Volume 3 Chapter 123: Spring Festival Of Olsylvia Academy Part 2

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The rooftop garden was planted with a very lush plant cover, only a few rays of the morning sunlight could pass through. After thinking of the few Savior guys that were going for a walk in the spring outside, because the top ten academy belles of Olsylvia Academy had been contracted by her which caused them to awkwardly be unable to hook up with the girls, Bella’s heart was secretly filled with a burst of happiness.

President Angelia and the others had already moved to this dormitory building. After looking around, all these beautiful girls were mostly staying in this building. This swimsuit party, Bella had decided to play till night. Since most of them were staying here, then today all would stay here and be at ease.
However, Bella’s building was not the only one hosting this type of party on the top of the dormitory building. By the side of Vignia Lake, the dormitory building that was facing Bella’s dormitory building and on the other side of the lake was contracted by the Brothers. The top of their dormitory building was also huge but they had done up a rooftop gym; it was very different from Bella’s side of the rooftop garden.
Bella’s demon king line of sight penetrated past the edge of trees on the top of the building that blocked her sight; in a distance of a few hundred miles of the surface of the lake and she could see the top of the Fraternity dormitory building. There, she saw a picture of a group of muscular men, bare to the waist and working out. Apparently, the top ten academy beaus of Olsylvia Academy did not need girls and from such a far distance, Bella could feel the strong sense of philosophy from their body.
“Bella, what are you looking at?”
“Eh, Kriss, you are…”
Bella had not turned her body when Kriss rested her body on hers. Both of her hands looped around Bella’s shoulders and they looked intimate.
Behind her, Bella felt the astonishing elasticity and was also not courteous. She turned and hugged Kriss. Currently, Kriss was considered her public “girlfriend”, so hugging her was alright.
“Bella, you have so many girls around you, I …”
“Please keep quiet, you need not worry.”
Bella kissed Kriss’ restless lips, her hands lightly caressing and stroked her back. Kriss wore a silver bikini swimsuit. While Kriss did not notice, Bella’s hands went to the knot on her back.
“Wait … This is not the place. Bella, my father appointed people to come to act as a matchmaker again, I …”
“Please feel reassured that this holiday I will help you decline all the engagements.”
Bella had planned to continue carrying out her plan when suddenly Kriss left her hug. She stuffed a ring carved with her name with Bella and left with a red face.
Bella had wanted to chase her but was obstructed by Ariel who was also silver-haired. This mage seemed to have planned in advance as the timing of her appearance was very clever. The bikini swimsuit that she wore was the same design and color as Kriss.
“Ariel, you came at the right time. Aren’t you experienced and knowledgeable? Just now Kriss gave me this ring, I don’t know the meaning of this, you know…”

“This is… hateful, Kriss had actually run away secretly, I… You take this.”
“Oh, Ariel, I completely don’t understand magic. Why did you pass me this magic book…”
“Since I ask you to take it, just take it. Other people want it, I wouldn’t have given them. Obviously I am the first, so hateful.”
Ariel’s face was flushed red but she purposely raised her tone to cover the nervousness in her heart. She forcefully slipped a book of magic with rose-red cover to Bella and left in the opposite direction of Kriss.
The ring that Kriss had given to Bella, Bella had not known but Ariel knew that the ring was given by the Gabriel Empire’s Princess to her beloved and was a promise ring. This cunning Swordsman had secretly run to Bella first.
Ariel, because of her baffling affections, had given the Aldridge Empire’s princess engagement contract magic book to Bella. Kriss started a “no good” beginning; Ariel just imitated.
Following that, Bella was again hugged from the back by Noreya who had moved stealthily. This aloof assassin was more brazen as compared to the previous two. She gave Bella the Kristoff Empire’s Princess symbol of engagement which was the Arrow Of Love.
“Noreya, why did you give me such a weird thing! The arrow is not hard enough!”
“Bella, you need to be responsible for me, you had… In any case, my whole body was seen by you… I am not bothered by other people, but this matter I can not lag behind!”
Noreya’s face was not as obvious as the previous two. She was used to her profession and it was already a rare spectacle that her face could be slightly red. Bella looked at Noreya who had rapidly left and regretted that she started out too slow. The black decorative design bikini that Noreya was wearing was very nice; it was a pity that Bella did not hug her in her embrace and took liberties with Noreya.
“Tsk tsk, Bella, this witch with a grave sin. You provoked them when they refuse and now they have changed their opinion towards you. How are you going to end this now!”

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“Elaine, you are here to join in the fun too. I really don’t know what these things are!”
Elaine was the fourth person to appear beside Bella, but she was calmer and at least her face did not turn red. Of course, it was obvious that she was holding something in her palm. From the strained clenched fist, it was probably something important.
Bella’s line of sight swept across Elaine’s body, Elaine was wearing an orange bikini. Towards Bella’s “gaze that was taking liberties”, till now there were no girls that could act indifferently. Elaine was not spared either; after stared at her a few times, she was not calm anymore.
“What are you looking at, quickly go and look for the three of the girls that gave you gifts, they are…”
“How about you, Elaine, I feel that you are similar to them! Do you have anything to give me? What treasure are you holding in your hands!”

“I… Please do not think strangely. This is a present between friends so please hold it properly. I still want to go to the swimming pool to find my sister. I will tell you one last time, that gift really has no other meaning!”
Elaine handed a yellow heart-shaped gem to Bella and left. Had this girl thought that Balla had never seen her sister, Isaman’s, blue heart-shaped gem? Above the yellow heart-shaped gem was Elaine’s name and beside it was left with a big empty position, it looked like it was for their other half to fill up the name.
“Bella, my sister’s gem… can you return it to me? That is our Manasvir Empire’s princess… Anyway, you won’t use it.”
“President Isaman, this is out of the question! One day, your gem will be mine too!”
President Isaman appeared last and saw the few playthings in Bella’s hands. She was dumbfounded. This problematic top rank student, her sin was indeed too severe; teasing the few princesses until she got their engagement tokens.
“Bella, you are too greedy. Those are all … You are not a prince, please leave all these to someone more qualified…”
“Can’t these be for girls! Isaman, you are discriminating against sex. Why are you not visiting the Fraternity at their home opposite the lake to educate them?”
Isaman was speechless for a while. Towards the matters of the Fraternity, she did not know how to explain too. Bella looked at President Isaman who was wearing a purple bikini and feeling embarrassed, and felt a burst of complacency. President Isaman could not solve the matters of the Fraternity; if that was the case then she had no reason to criticise Bella’s plan to flirt with the girls.  

“Bella, then I will first… You…”
“Isaman, please don’t be in a hurry to leave. You haven’t eaten your dinner yet, please stay on!”
Bella went forward to grab Isaman who was leaving; she was the only President who refused to move to her dormitory building. If Bella did not take the chance now, in the future it would be even harder.
“Bella, you… you this girl is too dangerous, you already have them, please let go of me…”
“Isaman, please do not have any devious thoughts. I just want to chat with you about matters on schoolwork.”
In the end, Isaman did not managed to struggle free from Bella and could only honestly go back to the swimming pool. After she personally sent Isaman to the rest area, Bella came to the edge of a hidden tree. Behind the tree, Demon World Princess Diaz and Bella’s subordinate, number one assassin Lola, had already been waiting over there for a long time. Although they were wearing swimsuits, but they were on a mission and could not move around.

“Diaz, how is the task of taking over the McPherson Church?”
“I had already won over a thousand nuns; these nuns are already not considered human… their bodies were clearly secretly transformed by the Radiant Church. But it was just nice to supplement our shortage of our Priests in the Darkness Sacred Region. The Priests that Darkness Church Holy Maiden Liz had brought over were not really enough. “
“Oh, that is alright too. McPherson, that fella, is indeed a businessman who knows how to do a business deal. The beautiful nuns that were not used by him for over a millennium, I will reluctantly accept then.”
Towards Bella not engaging in proper work, Diaz and Lola were already used to it. Fortunately, Eleanor the Blood Demon King and Dolores the Sky Demon King were more reliable. If not the daily operations of the entire Darkness Sacred Region would be finished.
“Oh, by the way. Lola, is there any abnormal situation on campus?”
“For the time being there is none but I feel like there is something unnatural. There are some people of unknown origin who were lingering around at the dormitory area. It seems like… like.. They are searching for things! Lady Lola said that among them there are people with the aura of the dragon race.”
“Do not bother about the dragon race; as long as they do not get close to the sentinel of the dormitory area, you do not need to be concerned. I reckon that they are looking for Princess Laceman. Too bad she is already mine. You are too tired, go rest in the swimming area. Diaz, please come with me.”
There were not many people who knew about Bella’s party as the party had started early. But, it was not that no one had noticed them. A certain mysterious organization was heading towards the party location of the Rose Society.
Because it was The Rite of Spring, the campus of Olsylvia Academy was a scene of great celebration. The guards on the campus were not as strict as usual. A group of students wearing the uniform of Francis Academy were nearing Bella’s dormitory building, “Pure White Heaven”.
“What are all of you here for, here is…”
A campus secret guard walked over to interrogate but before he could react, he was killed by a knife stab. This group of infiltrators in school uniform rapidly rushed to the building of “Pure White Heaven”.
“Faster, according to a secret report, Princess Pamela is over here. Employer requested that this time we need to capture her alive; the other girls will belong to the brothers…”
This time, the infiltrators were all professional. But apparently they made an error in counting their chickens before they were hatched. Since they dared to infiltrate into the building where the demon god and warriors were gathering, they already had no return.

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