cannot use spirit stones to cultivate. Just the terrifying surge of the spirit qi is enough to rip up the meridians of most Earth Shatter Realm martial artists, making them crippled.”

Li Fuchen might have already severed the connection with the spirit stone, but the spirit qi that had entered his body earlier was still lingering and moving around recklessly in his body.

Li Fuchen circulated the True Inferno Technique and quickly refined the spirit qi.

One hour later, Li Fuchen opened his eyes.

“No wonder it is called a spirit stone. One hour of cultivation is equivalent to days of diligent work. Moreover, there aren’t any side effects. It seems to be even more efficient than absorbing heaven and earth energy.”

How would Li Fuchen have known that there were impurities in those heaven and earth energy? The impure qi might be insignificant at the start, but after a long time of accumulation, it would gradually form an obstruction towards cultivation. There were even more impurities in elixirs and consuming large quantities of them would solidify the obstructions. Therefore, unless necessary, no one was willing to consume large quantities of elixirs.

Of course, the higher the grade of the elixir, the lesser the impurities. Like mystic class peak-tier elixirs which had great effects and little side effects.

Apart from those factors, those with a higher grade of bone frame were innately able to filter the impurities. This was also why people with higher grade bone frames were able to cultivate with extreme speed.

For the next few days, Li Fuchen would use the spirit stones to cultivate, making his cultivation speed extremely fast.

As Qin Ming and Xu Chang had also obtained three low-grade spirit stones each, they were also cultivating. When at the Heaven Dipper Realm, every increase in level was a huge deal. Now that the evil dao forces were running rampant, they urgently wanted to increase their ability.

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Half a month later…


A dreadful blazing qi presence rushed into the sky and enveloped everything in a radius of several hundred meters.

Fortunately, this was the outskirts, otherwise, it would have alarmed the residents of Cloud Mist City.

“He broke through?”

Qin Ming and Xu Chang opened their eyes and revealed a trace of a smile and admiration.

Before Li Fuchen broke through, he was already formidable even without using the earth class martial pattern. Now that he had broken through, his ability would be even more powerful. Perhaps, in just a short period of time, the two of them would be left way behind.

The one who broke through was naturally Li Fuchen. With assistance from the spirit stone, he finally broke the bottleneck in half a month and reached the 9th level of the Earth Shatter Realm.

But to be honest, a single level didn’t help to increase his ability significantly. After all, his current ability was already comparable to the Heaven Dipper Realm. If he could exceed two levels in the Earth Shatter Realm, he would only be able to exceed one level in the Heaven Dipper Realm. So, by reaching the 9th level of the Earth Shatter Realm, Li Fuchen’s ability had only increased by half a level, although his qi capacity was higher now.

“My ability didn’t increase by much, but my various other attributes have all increased. I wonder how many stages I can pass in the star road now.”

Previously, Li Fuchen had reached the seventh stage in the Star Road Hidden Domain, as he collapsed after walking a hundred steps on the eighth section of the star road.

If he was able to pass multiple stages, it would allow him to quickly reach the peak level of the Earth Shatter Realm.

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