Volume 3 Chapter 124: Undercurrent of the Olysian College Spring Festival

Olissivia Academy’s first and foremost lake, Lake Virginia, rested next to Duchess Bellina’s private apartment complex, “Pure White Heaven”. On the rooftop, in a hidden area of the garden.

This private little pool was the most secretive and well-concealed spot on the entire rooftop garden. Incidentally, it was the same spot that Bella took the other school beauties to do naughty things with. Furthermore, this pool was under even less scrutiny than the last one she had stayed at. Even the student council president Isaman was unaware of this particular spot.

“Wuuu… master Bella, just spare me. I’m… a little…”

“Sylvia, I say aren’t you mages’ body physiques just a little bit too lacking? If you’re exhausted after just this little bit, then tomorrow won’t you be unable to get out of bed?”

“Tomorrow… I won’t be able to call in sick again, or the other mages will think something suspicious is going on.”

“Then why don’t you just bring them along with you? That way, you won’t have to serve me all by yourself, how about it? Every additional person you bring lessens your burdens by a bit!”

Bella was turned to the side, sitting adjacent to about half-a-meter deep small pool. In her arms was a beautiful blue-haired girl with whom she was currently getting comfortable with. A short while ago, there were a few times she wanted to instruct Betty to spike all the guests’ drinks, catching all the beautiful ladies here in one fell swoop and save much time and trouble.

It wasn’t easy getting here, but finally, Bella could quench her “thirst”. Sylvia’s body at this point was completely immobile, her entire person lying paralyzed in Bella’s embrace. The mage profession was known for its shortcoming of having weak body physiques. Bella having the profession of “Demon King” naturally had a stronger physique, something that Sylvia could not compare to. If it wasn’t for Bella showing mercy, Sylvia would have been easily played around by Bella until she was broken.

“Miss Sylvia don’t listen to that demon’s enticing words. She just wants to lay her hands on your friends to—you, stop! What are you doing! Don’t come over here!”

“Princess Laceman, I think it would be wise if you were more concerned about yourself at this moment!”

Bella reached out with one hand towards the little girl, currently kneeling with a face full of indignation and hostility, and dragged her over. Pulling her into her embrace, she landed kiss after kiss on the high and mighty Golden Dragon Princess’s lovable face. Princess Laceman’s hands were currently bound behind her back with spider silk thus she was unable to defend herself against Bella’s brazen actions.

“Don’t do this, no… you can’t lick there! Stop! I was wrong! Let me go… somebody save—”

This particular pool was intended strictly for the purpose of skinny dipping. Naturally, Bella, Sylvia, and Princess Laceman’s bodies were all stark naked at the moment. Before entering, Bella had already taken off their hindersome bikinis and thrown them to the side.

“The special magical plants planted around this pool have the unique ability to soundproof this area. Princess Laceman, go ahead, scream and yell until your throat sores, but no one will be coming to save you.”

“You… do you dare to untie me? If it weren’t for this damn spider silk…”

Princess Laceman continued to valiantly struggle; however, earlier under the supervision of one of the lolitas, Laceman had already recited the Dark Pledge of Eternal Servitude towards Bella. Like it or not, she was already Bella’s property.

“That’s right, I love playing with desperate struggling little girls like you the most. Sylvia, take a break for now and let me properly play with Princess Laceman for a bit. Oh and also, don’t go having any strange thoughts now. The people from the dragon race are already all under my control. I trust that you won’t be doing any dumb things.”

“Thank you… Mistress Bella, I won’t do anything foolish…”

Bella placed Sylvia to the side and made sure she was all settled before turning around to face Princess Laceman. Laceman’s face was full of terror and her golden pupils showed great signs of restlessness. This damned demoness, with regards to the intimate things between women, she was even more adept and experienced than her seniors back in the dragon race.

“Hold on, that place is… Bella, you shouldn’t be lacking in beautiful women. Outside there’s…”

“I don’t mind adding a few extras, Princess Laceman. Other things I might not have, but spare rooms I do have aplenty, so adding a few more girls isn’t bothersome at all. Now, let me see your real honest side…”

“NO… there’s still people here. When it’s just the two of us you… ugh… let me go…”

Bella had already grasped all of Princess Laceman’s most sensitive spots on her body and was continuously using her hands to pinch and knead those sensitive areas. Princess Laceman’s face was scarlet from continuous attacks and she was on the verge of losing control. 

“Master Bella, there is a group of men that have infiltrated the building. Currently, they have taken out the security guards on the first floor.”

“I… these damn punks are really such buzzkills. Diaz, Help me watch these two sisters carefully. I’ll be back in a short while. Also, tell Lola when no one is watching to invite Secretary Cynthia and Princess Pamela to this spot as well. I just thought of a new method of playing.”

 ”Understood, my Demon Liege.”

Diaz bowed her head, not daring to look Bella in the eyes. Bella hated most when others interrupted her playtime. Once in the past when she was still ignorant, she had accidentally disturbed Bella in the midst of playing around with the other girls. As a result, she had been pulled into the storm. That time she had been thoroughly played around with and had to lie in bed for several days afterward.

Olsylvia Academy’s Six Major Lakes, beside Lake Virginia, Bella’s private apartment complex “Pure White Heaven” outside surrounding area.
The intruders had already killed five or six of the security guards. It wasn’t that the security guards were weak, but just that the invaders were a step above and also had the advantage of ambushing them.

“Who would have thought that this dormitory building actually had this many security guards patrolling around it.”

“Leader, let’s go in! Those young girls are all on the rooftop partying. I can hardly wait already…”

“Look at you, just like a frantic monkey. Have you never seen a woman before? Just wait and you’ll get yours…”

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A whistling sound passed by, and shortly after the wretched man’s head was rolling on the floor. Following the head’s decapitation, the body subsequently collapsed, crumbling to the ground. A huge amount of blood began spewing out from the decapitated neck, painting a far more bloody and gruesome scene than when they had killed those security guards.

“Retreat. Enemy attack!”

As they couldn’t see their attackers, the invaders rapidly retreated. Alas, it was already too late for them. A brutal tempest came sweeping out from the first-floor lobby. As it swept past, all of the intruders, save for the exception of their leader who was lucky and smart enough to move away first, were sliced and diced into mincemeat, a complete annihilation.

In the end, though the leader was still unable to escape, a golden-haired girl stepped out from the building’s entrance and blocked the leader’s escape route. While he was caught off guard, a rifle beam came from behind and pierced through his chest.

“You… you are…”

“The hell it matters who I am. This place isn’t somewhere you should have tried to enter, but now you can stay forever.”

“Wait a minute, I’ll tell you who was behind it, you…”

The Knight Rifle in Bella’s arms exerted a great deal of force, and an instant later, the leader of the intruders was pierced to death. Within his eyes was a great deal of unwillingness. This female knight didn’t follow the proper procedure at all. She didn’t bother at all about interrogating the captured prisoner.

Bella was too lazy to waste words on him. When she had come out, she was in too much of a hurry, and so she had casually donned her Knight Armor. Underneath, she was wearing her personal pure white bikini swimsuit. She still had to go back to the pool party! As for interrogating the intruder, this kind of troublesome thing, it was really something that she couldn’t be bothered with.

Seeing the mess of bloody corpses strewn across the ground, Bella felt a wave of disgust. Why did people have to harm and kill each other? In a bit, she’ll give Olsylvia’s school security force head Thomas a few gold coins, and have him help clean up this mess here. It was good that the invaders were still outside the building and didn’t make it into the first-floor lobby, otherwise, it would have been a pain to clean the inside of the building.

Bella stood at the base of the grand staircase on the first-floor lobby and looked at the girl who had aided her. It seemed to be her little sister, Lisha, no, more accurately speaking it was her alter ego, the Demonic Dragon Empress Alicia, standing with her arms crossed and giving Bella a cold and emotionless glare.

Bella didn’t mind Alicia’s cold and indifferent expression at all. No matter how cold she was, in the end, she was still her little sister; such a connection was inseverable. Alicia’s flowing black hair and a pair of dark gold irises accentuated her dominant and overbearing presence. It wasn’t clear though whether or not she had any other clothes to change into at the moment as in a rare appearance, Alicia was also wearing a dark gold bikini.

“Lisha, that piece of swimsuit looks quite good on you I daresay! Not bad. It looks like my efforts to design and make that swimsuit weren’t in vain.”
“Bella… you rascal, just where did you get the measurements for my three sizes? This swimsuit can’t be just a coincidence. Even though it’s similar, I and she have slight differences in our measurements. How did you…”

“That’s a secret. Wait a minute, her, you’re not Lisha? Sister, be good. The Spring Festival is such an important festival, so you can’t be joking around like that! You’re making me scared sister.”
“Your eyes are giving away how excited you are. You’re not one bit scared.”
Towards Bella’s shameless antics, the Demonic Dragon Empress Alicia had some understanding. If it wasn’t for her rascal alter ego Lisha being too shy and afraid to express her true feelings, she wouldn’t have been forced to come out and lend a hand.
Lisha’s current condition was actually pretty similar to Bella’s as they were both people who had alter egos. Demonic Dragon Empress Alicia had always been Lisha’s inner alter ego. When her ego appeared, her physical body would substitute Lisha’s, and everything she experienced would be hidden and tucked away from Lisha.

Before, Bella had secretly spied on Alicia while she was sleeping and had not yet reverted back to Lisha. It was from then on that she knew of Alicia’s three sizes like the back of her palm. This little secret was one that she was definitely not planning on telling. She planned on using this little secret to bait Alicia’s curiosity.

“Forget it, I’ll just say it clearly. Lisha also likes you! But on the account that you two are sisters, she was scared and afraid to accept your confession. But seeing you get more and more close and intimate with Kriss and those other beautiful girls with each passing day, she’s getting a little anxious.
“Right now, I’m telling you. You must be good to her. I think in the future, you’ll know what you need to do, and by then I guess I’ll be… what are you pulling on me for…”

“Alicia, it’s rare for you to come out and make an appearance. It would be a pity for you to go and transform back right away! Just let me look at you for a while longer, please? Lisha is my dear little sister, and I will, of course, treat her very well. But, I would also like to extend that same sentiment towards you.”
“Bella… your heart’s greed is not small. To think that you would dare have thoughts about me as well. I… I’ll just make one exception this time and stay out a little longer. But I want to make it clear that you are to treat me the same as Lisha, and you’re not allowed to have any other random thoughts.”
Regarding Bella’s invitation, Alicia surprisingly did not decline. Although she was an alter ego, she had a peculiar relationship with the outer ego Lisha. When Bella took the chance to grab hold of Alicia’s right hand, she could feel the emotions within this Dragon Empress were slowly and subtly starting to shift and change.

When she had first heard Bella say that she intended to treat her and Lisha the same, Alicia had thoughts of freeing her hand from Bella’s grasp. However, after a series of conflicting thoughts, the hand that originally wanted to break free did not budge an inch. Bella was not muddle headed and did not let the small gesture of acquiescence go unnoticed. Seeing that she had obtained Alicia’s silent approval, she brought them back to the rooftop garden, continuing on with their bikini pool party.
As for the problem with the intruders, that could be placed on hold for now. This sort of rare festival setting, there was no way that Bella was going to let these small cannon fodder ruin her festive mood.

Outside the apartment complex, the number of people who had their eyes locked onto this building was not limited to just those earlier intruders. It was just that those unfortunate small fries had walked in first, thus meeting their demise. Pity these people who thought they were so well hidden but had been locked on and discovered long before.

Olsylvia Academy Southern Campus area, Filomena Nobility Student Activity Center, Golden Legend Society McCarthy Building, on the top of the building there was another rooftop pool here. It had to be said that this place was well suited for the rich tastes of the wealthy. Golden Legend Society President Carlos had put together a Spring Festival Party of his own here.
This Spring Festival Party was personally hosted by the Golden Legend Society President Carlos. In reality, this gathering was only for the richest and the most affluent students of Olsylvia Academy. The minimum assets required to attend this meeting were very strict. If you didn’t meet the requirements, you had no business here.

President Carlos was currently sitting in the head seat. Behind him, a beautiful servant girl was rubbing and massaging his shoulders, and to his left and right were two more beautiful girls waiting on him.

The girls providing service for this gathering were hired by the Golden Legend Society from the nearby Antoinette School of Art. Being hired to attend this sort of grand and luxurious student gathering meant that they were already going to receive quite the generous remuneration, and if they were able to establish a relationship with some of these rich and powerful young masters, then these Antoinette Art School girls didn’t mind at all selling their dignity and self-respect.

The size of this gathering was even bigger than the one that Bella hosted. Furthermore, the women at Bella’s party were all wearing bikinis, but at this gathering, the girls from the Antoinette School of Art were required to be stark naked. Thus, the main guests of this gathering were males. Towards these “temporary service girls”, it was already impossible to keep track of how many times they had been touched and felt up.
What’s more, whenever one of these Antoinette Art School girls looked pleasing to the eye, they would be directly dragged downstairs to one of the several prepared rooms to do all sorts of imaginable but unspeakable things. In the name of this being a pool party gathering, most of the male guests that attended came in nothing but swim trunks, making it extremely convenient for them to do that sort of thing.
Carlos big bro, you still know how to live a good life. Your little bro here is truly impressed. This should be the true standard of living!”

“Samson bro, you’re not doing so shabby yourself! Pity, these women don’t really have much flavor to them!”

Sitting across from Carlos was his allied friend, Mask Of Darkness society president Samson. The look that Samson gave off was that he was absolutely the big boss of a gang. A huge robust body full of muscle, and upper torso covered with scars and knife marks. Anyone would take one look and know that he was battle-worn and the big boss.

Servicing Samson were two girls, and their lovely fragile frames were quivering. This black-hearted boss was especially hard to service, as he had no sympathy towards women. If he was dissatisfied with these women, he would use all sorts of strange and twisted methods to punish and torture them. The traces of scar marks on the two women’s bodies were a clear testament to this fact.

Moreover, Samson liked to play with multiple women at a time. Near his seat were three passed out women, and from the looks of it, they had fainted from Samson’s previous toying of them.

While chatting, Carlos had been reaching his hand into the chest of the service girl beside him and had been roughly groping and kneading her breast. The girl’s face was bright red as she was powerless before Carlos’s blatant molestation, and finally, let out a groaning cry. However, because of the fact that this sort of sound was becoming too common at this setting and that there were many other cries that sounded even more lamenting, her cry went unnoticed.

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When speaking of teasing a woman’s sensitive spots, Carlos this “old driver” was just as much a veteran as Bella. If it wasn’t for Bella transmigrating and changing gender to a woman, the two would have probably banded together in the name of similar interests. The official name of this gathering Carlos had sent out was the “Grand Seaside Feast” and of course he had sent an invitation to Bella, only that Bella had completely ignored his invitation.

This arrogant girl. According to the reports of his informants, Bella’s Rose Society had organized their own little gathering. Furthermore, Bella had taken away all of the school belles that Carlos had intended on inviting. Originally, Carlos had wanted to make this a somewhat more normal gathering; however, because none of the female Olsylvia Academy students were coming, Carlos could only change the venue to this sort of indecent setting.

Of course, Carlos was furious. Olsylvia’s top ten school beauties had all joined the Rose Society’s gathering, and towards his invitation, they didn’t pay him any heed at all. This was beyond insulting.

Keeping in view that there were no men in the Rose Society and that nothing much could go on even if they attended Bella’s gathering, Carlos decided not to send a large team of people to crash their party, and instead opting to send a small tactical surveillance team. Pity that Carlos didn’t know Bella was more dangerous than any man.

Just when Carlos thought that nothing bad could be going on over there, Bella was in the middle of doing the same “gentleman acts” that Carlos was currently engaging in. If Carlos were to know the truth, he would do whatever it takes to stop Bella from continuing her wild antics.

“Carlos big bro, what you say is right. These women have no resistance at all, and it’s not interesting. Although, this body figure, this skin, a common person would never be able to enjoy them. I want to stay the night, is that alright? I’ll be taking these women with me.”
”There’s no problem. It’s the weekend after all, but just don’t wind up dead.”

Carlos expressionlessly raised his wine cup, completely ignoring the helpless pleading looks the two women beside Samson were giving him. These Antoinette girls were really something. They wanted the benefits but when it came down to it, they were unwilling to put out. There’s no place on Earth where you could find such a deal.

Although Samson was a bit brutish, at the very least he was more or less normal when it came to such things. Carlos scanned the crowd and saw many of Antoinette girls going with those seemingly gentle and refined young men.

These few girls were probably fresh and new to their school because they didn’t know that the ones that looked the most gentle and kind on the surface would turn out to be the most monstrous and perverted in the bedroom. They would learn it once it was night. Carlos’s mouth turned into a hint of a sadistic smile. Towards the bad behavior of his society members, Carlos was too lazy to control them as after all, he was the same.

“That’s right, I almost forgot the important business. On this weekend’s Society Territorial War, the school has permitted the assistance of outside society members. Samson, this weekend, bring the top elites from your society over. I’m gonna overthrow this Rose Society’s last stronghold.”

“President Carlos, Rose Society is nothing but a bunch of women. To do this, isn’t it… bullying…”

“Samson old bro, aren’t you doing the same right now? Enough with the semantics. So what if men bully a little? After the task is completed, you can freely pick from any of the pretty Antoinette girls. Even if it’s their most high and proud school beauty, I can still put her in your grasp, and give you… you know what!”

“Alright, I’ll do it already! After everything’s done, is it possible to get some funding? My financial resources have been…”

”No problem, after everything is set and done, you won’t be short of either women or money.”

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