Volume 3 Chapter 126: The Golden Legend and Mask of Darkness Society’s Defeat

Olsylvia Academy North Campus, Filomena Nobility Academy Community Activity Area, Rose Society Headquarters, in the square in front of the Society Events Building.

The battle for territory and supremacy between the Rose Society and the Golden Legend and Mask of Darkness Societies was currently underway. Bella, riding a Soul Warhorse, led hundreds of elite knights in a charge against the troops of the Mask of Darkness Society. The members of the Mask of Darkness Society weren’t very effective and were quickly scattered by the shock of the Soul Knights’ attack.

“Damn it, you, watch it…”

Samson, the President of the Mask of Darkness Society, didn’t even flinch as he lifted his spiked club and threw it at Bella. Bella took the hit straight on, using the knight’s shield in her left hand to block the attack. Before this encounter, Bella hadn’t known what kind of profession Samson was training to be in, but at this time, after this attack, Bella could guess what it was.

President Samson’s profession was indeed that of a warrior. When faced with the attack of Bella’s knights, this fellow still used his spiked club to launch a fierce attack at Bella’s knight shield. The spiked club that he used wasn’t a normal one, but rather a hidden treasure. Bella’s charge had been blocked by his move.

In the absence of any noise, Bella’s knight shield was crushed to pieces by his spiked club. A powerful impact traveled up Bella’s arm to her body, and the force was so great that it nearly knocked Bella off her warhorse.

Bella quickly commanded her mount to retreat a few steps. Although Samson found it a bit strange that Bella was still alright after his attack, he was used to chasing after his opponent in battle. He rushed up like an arrow in flight to pick up his spiked club and attacked Bella once again.

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Bella was a little ill-prepared in the face of Samson’s second attack. This was the first time she’d ever been attacked by a warrior’s shield breaker attack, and in a situation where she no longer had any defensive shield to use, Bella could only use the spiked club in her own hand to block Samson’s continuous attack.

Unsurprisingly, the spiked club was also broken into pieces under the impact of Samson’s attack, and it also caused Bella’s ghostly warhorse to shatter. Could the weapon that this fellow was holding in his hand some sort of godly weapon? It was outrageously powerful.

But it wasn’t too late to recover. Samson took advantage of the time while Bella dropped to the ground to raise his spiked club and launch a fierce attack. This was one of his ultimate attacks. Samson was a person who wouldn’t pity the fairer sex, and President Carlos, who was watching from the back, was left speechless for a while. At this time, anyone who was an old hand at picking up girls would know that the effect would be much greater if he tried to help her up instead of attacking.

Bella was also annoyed by Samson’s unbridled acts. She caught Samson’s spiked club with her right palm at just the right moment. Samson’s strength was shocking, but Bella’s strength was also very high. The two of them were stuck in a deadlock for a while.

In that quick-as-lightning moment, Bella preemptively launched the ‘Knight’s Charge’. Knights who were above the rank of Holy Knight could also launch the Knight’s Charge without being mounted. Bella had seen this before, and at this key moment, she thought of using this method to break out of their deadlock.

Samson’s attack was one step behind Bella’s, and this delay instantly changed the situation in their fight. The leg that Samson had wanted to use to kick Bella into the air was extended out, but Bella managed to snatch away the initiative and used the power from her ‘Knight’s Charge’ to push Samson tens of meters away.

The remaining members of the Mask of Darkness Society were knocked aside by Bella, who used Samson like a battering ram. This time, Bella led the charge again and directly sent all of Samson’s Mask of Darkness Society members flying.

After launching him tens of meters away, Bella’s left hand formed a fist and landed a heavy punch on Samson’s chest. This tall, well-built warrior suddenly emitted a black protection aura and managed to remain unmoved after taking Bella’s heavy fist head-on.

This fellow was really tough. A strong tremor traveled from Bella’s left hand right back up through her body, but Samson’s surprise was even greater than Bella’s. There was no doubt that the spiked club he had was a genuine artifact, and if he really smashed down with it, there was no way that even a fully armed Holy Knight could resist.

Just as Samson hesitated, Bella once again made trouble for him. She used both hands to grasp Samson’s spiked club and exerted all her strength to throw this tall, well-built man through the air like a lead ball.

Samson was about to fight back but Bella suddenly let go and he was thrown bodily into the air. At the moment that the other party was tossed up into the air, Bella pulled out a real knight’s lance out of the space ring on her finger. She aimed it at Samson while he was in the sky, then threw the knight’s lance as hard as she could.

The knight’s lance was like a meteor tearing through the night sky. It flew at such a high speed that it became a white flash of light. At this rate, it was estimated that the lance would send Samson straight up to the heavens.

At this extremely critical moment, a figure flashed through the air, pushed Samson away, and blocked Bella’s ‘Knight Assault’. The lance stopped right in front of him, but Bella was now red-eyed with rage. Who cared who he was? She took out a second lance and threw it again. This time, there was no doubt that her target was the person who had blocked her first knight’s lance.

“Little girl, there’s no need to kill. This place is… Wait, damnit…”

It was Bartlett, the Principal of Frank Civilian Academy, who had disrupted Bella’s attack. He originally hadn’t intended to interfere in matters like the fight for supremacy between the societies; he knew what kind of person Samson was. However, Frank Civilian Academy’s environment had always been one where fishes and dragons mixed together, and they required someone powerful like him to provide pressure to the rest.

Bella’s cultivation had already reached the level of Holy Knight and above. If Bartlett hadn’t interfered, this ‘Knight Assault’ of Bella’s might have killed Samson instantly. However, when Bartlett saw Bella’s second ‘Knight Assault’, he was unable to remain calm any longer.

This second ‘Knight Assault’ was something that Bella had sent at full strength and its power was incomparable to the first attack. In the first attack, Bartlett was still able to see the flight path, but for this second attack, even he, as a Sword God, was unable to see its trajectory.

The lance that had been thrown this time had amazing power, turning into a streak of black light as it aimed straight at Sword God Bartlett. The space around it was distorted by the power of the lance’s attack, and in this moment of life and death, Bartlett, out of years of practical experience, instinctively avoided disaster by dodging and moving his body.

The lance flew past Principal Bartlett, but the powerful impact and shock as it passed by still left Bartlett with an internal injury. Blood trickled from the corner of the supposed invincible Sword God’s mouth, and this was the most serious injury he had ever suffered since he had become Principal of the Frank Civilian Academy.

Those from the Golden Legend Society and Mask of Darkness Society who had come to watch the show were all shocked and stared at the sky as though they had just seen a ghost. The weather today was cloudy, and there were many snow-white clouds in the sky.

Bella’s second “Knight Assault” had directly pierced a hole into the clouds. That second throw of the knight’s lance seemed to have its own spiral rotation force, and when it flew up into the sky, a cone-like swirl of wind wrapped around it.

This wind cone pierced straight through the white clouds and left a huge hole in the clouds, clearing up the sky immediately. This large hole covered most of the area over Olsylvia Academy.

Sunlight came through the hole and reached the ground once again where Bella stood. The sun-kissed Bella standing in the sunshine looked like a War God. Any pretense she had put on had already been broken through completely, just like the sky.

The weekend’s originally cloudy weather had been completely changed into a sunny day through Bella’s own strength. This news would later be temporarily blocked by the school authorities, otherwise, Bella would have made the headlines for the Olsylvia Academy gossip journal once again.

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Many people secretly dripped cold sweat when they looked up at the big hole in the sky. Fortunately, this move had been aimed at the sky. If it had been aimed at people, wouldn’t they have died without an intact body? Thinking of this, President Carlos of the Golden Legend Society, already intended to withdraw. This was already no longer a question of whether or not they could win a fight.

When President Samson returned to the ground, all of the arrogance and pride on his face had disappeared to be replaced by solemnity. Had it not been for Principal Bartlett’s assistance, he would have died. Even without considering the second devastating attack, the first ‘Knight Assault’ would have been enough to kill him.

Although Samson was the President of the Mask of Darkness Society, he was essentially still a student of Frank Civilian Academy.

The reaction of the members of the Rose Club was more intriguing. Their expressions were relaxed and it appeared that they had not been surprised by Bella’s performance at all. They seemed to believe that Bella’s strength had always been like this and it wasn’t surprising that she could cause such devastating results!

“Who are you? Why are you interfering in the Society Territorial Competition? Are teachers also able to participate in the fights?! How could someone like you become the Principal…”

“I am…”

“You, what, you?! You stinky old man, you actually grouped together with a bunch of boys to bully girls. Do you even have any reason? What are school rules for, then?!”

“This… No, It’s not like that, I was…”

“Stop explaining. I’m not listening. You’re definitely in cahoots with them. Just you wait, I’ll fight you all together!”

Bella didn’t wait for Principal Bartlett to make trouble for her and purposely positioned herself righteously in order to draw public opinion to her side. If it hadn’t been for the ‘masterpiece’ that still remained in the sky, it was estimated that the headlines for the Olsylvia Academy gossip journal next week would’ve been about Principal Bartlett.

Principal Bartlett was not very good at dealing with girls. He and the student president of that college, Britney, did not interact much, let alone him encountering a ‘professional rogue’ like Bella. Now that Bella made him sound so embarrassed, he almost fainted.

“Old Brother Bartlett, how could you have so much free time to come to my college and bully my student council secretary? Say, you’re old enough to be her grandfather. As someone half a century old, you’re still willing to bully a little girl. I’m ashamed for you!”

Elvis, the Principal of Filomena Nobility Academy, appeared by the Rose Society’s side, forcefully suppressing the shock he felt in his heart. He had come out to help Bella out of the current situation, but in fact, he was also helping Principal Bartlett have a chance to recover. If nobody had come out to mediate, this matter would become an even bigger deal.

“She’s… She’s your student council secretary? You should’ve said so earlier, Principal Elvis. This is all a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding! I saw these young people starting a fight and using big moves without saying a word. Aren’t they afraid that something might happen!”

Principal Bartlett had started cursing Principal Elvis to death in his heart. This old fox was the one who had suggested that they allow foreign assistance during this weekend’s territorial competition, but now that problems had arisen, he was the one coming out to act as a mediator so that he could also appear as a good person.

“Say, if you two want to chatter, can you do it somewhere else? I still need to finish fighting this competition battle. I won’t be seeing you off!”

Throughout the entire Olsylvia Academy, there weren’t very many people who would dare to put on airs in front of the Principals, and Bella could be considered one of the few. She had a large number of princesses from all over the world on her side, as well as the presidents of various student unions. In the face of so many ‘privileged students’, the two Principals didn’t dare to do anything to her.

Bella had guessed correctly. Principal Bartlett turned and left after giving Bella a few more glances. If he stayed here any longer, he would have even less dignity left. Principal Elvis was a smart man, and he would know how to deal with the ensuing mess.

Principal Bartlett kept muttering under his breath as he left. Bella, who had good hearing, could hear what he was saying, things such as, ‘how awful is it to be old’, ‘it’s great to be young’. It seemed that Bella’s attack that had affected the skies had brought a great shock to his heart.

“We have lost. Let’s retreat! Duchess Bellina, apologies for the offense. This small one is just a rash, lowly man and doesn’t have a good understanding of noble etiquette. I hope the Duchess can overlook my faults!”

Samson cupped his fists, bowed to Bella, and left. As for whether or not he was satisfied with his loss, it was currently unknown. However, for this weekend’s Society Territory Competition, the Mask of Darkness Society had already declared defeat.

“Eh, Duchess Bellina, I have something else to do, so I won’t be staying to accompany you. You can rest assured that I will pay you in full!”

President Carlos wasn’t a fool, either. When he saw that his cannon fodder was running away, he also hurried to find a way to step down. Were they joking? Every member of his Golden Legend Society was incomparable to the members of Samson’s Mask of Darkness Society. To put it more bluntly, their lives were much more valuable than those thugs, and they would lose a lot if any of them were killed.

Bella was speechless as she watched these two spineless cowards. These fellows really had no sense of moral integrity at all. They attacked when they wanted and then retreated when they wanted. Really, they could’ve at least waited to finish the fight before leaving! Now that she was in the mood, her opponents had already started running. How depressing.

“Cough, cough, Secretary Bellina, are you… just going to stand there?”

“Oh, I’ll head back. You can do whatever you like!”

“Please wait a moment… Duchess Bellina, for better or worse, I’m still the Principal! Can’t you show a little respect?”

Principal Elvis looked at Bella’s indifferent expression and felt that it was becoming a bit difficult for him to maintain his dignity. He was the Principal and had helped her solve such a big problem, but she didn’t even entertain him with a cup of tea. It was too difficult being a Principal!

“Did you need to take care of it? … If you hadn’t come, that silly man and stinky old fart would’ve gone up to heaven long ago.”

“That… Can we talk about this? Don’t worry. As someone who is relatively more open in the bedroom, anything can be discussed.”

“I don’t lack for anything. What kind of treasure could you have that I would take a fancy to? Tell me!”

Faced with Bella’s query, Principal Elvis really felt that he couldn’t hold onto his dignity. However, he had no real way to refute it. It was just like Bella had said––she didn’t lack for anything. The only possible thing she lacked was a boyfriend.

However, Bella didn’t appear to be interested in men. At the very least, she wasn’t interested now. On the contrary, this female duchess had an obsession with beautiful girls. With this in mind, Principal Elvis gave up the idea of introducing Bella to a few handsome boys; he was unable to act as a matchmaker like this.

“Duchess Bellina, I’ve actually come to talk to you about important things. There was a little situation outside of your dormitory building the night before last. I wanted to discuss that with you in detail.”

“Well… But, I’m the chief commander for Rose Society in the Society Territorial Competition today. If the Rose Society’s last society area is captured by other societies just because I was talking to you, you’ll have to…”

“Stop, please. I understand this point. Your Rose Society has won this weekend’s Society Territorial Competition. I do indeed have the authority to do this.”

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