Volume 3 Chapter 125: Olsylvia Academy’s Weekend Society Territorial Competition Is In Progress

Olsylvia Academy’s Six Major Academy Lakes, Vignia Lake lakeside, Duchess Bellina’s exclusive residence building, ‘Pure White Heaven’. In a hidden area of the rooftop sky garden above Bella’s number one dormitory room.

Regarding the previous infiltrator attacks, the girls who were participating in the party here had not noticed it at all except Lisa and Bella. Bella didn’t plan to share the news either. If they knew that it was unsafe here, some of the girls might refuse to attend the next party for security reasons, and that was something Bella didn’t want to see.

“Bella, I’ve already told you my secret. Can you let me go back first?”

“Back where? Cynthia, you are a holy swordswoman and Pope McPherson has already given you to me. This is something recognized by the church. You’re mine and at my side is where you should be.”

“I… I was originally trained to help President Maria become the new pope. Bella, President Maria won’t give up on me. You should…”

“President Maria can barely keep herself alive right now, so you should stop struggling. It seems like you do not have the consciousness to obey the orders from the pope of Radiant Church!”

Within the hidden room in the rooftop garden, on a large, wide, reclining bed, Bella embraced the holy swordswoman Cynthia, her hands roaming over Cynthia’s petite body. The holy swordswoman Cynthia was currently using her real appearance and looking at the beautiful girl with silver hair struggling in her arms, Bella’s desire for conquest increased greatly as her hands picked up the pace. She wanted to find her sensitive points to prepare for further overtures in the future.

The spiritual brand that controlled the holy swordswoman Cynthia’s spirit hadn’t been lifted and even the current pope of the Radiant Church didn’t know how to remove it. Nevertheless, Bella had learned how to control the spiritual brand from the previous pope of the Radiant Church, the third generation pope McPherson.

For Bella, it was possible for her to use the spiritual brand and make Cynthia accept her, but by doing so, the enjoyment and interest she had in conquering her would be greatly reduced.

There were more accompanying them on the bed. Sylvia and Princess Laceman were also there, but they were already tired and dead to the world. Princess Pamela was also sleeping on the bed; Bella had just placed her there. Cynthia, as a holy swordswoman, was physically much stronger than the Golden Dragon Princess Laceman, so Bella had deliberately saved ‘eating’ her for last.

“Bella, do you want to use the spiritual brands to control President Maria and the Four Saints?”

“Cynthia baby, you’re really smart and guessed it right away. As a reward, you can be my exclusive secretary in the future.”

“You… Let them go! I…”

Cynthia’s chattering little mouth was blocked by Bella’s French kiss. She had already confirmed Cynthia’s sensitive points by this time and her hands roamed evilly over her body, leaving her completely unable to resist. After several rounds of kneading and stroking, Bella allowed this beautiful girl with silver hair to collapse in her arms.

“Cynthia, your mouth is only for kissing me, not to reason with me. Besides, I’m not going to discuss the Radiant Church with you!”

“Bella… You have such a strange hobby; no boy will like you like this. You should change…”

“Isn’t it better this way? Cynthia, don’t I have all of you?”

Cynthia’s ‘mouth cannon’ also ended in failure, and after going through several rounds of Bella’s ‘attacks’, this beautiful holy swordswoman also fell into the intoxication of being intimate with Bella. Her tongue began to actively cooperate with Bella’s in a French kiss.

Bella’s hands traveled up Cynthia’s smooth back and stroked her silk-like silver hair. She couldn’t get enough of this sensation.

The third pope of the Radiant Church, McPherson, had told her before that Cynthia was the pope’s possession. Now, even the Radiant Church’s successor, President Maria, was her person, so Cynthia was naturally hers as well.

“Bella, are you secretly making comparisons in your heart? How hateful! Don’t compare me with the other girls!”

Cynthia couldn’t help but complain when she saw that Bella had an evil smile on her face as she played with her hair. Now, she had basically accepted her fate; Bella already knew how to control Cynthia’s spiritual brand, and she could consider her to be her master.

“Cynthia baby, you’ve learned to be jealous. There’s some progress. Let me reward you.”

Bella didn’t explain herself and soothed Cynthia with a kiss instead. It was impossible to not make comparisons between the silver-haired girl beside her and Ariel and Kriss.

 A good while later, after she had coaxed Cynthia to sleep, Bella got up and covered them with silk quilts before changing into a bikini. She left the secret room and went to rejoin the swimsuit party.

Bella had decided to look for Sylvia and the others to relax a little and alleviate the desire that was about to overwhelm her. Coming out, she saw Mia and Diaz keeping watch while waiting on standby.

“You’ve both worked hard. Mia, have you seen all your sisters?”

“Lady Sister, I’ve seen all the elder sisters here. Other than Cynthia and President Maria, there are also the Four Saints: Daisy, Hayley, Susan, and Sophia. They all have this strange spiritual brand on them, but the other elder sisters don’t have anything like that.”

“Mia, can you undo those brands? Aren’t you proficient with such things?”

“Lady Sister, this spiritual brand uses a light system, and if I use my evil arts on them, I’m afraid that there might be an accident. After all, they are currently still members of the Radiant Church.”

Regarding Cynthia and the others’ spiritual brand, Mia said that she would only be able to deal with them after they had all become somewhat depraved. Bella also didn’t insist on it. After making a trade with the third generation pope, McPherson, she already knew how to control the spiritual brand on the Radiant Church’s Four Saints, successor President Maria, and holy swordswoman Cynthia.

“Master Bella, according to a reliable source, the Golden Legends Society and the Mask of Darkness Society intend to join forces to challenge our Rose Society for our event room building during this week’s Society Territorial Competition.”

“That fellow Carlos never stops. Everyone here is rich; why do we need to mutually harm each other? Right, where are the others now?”

“Based on the information from Lola’s intelligence network, they should be on the roof of the McCarthy Building, where the Golden Legend Society is headquartered. They seem to be holding a party there. Compared to the party you’re having here… forget it. Lola was a little embarrassed to tell me more about it, so I’m not very clear either.”

“That fellow is also a lord who knows how to enjoy life. We’ll go and check them out this weekend. As for now, let’s first accompany my friends from the society to relax and enjoy!”

The Rose Society’s swimwear party and the Golden Legend Society’s rooftop party were both evening parties. It would be Saturday tomorrow, and all the societies had tacitly agreed to a one-day break. Most students had gone a little overboard with the partying over the Spring Festival and hadn’t recovered their energy yet.

Because Friday was a holiday, the ranking battle for campus students had also been temporarily suspended this week. This gave Bella a valuable and much-needed buffer period. If they had to participate in the ranking battle and then fight in the society turf fight immediately after, Bella might have been a little overwhelmed.

Of course, there were some people who hadn’t enjoyed their Spring Festival as much. For example, Olsylvia Academy’s school authorities. All the infiltrators who had attempted an attack on Bella’s dormitory, other than the troop of cannon fodder that had Demonic Dragon Emperor Alisha and Bella, had all been destroyed by a third party.

Exactly what were the origins of this third party? The Olsylvia Academy school authorities consumed a lot of brain cells trying to figure out who had done it. During Bella’s party last night, most of the people who had attended were relatively famous girls including princesses of various countries as well as ladies from various families. There had also been presidents and high-level members from various branches of student unions.

If the attack had succeeded, then the consequences… In order to prevent further accidents, the school could only secretly strengthen the security around Bella’s dormitory and arrange for more security guards to stay on guard and patrol.

Olsylvia Academy North Campus, Filomena Nobility Academy Community Activity Area, Rose Society Headquarters, Society Events Building.

Because the school had made an exception and allowed the Filomena Nobility Academy and Euphemia Imperial Academy to invite external aid, this weekend’s society battle and turf war had become extremely popular. As soon as the morning of the weekend arrived, all the major societies of the Olsylvia Academy began a new round of ‘mutual harm’.

The Rose Society hadn’t selected the site for their new residence yet; McPherson wasn’t suitable for them to use as an events room. Bella intended to change it into a place for pilgrimage after she had fully taken over the monastery. As for the Rose Society’s events room, they would need to look somewhere else.

The number of members in the Golden Legend Society and the Mask of Darkness Society added together was over a thousand, seventy percent of whom were members of the Mask of Darkness Society. They had come as external aid in order to support the Golden Legend Society.

Carlos, the president of the Golden Legend Society had come personally along with the president of the Mask of Darkness Society, Samson. Their expressions were a little ugly as there were many more members of the Rose Society than their intelligence had indicated.

From the surface, it appeared as though the Rose Society did not have any foreign aid on their side, but in fact, they had a lot. For example, they had President Maria and the Four Saints who were related to the Doors of Truth, and President Ivy who was related to the Ironblood Cross Society. If they were to really calculate it, there were at least six societies associated with the Rose Society, and they had more allies than Carlos’s side.

“Is President Nina of the Rose Society here? We, the Golden Legend Society, have come to fight.”

“Nina is in the office dealing with official duties. I can accept your challenge on her behalf, President Carlos. Shall we simply fight it out? I’m not a very clever person, so I prefer beating people up!”

“This… Duchess Bellina, what’s the matter with them?”

A few drops of cold sweat ran down Carlos’s forehead as he looked nervously behind Bella. Merely from the dragon knights alone, there were Princess Lisha and Natasha, the Chief of the Discipline. There were also the ‘Dusk Knight’ Daphne, ‘Thunder Knight’ Aurora, as well as Princess Luce, Princess Irene, and the others.

The battle between the Filomena Nobility Academy and the Euphemia Imperial Academy still had to follow the rules, and there were still some limits. Mage professions were forbidden in such a clash as the buildings here were much more expensive than the Frank Civilian Academy and Olivia Wizard Academy next door. It was inevitable for there to be damage to public property if magic was used during a fight.

Since mages couldn’t be used, and under the premise that people couldn’t be killed, the physical professions had become the main force during any fight for supremacy between the societies. The members brought by President Carlos and President Samson were all physical professions.

With Bella’s several dragon knights holding the fort, Carlos and the others basically had no chance of winning. Additionally, many of the girls on the other side were princesses, and they were also not allowed to injure them—even a mild injury was prohibited.

“They… they attended my party the day before yesterday and had nothing to do over the weekend so they stayed over. You can just treat them as a part of the background. President Carlos, don’t dawdle. You’ve already brought so many people; haven’t you come for a fight?”

Bella confidently declared war on President Carlos. Although she was at an absolute disadvantage when it came to numbers, she could absolutely crush them based on her team’s average combat power. Additionally, this wasn’t a real battlefield and they weren’t allowed to kill, so sending Carlos’s crowd of people was basically like delivering food.

Carlos was silent and seemed to be calculating his gains and losses in his mind. His previous intelligence mistakes had left him in quite a passive position as the information that he received was that Bella’s Rose Society hosted a little party. How could he have realized that Bella would use the name of this party to invite a large number of ‘free fighters’?

“President Carlos, don’t hesitate. I’ll only accept a group fight. Don’t bring up other forms of duel––I’m a fighter and you can forget about any sort of gambling match.”

Carlos didn’t show any expression but the people around him couldn’t sit still anymore. They were a group of guys; how could they be left at an impasse due to threats from a few girls? The first one to jump was Samson, the president of the Mask of Darkness Society. It wasn’t like he had never beaten a woman before.

“President Carlos, step back and hand it over to me! We will show her the power of our Mask of Darkness. Brothers, let’s go!”

As Samson waved his arms and shouted, members of the Mask of Darkness Society swarmed up towards Bella’s position. They were carrying spiked clubs which was already quite restrained. Back at Frank’s Civilian Academy, they would have used machetes and axes.

The spectacle of hundreds of men charging together was a rare sight in the territorial fights of Filomena Nobility Academy. The Disciplinary Committee who was secretly overseeing the fight was full of anxiety for the Rose Society on Bella’s side.

Carlos did not speak out which could be considered acquiescing to Samson’s actions. He looked at Natasha, the head of the Disciplinary Committee. The latter’s expression was very calm and didn’t look like she had any intention of making a move to support Bella at all. This dragon knight was really too steady.

Bella faced the charge of hundreds of members from the Mask of Darkness with not a trace of fear on her face. A translucent horse appeared in front of her and Bella jumped onto the ghostly warhorse and accepted a knight’s shield from her knight attendant Lady Shirley.

Bella also didn’t bring any sharp weapons. She was afraid that if she brought a real weapon, she might not be able to control herself in the heat of the battle. If she really began killing, it would be difficult to have things end well. Because of this, Bella also only took out a spiked club like theirs as a weapon.

“Soul Warhorse, I… Isn’t that a Soul Knight’s skill? Wasn’t Bellina a Black Knight?”

Something that would stun Carlos even more was still to come. Bella was riding on a ghostly warhorse, commanding like a general on a battlefield. Immediately after, hundreds of Soul Knights appeared out of nowhere around Bella and charged towards Carlos at her command.

Bella had learned how to command from Commander Pamela, a professional commander. She looked exactly like a real general and there wasn’t much of a difference. Soul knights weren’t a forbidden profession because the summoned soul knights carried a sacred aura around their spirits.

Humans generally believed that they were formed after the death of knights who fought on behalf of justice. Since they were spirits, they were not a forbidden profession. The death knights and ghost knights who were of a similar branch and also manipulated the soul were treated much worse because they summoned the undead, which was considered a taboo in this world.

Bella, of course, wasn’t a soul knight at all. She was pretending to be one by using Angel’s soul control ability, and the so-called heroic soul knights behind her had all come into being by making use of the souls of the golden knights from the McPherson Monastery.

The battle for territory instantly became a confrontation between cavalry and infantry. If they didn’t have any sort of defensive formation, the infantry was basically like vegetables waiting to be cut when faced with cavalry, and in the end, the attackers from the Mask of Darkness were just like thugs who usually attacked through dark means. There was no way for them to compare to a regular country army, and they naturally knew nothing of maintaining a formation. This initial impact led directly to chaos amongst their ranks.

“Withdraw! Quick! I don’t want to die yet!”

“Stop pushing. Damn it, who pushed your father just now… Wait a minute. Don’t run so fast, you guys! Wait for me…”

“Stop it! This isn’t even a battle for territory, it’s a massacre…”

The scene had been plunged into chaos, and the members of the Mask of Darkness were scattered in all directions under Bella and the soul knights’ attack. Those who didn’t understand the situation would definitely have a mistaken belief that this was a battle rather than a fight for territory between two societies.

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