Chapter 145 – Dragonite

Yang Tian dispatched Xu Dafu and the rest to the nine camps.

However, they had not been tasked to placate them but to get them to quickly take control of the resources in the region.

With Earth becoming larger, its resources have also increased, especially at this very moment. Rank 1 materials were literally littered everywhere, Rank 2 and Rank 3 materials were also in great abundance.

They should also understand what it meant for them as well.

With so many materials available, the burden of creating more magic energy equipment would be significantly reduced.

After the group has set off, Yang Tian also started his plan.

The King’s Spirit had merged entirely with him, causing Yang Tian’s Mental Power to improve significantly, he was now very close to reaching Captain-Class Tier.

“How could such a large city feel so empty.”


Three Summoning Imprints appeared around Yang Tian.

Three different colored imprints, red, blue, and yellow.

The first to appear was the Summoned Beast from the red imprint.

Shadow Gator

A Mid Rank 3 creature from the Shadow World, an Elite Beast. Terrifying bite strength and ghost-like movements are to be the Shadow Gator’s most power offensive methods.

Next was the yellow summoning imprint.

Skeleton Gladiator

A warrior from the Abyss World, it also possessed Mid Rank 3 fighting power. It is the evolved form of skeleton soldiers and this Skeleton Gladiator maintained its humanoid form. It held a sword and shield in each hand and both are Rank 2 equipment.

The last to appear was from the blue summoning imprint.


A creature from <Pokemon> World, a High Rank 3 creature. Pokemon are very unique creatures, their fighting power comes from their learning ability. Some Pokemon could even fight equally against Commander-Tier creatures of the same rank.

It was unknown how many Dragonites exists within <Pokemon> World, but each Dragonite has different fighting power. The Dragonite in front of looks very gentle, but the skills it knew… seems to be many.

Dragon Rage, Flamethrower, Ice Beam, Dragon Breath, Thunderbolt…

“Let’s try its power!”

“Use Dragon Rage.”

Dragonite gathered energy in its mouth while emitting a mild draconic might.



Dragonite shot Dragon Rage at a rock outside the city, instantly turning it into pieces.

A powerful long-range attack, the power of that Dragon Rage was undoubtedly equivalent to the power of a Peak Rank 3 creature.

Hur Hur

Dragonite ran up to Yang Tian with a smug expression, wanting to show off in front of him.

After merging with the King’s Spirit, the three summoning rituals did not require any offerings, but Yang Tian was not satisfied with this summons. Yang Tian had planned to summon a creature similar to Crazy Vine Matrix. This would allow him to quickly build a powerful force, but it looks like it would not be that easy.

“One more time.”

The summon this time would require an offering, but Yang Tian still had to give it a go.

Yang Tian threw the corpse of an Early Rank 3 creature, Yang Tian specially hunted it on his way back to the manor to use it as an offering for summoning.

Different from his earlier summoning, the summoning this time released dark energy.

“Creature from the endless darkness, I am your comrade. The tamer of darkness, Yang Tian, requests you and your descendants to come and fight alongside me…”

The dark summoning imprint did not react for a long time.

“I am ignored? Or is the offering too low level?”

The dark summoning imprint was maintained for a long time and was on the verge of disappearing.

“No, I need to give more offerings.”

Yang Tian threw a mix of Rank 1 and Rank 2 energy crystals, reaching a combined amount of a hundred pieces, into the summoning imprint.

Rumble rumble

A reaction finally appeared, “a pile of mud” emerged from the summoning imprint.

Dark Slime

Rank 1 Common Creature.

This looked like a very ordinary creature, and it did not even have much fighting power as well. However, for Yang Tian, who has stayed within the darkness for a long time, he was very familiar with Dark Slimes.

Dark Slimes have a unique trait, unlimited replication to form individuals. Moreover, each individual could even fight and evolve independently. 

Yang Tian threw a Rank 1 energy crystal towards the Dark Slime. After the latter absorbed the energy crystal, it would be able to split into more individuals.


The Dark Slime immediately split into two identical ones.

Yang Tian held two Rank 2 energy crystals in his hands; one belonged to the Ghost Blade Wolf, the other belonged to a Rank 2 creature Blackfire Bear.

Yang Tian threw one energy crystal into each Dark Slime.


After absorbing the Rank 2 energy crystal, the Dark Slimes immediately took the form of Ghost Blade Wolf and Blackfire Bear. Their bodies made of slime were the only difference.

Two Rank 2 Elite Beasts instantly appeared. The Dark Slimes could rank up much faster than other creatures as well.

Although it could not reach the speed of Matrix-type creatures, the ability to split and replicate was also pretty good.

Next, Yang Tian threw many more Rank 1 energy crystals into the Dark Slimes. This step was needed as any Rank 2 or higher energy crystals would be absorbed by the Dark Slimes.

Only allowed on

Only by using Rank 1 energy crystals, would it split and create new Dark Slimes.

Currently, there are more than two hundred Dark Slimes within the city. Moreover, they were a strange mix of various Rank 2 creatures.

“All of you are to guard the perimeter outside the city.”

Yang Tian ordered them to stand guard outside the city while using his mental power and imprint the images of Xu Dafu and the other three into their minds. He ordered them to allow Xu Dafu and the rest to enter upon encountering them and to hunt all other creatures.

Skeleton Gladiator and Shadow Gator, too, were sent to the city entrance by Yang Tian; being Mid Rank 3 powers, they would be useful if any sudden situation were to happen.

As for his tamed beasts, except for T-Rex, the rest were also sent to defend the entrance of the city.

Dragonite was excited when it saw that Yang Tian did not order it to go to the entrance like the rest, it had the thought that maybe Yang Tian had an important mission for it.

However, the truth was really because Yang Tian was eyeing its dragon blood.

Yang Tian got Dragonite to closed its eyes before sneakily extracted some blood from its claws.

The mild pain it felt on its claw did not cause Dragonite to open its eyes but after Yang Tian ordered it to open its eyes, Yang Tian sent it to guard the city entrance as well.

Yang Tian quickly went inside the palace with the blood of Dragonite.

There were many contraptions hidden within the palace, Yang Tian still has to slowly learn about them through the King’s Spirit. Within the palace, there were many traps installed, but the conditions to activate them was very challenging, Yang Tian’s current mental power was insufficient to enable all of them.

The only one that he could currently enable was a suppression field of the palace.

Gravity Suppression

Any creature that enters the palace will be subjected to additional gravity; the gravitational strength will be based on the strength of Yang Tian’s mental power.

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Yang Tian’s current power could only increase the gravity by three times.

Yang Tian took out Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror, he could detect a faint tremble coming from the mirror when it detected Dragonite’s blood.

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