Chapter 143 – River East 

As for what Ouyang Ge will be doing to Southwest Camp Chief, Yang Tian did not want to know.

Yang Tian returned to the manor and adjusted his condition again.

Although Yang Tian did not attack much in the battle earlier on, he had still used the power of Venom. During the unstable period, his body needed to be in a calm state. Only after spending an entire day, did Yang Tian finally adjusted his body condition.

Due to what happened to Southwest Camp, the other camps all significantly increased their defensive capabilities.

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Yang Tian’s attention these days were on the Exploding Fruit Tree, the high activity of the King’s Spirit had also caused the lifeforce to stir within the Exploding Fruit Tree.

It was challenging for the Exploding Fruit Tree to recover from its state of suspended animation, but now that lifeforce has appeared, it meant that the odds of it waking up has dramatically increased.

“It has even started to bear fruits.”

Immature fruits were starting to appear on the branches of Exploding Fruit Tree; at this rate of development, the moment the Exploding Fruits matures will also be the time when the Exploding Fruit Tree revives.

Lei Xing and the blonde loli had successfully crafted the Rank 3 Light Gathering Stick, consuming many materials during the process. The materials they currently possess were relatively low, most of the required materials for the crafting was replaced with Rank 2 materials, only a small portion was made from Rank 3 materials.

“How is the effect?”

“We are unable to determine at the moment, we need to craft the other equipment before we can decide.”

Although Lei Xing and the blonde loli were the crafters of the Light Gathering Stick, they were still unable to see the use of Light Gathering Stick.

“Try it first.”

Lei Xing aimed the Light Gathering Stick towards the sun, allowing it to absorb the light energy produced by the latter.

“No problems so far.”

In terms of its ability to absorb energy, the Light Gathering Stick did not develop any problems.

“Fortunately, we have Xiao Li’s assistance, else we would not have been able to create this.”

Xiao Li is a genius regarding energy. Lei Xing borrowed Xiao Li from Ouyang Ge when Xiao Li expressed interest towards the Light Gathering Stick. Although Xiao Li did not know much about magic energy equipment, his expertise regarding energy had greatly helped Lei Xing and the blonde loli.

“Now we have to make the other Rank 3 equipment, but I am afraid we are unable to craft it at the moment.”

The lack of materials had greatly restricted many things as there is still a vast difference between Rank 2 and Rank 3 materials.

“Do what you have on hand and act according to the situation for the next few days.”

Yang Tian had plans to hide and not come out for the next few days. Lei Xing was not the only one who received that instruction as Xu Dafu and Wang Yu had got it as well.


Lei Xing was at first surprised, not really clear about Yang Tian’s meaning, but he still nodded in acknowledgment.

Over the next few days, Xu Dafu and the rest did not saw Yang Tian. They had a vague understanding of what Yang Tian’s instructions meant; they followed Yang Tian’s instructions and managed the manor and the nine camps.

The defeated Demonic Blood Zombie Han Dang finally returned to Wu Lan with a small surviving group.

“I made a mistake this time. I will take full responsibility and explain to the lord.”

Beside Han Dang was the Early Rank 3 Zombie and Ice Soul Zombie, as well as some Rank 2 zombies. However, only zombies Rank 3 and above are able to speak human.

Between themselves, they could still communicate using zombie language, but Sun Ce still had the habit of speaking in human. That was why all Rank 3 zombies and higher were required to communicate using human language.

“General, we were also lacking in the battle this time. It is our lack of power, it is not entirely general’s fault.”

Though they might be zombies, they still have emotions, and these zombies had already developed bonds.

The fight to conquer Z City had led to them experience various large and small battles together, being able to survive up until this point had led them to develop a strong bond.

“Let’s enter and report to the Lord, I believe the Lord will not punish us.”

Ice Soul Zombie did not think that Sun Ce will punish them; with the power that Yang Tian had displayed, it was hard for their soldiers to obtain victory. Even if it had been other zombies leading that army, the outcome would have still been the same. 


Han Dang brought what was left of his army and entered a majestic city. Above the large city was the big words: River East.

Han Dang and entourage final destination was the palace located in the city center. Within this fabulous looking palace, resided a creature that did not match the environment.


Han Dang and his subordinates respectfully greeted.

In front of them stood a three-meter tall red hulking monster, there were absolutely no signs that it is a zombie; on its back were a pair of red wings that were five-meter long.

Standing on both sides of this red monster, were a bunch of strange-looking Demonic Blood Zombies. Han Dang was also a Demonic Blood Zombie, but it looked closer to a human, the others were not the same.


The red monster did not move its mouth, but a heavy voice was heard that resounded through the palace.

It was undoubtedly Sun Ce, the self-titled Tyrant Slaughter Zombie King.

“This subordinate is unworthy.”

Han Dang did not explain or describe Yang Tian’s fighting force but first admitted to its failure. This was the disposition of a leader, no matter the reason for failure, it has to take responsibility for the outcome of the mission it has received.

“Tell me the details.”

Sun Ce gave Han Dang a chance to explain, it trusted the abilities of Han Dang and even if they had been defeated, they should not be in such a terrible state.

Han Dang told everything that happened to Sun Ce.

Sun Ce was focused on the part about magic energy equipment when they were brought up.

“The power and usefulness of such weapons are extensive.”

Sun Ce decided to pay more attention to magic energy weapons.

“All of you should go and heal your injuries first.”

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Sun Ce did not punish them and got them to leave first.


Seeing that Sun Ce had no intention to punish them, they heaved a sigh of relief.

After they left, two Demonic Blood Zombies located on each side suddenly spoke.

“My Lord, are you interested in those strange weapons?”

“Yes, Uncle Huang. I noticed that our military might needs to be improved. Those humans that we encountered when we first came out also nearly dealt us a fatal blow at that time. Fortunately, the weapons they used are different, or we would have suffered great losses. I believe those weapons can strengthen the might of our army.”

“My Lord, Wu Land currently have several human survivors, we also have many in the prisons. We can try to learn more about these weapons from them first.”

“Let’s do as Uncle Huang suggested.”

Sun Ce felt that it will be a good start and took up the suggestion.

“Okay, this subordinate shall proceed as ordered.”

Several metahumans were being locked within the prisons, the zombies had planned to acquire knowledge regarding the technology used by humans from these prisoners, just that the appearance of magic energy equipment had brought forward this schedule.

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