Chapter 359: Friends and Friendship

An Jiaxin was extremely good at some subjects, so she registered for First City High. In the end, her dad, a geologist, stepped up, and spent some money … and she managed to get into First Provincial High.

Two of her old classmates managed to enroll in First Provincial High, and that was indeed something that was worthy of celebration.

“How did you do for your exams this time? You’re not going to First City High, right?” The only thing they were concerned about while visiting Ye Jian was where she was going to continue her studies. They allowed Zhou Liao, who was the most composed among them, to start asking the questions, “We came here without any ulterior motives. All we wanted to know was where you were going to study at, so we can communicate with each other more often.”

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Once he started speaking, Ye Jian could clearly feel that her friends were starting to become nervous. They were all worried about her feeling distressed.

Waves rippled in her pupils that were reflecting the shadows of bamboo. She looked at them, who had expressions of nervousness, and a bright smile shone on her pretty face. Ye Jian cocked her eyebrows and answered very leisurely, “It wasn’t too shabby. I’ve already received my notice letter.”

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“Sh*t! I was almost scared to death!” An Jiaxin let out a long sigh of relief after hearing her finish. Then, she drew in a deep breath as she was holding in her breath a moment ago, waiting for Ye Jian to speak.

“That’s excellent, that’s excellent! After school starts again, I can fiercely tell Ye Ying, that b*tch! Let’s see whether she can still act all high and mighty!” She leapt from her bamboo stool while screaming in delight and pounced on Ye Jian.

She pounced furiously and inaccurately, shocking Zhang Bin so much that he spoke out of fright, “Tomboy, be gentler!” He was afraid that she would fall over.

“Are you a human sandbag? You’re so heavy!” Ye Jian was also worried that she would fall over, so she stood up hurriedly and held her, teasing, “We’re clearly a year older, yet why are you still acting like a kid?”

Zhang Na laughed and squinted at Zhang Bin, who had a tense expression on his face, and she pursed her lips but laughed secretly.

“Tell me, where are you going to study! Hurry up, hurry up!” An Jiaxin, who leapt over, sneakily stuck her arms under Ye Jian’s armpits and started tickling her while asking cheerfully, “Hurry up, or else Na Na is going to join us.”

What was tickling to her? Ye Jian extended her arms outright and beamed, “Come, tickle me all you want. I’m not like you. I wouldn’t laugh just because of that.”

“… You’re unmoved by force or persuasion!” After tickling her for a while, An Jiaxin immediately gave up, and she pouted, “You’re not even afraid of this, what else are you afraid of?”

She still wanted to continue her line of questioning, but she was pulled away by Zhang Bin, while he was giving her a look with his eyes.

Although what he learned was Physical Education, he had a father who was a policeman, so Zhang Bin’s personality was also quite attentive, and he knew when enough was enough.

“Stop asking, she doesn’t have any results for Geography and Biology, why can’t you use that brain of yours?” Waiting until Ye Jian’s attention was occupied by Zhou Liao’s chatting, Zhang Bin secretly reminded An Jiaxin, “Haven’t you seen that we stopped asking? Stop saying so much.”

Zhou Liao paid them some attention. When he realized that Zhang Bin was obviously warning the “tomboy”, his lips started curling up into a smile, and he told Ye Jian, “Through unknown means, Ye Ying received information that An Jiaxin paid money to get into the school. If they meet, she’ll definitely mock her.”

“You too know how that tomboy of ours can’t control her temper, how can she hold it in when Ye Ying mocks her? Whenever that happens, they’ll start arguing and in the end, they’ll end up worse off than before.” Since they weren’t in the same school, what Zhou Liao knew was limited. Zhang Bin mentioned some of it, his friends from other classes who had entered First Provincial High also mentioned it, so he just knew a few bits and pieces about their school life.

Ye Ying’s name … Having not heard it for nearly two months, upon hearing it once again, an evident chilliness starting appearing in the depths of Ye Jian’s pupils. She smiled and said, “Relax, Ye Ying will stop uttering nonsense very soon.”

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