Chapter 360: I Hope So, Too

“You…” Zhou Liao’s eyes lit up. After hearing something so surprising, he gazed shockingly at his old classmate, who always exuded an aura of tranquility. After a while, he finally acknowledged what she said, and he laughed sincerely, “Ye Jian, you’re always surprising everyone.”

“It’s a surprise for you guys, but for some people, it’s more of a fright!” She raised her brows. The casual temperament that she had suddenly changed. There was a slight chill around her, “I’m thankful for your concerns. We’ll talk more in the future!”

Zhou Liao pushed up his glasses, and he extended his hand, “We can’t go to the same high school, but I hope we’ll get to be in the same university, and continue being classmates!”

“I hope so too,” She extended her hand and grasped his. Ye Jian smiled, “And continue being classmates.”

This was a promise, whether it happened or not in the future, at the very least, her classmates, her friends earnestly wanted to continue their friendship in university.

At the side, An Jiaxin cheerfully replied at the top of her voice, “I’ll call Ye Ying when I get home, hahaha, I want to infuriate her to death.”

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“Classmate An, I don’t want to experience not being able to continue high school again, so you guys must absolutely keep this a secret for me. It’s not too late if you guys speak about it after I’ve enrolled.” Ye Jian, who knew that the Provincial Education Bureau had kept her results under strict confidentiality, heard this and immediately stopped her friends. Smiling, she continued, “Now isn’t the right time, so I’m only telling the four of you!”

After a brief moment of silence, the four of them promised her with uniform voices.

Old Uncle Gen, who was relaxing in the house, could hear the bursts of laughter from behind the house. He lay down in his rocking chair, slowly shaking the palm-leaf fan in his arms. He closed his eyes with an amiable expression, deciding not to intrude on the youngsters’ get-together.

Because school was reopening soon, the four of them stayed overnight in Ye Jian’s home and left early in the morning.

An Jiaxin was reluctant to part even after getting into her car. She squeezed out two drops of tears, and pulled on Ye Jian’s arm, “You heartless person, you have to remember to send letters to me, else…”

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“This is too embarrassing! Hurry up, pull her in!” Ye Jian pulled back her arm while goosebumps appeared all over her body. She motioned for Zhang Bin to hurry up and pull her into the car … Everyone in the car was looking!

An Jiaxin laughed candidly. The car started, and Ye Jian could see four arms extending out of the window, waving goodbye at her.

These were friends. Because they were worried about you, they traveled thousands of miles just to see you.

A week after they had left, Ye Jian left the little mountain village once again with the notice letter in her hands. She left alone, toward the province for her studies. Compared to her departure last year, her mindset this year was distinctly different.

The car drove over the roads in the large mountain and brought Ye Jian all the way towards a wider and larger space. That place was the provincial city – the place where she would be living for the next two years.

Since someone had made a big deal out of it, thinking that it was such an amazing thing that they could get into First Provincial High, naturally, she had to walk in front of them and tell them that getting into First Provincial High wasn’t that amazing.

If she could get into it the first time she took the paper, she could definitely get into it the second time she took the paper.

First Provincial High … In the end, Ye Jian’s choice was still First Provincial High.

The train ticket was the same one as the previous one. The train left at 8.30pm and would arrive at the provincial city station early in the morning.

Ye Jian, who had boarded a train heading towards the provincial city for the third time, quickly found her seat. This time, she did not buy a seat with a bunk bed; instead, she bought a reasonably priced seat and swayed in her seat whenever the train rocked until they reached the provincial city.

Upon getting off the train, Ye Jian felt that she was starting to reek of sweat, so she headed to a travel agency near the train station and spent a few dollars to get a shower. Only after changing into a set of clean clothes did she come out.

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