Chapter 358: I’ll Knock You All Out

Ye Ying, who had an air of arrogance between her brows, lifted her chin. She laughed with a shrewd and soft voice, “Ma, you’re right, I’ll call the village elder and ask her to answer the call.”

She turned around and with an expression of disdain, she sneered and continued in a hateful tone, “It’s only her. Does she think she can even compare herself with me? She’s just an orphan. I can bully her however and whenever I want!”

Ye Ying could only display her high and mighty behavior if Ye Jian received the phone call that Ye Ying had made, but Ye Jian wasn’t around. She had no choice but to stomach the momentum that she had worked up and the mockery she had prepared.

On the third day, when the results were announced, Ye Jian did not know which ranking she had gotten in the Provincial exam, but she was currently caught in a firm bearhug by An Jiaxin. Even her back was starting to hurt from the knuckles hammering her.

She was blocked at her own front door by the students who had graduated from middle school with her, the ones she had no contact with for almost a year. Ye Jian was feeling slightly worried, especially after seeing all the ‘hostile’ expressions on their faces. She was prepared to begin apologizing politely!

“Student An Jiaxin, your greetings are too passionate. My back is going to be bruised by you!”

“Sh*t! It’s good enough that I haven’t cut my ties with you! What’s so bad about feeling some of my fists! You still have something to say? Do you know how long you have been gone for? It’s been almost a year! Sh*t! All of us tried to ask around everywhere, and everyone said that they hadn’t seen you,” An Jiaxin started tearing up as she spoke, “We were all worried about you. Where have you been in the past year?”

Zhang Na squeezed in from the side, “Hey, I haven’t hugged her. You can start your criticism after we are done hugging her!” Showing her intentions to hug Ye Jian, she glared at Ye Jian, and opened her arms to hug her, “Student Ye Jian, look forward to being scolded by your old classmates!”

She hugged Ye Jian very tightly, and it could be heard from her voice that she was slightly sobbing.

Zhang Bin, who managed to get into First Provincial High mostly because of his extreme talents, stood at the back like a pillar. He looked at the group of girls hugging together and laughed, “Ye Jian, how about you let us hug you too?”

“WTF! Go away! Are you trying to take advantage of her?!” What he received instead was An Jiaxin’s kick, “Learn more from classmate Zhou Liao, see how gentlemanly he is! He’s being polite by standing at the side!”

Zhou Liao adjusted his glasses out of habit as he thought, and he slowly but surely said, “I’m not a gentleman, I’m just waiting for you girls to finish, then I’ll get my chance.” A year of high school life had changed Zhou Liao, who had been more bashful in the past.

“Ye Jian, let’s ignore them, now Zhang Bin is the boy that makes girls scream. He’s a basketballer, how handsome!” An Jiaxin was still the same as usual. While hugging Ye Jian’s shoulder, she looked at Zhang Bin provocatively, “So what if you’re handsome? You still can’t get a hug from Ye Jian.”

It was still the same as it was in middle school. Both of them started bickering with just a few exchanges.

Looking at them, Ye Jian knew that the relationship they had as classmates did not fade with time. She beamed while staring at the bickering two. After her eyes met Zhang Na’s, they started laughing together.

As for why it happened, it probably was because of the thoughts that teenagers like them had.

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After everyone laughed and bickered, the group sat in the bamboo forest behind the hill of Ye Jian’s home. Each person sat on a bamboo stool. In their hands were watermelons that were soaked in the well’s water. Each of them began sharing their high school stories and their results.

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Only after chatting did Ye Jian know that the four of them, who had entered the selection competition together, had coincidentally chosen to continue their studies in First City High. Zhang Na and Zhou Liao were the top scorers in their class previously, so getting into First City High was a smooth process.

Zhang Bin was recruited into First Provincial High because of his talents, and he was going to get into college through the same means.

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