Chapter 129: Abandoned

General’s Little Peasant Wife 129

Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Nine

Qiao Tian Chang lightly shook his head and walked to her side. He then pulled her by her hand and led her back to the room. 

Lowering her eyes to look at the hand which was holding hers, Ning Meng Yao’s exquisite face wrinkled. Since when did their relationship improved so much? Moreover, why is he holding her hand? She had not agreed, alright?

Ning Meng Yao suddenly realized, although a bit late, that this kind of things happened a few times already. 

Ning Meng Yao lowered her head. This guy really needed a punch for occupying her heart just like that. It really made people annoyed. 

“Let me go.”

“Why?” Qiao Tian Chang innocently stared at Ning Meng Yao. This kind of appearance was vastly different with how cold and indifferent he was with other people. 

Ning Meng Yao inhaled deeply, feeling angry: “Why? Men and women shouldn’t be too close, don’t you know that?”

Qiao Tian Chang looked even more innocent: “You didn’t oppose to me doing this just now.”

Ning Meng Yao almost spat out blood. What was he implying? What did he meant by telling her that she didn’t oppose? She just hadn’t reacted, alright? If she had come back to her senses, would this guy be able to do whatever he wanted? Was he not afraid that she would throw him immediately? 

“Okay, it’s something that will eventually happen. Don’t mind it too much.” When Qiao Tian Chang saw that Ning Meng Yao just stood there and didn’t move, his eyes flashed with amusement. He walked to the spot behind her and put his hands on her shoulders, pushing her inside. 

Ning Meng Yao gritted her teeth. This man really was sure that she wouldn’t do anything to him, wasn’t he? Really…too much. 

Ning Meng Yao was clenching her teeth at one side while on the other side Qiao Tian Chang was unusually happy. 

That’s right. This was what he wanted. He wanted her to slowly get used to these, from the breath to everything. Seeing the situation right now, he was doing well. At least to his touch, she was not opposed to it. This was enough for him right now. 

Grandmother Qin saw Ning Meng Yao’s awkward form and could not help but laugh. Their young miss really needed to meet a strong person like him to be able to let out her girly side. 

With Qiao Tian Chang, Grandmother Qin was very much satisfied. That was why she kept an eye closed to Qiao Tian Chang’s occasional act of eating Ning Meng Yao’s tofu. 

“Will young master be eating here today?” Even if Qiao Tian Chang went home, he would only be alone there. It was better to be together, it was more crowded. 

Qiao Tian Chang didn’t hesitate to agree to which Ning Meng Yao responded while sulking: “ I see that he is your real master now and I’m just a pitiful person who no one wants.”

Qing Xue looked at Ning Meng Yao whose face displayed a sad expression and could not help but laugh: “Young miss, we wouldn’t dare to take you. What if young master would slap us for this? We don’t want to make young master unhappy, right?”

If it was only Qing Xue, this girl, then it would be fine, but the others also joined. 

Qing Shuang and Qing Zhu nodded heavily. Even Qing Xuan who was usually ice cold also carried deep laughter. 

“You… You guys…” Ning Meng Yao pointed a trembling finger at them, angry. These people really need to get beaten, actually pushing her to another with such righteous aura.

She also couldn’t do anything to them, she was able to only glare at the person beside her: “It’s all your fault.”

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“Yes, yes, it’s all my fault. Don’t be mad, alright?” Qiao Tian Chang looked at Ning Meng Yao with pampering gaze. 

That kind of gaze made Ning Meng Yao embarrassed and she awkwardly rubbed her nose. Afterwards she escaped to the floor upstairs. 

“Young miss is embarrassed.” Grandmother Qin laughed jovially. 

When she heard word ‘embarrassed’ Ning Meng Yao almost tripped on the stairs. Could they not speak at this moment?

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But Qiao Tian Chang felt as if she was not embarrassed enough and added: “As long as it is clear in our heart, then it’s fine. Don’t say it out loud, otherwise she’ll get embarrassed even more.”

Ning Meng Yao staggered, almost falling down, and glared at Qiao Tian Chang. Seeing him using playful gaze to look at her, Ning Meng Yao became angry. This guy won’t be happy if he doesn’t make a laughingstock from her, wasn’t he?

“Yao Yao, be more careful, or you will fall down.” Toward Ning Meng Yao’s glare, Qiao Tian Chang felt superficial, it was better to see her various kinds of expressions. 

Ning Meng Yao felt that if she compared the thickness of her skin with Qiao Tian Chang’s, she wouldn’t be able to compare. It was better to pretend that she didn’t know anything.

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