Chapter 133: Confrontation

The jade token had always been in Xiao Zi Xuan’s hands However, it was now in someone else’s hands and was brought back by two soldiers.

One of them was Li Cheng, an old-fashioned and loyal man, while the other was Wu Zhong, a guard of the same age as Li Cheng. Both of them were Emperor’s trusted subordinates. The reason as to why they were investigating the matter was most probably because of the emperor’s order.

“Master Li, where did you and Commander Wu get this Xiao Family token from?” This jade token was only seen in the hands of the Xiao family members, how did it fall into the hands of these two men.

Li Cheng looked at Xiao Yi Lin and briefly told the story.

Xiao Yi Lin took the jade from Li Cheng, and his brows slightly wrinkled: “Xuan’er, isn’t this your token?” There was a small character “Xuan” carved on the back of the jade token. People usually wouldn’t notice it.

Xiao Zi Xuan suppressed the panic rising in her heart and with some doubts, she asked: “Mine? How can it be mine?” Xiao Zi Xuan took the jade token from Xiao Yi Lin’s hand and found out that it was indeed hers.

Then, she recalled that some time ago, she had passed it to her servant when she went to find people to attack that friend of Ning Meng Yao and had forgotten to take it back.

It was now in the two men’s hands.

“I’ve lost this jade token some time ago and couldn’t find it. Who knew it would be you two that would help to find it.” Xiao Zi Xuan said with gratitude.

Li Cheng sneered and looked at Xiao Zi Xuan uninterested: “The jade token was retrieved from a robber. That robber said that he had gotten it from a servant who was kicked out by you.” Li Cheng added some false to the truth in hopes of obtaining more information.

His words were clear but Xiao Zi Xuan frowned and said: “You’re right. The thing is, she was kicked out because she stole from me.”

Li Cheng suddenly felt impatient that Xiao Zi Xuan was still lying so he stared at her unhappily: “Really? Then how come from our investigation, she was still able to enter and leave your residence easily some time ago?”

Xiao Zi Xuan’s expression changed. Initially, she thought that she could push the blame onto the servant but she didn’t expect that they had already investigated to such details.

“Since you can’t explain this to us, then please follow us.” Li Cheng looked at Xiao Zi Xuan sternly.

Xiao Zi Xuan froze and then she shook her head violently: “I’m pregnant. How can I travel long distances?”

“You can’t travel long distances? Thank goodness that the lower officials had brought the two prisoners to the capital. We’ll see you in the Criminal Department then.” Li Cheng said while turning to Xiao Yi Ling: “Marquis, Commander Wu and I will be on our way.”

After the two left, Xiao Yi Lin glared at Xiao Zi Xuan: “Admit it, what have you done this time?”

Xiao Zi Xuan acted as if she was accused of doing something she didn’t do: “Father, how could you not believe me?”

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Xiao Yi Lin was really fond of Xiao Zi Xuan, but he wasn’t an idiot: “I believe you, but I also know your personality. Tell me what’s going on. How did you end up being related with those robbers?”

Some time ago, he heard that Qiao family had a connection with robbers, causing the emperor to be furious and deliberately investigated them. However, now his daughter was also involved in a similar situation, which angered him.

Xiao Zi Xuan looked at Xiao Yi Lin with some sullen disappointment: “Father, I didn’t do anything.”

“If you don’t admit it now, I can’t save you if Li Cheng finds evidence connected to you. The emperor has personally ordered for an investigation. I’m sure you know about the emperor’s stance regarding such matters.” Xiao Yi Lin glared at his daughter.

Xiao Zi Xuan stiffened. It was indeed true that the emperor had a bad character. To be fair, “bad” wasn’t the right term to describe his character. At times, it was really easy to get along with him, he was almost as gentle as a lover but once something major happened, he could become the opposite instantly.

All the officials didn’t dare to try to hide anything from him, especially regarding things that were related to the citizens. Now the robbers who had attacked a citizen was related to Xiao Zi Xuan herself. She didn’t need Xiao Yi Lin to remind her, she could already guess the consequences of her actions.

Her cousin was the emperor but he definitely wouldn’t excuse her from her punishment just because of their relationship.

Having this thought, Xiao Zi Xuan suddenly felt scared and quickly admitted to Xiao Yi Lin about what she did.

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Xiao Zi Xuan’s words angered Xiao Yi Lin: “Outrageous.”

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