Chapter 131: Widely Involved

The two men who went to Yang Le Le’s house earlier, rubbed their noses. Oh well, they really shouldn’t bother Lei An too much.

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Lei An snorted. He couldn’t possibly tell these two men that he was scared by his boss and had nightmares through the whole night, resulting in a sleepless night, right? How shameful would it be if they knew that?

Lei An entered their house and chatted with them. He also gave them the thing he picked up at that time.

Looking at the object, the pupils of the two’s eyes shrank slightly: “Master Lei An, this…”

“Do you guys think someone tried to frame?” Lei An looked at them. His question was exactly what they were thinking.

They lowered their heads. It was indeed what they thought. After all, if the robbers were really related to General Qiao, then the impediment was really too broad. It even involved the generals.

Lei An looked at the two men and sneered: “You guys just have to investigate this matter. The emperor already knows about this.”

“Could it be…?” The two men looked at Lei An, uncertain.

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Lei An nodded.

They suddenly understood what he meant.

Qiao family members were royalists, but General Qiao supported a different emperor. The reason why he still was the current emperor’s general even now, was because of his contributions.

He had fought for the emperor, and even saved the emperor’s life. It was because of this, that the emperor would let Qiao family off after getting the throne. However, who knew that the Qiao family wasn’t grateful to the general, and even forced him out. Many years passed, while no one knew where he went.

What everyone knew was that the emperor had always left the general position vacant for him. He was just waiting for him to return.

“Keep this matter to yourselves.”


After getting Lei An’s approval, the two started a series of investigations. However, they discovered that the matter wasn’t as simple as it seemed at first. In fact, it was very complicated. According to the leader of the robbers, they got tokens with orders from the Qiao family to deal with some weak village girl. 

However, there still were more questions lacking answers, like how did they know that the girl would travel using that road? And why it happened exactly on the day she when used that road.

Later, they discovered that the order was actually from the heiress’ servant.

And that servant learned about the girl’s whereabouts from another girl in White Mountain Village.

After some more investigation, they felt that this matter was really troublesome. 

Qiao Tian Chang was very satisfied with their investigation. He watched as the two brought people to Yang Xiu Er’s house: “Which one of you is Yang Xiu Er?”

When Yang Xiu Er saw the two bringing **** to her house, she felt a little wary. As soon as she heard them calling out her name, her body stiffened and she said without thinking: “I am.”

“Take her away.”

When Madame Luo saw that they were going to take her daughter away, she was angry. She quickly stepped forward and used both arms to protect Yang Xiu Er, then she glared at them: “What do you think you are doing? If you don’t go away, I’ll sue you guys for trespassing.”

The people could not be bothered to explain the circumstance to Madame Luo. One of them said: “If you want to sue then go to the county. You dare to delay our work, do you think you can uphold that responsibility?

“Why are you taking away my daughter? What did she do?”

“What did she do? She is suspected of attempted murder.”

The onlookers had already gathered around to watch what happened when the officials were looking for **** earlier. Upon hearing this, their eyes widened.

Yang Xiu Er was suspected of attempted murder? Looking at her pale face that was full of fear, everyone felt that it might actually be true.

Madame Luo looked at them with shock visible on her face: “No… this is impossible. My daughter wouldn’t do such a thing.”

The official impatiently pushed Madame Luo aside: “Do you think we would come here to arrest her without evidence? Move away.”

The public officials arrested Yang Xiu Er. Along the way to the foot of the mountain, they met Ning Meng Yao and Qiao Tian Chang.

Yang Xiu Er somehow had this extraordinary strength to break free from the official’s grip, and ran towards Ning Meng Yao. Clutching on to Ning Meng Yao’s clothes tightly, she begged: “Meng Yao, I beg you, save me. I’m innocent.”

Shoving Yang Xiu Er’s hands away, Ning Meng Yao’s eyes were full of disgust: “You say you’re innocent? If that’s so, then go and tell that to the official judging you.”

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