Chapter 643: God of Creation?

Long Yi walked all around this place filled with spiritual mist and lost his sense of direction.

“Moyun, what the hell is this place?” Long Yi yelled in his heart, but Moyun didn’t respond.

Suddenly, Long Yi stopped his steps as he suddenly observed a huge shadow amidst the spiritual mist. It seemed to be a boulder.

Long Yi became alert and slowly moved forward, but after clearly seeing the appearance of this boulder, he was stunned. It resembled the outline of a skull. It was entirely covered with mystical lines everywhere. On the top, there were two cracks which resembled a pair of narrowed eyes.

Shock and regret – these were the first feelings of Long Yi, but he was unable to completely describe his feelings with words. Those mystical lines seemed to depict the vicissitudes and profound mysteries of the universe, making the mind of people get absorbed in them.

A wisp of dark qi shot out from within Long Yi and transformed into the black-robed Dark God. She then immediately fell to her knees in front of this boulder like the most devoted saint. This greatly surprised Long Yi. What being could make a Main God prostrate herself?

“Moyun pays respect to father god, I beseech father god to appear.” Moyun’s somewhat trembling voice resounded.

Father God? Eh… Is this the God of Creation? Long Yi felt dizzy. After he learned of the existence of gods, he had always believed that gods and demons were living beings of different realms. Could it be that this world was created by the God of Creation? That was too … unbelievable.

Long Yi felt dizzy as he thought. The God of Creation created various kinds of creatures. Even gods and demons were created by him. With his presence, wasn’t the issue of Heavenly Demon King readily solved?

At that time, those two cracks of the boulder suddenly flashed with red light, and those mystical lines glimmered with seven-colored radiance. Then, the spiritual mist around began to gather together as if they had life, condensing into a more than ten-meter-tall phantom.

“My child, get up.” An ancient voice came from all directions which made people feel indescribable grief in their heart.

“Father God…” Moyun stood up. Looking at this phantom with great admiration, she unexpectedly choked with sobs. Who would have thought that one of the seven Main Gods, Dark God, would actually cry?

Long Yi still didn’t dare to believe. If the universe was truly created by the God of Creation, weren’t all the principles of the universe he comprehended just a fart? The universe clearly originated from the Big Bang, then hundreds of millions of celestial bodies had formed, but how could he explain this phantom addressed as father god by Moyun in front of him?

At this moment, Long Yi sensed that this phantom was staring at him and felt a chill in his heart. His beastly intuition told him that this so-called God of Creation seemed to have ill-intentions towards him.

“Father God, the Heavenly Demon King is the calamity of three realms; the world is collapsing. Father God…” Moyun calmed down and explained the current situation.

“I already know it, the Heavenly Demon King was also created by me, but I never expected him to cause such disasters. Unfortunately, after I created this universe, my energy thoroughly dissipated. This place only holds a hint of my divine sense,” the phantom sighed.

“Then, what’s to be done?” Moyun urgently asked.

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“I am also powerless. I need a body to leave this place and stop this catastrophe,” the phantom said as he turned towards Long Yi.

Long Yi squinted his eyes as he suddenly understood the intention of this phantom. He wanted to take over his body. Long Yi sneered in his heart. Since the God of Creation could create the entire universe, his ability could be considered boundless. Even if he was just a hint of divine sense, he should be able to easily annihilate the Heavenly Demon King. So why would he need his body? However, even if he was truly the God of Creation, if he wished to take over his body, then he had to ask his fist first. No one–including gods–can force him to do things he didn’t want.

“Are you truly the God of Creation?” Long Yi stepped forward and asked.

“My child, that is without a doubt,” the phantom kindly replied.

“Then … do you know where I am from?” Long Yi asked with a smile.

“My child, your name is Ximen Yu, is the human descendant of the clan called Ximen of Blue Waves Continent.” The phantom leisurely answered as if he grasped everything of this world.

Long Yi suddenly laughed heartily. If he was truly the God of Creation, then he should have known that he was a person that had come from another world.

“Long Yi, don’t be rude to father god,” shouted Moyun.

Long Yi ignored Moyun. He then stopped laughing as he rubbed his stomach that hurt from excessive laughter and looking at that phantom, he asked, “Your Excellency God of Creation, do you want my body?”

“If you want to stop this catastrophe, this is the only way. Your body was refined by the purest energy of this world, so it suits me the best. After I stop this catastrophe, your body will be returned to you,” the phantom answered.

“If that is the case, then Your Excellency the God of Creation, the body of seven main gods are doughtier than my body. Why don’t you use their body? Oh, although they are cursed with a divine curse, with your, Your Excellency the God of Creation’s, ability, it’s just a small appetizer.” The smile of Long Yi became magnificent.

“Although I created this universe, the universe has already formed its independent laws and regulations. Even I cannot change it easily. Therefore, I can only borrow your body to comply with the laws and regulations of this universe. Also, I can only borrow your body to get rid of the divine curse. This is an irreversible fact, my child. Do you understand?” The phantom replied.

Upon hearing the question of Long Yi, a hint of indescribable feeling appeared in the heart of Moyun. Father God is the supreme existence in this universe, yet why does he want to borrow the body of a human? Is it truly just to comply with the laws and regulations of the universe?

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No, no, how can I doubt Father God? I have clearly sensed the origin power of Father God. I am absolutely not mistaken.

“I … I don’t understand it very well, but since Your Excellency the God of Creation wants to borrow my body, that is my honor, so come.” Long Yi spread open his arms and said with a pure smile.

“You are worthy of being my child, I can guarantee you that your strength will not be any inferior to the seven Main Gods hereafter.” That phantom nodded his head and said with gratification.

“That’s great, hehe, ah, I still have a request. Your Excellency the God of Creation, after this catastrophe, is it possible for Moyun and me to have a betrothal?” Long Yi glanced at Moyun and smiled sinisterly.

“Okay, of course, as long as Moyun agrees to it.” The voice of the phantom seemed impatient. Just after saying ‘okay’, he seemed to notice his impatience and leisurely added the latter.

Long Yi smirked and quietly sat on the ground. He then loosened his energy, qi, and spirit, waiting for the God of Creation to take over his body.

The aura of the phantom fluctuated. Rapidly shrinking into a light ball, it entered the glabella of Long Yi.

Long Yi trembled and his entire body suddenly emitted seven-colored radiance.

“My child, what are you doing?” The phantom yelled in Long Yi’s sea of consciousness in panic.

“I am **** your mother. Since you pretended to be the God of Creation, I thought that you were very powerful, but as it turned out, you are just a paper tiger, attractive but useless. Today, this Young Master will make you disappear.” Long Yi laughed heartily and six spirit tablets restricted that light ball.

And at this moment, seeing something was wrong, Moyun transformed into a wisp of dark qi and entered Long Yi’s sea of consciousness. Then, seeing that divine sense of her father god was restricted by Long Yi, she was startled.

“Long Yi, what are you doing?” Moyun yelled.

Before Long Yi could reply, that divine sense of phantom yelled, “Moyun, he wants to absorb my divine sense, stop him quickly.”

Moyun subconsciously made a move. She controlled Dark Spirit Tablet and made it spin in reverse. As for that light ball, it struggled upon seeing the opportunity to take.

“**** your grandpa, you brainless Dark God with big b**bs, did you eat lard and become blind? If he was truly the God of Creation, then would these spirit tablets be able to restrict him?” Long Yi endured the pain and rained curses.

Moyun was startled and involuntarily severed her control over the Dark Spirit Tablet. This father god was indeed slightly strange, but his origin power honestly had a very close connection to her.

Long Yi seized this opportunity and used all his spirit power to compress the encirclement. That light ball immediately screamed, then a milky white shadow escaped from that ball of divine sense. It unexpectedly was a thing with a child’s appearance.

“This…” Moyun was dumbstruck. Now, she knew that it was not her father god she had kowtowed. Recalling how she had cried in front of that thing just a moment ago, her face instantly became red, and her killing intent radiated all around.

But before Long Yi forced an answer, this child-like shadow confessed everything.

As it turned out, no one knew how long this boulder existed here in this underground space, but it continuously produced spiritual mist and contained a very powerful origin power inside it with a hint of divine sense. Later, no one knew why, but the consciousness of this divine sense gradually weakened until it became a blank origin power.

Then, after an unknown period of time, that circulating spiritual mist attached to this origin energy and gradually gave birth to spiritual wisdom. Although the consciousness of the origin power had ceased to exist, it still preserved information, making this spirit formed from spiritual mist understand many things. The information of the Divine Realm, the Demon Realm, and Blue Waves Continent was among them. Then, this spirit began to gradually become powerful along with the passage of the time, but it was unable to separate itself from this boulder and move freely. When Moyun and Long Yi coincidentally found this underground space, the origin power possessed by this spirit unexpectedly reacted, and it subconsciously learned the identity of Dark God Moyun. Because Moyun completely relaxed her mental guard after she mistakenly believed it to be the God of Creation, it learned the identity of Long Yi, and it wanted to use the identity of the God of Creation to swindle the body of Long Yi.

 It thought that anyone would gladly be utterly obedient after learning he was going to be the successor of the God of Creation. In addition, no matter in speech and demeanor, there was no flaw. But, it had never thought that it would come across Long Yi, this freak. Not only it was unable to seize his body, but instead, it was also trapped in his sea of consciousness due to his scheme.

“This god will destroy you!!” After the spirit finished explaining the circumstances, Moyun flew into a rage and wanted to thoroughly annihilate it.

“Spare my life. As long as you don’t destroy my consciousness, I will do whatever you want.” That spirit begged for mercy.

“It is not impossible to spare you, but since you haven’t shown your value, why should I spare you?” Long Yi smirked and stopped Moyun.

“I am useful, there is a great use, as long as you spare me, I will tell you a secret,” replied the spirit, in haste.

“Oh, I’m listening,” Long Yi calmly said. He was somewhat looking forward to the value of this spirit.

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