Chapter 351: Born Genius

“Very well, then. You may submit the paper on the podium, but please don’t rush to leave.” The invigilator raised his hand and told Ye Jian to hand in the test paper, and then return to her seat. However, Ye Jian replied, “Teacher, if you want to ask me something, please talk to me outside. I’m leaving the exam hall immediately after handing in my paper. This is the rule.”

Ye Jian was able to see that this teacher didn’t have any malicious intents, but he was simply trying to stay on high alert, so she would never leave any criticism.

The invigilator scratched his head. Then, he waited for Ye Jian to leave the examination hall, before walking out as well, with a draft paper in his hand.

“You’ll cause the other candidates inside to be under great pressure for leaving the hall so soon.” The invigilator came out explaining with a smile. He didn’t want Ye Jian to misunderstand his intentions. He continued, “You did well in class. I’m sure your wish will come true.”

Ye Jian was definitely not an easy student. These teachers could actually guess a bit of what happened last year.

Fortunately, she didn’t give up on herself. After a year of adjustment and returning to school once again, she never carried out any stupid revenge plans.

There was always hope from destruction and good from evil. In this world, goodness was always more than evil. Ye Jian could sense the teacher’s goodwill from his smile, so she thanked him.

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Even teachers who she had never met were cheering her on.

While speaking, she noticed that the invigilator started writing something on the draft paper quickly. He was writing a question. In fact, it nearly took him three minutes before he looked up and said, “Come and have a look at this question.”

After drawing some geometric figures, the invigilator put down his pen, “Try to answer this question. We’re outside now so you can relax.” Perhaps he thought of something else, so he smiled at Ye Jian and said, “You’ve already submitted the test paper. Don’t worry about anything else.”

It seemed that he had heard of why Ye Jian was angered by the notice last year.

After taking the pen over, Ye Jian just smiled, without asking the invigilator why he would write a question all of a sudden. She began to solve the advanced math problem on the draft paper.

From time to time outside the classroom, there were teacher supervisors who passed by and noticed a student and a teacher standing outside the hall. They thought that the student was caught cheating, so they approached them.

After the explanation by the invigilator, they were intrigued to stay and watch Ye Jian solve the problem.

Ye Jian was calm even under the supervision of the teachers; she didn’t panic. She just looked down and quietly solved the problem. She stood at one side with a quiet and determined temperament, and the teachers and teacher supervisors couldn’t help but smile.

After completing the question, Ye Jian politely looked at the teachers and teacher supervisors around her. She leaned forward and said, “I’m done. I’m sorry for delaying the teachers’ time.”

Not only were her results excellent, but her manners were also impeccable. What was even more surprising was that at such a young age, she remained calm although she was under pressure as the center of attention. It was this kind of calmness that made her seem like there was a big mountain protecting her, and it could never move.

Undoubtedly, such a student was a great student in any teacher’s point of view.

The invigilator retrieved the question, which she had only spent 20 minutes solving, from her. He spoke to another invigilator, “Last year, First City High made Ye Jian miserable, to the point that she was forced to tear up the notice. Was their leader out of his mind?”

“A student like this should be nurtured as well as a god, yet they made her life difficult! Why do they listen to gossip! A genius like her … Only she has the right to pick a school. Just look at how she solved this advanced mathematics problem in just 20 minutes!”

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