Chapter 327: Spirit Stone

Three black-robed men, one at the 5th level of the Heaven Dipper Realm and two at the 4th level of the Heaven Dipper Realm. Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist had basically killed all of those that were below the 4th level of the Heaven Dipper Realm.

This was mainly because no one paid any attention to Li Fuchen at the start. Once they started to pay attention to Li Fuchen, he made use of the earth class martial pattern. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been so easy for Li Fuchen to kill so many Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists.

“This child’s earth class martial pattern is extremely powerful but it shouldn’t be limitless. Stall for time and kill him later on.” The black-robed man at the 5th level of the Heaven Dipper Realm transmitted a message to the two other black-robed men.


But Li Fuchen’s actions made the trio felt strange. Li Fuchen jumped onto the Giant Sickle Terror Bird5Giant Sickle Terror BirdFlying spirit beast that Ouyang Wentian gave to Li Fuchen’s back and ordered it to leave the battlefield.

“He is trying to flee. Don’t let him run!”

When Li Fuchen fled from the battle, the trio was even more determined that Li Fuchen was only left with a few more usages of the earth class martial pattern.

The three of them stayed far behind Li Fuchen. They weren’t too close, nor too far as they would launch their qi forces from time to time, attacking Li Fuchen from a distance.

It was regretful that the trio didn’t know that Li Fuchen escaping wasn’t because he was only left with a few usages of the earth class martial pattern.

Of course, it was still mainly because of the earth class martial pattern.

The power of an earth class martial pattern was too powerful and it was already so formidable after pouring in the black iron sword qi. If he were to pour in the bronze sword qi, he would definitely be able to fight it out with a high-leveled Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist.

But every usage of the earth class martial pattern would be one more usage less. Li Fuchen didn’t intend to use up this trump card so quickly.

Hence, he intended to use the Bronze Sword Essence to kill the three of them.

After all, the power of the Bronze Sword Essence was limitless.

After putting a distance of more than 100 miles2miles1 Chinese mile = 500 meters between them and the battlefield, Li Fuchen stopped.

“Not fleeing anymore?”

The leader of the black-robed men knitted his brows and had a bad premonition.

“Why do I have to flee?” Li Fuchen turned around.


The leader didn’t say anything and immediately attacked from far away. The other two black-robed men quickly followed up with their qi force attacks and assaulted Li Fuchen from a distance of a few miles.

Li Fuchen’s ability came from external assistance and his own qi wasn’t as deep. As long as they exhausted Li Fuchen’s qi, they would be able to kill him.

The trio’s plan wasn’t bad, but Li Fuchen wasn’t a fool.

“Rush ahead!” Li Fuchen ordered the Giant Sickle Terror Bird.

If the distance was a few miles away, Li Fuchen would only be able to injure the trio and not kill them. After all, Li Fuchen didn’t intend to reveal an even stronger trump card.

The Giant Sickle Terror Bird’s speed was extremely fast, which even surpassed most middle-leveled Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists. In a single rush, it was approaching the trio rapidly.

The bad premonition was getting more intense in the trio’s hearts. They retreated while they launched their attacks in a frenzy. But this time, their target wasn’t Li Fuchen, it was the Giant Sickle Terror Bird.

As long as they could kill the Giant Sickle Terror Bird, there wouldn’t be a need to be concerned about Li Fuchen’s speed.


As the bronze sword qi was poured into the black light sword, Li Fuchen brandished it with all his strength. A dazzling bronze sword light shot out like the sunlight which easily neutralized the trio’s attack. And at this moment, Li Fuchen was less than two miles away from the trio.

“Retreat quickly!” The three black-robed men didn’t attack anymore, as they turned and desperately tried to flee.

They didn’t intend to clash head-on with Li Fuchen and simply wanted to exhaust his qi.

But they had forgotten about the existence of the Giant Sickle Terror Bird.


The Giant Sickle Terror Bird was flying faster and faster, while Li Fuchen made use of this extreme speed to stomp on the Giant Sickle Terror Bird’s back and soared with a rapid speed. He got near the trio swiftly and immediately executed the Inferno Sword Art’s finishing move, Inferno Extermination.

The dazzling and majestic sword qi descended like a bronze-colored comet, piercing through the heaven and earth, which also pierced through the trio’s bodies.


With a puff of green smoke, the trio instantly turned into ashes.

“A 6-star secret technique is too powerful and when complemented by the perfection stage Inferno Sword Art, it allowed me to exceed four levels to kill the enemy.”

In terms of qi quality, Li Fuchen was in fact at the 1st level of the Heaven Dipper Realm. Not only did the trio neglect the existence of the Giant Sickle Terror Bird, but they also neglected Li Fuchen’s fundamental ability. If not, they wouldn’t have perished so quickly.

“Eh, there is a storage bag?”

In the dark night, Li Fuchen could see a storage bag that was falling.

He reached out his hand to vacuum the storage bag over.

This storage bag was obviously of a high grade as it was covered with mystical patterns. From the quality, the material used to make this storage bag was also extraordinary.

After pouring his qi in, Li Fuchen opened up the storage bag.

There were plenty of herbs, gold coins, and miscellaneous items. There were some that looked like rather valuable materials.

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Apart from those, there were more than a dozen glittering stones which was emitting spirit qi wave.

“These are spirit stones?” Li Fuchen revealed a delight expression.

Spirit stones were produced by heaven and earth. They contained pure and boundless heaven and earth spirit qi.

When at the Heaven Dipper Realm, it would be extremely slow to rely on the energy of the heavens and earth to cultivate, as only those with exceptional talents and superior bone frames would be able to cultivate quickly. Those with inferior bone frames would generally be stuck at a lower cultivation level for an extremely long time. But with the spirit stones, one would be able to shorten that period of time.

In the East Unicorn Continent, a low-grade spirit stone was said to be auctioned out at a sky-high price of over 10 million gold coins. There might be a price, but there wasn’t any supply. These low-grade spirit stones would at least be over a billion gold coins or even more.

Of course, Li Fuchen wasn’t going to sell these spirit stones as he himself required them to cultivate.

His body might have to bear a huge burden if Li Fuchen were to use the spirit stone to cultivate when he was only at the Earth Shatter Realm. But Li Fuchen’s qi quality was almost at the 1st level of the Heaven Dipper Realm, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

With more than a dozen spirit stones, Li Fuchen was confident that he could break through to the 9th level of the Earth Shatter Realm in a short period of time.

‘A pity.’

Li Fuchen was feeling regretful secretly as he couldn’t obtain the storage bags from the others. If Li Fuchen knew that these people had spirit stones, he would have spent more effort to preserve their storage bags.

But what Li Fuchen didn’t know that not all Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists would have spirit stones. In the Azure Water Sect, a lower-tiered inner sect elder would only be given one piece of low-grade spirit stone every year. A middle-tiered inner sect elder would receive two pieces of low-grade spirit stones, while a higher-tiered inner sect elder would receive four pieces of spirit stones. They would generally not have enough for their own usage and even if they were killed, one would only be able to obtain one or two spirit stones that they didn’t manage to use in time.

After obtaining all these low-grade spirit stones, Li Fuchen was in a rather good mood, but now wasn’t the time to be delighted.

Landing on the back of the Giant Sickle Terror Bird, Li Fuchen rode it back to the battlefield.

The situation on the battlefield was now at its most intense phase.

It was unknown when the centipede-masked man had converged with the cat-masked man.

The cat-masked man’s body was emitting a blood light, as though a blood-colored demon god, while the centipede-masked man was releasing a slightly dimmer blood light. He was staying together with the cat-masked man and fighting against the Azure Water Sect’s inner sect elders.

As the 11 Azure Water Sect’s inner sect elders were wielding similar sword arts, there was an indistinct increase in effectiveness. When they mutually coordinated with one another, the sword qi could form a sword net that didn’t allow any escape.

Despite the case, even when the 11 of them worked together, it seemed like they still weren’t able to suppress the cat-masked and centipede-masked men.

“They are too powerful.”

Lin Kun3Lin KunAzure Water Sect's Inner Sect Elder (8th level of Heaven Realm)’s shoulder and abdomen were injured, thus, he was only able to utilize 70% of his ability. The power of the cat-masked man made his heart chill. If he had such ability, even if Elder Mao Qiuhai came, he might not be a match for the enemy.

Li Fuchen rushed over and joined in the battle.

But in normal situations, Li Fuchen would only use the Black Iron Sword Essence and he would only occasionally use the Clear Sky Sword Art during the crucial moments.

“It isn’t good if this gets delayed.”

Taking a glance at his right wrist, Li Fuchen noticed that the Clear Sky Sword Art’s martial pattern had dimmed and it wasn’t hard to imagine that once the martial pattern vanished, he would be unable to use it anymore.


Li Fuchen took out a Devil Break Arrow.

This Devil Break Arrow was given to him by Zhao Wujin back then.


The Devil Break Arrow flew towards the centipede-masked man who had been weakened.

The centipede-masked had been surrounded by multiple people and his attention was a little scattered, which didn’t allow him to detect the Devil Break Arrow in time.

He only realized it after the Devil Break Arrow had penetrated his qi protection.


The centipede-masked man yelled and burst out with the blood light, which dissolved the Devil Break Arrow.

“As expected.”

Li Fuchen wasn’t too surprised.

The Devil Break Arrow might have a qi dispelling effect, but there was ultimately a limit. The centipede-masked man was at the 9th level of the Heaven Dipper Realm and he had an ability enhancement from a foreign item. It was nearly impossible for the Devil Break Arrow to be effective.

‘I wonder about the earth class weapon shard.’

Li Fuchen was unconvinced, hence he shot out the earth class weapon shard that he obtained in the Hundred Battle Region previously.

The earth class weapon shard’s effect was much better than the Devil Break Arrow, but with the blood light qi protection, it was still repelled and did not damage the man at all.

Boom, Boom, Boom…

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As the battle got extended, the disadvantage towards the Azure Water Sect got worse. Many of them were already unable to withstand against the cat-masked and centipede-masked men.

With the external enhancement, these two individual’s ability was drastically increased.

Had it not been for the various life-saving methods and items, the members of the Azure Water Sect would already be killed.

“All of you shall die!”

The cat-masked man was not having a good time either. The boundless blood dao power from the Multitude Blood Pearl was enhancing his ability, but also corroding his body and willpower. He was only able to exhibit his most powerful ability at the beginning. Right now, he couldn’t perfectly control the power of the blood dao in his body. If not, he would have already slaughtered all these people.

Taking a deep breath, the cat-masked man burst forth with all the blood dao power in his body. A giant blood-colored light sphere exploded and sent everyone flying while vomiting with blood. Especially those lower-leveled Heaven Dipper Realm inner sect elders who all suffered serious injuries. The overall combat forces was now left with only 30% or 40%.

“Are we going to be defeated like this.” 

Everyone was very unwilling to consign to their fate.

They had already done their best and they even had Li Fuchen who was a surprisingly effective backup.

But, the situation had still sunk into an absolute disadvantage.

“Blood God Thrust.”

The cat-masked man concentrated his spirit and shot out a blood-red streak which penetrated the chest of one of the Azure Water Sect’s inner sect elders.

In an instant, the inner sect elder had perished.

As of now, he was the first inner sect elder to fall.

“Damn it!” An inner sect elder roared and threw out a black metallic sphere with his right hand.


As the metallic sphere exploded, it produced a power that was equivalent to an all-out attack from a higher-leveled Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist.

This was the Thunderbolt Sect’s Heaven Dipper Thunderbolt Bomb. He only had one and it was supposed to be a final resort.

The Heaven Dipper Thunderbolt Bomb didn’t injure the cat-masked man, but it forced him to step back, causing the blood light qi to be unstable for a moment.

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