Chapter 144 – Great Change

Everywhere around the globe was strangely peaceful.

No otherworld creatures invaded the zombies were obediently guarding their own territories and even the mutated beasts have gone into hiding.

Three days before the Blood Rain, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcano eruptions appeared around the planet… a series of disasters. The outer layer of Earth’s crust seems to be completely shattered and damaged.

Many creatures lost their lives to the descent of various disasters.

Two days before, compared to the catastrophic disasters one day ago, it was a huge contrast.

Everything around the planet started to awaken as Reiki began to sharply rise. Many strange and weird spirit flora have appeared in every corner of the globe, all sorts of resources started shooting out everywhere. Spirit Beasts…

On the final day, the entire planet trembled continuously…. A blood-red mist wrapped the whole globe, Blood Rain fell on the entire Earth. Ordinary humans started to obtain abilities, while the abilities of existing metahumans were strengthened and even the zombies went through metamorphosis while mutated beasts also began to evolve. However, all these were just the tip of the iceberg.

If you are a human and currently staying on the ground, you will notice that objects around you are moving further and further away from you.

That’s right, the Earth is growing larger…

One time? Three times? …

No one knew how big the Earth’s current mass was.

Most extraordinarily of all were the famous ancient ruins around the world, these places have all experienced a vast transformation. These famous ruins have changed the situation of many things.

There were also changes happening to some ordinary places as well.

Such as…

The manor? Is it still the same manor?

The manor’s boundary has expanded to a range of several dozen miles, cracks appeared on the edge of the border. From afar, a gigantic rock was hovering in its sky.

The rock took the shape of an inverted cone. On its flat side was a city, at the center of the city, was a majestic palace. Outside the palace were several humans and beasts who stared with astonished looks.

“What… is happening?”

“How are we… going to handle this?”

“Char char!”

The changes were still ongoing, they did not understand what was happening! It looked as though the palace has been there for a long time, even the ground they were standing on had changed dramatically.

It was the same for Benevolence Land as well, Thirty-Six Paradise City came out of nowhere, shocking many people.

The changes that happen on Earth on this day were something that many people were unable to explain even during the very late phase of the Post-Apocalyptic Era.

Some say that these famous ruins were the accumulation of our ancestors when Reiki returned to Earth, these ruins also obtained a new lease of life. Some think that these changes were related to the other planes, they are constructs that fell to Earth from other planes. Some believed it was Earth’s current magnetic field that causes these famous ruins to turn into their current state.

There were all sorts of reasoning, but no one was able to confirm their theory.

Yang Tian silently endured the pain brought forth by the King’s Spirit, the manor had experienced changes, its King’s Spirit was also experiencing the change. However, Yang Tian could only endure the pain that came with the change; for him to become the owner of the manor, this level of pain will be unavoidable.

Many people were also suffering the same thing as Yang Tian. However, Yang Tian’s pain came from his mental power. The other King’s Spirits affected the bodies of the others, skeletal pain, arms, legs… all sorts of strange places.

Sky Hegemon Blade Sage, who was currently hiding, was experiencing the suffering of millions of blades slicing his body.

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During the past three days, the wormholes connecting to Earth was also sealed. When they reopen, the otherworld creatures coming to Earth could become even more terrifying.

The first month after the apocalypse was an adaptation period for humanity, what happened next was where the cruelty truly begins.

The cities initial construct on the nine great camps have all been destroyed due to the expansion of the land and has turned into ruins. Some metahumans have also lost their lives due to the falling rubble.

“The land has expanded? Hahaha… how funny…”

Crazed expressions were displayed on their faces, the Post-Apocalyptic Era has toppled everything they could imagine. The current Earth has reached a size that they were unable to accept. A truth that was completely outside of logic was being displayed in front of them, how could they accept?

Time slowly passed, the red mist covering the globe has disappeared. Earth has stopped growing as well, but the sun on the second day became extremely glaring and hot.

The changes experienced by the King’s Spirits had also finished, enduring the pain brought forth by the King’s Spirits also meant that you have become the owner of a Main City.

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Yang Tian appeared with traces of blood flowing out of his five orifices, there were also countless blood stains covering his body.

“I am still alive? What an honor.”

Yang Tian stood underneath the cone-shaped rock of the floating city. Becoming the owner of this city made Yang Tian’s position akin to the lord of creatures.

Yang Tian did not even need to do anything and was able to teleport to the manor with a turn of his will.

Within the city, Xu Dafu and the rest were at a loss and were standing outside the palace anxiously. The mutated fruit trees and mutated vegetables have also become more vibrant due to the Blood Rain, the plants were neatly separated into the two sides of the palace. The effects of these plants were no longer as good as before but after the Blood Rain, they could now benefit Rank 3 or even provide decent results for Rank 4 metahumans.

Crazy Vines were the one that has the greatest changes; they no longer remained on the walls, but moved to the edges of the city and underneath the cone-shaped rock.

Nacre Vine was still the same gigantic size, standing tall behind the palace. Yang Tian also felt a thicker lifeforce coming from it than before.

Yang Tian suspects that Ouyang Ge might have also used the container holding the grass filled with lifeforce and applied it onto the Crazy Vine. This resulted in the creation of the current Nacre Vine and allowed it to escape control from Crazy Vine Matrix.

Yang Tian had always believed that the grass was not ordinary, it looks like he was right.

“Boss! You have returned.”

When Xu Dafu and the rest saw Yang Tian, their eyes brightened.

“Boss, we do not know what happened. The manor… disappeared.” Wang Yu did not know how to explain to Yang Tian.

It was originally an event that could not be explained, how would they be able to describe it with just a few sentences?

“No need to talk further. This shall be our new base.”

Hearing Yang Tian’s words, they have also relaxed. After all, Yang Tian was their pillar, everything that he had confirmed would not have a problem.


However, this floating city was much bigger than the manor, they were temporarily at a loss at what to do next.

“Do not trouble yourself with this place first, solve the problems at the Nine Great Camps. They are likely not having it easy at the moment.”

Yang Tian was able to imagine their current situation, and they would likely require some attention. 

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