Chapter 146 – Soul Bind

Sizzle Sizzle

The faint shadow of a dragon could be seen in the dragon blood as it covered the surface of the Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror.

The dragon blood from Dragonite was obviously much stronger than Charmeleon’s had been.

Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror soon absorbed all of the blood.

“No effect?”

Yang Tian projected his mental power into the mirror and immediately discovered the change that had happened.

Ownership Recognition

Before, Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror had been in a sealed state and was unable to accept a master. However, the blood of Dragonite has activated the Ownership Recognition function of Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror. 

“So that’s the case.”

With the mirror now able to recognize a master, it was only natural for Yang Tian to use the highest grade Ownership Recognition method.

Soul Bind

The most common way of Ownership Recognition was to use one’s blood, but this method could also be easily be broken. Soul Bind would bind Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror’s Equipment Soul and Yang Tian’s soul together. Unless the soul of one of them was utterly destroyed, Yang Tian would forever be the master of Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror.

The process of Soul Bind is very fragile and no accidents can happen during the process. Even Yang Tian has to proceed with caution, but to have Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror, everything else became insignificant.

The Equipment Soul of Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror was a two-head golden dragon, just that the dragon was currently in a deep sleep. The only active part was a single scale on its head, the only chance for Soul Bind would be through that scale.

If the two-head golden dragon was fully awake, it might not be easy for Yang Tian to perform Ownership Recognition. However, the current situation makes it much more manageable.


Mental Power was attached to the scale; the two-head golden dragon remained asleep and did not seem to detect Yang Tian’s actions.

Yang Tian split a portion of his soul and sent it into the soul of the two-head golden dragon. At the same time, a piece of the two-head golden dragon was also attached to Yang Tian’s soul.

When Yang Tian held the Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror, he felt as though it was a part of his body and Twin Dragon Ancient Mirror could be easily controlled through his will.

Ownership Recognition complete.

As Yang Tian’s soul also possess the Equipment Soul of the two-head golden dragon, the former’s body was also emitting faint draconic energy.

The dragon race is the leader of races, a natural leader. Yang Tian was currently sitting at the highest point of the palace, together with the dragon energy he was emitting, it felt as though an emperor was present.

Xu Dafu and the rest returned from the nine camps after relaying the orders, but when they saw a large number of Dark Slimes surrounding the city on the floating rock, they thought something terrible had happened. Fortunately, they noticed Charmeleon at the entrance of the city and immediately understood that it was Yang Tian’s doing.

When they were not attacked and allowed to enter the city, it confirmed the thoughts of Xu Dafu and the rest.

They did not expect that Yang Tian was able to get so many creatures to defend the city in the short period they were gone.

There were also several unfamiliar faces at the city gate; Shadow Gator and Skeleton Gladiator.

At the same time, another one, Dragonite, was blocking them.

“Move aside, we have matters to report.”

Xu Dafu quickly told Dragonite to move away, the latter displayed a hand sign expressing its disdain at Xu Dafu before walking away.

“Let me show you who is the better one…”

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“Don’t fall for its tricks, have you noticed its excited face when it saw that you are angry.”

Wang Yu quickly pulled back Xu Dafu, preventing him from being tricked.

“F***, I nearly got tricked by it!” Xu Dafu cursed silently.

However, on the surface, he still displayed a calm expression.

“Guard the city gates properly.”

Xu Dafu pats the shoulder of Dragonite before dashing towards the palace.

Dragonite unhappily flapped its wings, then looked at Wang Yu and the other two. However, these guys were not Xu Dafu, they would not be angered by such a simple means.

“This must be a dragon that Boss got from somewhere again.”

“Not sure, but from its appearance, is it a dragonling?”

“Not sure, let’s ask Boss.”

The rest also quickly ran towards the palace, within the palace were many smaller palace buildings, and Yang Tian was at the most massive central palace building.

Xu Dafu might not think much of it but when the other three stepped into the palace, they slowly noticed that the place looked like the palaces of ancient times.

And the central palace building that Yang Tian was located in was the place where ancient emperors meet the officials and visitors. 

When they entered the central palace building and saw Yang Tian who was sitting at the highest point, they were shocked by the aura that Yang Tian was emitting.

Awe welled up in their hearts, causing them to not dare to move recklessly.

Yang Tian had also sensed the arrival of Xu Dafu and the others and opened his eyes.

Golden Irises, they were no longer the ordinary black irises.

Yang Tian obtained ability of the dragon race: Illusion Break

As the name proposed, it allows Yang Tian to easily see through illusions or similar attacking methods.

“How is it?”

Yang Tian’svoice was still slightly awe-inducing, but it was much better than earlier. Causing the four to quickly wake up from their state.

“B…boss, they have received the orders and promised to act immediately.”

“Lei Xing, Snow Lee; both of you must have seen the slime monsters outside when you entered, right?”

“We did.”

Snow Lee was the full name of the blonde loli.

“I want the two of you to bring the slimes to harvest materials, harvest and bring back all the materials that you could, no delays.”


This was a mission assigned to them by Yang Tian. Lei Xing has a high sensitivity for materials, getting him and Snow to collect materials would improve the efficiency.

“Dafu, Wang Yu. From at the city entrance bring anyone you like and head out to hunt all existing Rank 1 insects. Of course, Lei Xing and Snow, do feel free to hunt any Rank 1 insects you encounter as well.”

Yang Tian felt that the bug meat they have was not enough, they need to acquire more bug meat. It was impossible for all the Rank 1 insects to die, a portion of them was undoubtedly hiding somewhere. These were all food resources that should not be wasted.

The nine camps have also started storing bug meat after Yang Tian’s reminder, but from the current looks of it, it was still not enough.


The warehouse from before had also significantly increased in size, the warehouse that once stored to the brim with food was now mostly empty.

In a few more days, the wormholes connecting the various planes would open again. At that time, they would no longer face Rank 1 and Rank 2 creatures, but truly formidable invaders.

Insect World, Abyss World, Shadow World…

“Everyone go and rest. Set off tomorrow.”

All of them were tired, both in body and in mind, Yang Tian could sense their fatigue, they also needed to rest and recuperate.


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The four of them slowly moved backward, the dignity they felt coming from Yang Tian prevented them from acting casually. This was completely different from how they talked to Yang Tian during regular times. Only when they had exited the palace did all of them sighed in relief.

“What happened just now? I did not even dare to breathe too heavily.” Xu Dafu rubbed the sweat off his forehead.

“This might be related to that palace.” Wang Yu guessed.

“I think so as well.”

Lei Xing and Snow both agreed with Wang Yu.

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