Chapter 361: Long Time No See, Little Fox

The travel agency was considerably close to the train station. Once Ye Jian walked out of the travel agency, she shockingly heard that the train station was broadcasting a message about finding a person … ‘shockingly’, because the person that they were looking for was a girl named ‘Ye Jian”, a student with short hair and was 165 centimeters tall.

Name, identity, hair length, and height … were all matching. After blanking out for a moment while holding her luggage, Ye Jian could only think of one possibility.

Could it be that Principal Chen caught word from Grandpa Gen and found out that she was on the way here and had come to welcome her early in the morning? Thinking about this possibility, Ye Jian ran toward the broadcasting room as if there was a breeze under her footsteps.

The broadcasting room was inside the train station. Ye Jian then found a train station staff member. After the staff took a look at her student identification card, he took out his walkie-talkie and contacted the broadcasting room, “Broadcast, broadcast, Ye Jian is currently at Gate A of the hall, Ye Jian is currently at Gate A of the hall.”

After repeating it, he turned towards Ye Jian, “All you need to do is stay here. The person who is looking for you will be here shortly.” His gaze scanned Ye Jian, and he spoke seriously, “Kids shouldn’t run around carelessly! There are different types of people in train stations. You look so white and fair, and you’re also a student, fitting the bill of prime targets of those kidnappers.”

He treated Ye Jian as a kid who had wandered off from the adults because she followed the crowd.

She did not explain herself, and politely accepted his kind reminder, “I’m sorry, I’ve caused trouble for you. So, do I just have to wait here?”

“Stand beside me, don’t wander off.” The staff was a middle-aged man in his forties. Ye Jian reckoned he also had a child that was about her age, so his tone was like that of disciplining his own child, “Getting here from the broadcasting room should take about 10 minutes, you must wait here, understood!?”

Ye Jian often created the illusion that she was a cute and obedient girl, especially when she smiled, her clear eyes arched upwards like crescent moons. She was the definition of an extremely obedient girl. She nodded her head, and her attitude of not speaking more than necessary made the staff feel bad if he were to say anything more.

Instead, he softened up his tone and said, “You students don’t understand anything. All of you think that just because you’ve grown older, you’re an adult, but how much do you kids know about the sinister intentions of people lurking around in the world? Uncle isn’t trying to reprimand you, I’m just reminding you.”

She only smiled. Although she stood obediently at the side, she also seemed like a plum tree that was gently swaying, releasing a very faint aroma. That was the representation of her unyielding magnificence.

Little fox, your appearance … is quite charming.

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It’s a blessing that we met in the mountains, and I managed to see your gutsy side. Otherwise, it’s highly likely that I’ll also be fooled by your obedient outward look.

Ye Jian, who was chatting with the staff, suddenly felt a gaze filled with softness landing on her. It came and fell on her. She lifted her chin with joy,  thinking that it was Principal Chen. A very pretty smile surfaced on her palm-sized face, like dewdrops on a lotus leaf early in the morning. It was as clear as it was pure.


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‘Chen’ was already on the tip of her tongue, but she quick-wittedly turned it around and swallowed it down her throat … After unexpectedly seeing the person who was staring at her, Ye Jian almost jumped out of shock.

In front of her stood a very charming man. His eyes and brows were handsome, and a noble and composed atmosphere revolved around him. He wore khaki slacks that were probably from Armani, and a pure white shirt. Although it was just his casual wear, after putting it on his body, not only was there a casual trendiness, but it also let out insurmountable amounts of elegance.

A dangerous man whom she had forgotten once again after more than a year had passed. The suddenness of their meeting caused Ye Jian’s heart to thump furiously. Her immediate reaction was: Why is he here!

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