Chapter 350: Isn’t It Just An Exam

Among the discussion of the invigilators, Ye Jian remained calm as she started answering the questions of the senior high school entrance examination.

After a lapse of nearly a year, she was back to the examination room. Her speed was still beyond the other candidates. The invigilator standing next to her was stunned … Even a teacher couldn’t possibly catch up to her writing speed!

Perhaps one could do this if the subjects were Politics, History, Languages, and English. After all, one would just have to memorize the facts. However, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics … These were subjects that needed her to count and calculate on draft paper!

But Ye Jian didn’t need it. The mathematics exam had just started, yet Ye Jian had already surprised the invigilator.

“You … don’t you have to count?” The stunned teacher pressed a hand on Ye Jian’s examination paper while looking at the legendary girl in shock. “… All of this … You don’t have to count?”

Besides the last two application questions and a geometric question, Ye Jian had already remembered all the questions and calculated the answers in her mind when she was checking the test paper for any problems.

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Therefore, having the invigilators blocking her now wouldn’t delay any of her time to answer.

Hearing this, she smiled and said, “Oh, I have already figured them out in my head. Besides, I can conserve the draft papers too.”


The main point wasn’t about saving paper, but … The invigilator took a deep breath and pointed to the test paper while forcing himself to calm down. “Here, just finish the rest of the questions first, we … we can talk later.”

The last three questions were the key questions that carried many marks. Although the invigilator was still in shock, he couldn’t delay Ye Jian’s time. He knew that this girl didn’t have any marks for Biology and Geography.

Initially, he thought that Ye Jian would need some time to calculate the answers to the last three major questions.

However, when he removed his hand from the paper and saw the girl cleverly nod, he realized: She’s done! She’s really done! The three major questions were answered in one breath, without pausing at all in between.

She neither used the draft paper nor additional time for calculations. She directly wrote the answers down as if she already knew them in her head.

After writing, Ye Jian immediately kept the test paper so that no one could copy her answers!

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The invigilator didn’t realize that Ye Jian was wary of him. When he took out his pen, Ye Jian stood up and said, “Teacher, can I hand in the paper first?”

There was no way to confirm whether Ye Zifan had pulled any strings, so it was always good to take precautions.

“You still have 80 minutes. Do you want to check your answers? I can keep it for you later…” After looking at the time, the teacher swallowed his saliva. She answered the questions a little too quickly!

“No, I’ve already checked. Another thing, can I leave after submitting the paper?” Ye Jian was no longer surprised by the teacher’s shocked expression. She increased the speed at which she answered the paper this time because she wanted to let a certain someone know that he shouldn’t mess with her. Want to use sneaky methods to frame me? Ha, dream on!

Moreover, if he still had the means to frame her, then he shouldn’t blame her for not sparing his reputation!

The invigilator was a teacher from Cheng Tang Middle School. When he heard that she had checked her paper, he thought that he had misheard it so he repeated himself, “Do you want to double check your answers for the whole test paper? You don’t have any grades for Geography and Biology, so these other papers shouldn’t be treated lightly.”

Now, Ye Jian vaguely knew that her name … had been discussed by teachers from every middle school. She looked up and smiled politely, “Yes, I confirm that I have checked my paper. Thank you, teacher.”

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