Chapter 149: A Mere Visit Or A Provocation

“It’s no trouble!” Nanny Li smiled and said, “Young Master already took the initiative to return. Young Mistress, don’t you think you should return the favor? This old servant knows that your skin isn’t thick, so what you say may not necessarily be what you are thinking! But by bringing Young Master’s clothes back, I’m sure he will understand your gesture!” 

Sang Wan was at a loss of words. Again, how is this my idea? However, she could not simply tell Nanny Li that she had misunderstood and it was not her idea at all! Today, Shi Fengju had helped her resolve a difficult situation without hesitation; adding that with Nanny Li’s concern, if she were to still bring up the past, it would only display her pettiness. Nevertheless, her heart was slightly perplexed; it was almost as if he really cared for her. 

Sang Wan also understood that for people like Shi Yumei, who acted unreasonably by her own feelings and had no care for person or venue, putting too much thought into her would only bring trouble to herself! 

Seeing Sang Wan remain silent, Nanny Li made the decision decisively, “This old servant will give the instructions to a servant then! Hehe, seeing Young Mistress back on good terms with Young Master, the heavy rock in my heart is finally lifted! I’m so relieved!” 

Even though Zhide and Liu Ya stood quietly by the side, they smiled to show their agreement with Nanny Li’s words. Sang Wan almost broke into laughter. She had thought the cold war between Shi Fengju and her was only known between them, but who knew others were aware of it as well. 

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To tell the truth, even without Nanny Li instructing the servants to fetch the clothes from the study room, Shi Fengju already had the intention of moving back tonight. Since Sang Wan was no longer angry at him, why should he still remain in the study room all by himself? Suppose there was nothing he could do if he returned to Ning Garden1Ning GardenSang Wan & Shi Fengju's place of residence, at least there was someone there to talk to. 

Of course, he was happier when he heard that a servant from Ning Garden had been sent to pick up his clothes. 

On the next day when Sang Wan went to greet Wang Shi, Wang Shi asked about Shi Lian, “I heard that Shi Lian’s foot was injured by a horse carriage? Just what exactly happened?”

Shi Yumei was present as well and she glanced subtly at Sang Wan. 

Sang Wan was a little surprised. She thought that Shi Yumei would have already complained and all that awaited her was Wang Shi’s scolding. Who knew Wang Shi still seemed unaware—— Sang Wan knew for a fact that her mother-in-law was not someone who would feign ignorance. 

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“It happened too quickly, Sang Wan wasn’t able to see it clearly as well. Who knew how the wheel ended up going over her foot. The doctor said she has to rest in bed for two months. I’m afraid Third Sister won’t be able to give Mother her greetings during her recovery period! In any case, it is my fault for not doing a good job in taking care of Third Sister!” 

Wang Shi creased her brows lightly and said, “It is fine, the greetings isn’t important. Let her recover properly and take care of her more! You don’t have to blame yourself, I know this accident is also out of your control. She’s already old enough to be taking care of herself; as sensible as she may be, why did she end up being so careless!”

Sang Wan thanked Wang Shi and agreed without speaking more than she had to. Deep down, she sighed to herself: it really was all about who crawled out of whose womb! If it was Shi Yumei who got hurt, Wang Shi would have called for her to be taught a lesson. Why wait until now? As for Shi Yumei taking the horse carriage unreasonably, Wang Shi did not mention a word about it. 

At Fu Qu Lodge, Shi Lian did not mind her current state. While tying decorative knots in bed to relieve her boredom, she would occasionally make conversation with Cai Yun. After all, the doctor said she wouldn’t end up a handicap, just that was fine for her. In fact, the inconvenience of moving around allowed her to slack out in the open and she felt more carefree than usual! 

“Hehe, Third Cousin is so carefree! Third Cousin sure knows how to find things to pass the time!” All of a sudden, Gu Fangzi and Shi Yumei came in hand in hand before their arrival was announced. Shi Lian and Cai Yun only noticed them when they came into her room. 

“Eldest Missy, Miss Gu!” Cai Yun, who was sitting by the bedside and engrossed in her discussion with Shi Lian about how the colors of the knots should be matched, received a big surprise and got up quickly to greet the guests. 

“Big Sister Yumei! Cousin Fangzi!” Shi Lian quickly sat up and nodded to greet them. 

Seeing how Shi Lian seemed like she was in a good state and was not in pain, Shi Yumei thought that Gu Fangzi was right. She did not feel bad towards Shi Lian and instead suspected that Shi Lian might have feigned the injury on her foot. She threw a few suspicious looks at her. 

“Third Cousin Shi Lian, no need to be so polite! Be careful not to hurt your injury!” Gu Fangzi sat at the bedside, and patted Shi Lian’s hand. 

Cai Yun immediately went to bring a chair in for Shi Yumei when she saw her standing at a side before leaving to prepare the tea.

Gu Fangzi gave a careful look at Shi Lian before smiling to Shi Yumei, “Cousin Shi Lian seems in good health. Looks like she’s recuperating well since she’s in a good mood!” 

Shi Yumei smiled and her words could not help but bring a few thorns when she spoke, “You’re right! I thought she would be feeling unhappy and came to console her. It seems Third Sister is well-versed in taking care of herself. I must have overthought!” 

Shi Lian’s face stiffened slightly. She got injured without a good cause so how was possible for her not to feel any unhappy? But she was clear that even if she were unhappy, nothing could be changed. Make her big sister apologize to her? She did not even dare to harbor such a thought! She was already very grateful for the care given to her by her big brother and his wife!

Who knew that not showing a despairing state would become a fault for Shi Yumei to pick on. Shi Lian knew that if she really had her hair messy and a look of depression with traces of tears on her face while being in bed melodramatically, her big sister was sure to be angry at that sight; she would surely conclude that she was acting for her to see!

All in all, this accident was made entirely her fault!

Shi Lian could not help feeling infuriated, but she had always been good at holding herself back. She acted as if she did not hear Shi Yumei’s words and lowered her eyes shyly, “It’s only because I’ve always preferred sedentary activities to being active, so I didn’t think much about being injured! I’m really grateful that Big Sister Yumei worried about me and came to visit me!” 

“Oh just listen to this small mouth! You are getting better at talking!” Gu Fangzi smiled and acted intimate. She pinched Shi Lian’s cheeks lightly and said jokingly, “Everyone says Third Cousin is too well-behaved and doesn’t like to talk. But I find you quite witty!” 

Shi Yumei nodded unhappily, “Fangzi, you are very right. Our sister sure brought us a surprise!” 

Shi Lian smiled foolishly and said, “I am very flustered by Big Sister Yumei and Cousin Fangzi’s compliments!” 

Just who really is the one acting foolish! Shi Yumei rolled her eyes quietly, while Gu Fangzi pursed her lips and smiled. 

In a moment, the tea was ready and Shi Lian invited them to have a cup politely. Shi Yumei and Gu Fangzi each took a cup for themselves. 

Opening the lid, the hot aroma of the tea wafted and diffused into the air. Gu Fangzi took a small sniff and lowered her head to drink a sip before complimenting, “What a fine quality Long Jing tea, Sister Sang Wan must have given it to you right? I remember that Big Cousin loves this tea the most. Every year, Ning Garden is given quite a lot of it!” 

Without a doubt, this tea was given by Sang Wan. If not her, then who else? The tea leaves given by the household, who knew how much discount was given before the leaves were allocated to her. It was definitely not a tea for a young missy! 

Seeing how Shi Yumei’s expression changed slightly, Shi Lian thought hatefully to herself: it must be because Big Sister Sang Wan and I have gotten close recently and ended up offending this petty cousin. She is solely to blame. 

How could Shi Yumei not be angry after hearing that Sang Wan took Shi Fengju’s favorite tea leaves and gave it to someone else?

Shi Yumei smiled coldly and said casually, “Your big sister-in-law really dotes on you a lot! She even sent the tea leaves to you! Why? Did the household not give you a proper share?” 

Cai Yun saw how this was a good chance to complain and wanted to do so, but she was stopped with a glare by Shi Lian. 

“Of course the usual portion was given and their delivery every month was never delayed!” Shi Lian smiled and said, “However, the doctor said that I can only drink teas that are more mild these few days. Even though Pu’er tea is good for the stomach, it isn’t suitable for me to drink for the time being. That is why Big Sister Sang Wan sent some Long Jing tea to me yesterday. I know that Brother Fengju usually drinks this and wanted to refuse, but Big Sister Sang Wan insisted that it was from him and wanted me to keep them. That’s why I accepted them. Today is the first time having this tea as well!” 

Shi Yumei finally stopped, but Gu Fangzi quickly smiled and said “Oh so that’s why. Big Cousin usually isn’t very concerned, who knew that he would specially ask Sister Sang Wan to send the tea leaves to you! Looks like Third Cousin’s accident is a blessing in disguise!” After she finished, she held Shi Lian’s hand and laughed intimately. 

Shi Lian felt anger boiling deep down inside her and thought to herself: Were you not given lots of things by Big Brother Fengju in the past? Even if it was a small dessert or a fresh fruit, he would always think about you first. Isn’t it a little too much to try and incite conflict between Big Sister Yumei and me?

Shi Lian widened her eyes in shock and laughed in surprise, “Really? I had always thought that Big Brother was a very caring person! But, hehe, Cousin Fangzi is partly right, this truly is is really a blessing in disguise for me. Big Brother has never given me tea leaves in the past, or even fruits and desserts. You don’t know how happy I was yesterday! And Big Sister Yumei and Cousin Fangzi too, you rarely come by to visit me, I’m so happy!” 

Gu Fangzi suddenly reminisced how Shi Fengju had treated her well and felt slightly awkward. Glancing unintentionally towards Shi Yumei, their gaze met and Gu Fangzi knew that Shi Yumei was thinking about the past too. Gu Fangzi thought resentfully: how dare an unfavoured concubine’s daughter. If not for Sang Wan, that vixen supporting behind your back, you wouldn’t even dare to say that to me! 

“Listen to what Third Cousin is saying! If we visit too often, you would only find us troublesome!” Gu Fangzi laughed again. 

“Why would I! We are all sisters!” Shi Lian smiled meekly. 

At this moment, Sang Wan arrived as well. When she heard that Shi Yumei and Gu Fangzi were present, she subconsciously wanted to avoid meeting them. However, a maidservant in Fu Qu Lodge had already spotted her. Sang Wan had no choice but to enter with a smile. 

“Big Sister-in-law!” 


Shi Lian secretly let out a sigh of relief as Gu Fangzi hurriedly stood up. With both hands loosely held together on her front torso, she bent her knees slightly to greet Sang Wan. Only Shi Yumei sat stationary and continued drinking her tea. 

“Big Sister and Sister Fangzi are both here!” Sang Wan smiled and greeted them. A maidservant hurriedly moved a chair to her. 

“Why? Do you find it strange for us to be here? Maybe that’s because we are people without conscience and shouldn’t be here. After all, we cannot compare ourselves to you! You are here because you are genuinely concerned about Third Sister!” Nothing from Shi Yumei’s mouth would not sound prickly and sarcastic when speaking to Sang Wan. 

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