Chapter 130: Very Ruthless

While Qiao Tian Chang was looking at Ning Meng Yao with a face full of smiles the latter quickly escaped. The pampering gaze in his eyes then receded and was replaced by icily cold. He turned his head to Qing Xuan: “How are things going with that Yang Xiu Er?”

Qing Xuan went silent for a moment then opened his mouth: “Yang Xiu Er went to see that servant again, but she hasn’t shown any signs of taking her seriously, as if giving up on Yang Xiu Er.”

These past few days, Ning Meng Yao told Qiao Tian Chang about whatever she was doing. Qing Xuan and the rest also acknowledged him, so when Qiao Tian Chang asked, he would answer.

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Qiao Tian Chang let out an ‘en’ sound and looked at him: “If I let people investigate Yang Xiu Er, do you have a way to make Yang Xiu Er talk about that servant and take the jade token from her?”

“Yes, we have.” Qing Xuan immediately replied.

If he couldn’t do even this kind of small thing, then he had no right to be appointed by the Young Miss to manage things.

Qiao Tian Chang saw Qing Xuan’s confidence and nodded in satisfaction: “Since it’s like this, then I will hand it over to you to manage.”

“Yes, Young Master.”

That kind of cold voice, if others heard it, they might think that Qing Xuan was terrifying, but Qiao Tian Chang in front of him thought that this kid was not bad.

In the end, Ning Meng Yao was caught by Qiao Tian Chang and pulled downstairs. Unfortunately, Qiao Tian Chang couldn’t eat the dishes on the table because Lei An came and his expression was heavy. He called Qiao Tian Chang and then they both left.

“Young Miss, will the Young Master be okay?” Grandmother Qin looked at her Young Miss with worry visible in her eyes.

Ning Meng Yao shook her head: “It’s alright. He, that kind of person, wouldn’t let anything happen to him.”

Grandmother Qin thought it over and agreed with Ning Meng Yao’s words. It was indeed like this.

Qiao Tian Chang walked by Lei An’s side while looking at him coldly: “What exactly happened? Why did you call me out worriedly?”

“Big Boss, you should prepare yourself. The Qiao family already know you’re here. Moreover, they also know about the matter of robbery.” Lei An said with worry.

Qiao Tian Chang coldly laughed, his eyes carried ridicule: “So what?” They wanted to make use of him, but they should see whether he allows it or not.

Lei An had a headache when he looked at Qiao Tian Chang. He of course knew what his big boss meant, but he was no longer alone, okay? He now had Ning Meng Yao as his weak point. If…

“Yao Yao is not my weak point. You will soon know that if they really dared to do anything, I will let them regret it.” Qiao Tian Chang looked at Lei An and spoke word by word.

Lei An stared at Qiao Tian Chang, stunned. It had been years since he left Qiao Tian Chang’s side, and seemed to have forgotten how he was like on the battlefield. At that moment, Qiao Tian Chang had an atmosphere around him like a person on a battlefield, so much resolution and decisiveness he was giving off.

This kind of Qiao Tian Chang made Lei An rest assured. It seemed that those people from Qiao family wouldn’t get any benefit from big boss.

“They are at the town. Do you want to find them or something?”

“Big boss, can you not allow me to rest at your place for a night?” Lei An looked at Qiao Tian Chang pitifully. After he got the news, he hurried here, but his big boss actually kicked him out heartlessly. It was also almost night already.

“No way.”

“Big boss, you’re too cruel!” Lei An looked wronged.

Qiao Tian Chang heard him say this and then he suddenly laughed, revealing his white teeth. That dark gloomy expression made Lei An shrink his neck: “Big boss, I’ll go immediately, I did not say anything.”

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After his words, he ran quickly, as if afraid that Qiao Tian Chang would chase after him.

Qiao Tian Chang looked coldly at Lei An’s escaping form and let out a small giggle. This kid’s guts seemed to have shrunk. It seems that he must train that kid again. As he thought this, Qiao Tian Chang rubbed his chin.

Lei An who was running at a fast speed suddenly felt a cold wind blowing at his neck and he unconsciously rubbed his neck. En, his neck was fine, he don’t need to worry.  

In the morning of the next day, Lei An found the two men who went to Yang Le Le’s house earlier. His pair of eyes could rival with a panda’s eyes with how deep the eye-bags were.

“Master Lei An, what happened to you?” One of them saw Lei An’s thin and pallid form and could not help but voice out his curiosity.

Lei An’s face blackened: “What does it matters to you?”

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