Chapter 134: Dead Men Tell No Tales

In order to teach a peasant girl a lesson, Xiao Zi Xuan actually got in contact with the robbers. Worst of all, there were evidence found against her!

Xiao Yi Lin’s shout gave Xiao Zi Xuan a shock, she was aggrieved: “Father, what should we do?”

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He glared at her: “Now you’re anxious. Go back to the household, and stay quiet. Your jade token was only stolen. This matter has absolutely nothing to do with you.”

“Yes, Father. I understand.” Xiao Zi Xuan was completely relieved now. As long as her father was willing to help, there shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Xiao Yi Lin massaged his forehead. This girl was really a troublemaker.

After she left, Xiao Yi Lin ordered people to Beijing to handle the emperor’s investigation.

In the end, the two soldiers that Li Cheng had intended to bring to Beijing died in a fight.

This made Li Cheng furious. Someone had tried to attack him right under his nose!

The two men were drugged with stimulants, which meant that their death wasn’t accidental.

But there weren’t any more clues. Even if he knew that this had some linking to Emperor Xiao’s residence, he couldn’t do anything because he had no evidence.

“Li Cheng, are we going to let them off just like that?” Wu Zhong’s eyebrows wrinkled. He didn’t expect things to become like this.

“Now we can’t blame this matter to the Emperor Xiao’s residence, but from what the general instructions were, he sure wants to teach the Xiao some lessons.” Li Cheng was having headaches. If the general found out about this, the two of them would be in serious trouble.

Wu Zhong shrank his neck: “I think it’s better that we tell the emperor about this, and let the emperor decide.”

“Yes, we can only do that now” Li Cheng nodded.

The two men rode their horses and quickly returned to Beijing. After they arrived in Beijing, they went straight to the palace.

Ning Meng Yao naturally also heard the news about Yang Xiu Er’s death in prison. It was expected. However, she just didn’t expect it to occur so fast, and that Xiao Zi Xuan didn’t end up being involved in it.

Qiao Tian Chang snorted and sneered: “I’m certain that the death of the two soldiers is related to Xiao Yi Lin of the Xiao residence.”


“It’s because they’re dead, that’s why Xiao Zi Xuan is fine.” Although that jade token was an evidence, with both soldiers dead, the truth could no longer be told. Therefore, as long as Xiao Zi Xuan was determined that she didn’t know anything, and that the jade token was stolen, nothing can be done. So what if Li Cheng and they knew Xiao Yi Lin was involved in the whole matter? They didn’t have any evidence.

Ning Meng Yao twitched her lips and said in a faint voice: “Forget it. I didn’t want to knock her down with just one blow anyway.”

“Yes, but I believe that this time the Xiao’s residence should also be affected.”

“Why?” Ning Meng Yao asked curiously.

“The emperor isn’t a fool, on the contrary, he’s very clever. If Xiao Zi Xuan can have a connection with those robbers, that means the Xiao’s residence must have something to do with those robbers too. In short, no matter how Xiao Yi Lin tries to lie, the emperor will not let him off so easily.” Qiao Tian Chang explained with a cold smile.

Xiao Yi Lin thought that he could rub off the case so easily? If it was so easy, it would just be a waste of his careful planning and arrangements.

Ning Meng Yao nodded with satisfaction: “I’m relieved then.”

Similar to what Qiao Tian Chang said, the Xiao’s residence and the Qiao’s family were affected by this incident. The Qiao’s official rank dropped from second general, to third.

That sparked unrest within the Xiao’s residence. Xiao Yi Lin’s face became dark. Who knew that such a small matter could lead to so many things.

Regardless of whoever was affected in the capital, Ning Meng Yao was still at ease.

She chatted with Qiao Tian Chang every day, and went to workshops and wine shops. She even visited her pet rabbit, fish pond, etc., Days went by just like this.

This made Ning Meng Yao feel very peaceful at mind.

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Soon, it was the first festival of the year, the Dragon Boat Festival.

On the day before the Dragon Boat Festival, Ning Meng Yao began to make dumplings. There were egg yolk flavored, bacon flavored, peanut flavored, and several other flavors.

After wrapping the dumplings, she went to the village to give some. She even gave presents to the people who worked for her.

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