Chapter 328: Thousand-Feet Doyen

“Azure Water Sword Formation, Azure Water Sword Slash!”

Apart from the life-saving methods and items, the sword formation was the biggest factor as to why the inner sect elders from the Azure Water Sect were able to persist for long.

As long as it was a sword dao sect, they must have a sword formation and the Azure Water Sect wasn’t an exception either.

In order to execute this Azure Water Sword Formation, it required five individuals with similar cultivation levels and they must all have cultivated the Azure Water Sword Art. If they were able to coordinate flawlessly, it was said that they could exceed four or five levels in combat even as Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists.

Of course, how could it be that easy to achieve flawless coordination? Among the Azure Water Sect’s inner sect elders, only the Azure Water Five Swords were able to coordinate their Azure Water Sword Art to such perfection, while the rest weren’t just a little or slightly inferior.

These five individuals had different cultivation levels, the highest was at the 6th level of the Heaven Dipper Realm, while the lowest was at the 4th level. They already had imbalanced prerequisites and their coordination wasn’t perfect, hence, they could only barely restrain the cat-masked man and couldn’t even clash head-on with him.

A dazzling and colorful sword force pierced through the sky and slashed at the cat-masked man. But the cat-masked man executed an all-out claw attack to destroy the colorful sword force.


The blood dao energy in the cat-masked man’s body had burst out again as he wanted to dismantle the sword formation.

“Azure Water Sword Formation, Azure Water Sword Shield!”

The five of them moved rapidly, stacking layers of sword light, forming a colorful sword shield.


The colorful sword shield was shattered and the five of them were sent flying. Fortunately, their sword formation didn’t collapse.

‘Such a mystical sword formation?’ When Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist witnessed the sword formation, he exclaimed with admiration in his heart.

Sword formations could gather the strength of many to attack or defend, to combine many into one. It was a high classed combination art.

“Blood God Thrust.”

The cat-masked man was enraged and wanted to execute the Blood God Thrust to neutralize the sword formation.

But this time, he wasn’t able to properly execute the Blood God Thrust. It wasn’t an extremely condensed blood streak and was a blood force that wasn’t as compact.

The blood force naturally couldn’t neutralize the sword formation.

“His blood dao power is about to lose control.” Elder Lin Kun3Lin KunAzure Water Sect's Inner Sect Elder (8th level of Heaven Realm) was greatly delighted.

The enemy’s original ability was just a little superior to his, but with the enhancement from the blood dao power, the enemy became completely superior.

If the blood dao power was to lose control, their hopes for victory would be increased by a huge margin.

How could the others not know of this as well?

“Azure Water Sword Slash!”

Assaulting with the colorful sword force again, this time, they were evenly matched with the cat-masked man.

On the other side, the centipede-masked man’s blood dao power was also starting to destabilize.

Different from the cat-masked man, the centipede-masked man wasn’t a blood dao practitioner. Thus, when trying to control such boundless blood dao power, it would put an extra burden on him, and the increase in ability wasn’t as prominent as the cat-masked man.

“There is a flaw!”

Detecting a fluctuation in the centipede-masked man’s blood light qi protection, Li Fuchen’s eyes flashed as he shot out the earth class weapon shard.


This time, the earth class weapon shard had penetrated the weakest part of the man’s blood light qi protection, drawing a wound on the centipede-masked man’s body.

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The wound might not be deep, but he finally injured the centipede-masked man.

In fact, if it was a solo fight, no matter how powerful the earth class weapon shard was, it wouldn’t have been able to injure the centipede-masked man. It was mainly because the centipede-masked man was concentrating on Li Fuchen.

Fighting against multiple enemies was a serious matter, as one’s concentration had to keep up.

“Damn it!”

The centipede-masked man burst out with blood dao power and blasted away the surrounding people.

With the class 5 demonic beast pelt armor, Li Fuchen only felt his blood and qi surging a little, but he didn’t sustain any injury.

Vacuuming the earth class weapon shard back, Li Fuchen stood on the Giant Sickle Terror Bird5Giant Sickle Terror BirdFlying spirit beast that Ouyang Wentian gave to Li Fuchen’s back and attacked whenever there was an opening.

One wound, two wounds…

In just a short period of time, Li Fuchen used his astounding awareness to continuously injure the centipede-masked man with the earth class weapon shard.

It had made the centipede-masked man extremely frustrated and his killing intent towards Li Fuchen was much more intense than towards anyone else. 

“Thousand Leaves Demonic Hand!”

While trying his best to suppress the rebelling blood dao power, the centipede-masked man launched a palm strike at Li Fuchen.

Once the palm strike was out, layers of palm shadows stacked together, as though a thousand layers of palm had come together. The sky and the ground had all been shrouded by this palm strike.

The 9th level of the Heaven Dipper Realm wasn’t just for show. It was absolute ability and absolute dominance.

“Not good.”

Before the centipede-masked man executed his palm art, Li Fuchen already detected danger and had made the Giant Sickle Terror Bird flee in advance.

But the centipede-masked man’s palm force was too fast and had caught up to them in just a short moment.

“Clear Sky Sword Art!”

Without a choice, Li Fuchen activated the Clear Sky Sword Art’s martial pattern again. At the same time, he had mixed in a little bronze sword qi along with the black iron sword qi.

If it was before, when using the black iron sword qi and the bronze sword qi, the executed sword qi would be dyed with black and bronze color. But this time, the entire sword qi’s color was the Clear Sky Sword Art’s color. After all, the Clear Sky Sword Art was an earth class sword art.

The splendorous sword light spread out swiftly, while a layer of invisible field’s power expanded out as well.

Earth class martial arts contained a field’s power. In a certain degree, it wasn’t only able to restrict the enemy’s movement, it would even weaken the enemy’s attack.

Pitter, Patter!

Li Fuchen’s cultivation was still too low and without using his trump card, the Clear Sky Sword Art was immediately neutralized, while the Clear Sky Sword field had collapsed. The remaining palm force slammed onto Li Fuchen and the Giant Sickle Terror Bird.

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During the crucial moment, Li Fuchen activated the class 5 demonic beast pelt armor’s power.

The class 5 demonic beast pelt armor contained the bloodline powers of class 5 demonic beast. If not, it was impossible for just the pelt armor to defend against an all-out attack of a Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist.


There was an invisible prowess explosion.

The prowess might be faint, but it was enough to make everyone’s heart palpitate. A class 5 demonic beast prowess was equivalent to a Reincarnation Realm martial artist.

In the next moment, a blue demonic beast shadow enveloped Li Fuchen and the Giant Sickle Terror Bird.

When enveloped by the blue demonic beast shadow, the Giant Sickle Terror Bird was much more well-behaved and had a trace of reverence in its eyes.

The layers of palm forces were like boundless tides which drowned the man and beast.

It was unknown how much time had passed. When the palm forces finally dissipated, the forest below had been completely leveled. Furthermore, the surface of the ground had sunk in by one meter. It was imaginable how powerful this palm strike was.


As the palm forces dissipated, Li Fuchen and the Giant Sickle Terror Bird appeared again.

There was blood flowing out from the corner of Li Fuchen’s mouth and it seemed like he had suffered quite a serious injury.

But when comparing, the Giant Sickle Terror Bird was in a worse condition. One of its wings had been broken and there were more than a dozen palm prints on the body. Every palm print had broken one bone and injured its organs.

If such injuries weren’t treated timely, one would ultimately be dead.

“Go look for a place to recuperate first.”

Li Fuchen took out an elixir from the storage bag and pushed it into the Giant Sickle Terror Bird’s mouth. With a flash of the body, he separated himself from the Giant Sickle Terror Bird.

The Giant Sickle Terror Bird let out a dispirited cry and landed in a remote place after swallowing the elixir. It then laid on the ground motionlessly.

“He didn’t die!”

The centipede-masked man had on an extremely awful expression. That palm strike was even stronger than when he executed it at his prime condition. Logically, it would even kill a regular 7th or 8th level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist in a single strike.

“As expected from a class 5 demonic beast pelt armor.”

Qin Ming, Xu Chang, and the others understood the reason for that was due to the class 5 demonic beast pelt armor.

There were only a rare few pieces of class 5 demonic beast pelt armor. That astounding prowess from the blue demonic beast shadow was obviously the bloodline power of class 5 demonic beast.

Hence, everyone didn’t feel it was exaggerating when Li Fuchen blocked against the all-out attack from the centipede-masked man.

After bursting out with the dreadful attack, the centipede-masked man’s qi presence had fallen, while the blood dao power in his body was starting to backlash. At this moment, his qi presence was strong for a moment but weak at the next. When it was strong, it was stronger than ever before but when it was weak, it was only at the ability of a 6th or 7th level Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist.

“His blood dao power is starting to backlash. Don’t give him time to readjust.”

Qin Ming and Xu Chang worked together to execute the combination art and blasted at the centipede-masked man.

When the others heard it, they rushed at the enemy one after the other.

Boom, Boom, Boom…

As time passed, the injuries on the centipede-masked man multiplied, while he was losing more control of the blood dao power in his body.

“Clear Sky Sword Art!”

Right at this moment, Li Fuchen used the Clear Sky Sword Art again. A layer of invisible field enveloped the centipede-masked man, causing his maneuvers to stiffen slightly.

Qin Ming, Xu Chang, and the others made use of the opportunity to launch an assault.


Vomiting a large mouthful of fresh blood, the centipede-masked man was instantly dealt with severe injuries while he flew back.

“Hall Master, I will make a move first.”

The centipede-masked man couldn’t be bothered about the cat-masked man. His body rapidly descended and immediately dug into the ground, vanishing without a trace.

“I know now. He is one of the five doyens of the Five Poison Triad, Thousand-Feet Doyen.” One of the inner sect elders that had fought against the Five Poison Triad suddenly realized it.

The Five Poison Triad was the top three evil dao organizations in the Azure Water Region and it had five doyens. A few years ago, with ample information, the Azure Water Sect made a sweep to eliminate a majority of the evil dao organizations, which included the Five Poison Triad.

But the Thousand-Feet Doyen who had survived had never been found. No one had expected to encounter him here.

“Thousand-Feet Doyen is adept at traversing underground and has abnormal survivability. If we cannot kill him this time, it is unknown when we will have another opportunity.”

“Put aside Thousand-Feet Doyen first. The most crucial matter is to kill this person first.”

In everyone’s eyes, the cat-masked man was the true threat.

It was evident when the Thousand-Feet Doyen was addressing the cat-masked man as Hall Master, that there was an extremely powerful evil dao faction that was supporting the cat-masked man from behind. This evil dao faction was probably far superior to the no.1 evil dao organization back in the Azure Water Region.

“Damn it!”

The cat-masked man had an unpleasant expression on his face. He never would have expected for the Thousand-Feet Doyen to escape at the most crucial moment.

“Are you certain you can kill this Hall Master?”

The cat-masked man’s Multitude Blood Pearl was flourishing with a blood light, while even more blood dao power gushed into his body.

He was planning to risk everything to kill everyone. When he obtained sufficient Multitude Blood Pearls, he believed that the upper echelons would spend resources to help him recuperate. They might even bestow him with powerful killing arts or artifacts.

The boundless blood dao power squeezed all of the cat-masked man’s life intent. Moreover, he was already not in much control of the blood dao power and could only control about 20% or 30% of it.

But he didn’t care. Even if he was only able to burst out with blood dao power, he would already be unstoppable.

“All of you shall die!”

A gigantic blood-colored sphere exploded and sent everyone flying. Even the Azure Water Sword Formation had been destroyed.

“This won’t do. We can’t hold on anymore.”

Everyone was appalled. They originally thought that the cat-masked man wasn’t going to last much longer, but it seemed like he had yet to reach his limits.

“A puny evil dao insect dares to wreak havoc in my Azure Water Region? Come and claim your death.”

Right at this moment, there was a thunderous voice that pierced through the sky, which resonated in everyone’s ear.

“It’s the Supreme Elder!” Everyone was delighted.

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