Chapter 349: Hi, Classmate, Nice to Meet You

The students in the classroom looked at Ye Jian who stood next to the teacher on the podium. They weren’t sure why, but they felt afraid to look at her straight in her eyes.

Her eyes were very clear–as beautiful as glass–with a mysterious power of darkness. It was as if they could see through the heart of a person.

There were still some bold students who accidentally looked at her in the eye. But their gaze shifted away in less than half a second, as they felt cold sweat forming on their backs.

Ye Jian only wanted to return to school quietly and finish up her exams well. Regarding the ones who tried to be funny, she didn’t hesitate to give them a warning.

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There wasn’t any sense of strangeness as she stood on the podium. She could speak calmly. Her classmates silently sighed. Top students are really excellent students. They don’t feel any pressure standing next to the teacher.

Besides that, all the boys and girls agreed that the legendary person standing on the stage was more beautiful than before!

Ye Jian returned to school after a year, and yet, on that day itself, she had already set off a storm in the school.

Ye Jian used only half of a lesson to remember the names of her classmates. After class, she could name whoever came over to talk to her as if they were old friends.

“It’s nothing. At that time, I felt that I wasn’t suitable for high school life, so I decided to take a gap year.” Facing her classmates, who were once her juniors, Ye Jian patiently explained why she tore the notice letter last year.

The explanation of the person involved was naturally more persuasive than that of gossip. Besides, Ye Jian wasn’t in a hurry. Just like Mo Chunfeng, she too had her own unique insights. The way she spoke and her knowledge stood out in the class in just less than half a day. And in just a day’s time, she had blended with the junior high school graduate group, who were once her juniors.

On that day, Ye Jian bumped into a familiar teacher as she was leaving school. It was Teacher He, her class teacher for three years.

She was no longer a respectable teacher. Instead, she was now a woman who ran a vegetable stall and underwent arduous labor daily in order to afford her meals.

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Ye Jian didn’t stop after leaving school. When she heard her quarreling about a small issue with a customer, Ye Jian’s lips curved slightly after walking further away.

Teacher He, who never understood how to give in to others, would definitely end up with nothing in her life.

There was no need for Ye Jian to go over and show off. A person like Teacher He was never worthy of her attention.

When Ye Jian returned to school, the most surprised person was Mayor Ye, the one who was about to move up to leading the city this year.

Ye Zifan had prospered in the past two years. He had taken up the position as mayor for just two years, yet he was moving up once again. Therefore, he had long forgotten about Ye Jian.

Moreover, Sun Dongqing had been accompanying her daughter, Ye Ying, in the provincial capital, so Ye Zifan hadn’t returned to the village this year. He didn’t know that Ye Jian, whom he believed would never achieve anything, would return to school once more.

As he came back from the city after a week, Ye Jian had already been in class for a week.

At the beginning of June, Ye Zifan, who was transferred to the city immediately, thought for a while. He sneered before making a phone call. “Old Hu, you’re in charge of the examination papers of all the candidates in the city, could you see…”

His voice gradually faded, drowned out by the chirping of crickets in the shady tree. One could only see a smile of satisfaction on his face, but couldn’t hear what he said next.

After the college entrance examination in June, it was the senior high school entrance examination. Ye Jian’s name also appeared on the list of candidates. Her appearance sparked the interest of every invigilator to take a look at how this legendary Ye Jian was.

“Can she do it or not? That’s the real question. After all, she’s repeating a year.”

“Yeah, but this student is smart. If she did well in every subject test, passing this entrance exam isn’t a problem.”

“It’s not easy. We don’t have the scores of her repeated Biology or Geography tests. We can only rely on the tests over these two days to determine whether she will pass the entrance exam, and she needs to get full marks in every subject.”

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