Chapter 357: Uncheckable Results

“That’s good, that’s good. As long as she’s able to act friendly with those new recruits and convince them to follow her lead … It puts my heart at ease.” Old Uncle Gen always remembered what Xia Jinyuan had once said, “Ye Jian is bad at teamwork. I’m afraid she’ll have a rough time after joining the army.” That was why he immediately called the political commissar in the boot camp once Ye Jian entered the camp.

From that, Ye Jian managed to receive a task to take care of those troublemakers once she entered the boot camp.

Principal Chen was also busy once he returned. After finishing the tasks he had at hand, by the time he contacted Ye Jian, it was already early August.

It just so happened that he phoned Ye Jian on the day that the results were out. She was still in the boot camp, so when she received the phone call, it was at one of the phone booths.

“You did well, lass, you got what you wanted.”

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Before Principal Chen announced her results, Ye Jian, who knew her results by heart, only stood there beaming with smiles, “Uncle Chen, I already know how well I did even without you telling me.” Having said that, she then listed down her expected marks.

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It was only 5 marks lower than what she had achieved!

Under the circumstances of not having biology and geography marks, besides three marks being deducted from her language essay, she had full marks for all the other tests! Ye Jian had lowered her estimation for her essay by 5 more marks!

Although she was not the top scorer in the whole province, she was placed fourth in the whole province!

After the principal of First City High checked Ye Jian’s results, his guts were really filled with regret. Such a remarkable student was forcefully chased away by them a year ago.

But when he was reminded of Ye Zifan’s current status and influence, and after being warned repeatedly by the province’s Education Bureau to not publicize Ye Jian’s results, the principal could only let out a sigh in secret, not revealing any expression on his face.

First Provincial High’s entrance examination results were out. Ye Zifan, who was looking out for it, naturally did not let it slip by. He immediately called old Hu, his old pal that was in the city’s Education Bureau.

Ye Jian’s results were purposefully concealed by the Provincial Education Bureau. Naturally, Old Hu, who was just a normal staff in the city’s Education Bureau would not be able to find out about it, since not showing up on the list mostly meant that they did not make it.

“I only have the result list of the students who made it, there’s no Ye Jian on my list.” Old Hu scanned the system once and did not find anything, and after noticing that Ye Zifan was so interested in this student’s results, he was slightly befuddled, “I say, old Ye, why are you so interested with this student’s results? If I’m not mistaken, you have only one daughter, Ye Ying, right?”

As if he realized something, he jokingly tested him, “The candidate is also a Ye … Could it be the illegitimate daughter that you don’t want to admit you have?”

“You’re truly a scholar for having such rich imagination. She’s just a distant relative of mine. Her parents had some conflict with my family, so I just wanted to know about her results.” After finding out that Ye Jian did not make it into high school yet again, Ye Zifan, whose joy was creeping up his brows, did not want old Hu to continue probing, so he swiftly replied, “Let’s get some food together tonight. Weren’t you always keen on meeting Secretary Wu? Deputy Zeng is hosting a banquet and Secretary Wu is on the list. We can go together if you’re free.”

Old Hu immediately fell for the bait, and he stopped caring about others’ business. After thanking Ye Zifan with a quick “thank you”, he ended the phone call.

Ye Jian flunked the exam. Ye Zifan was happy; naturally, Ye Ying and Sun Dongqing would also be happy upon hearing the news.

“Freaking lass, I knew that she was useless! Look, clearly she is destined not to study.” Sun Dongqing stared at her daughter, who was like a blooming flower. The joy in her heart could not be suppressed. She spoke coldly, “Ying Ying, your sister flunked the test, call her in a bit to comfort her.”

Ye Ying, who had an air of arrogance between her brows, lifted her chin. She laughed with a shrewd and soft voice, “Ma, you’re right. I’ll call the village elder, and ask the elder to make her answer the call.”

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