Chapter 348: It Is Worth Suffering

Stumbling upon a river, she tightened her grip on her military bag, waterproofed her guns and bullets, then stepped into the river, not knowing if there were any dangers.

Coming out from the river, the sky was dark, so she found a place to rest.

There was no fire and hot water here. The edible food available was definitely uncooked. Mushrooms, wild fruit, or even raw meat could fill her stomach.

Ye Jian had never complained about hardship. She didn’t even retreat. She was like a young girl chasing the sun, running towards the light.

Along the way, throughout the training, she had forgotten how many mountains she had climbed, or how many narrow roads she had crossed. Finally, although it seemed shocking, she easily completed more than ten field training sessions.

Although it seemed scary but not dangerous, it was still Ye Jian’s first time in the forest. She had nearly fallen into Death’s hands a few times. If it wasn’t for Principal Chen’s experience, Ye Jian knew that she could never come out safely.

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However, the dangers only happened in the first half of the month. Soon, she adapted to the environment in the forest, and she was like a cheetah in the jungle.

At the beginning of May, the two of them came out from the mountains like pure savages!

“You two, don’t you have any set of clothes that are slightly appropriate?” The weather in Beihai was pleasant. Uncle Gen, whose energy levels weren’t any worse than before, looked at their ragged clothing. The two, who weren’t in a good mood, kept sighing, “Are you an old beggar with a beggar kid who just came out to ask for rice? If it weren’t for the cleanliness of the two of you, I’m afraid no car would pick up you guys.”

Ye Jan put her backpack down. Her eyes became clearer, and she laughed, “You really guessed it correctly. When I came out of the mountains with Uncle Chen, we waited for the inter-city bus. When we got on the bus, everyone thought that we were beggars.”

Uncle Gen rented a house in a small resort near Beihai. Every month, he paid a lot of rent just to wait for Ye Jian and Principal Chen to come out from the forest.

In the small village resort, Ye Jian rested so long that the swollen mosquito bites on her body disappeared. She was also nursed for half a month under the medicated bath of an old Chinese medicine practitioner until she was healthy. Her skin became fair and tender before she returned to the army.

At the end of May, there were still 20 days before the senior high school examination. Ye Jian returned to Fu Jun Town and presented herself in the classroom of Year 3 Class 1 of Fu Jun Middle School the next day.

When she was in Year 3, her classmates were still in Year 2.

Even if she was one year ahead of the other students, the students became silent after the teacher led Ye Jian into the classroom.

After a while, her classmates couldn’t help but whisper.

“This … Isn’t this … isn’t this Ye Jian? Why is she here?”

“She was so daring to tear the notice book in front of the vice principal! This … Is she coming back to repeat a year?”

“Gosh, it’s impossible! If she was here to repeat a year, she should’ve started a year ago. Why would she return after a year?”

The teacher in charge of the class got the instructions from the school leader. Therefore, no matter how much the students gossiped about it, she could only smile and give a brief introduction, “Class, please be quiet. This is Ye Jian. I think everyone knows that. From today onwards, she’ll be your classmate. Everyone, please welcome her back to school with a round of applause.”

Their applause wasn’t too generous. Everyone was curious about why a senior would suddenly appear in this class.

After the applause, the teacher smiled once more, “You all can look for her if you don’t understand anything in the course. I believe that even if Ye Jian took a year off, she wouldn’t be worse than any student in our class.”

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Even after a year, Ye Jian was still a good student in the eyes of her teacher in Fu Jun Town.

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