Volume 3 Chapter 127: New Discoveries In McPherson Monastery

Olsylvia Academy North Campus, Filomena Nobility Academy, Community Activity Area, Rose Society’s New Headquarters, McPherson Monastery.

The monastery, which had a 10,000-year history and had originally been one of Olsylvia Academy’s Nine Academy Midnight Forbidden Grounds, was now owned by Bella’s Rose Society.

After Bella and the holy soul of the third-generation Radiant Pope, MacPherson, had negotiated a deal, the monastery had undergone a round of renovations, and the environment in the monastery was much less scary.

With Bella and the others’ help, the ancient text inside the McPherson Monastery had been covered up with new religious murals and the words that cursed the second-generation Pope, Pope Aesop, had also been temporarily hidden. Thus, the dark history of the Radiant Church was sealed up for now.

To Bella’s surprise, the school agreed to Bella’s request to turn it into a community site. The St. Louis Church Academy, which Bella had considered to be the most difficult to convince, turned out to be the first to agree to the Rose Society’s claim. However, they asked Bella’s Rose Society to accept a number of students from the Radiant Church.

Bella took advantage of this heaven-sent opportunity to bring the Four Saints and President Maria to the Rose Society. They had always been true to their word and agreed without even thinking about it.

The Radiant Church’s original intention had been to send people to the McPherson Monastery to investigate whether the Rose Society had discovered their church’s black history or not. If they had known that Bella would take this opportunity to transfer the Four Saints and President Maria into her own hands, they presumably wouldn’t have done such a silly thing like ‘giving their enemy a wife and losing their soldiers as well’.

Within the monastery’s pilgrimage hall, Bella was currently observing the proceedings from the secret room above the prayer hall. She had hidden in the prayer room upstairs with a silver-haired girl in her arms. This beautiful girl wasn’t just anyone – it was precisely Cynthia, the Holy Swordsman of the Radiant Church.

Cynthia had been stripped naked and her entire body was lying powerless in Bella’s arms. She had no strength at all and could only let Bella do as she pleased. Bella didn’t have any good intentions and had taken advantage of the Central Student’s Union decision to give everyone the Monday off to bring her to the monastery to play.

“Bella… Come on, don’t do this here… Wuwu… I’m begging you, let’s go to your room, anywhere else is fine, but doing it here is really…”

“Cynthia, you’re all mine. Do you have the right to choose where we play? Besides, didn’t the Radiant Church arrange for you to secretly spy on President Maria and the Four Saints and send you to join my Rose Society as an undercover?”

“You… You already know my mission. This is the sacred monastery, not… Wuu… Don’t touch there, I was wrong, don’t…”

“Stop hiding your nature, Cynthia. I want you to give in completely.”

A moment later, Bella placed Cynthia, who had already passed out, on a large bed in the prayer room. After covering her with the quilt once again, Bella kissed her on the forehead and went to the observation window in the prayer room.

Choosing this sacred monastery as a place for intimate games was definitely one of Bella’s twisted amusements. Pressing the Holy Swordsman of the Radiant Church under her body and tormenting her here – the sacrilegious pleasure of this act made Bella, the Demon King, unable to stop.

If it had been the weekend, Cynthia wouldn’t be the only one lying here. President Maria and the Four Saints of the Radiant Church would also be unable to escape this ‘catastrophe’. They could consider themselves lucky for now, but they wouldn’t be able to escape a second time.

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Through the observation window, Bella saw a pious-looking visitor in the pilgrimage hall downstairs. Girls made up the majority of the visitors here. Ever since the Rose Society took in the McPherson Monastery as its society’s territory, it had been clearly stipulated that the Monastery was now open only to girls and boys were not welcome.

Therefore, most of the visitors to the monastery were undoubtedly girls. While watching these female visitors, Bella recalled the secret conversation between her and Principal Elvis of the Filomena Nobility Academy yesterday. According to Principal Elvis’s words, several scouting squads had been eliminated outside of her dormitory building that night.

At first, Bella had thought that Alisha the Demonic Dragon Emperor had simply gone too overboard and had been discovered by Olsylvia Academy. However, according to Principal Elvis, the killer’s technique had been quite different from Alisha’s, so it should’ve been done by someone else.

Principal Elvis had reminded Bella to pay more attention to the safety around her dormitory building. If, at the end of his warning, he hadn’t suggested that Bella purchase the new ‘security package’ service that Filomena Nobility Academy had just come out with, Bella would’ve even felt grateful towards him.

Principal Elvis, that old fox, had originally circled around for half a day for the purpose of promoting his products. This method was difficult to defend against and Bella had almost fallen into the trap. Fortunately, Bella wasn’t a fool, and she had righteously refused the ‘strongly recommended package’. She didn’t trust outsiders to act as bodyguards.

The question of who had attacked the extra infiltrators was really a strain on the brain. Just as Bella was still pondering the problem, an illusory shadow floated into the prayer room. This fellow was just like a ghost and entered by going straight through the thick wooden door of the prayer room.

“Your Excellency McPherson, are you unable to knock on the door before coming in? Coming in directly like this is very unpolite!”

“Your Excellency Bella, aren’t you … aren’t you speaking nonsense! How can a ghost knock on the door? I don’t have a solid body. How hateful, my body was buried in the Scripps Cemetery at Mount Vernon.”

“That guy Douglas is really disgusting. He clearly knew the secret that the soul was immortal, but after I died, he actually went and sealed my body there with a secret spell. Your Excellency Demon King, could you help me go and break that seal? I won’t be left in such a passive situation if I can obtain my original body.”

Douglas was the fourth Pope of the Radiant Church. According to Pope McPherson’s words, he wasn’t a good person, either. Three of the five Popes of the Radiant Church had already been confirmed as evil. The two remaining female popes could at least be considered normal.

The second Pope, Pope Aesop, frequently made a move against all sorts of nuns under the pretense of teaching in the name of the Radiant God. The holy saints and many beautiful nuns of the time were said to be that old bastard’s playthings and even the Radiant Church’s first pope Holy Priest Goldsmith’s disappearance was said to have been related to Aesop.

The third-generation Pope, Pope McPherson, had always had a dark desire to possess his older sister, the first generation Radiant Pope Goldsmith. After making a deal with a broken soul of one of the twelve Demon Kings, he relied on the power of the Demon King to assassinate the second generation Pope, Pope Aesop.

The second-generation pope, Pope Aesop, died less than a year later due to the erosion from the Demon King’s energy. In order to thoroughly dispel his hate, McPherson cremated his body and then took over the position Pope Aesop had vacated. He spent all his time wallowing in his displeasure over not being able to obtain his sister, so he repeated what Aesop had done when he was the pope.

By the time the fourth pope, Douglas, appeared, the situation was even more outrageous than the three popes before him. He was passionate about all kinds of demonic experiments and he began to become unbridled when he knew that the Gods, especially the Radiant God, had disappeared.

The wandering souls in the underground Jim Library where Bella had previously obtained the Four Great Forbidden Books were all victims of Pope Douglas’s demonic experiments. Later on, history repeated itself. Douglas secretly plotted against the third generation Pope McPherson to become the fourth generation Radiant Pope.

The Radiant Church led by the fourth generation Pope Douglas had been truly dark. Compared to previous popes, that fellow was really nothing like a Pope of the Radiant Church at all. That fellow had studied all of the human race’s Dark Magic, Necromancy, Curse Magic and so on with living experiments.

Pope Douglas’ papacy lasted for more than sixty years before he was finally ousted by the fifth generation Pope, Pope Roxanne. She also sealed him up for corruption. It had to be said that Douglas deserved the title of ‘The Worst Pope In History’. Before he was sealed, he successfully counter-attacked the fifth generation Pope Roxanne with a curse.

This led directly to the fifth generation Pope Roxanne seceding from her place after less than a year due to the problem of the curse. The position went to the sixth generation Radiant Pope, Pope Lindberg, and she retired right after. Where she had gone, or whether she was currently alive or dead, was unknown.

Roxanne’s beauty was on the same level as the first generation Pope Goldsmith. This beautiful and talented young Pope ultimately met a strikingly similar fate to the first Pope at the hands of her subordinates.

Ever since the disappearance of the fifth generation Pope Roxanne, the next dozen or so consecutive popes were all men. Douglas’s moves were unprecedented, and he had made it so that none of the potential female popes were willing to take over the role.

None of these things were recorded in the Radiant Church’s classic black history. As a soul that was left behind in the soul, the third generation Pope McPherson knew quite a lot. If the soul hadn’t told Bella about it, these black histories would’ve been buried forever in the long river of history.

Looking back on the black history of the Radiant Church, Bella’s impression of the Radiant Popes was much worse. It appeared that those so-called popes were not good men at all. The current contemporary Pope was also a man, and it wasn’t expected that he would be much better. She would have to be more careful when she went to negotiate with him about President Maria, the Four Saints, and the holy swordsman Cynthia.

One thing Bella had always wondered about, however, was that God World had been done for and the door for reincarnation had been practically paralyzed. These papal forces were theoretically unkillable; at the very least, their soul was indestructible. Souls of people like the Radiant Pope were much stronger than those of ordinary people, and it should be easy for them to survive.

Bella had substituted Princess Felia’s soul due to her lack of strength. After the death of her body, the soul that had remained had no way to retain its memories. In a sense, becoming a soul with no memories was also a death in its own way. 

It was different for these Radiant Popes. Since the second generation Pope Aesop and third generation Pope McPherson were still roaming around the world, there was no reason for the first generation Pope Goldsmith and fifth generation Pope Roxanne to be dead.

“Your Excellency McPherson, my strength level isn’t that good! That cemetery is full of immortal corpses and the holy spirits of brave men. As a female Demon King, aren’t I just asking to be abused if I go there?”

“That… Fine then, we’ll talk about it next time!”

McPherson saw that Bella had brazenly rejected him and had no way to force her, so he chose to discuss it next time. This female demon was obviously stronger than the original twelve Demon Kings from tens of thousands of years ago, but for her to turn him down now must mean that she wanted a better deal.

McPherson didn’t believe that the Demon King Bella would be unable to fight her way through the cemetery. The huge assortment of ‘illegal’ external support hadn’t even been accounted for in his assessment of her battle strength! McPherson’s gaze swept over to the big bed. The contemporary Holy Swordsman, Cynthia, had already been sent into unconsciousness. This female Demon King was obviously much different from those twelve Demon Kings from tens of thousands of years ago.

Bella breathed out a sigh of relief after McPherson’s shade disappeared. This fellow was trying to trick her into acting as cannon fodder. If she had really gone, she would’ve really suffered a big loss. Those holy corpses that had been left there for tens of thousands of years really weren’t fun to play with. Three or four of those Saviors had almost disappeared there and it would be hard for her to obtain any advantages if she went.

“Sigh. Isn’t that fellow… Hey, what happened to the people watching the door? How could they have let him in?!”

Through the observation window, Bella could see the ‘girl’ who had come in with the group of girls that had arrived in the prayer hall downstairs who had almost made her call out. That person with the petite body who wore a dark, black lolita outfit; wasn’t that the ‘Fake Loli’, Charlotte?!

‘Fake Loli’ Charlotte, the President of the Wronged Angels Society, and the first person that Bella had encountered in this alien world. Charlotte was very popular in Olsylvia Academy, to the point where it was a little mesmerizing. In Olsylvia Academy’s Top Ten Academy Belles, other than Princess Kriss, Chief President Angelia, and Princess Isaman, who ranked in the top three, the other seven’s popularity couldn’t be compared to Charlotte’s at all!

Fortunately, Charlotte had a close relationship with the Brotherhood of Philosophical Studies. Otherwise, there would be a lot of unkind gentlemen who would harass this fake loli girl. It seemed that the school rules of Olsylvia Academy didn’t clearly stipulate that philosophical studies were forbidden. If she didn’t have any major backing, Charlotte would probably have been ‘blocked’ by fans in the society-building and wouldn’t have been able to leave.

This strange world is hopeless. A real sister’s popularity couldn’t even be compared to a cross-dresser. Bella watched Charlotte for a moment, feeling a bit surprised. Charlotte was dressed in a black gothic dress today, paired with a delicate little black umbrella that she hung behind her. She had short, black pigtails and beautiful red pupils, and none of this was a problem.

However, Bella’s gaze had always been ‘extremely sharp’ when it came to women. Today’s Charlotte, although her chest was still like an ‘airport’ as usual, Bella’s sharp eyes could see that there was a very small protrusion. This ‘Fake Loli’ actually had a ‘chest’ now. When she had seen her the previous few times, Charlotte clearly hadn’t had this.

There was no such thing as a fake chest in this world. Where or how had Charlotte obtained this new thing? Other than ‘having a chest’, Charlotte’s temperament had also changed too much today. Most unexpectedly, the previous Adam’s apple that had been evident on Charlotte’s snowy neck had now disappeared.

In McPherson Monastery’s garden were all sorts of poisons specifically geared for boys. These had been secretly set up by Bella with Betty’s help. The men passing through the garden would feel all sorts of nausea and would want to leave immediately.

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This was Bella’s trap to prevent boys from sneaking in and misbehaving. Previously, a large number of male students had been successfully chased away, most of which were from the gossip teams of various news agencies.

However, Charlotte had managed to come in today just fine. This didn’t make sense at all! Could it be that cross-dressers weren’t men?! What kind of extreme heresy was this? Not only had Charlotte passed the test of the gardens outside of McPherson Monastery ‘intact’, but had even managed to make it into the monastery’s prayer hall.

Charlotte, however, seemed a little tired. She went to find a place to sit down and rest in a remote corner of the prayer hall. After that, she looked out of the window with a pleasant expression and seemed to be relaxing. Coming to the comfortable McPherson Monastery in order to relax her mind appeared to be the purpose of her trip here.

Bella suspected that she was seeing a ‘fake’ Charlotte. Currently, this cross-dresser was sitting on the sofa with the standard ‘duck’ posture and had a natural expression on her face. This was completely impossible; if a man was sitting with the ‘duck’ posture, not only was it impossible for them to do so, even if they managed it, it would be very painful.

Could it be that this Charlotte was a fake and this one was a real girl? If this news was sent out, all of her fans would be heartbroken. In any case, however, Bella’s heart wasn’t broken at all. In fact, she felt a little dark amusement.

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