Chapter 132: Yang Xiu Er Is Arrested

Yang Xiu Er was begging Ning Meng Yao without stopping: “Meng Yao, I know that I was wrong. You have got to help me. You’re so talented and powerful. I beg of you.”

Ning Meng Yao shoved Yang Xiu Er’s hand away and sneered: “Don’t try to beg me. I can’t do anything to help you in this situation. What’s more, even if I could, why should I help you? And you know what? It’s funny that now you know that you were wrong, when you were helping those outsiders with their ambush on Le Le, why didn’t you remember that Le Le is your neighbor?” She couldn’t understand, how could a human’s heart be so evil?

Looking at her pleading figure, Ning Meng Yao wasn’t sad, instead she felt that this was the only right way to teach her a lesson.

For such an evil person like Yang Xiu Er, the consequence she faced now were merely the result of her own actions.

Yang Xiu Er stared blankly at Ning Meng Yao. She stared at her with her fearful eyes that looked dead and lifeless and were also filled with disbelief. Then all of a sudden, Yang Xiu Er laughed wildly: “Haha, in the end you’re just a b*tch like I thought”

Ning Meng Yao looked at her madness speechlessly. This kind of girl really wasn’t worthy of her help.

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After looking into Ning Meng Yao’s eyes, Qiao Tian Chang threw a side glance at the soldiers and they quickly took Yang Xiu Er away.

When Yang Xiu Er was being dragged away, she kept her gaze locked at Ning Meng Yao. Qiao Tian Chang frowned at those hateful eyes. It seemed that this girl really couldn’t learn her lesson.

Ning Meng Yao approached Qiao Tian Chang and said: “I’m fine, don’t worry.”

Gently touching Ning Meng Yao’s forehead, he answered: “I know. There’s no need to feel bad for such a person.”

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“Did you think I would?” Ning Meng Yao raised an eyebrow.

Qiao Tian Chang was stunned for a moment before smirking, realizing that he had thought wrongly.

After Yang Xiu Er was taken away, she kept crying out loud that she was forced. When the county magistrate asked her for evidence, she took out the jade.

When the people saw the jade token, not only the county magistrate was shocked, but even his two jurors were shocked too.

This jade token belonged to the Xiao Family. How did it appear in the hands of a farmer girl?

“Where did you get this jade token?”

“Of course I got it from a servant there. They came to me and gave me money to tell them when Yang Le Le usually returns to the village.” By now, Yang Xiu Er naturally knew that she shouldn’t try to hide anything from them. She knew that if she had concealed any information, the only consequence would be her death.

However, what she didn’t know was that even if she admitted, she would still die in the end. As for those who had the power, they wouldn’t be affected much. She was just a cannon fodder for them.

The county magistrate and the two jury discussed about the matter. Finally, they decided to detain Yang Xiu Er first and while they took the jade token to the Xiao’s residence.

Prior to this, Yang Xiu Er even admitted the place she met the servant so the servant was also quickly arrested.

Yang Xiu Er looked at the horrified look on the servant’s face and she laughed out loud: “Didn’t you people tried to abandon me? I want to see how you will be getting out now.”

The servant glared at Yang Xiu Er coldly: This woman must be killed.

By that thought, the servant rushed to Yang Xiu Er and caught her by her neck. When Yang Xiu Er was almost out of breath, the soldiers suddenly barged in, followed by the county magistrate.

Upon seeing the sight, the county magistrate immediately became angry. Who did a servant think she is? This was his territory, yet she still dared to attempt murder people here.

After dragging the servant to another cell, Yang Xiu Er could finally breathe again. The purple of her face recovered slightly.

“Even if I die, you can forget about leaving as well.” Yang Xiu Er told while gasping out loud.

What the servant didn’t expect was for the situation to become like this. Didn’t this case have nothing to do with involve them? So why did it become the way it was now?

Yang Xiu Er sneered at the stunned servant: “You people didn’t really think that you all are off the hook, as if you have nothing related to the matter? Is that why you’re not worried at all?” Unfortunately, they were wrong. The jade token in Yang Xiu Er’s hands was the evidence.

They couldn’t accuse her for stealing it because how could a lone girl go to such a place and steal such a precious jade token? Besides, she had never been to any far places except the county.

The news of Yang Xiu Er being arrested soon arrived to Xiao Zi Xuan, but it was only because the two soldiers had brought the jade token back to Xiao’s residence.

When Xiao Zi Xuan saw the jade, her expression changed. The teacup in her hand fell to the floor and shattered.

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