Volume 3 Chapter 123: Spring Festival Of Olsylvia Academy Part 1

Olsylvia Academy, beside the first of the Six Major Academy Lakes, Virginia Lake. Duchess Bellina’s personal apartment building, “Pure White Heaven”. In Bella’s apartment building, No. 1, the rooftop sky garden.

Today was the second week’s Friday; it just happened to be the annual Victory Memorial Day. The whole of Olsylvia Academy took a special break-in advance and adding on the weekend, it was three days in total.

According to the legend, ten thousand years ago, the human race on this mainland had ushered in the final victory in the battle between the Twelve Demon Kings on this day. At present, ten thousand years had passed; the truth of those days may be buried in the river of history and forgotten by the humans.
Bella maintained a suspicious attitude towards the statement that the human race had the final victory ten thousand years ago as the statement was from the Radiant Church. But after seeing the behavior of McPherson who was the three generations Pope in the Radiant Church, Bella had suspicions about whether the Radiant Church had colluded with the Twelve Demon Kings.
She had seen a few members from the Twelve Demon Kings. Victory sounded too exaggerated as the demon kings had not been vanquished. Furthermore, this was an event of the human race in remembrance of the defeat of the demon kings and Bella was part of the Demon King Camp. For her to celebrate this, she felt slightly upset.
Fortunately, the ruler of the various empires also knew that the memorial day was not very amusing. No matter how great the merits and achievements were, not many people would be interested after ten thousand years had passed. After negotiating among the various royalties in the empires and the high-level Vatican, they had given the Victory Memorial Day a new meaning three thousand years ago.
Nowadays, the Victory Memorial Day was also known as The Rite of Spring. Besides commemorating the victory over the Twelve Demon Kings, there was also the significance of commemorating the arrival of spring. Although the Other World also had four seasons but there were great differences between the months of Earth and the Other World.
For instance, this Rite of Spring, in comparison to the time that Bella was on earth, at the very least the season of Spring was already halfway through. This spring came a little late, though the weather was still great.
According to the usual practice, today the students would be going on an outing in springtime. Many boys would take the chance this dating season to date the girls that they had admired in their heart and go to the suburbs to play. The girls would basically not reject.
It was a pity that this year’s Rite of Spring, for the majority of the boys of Olsylvia Academy, was destined to be a festival that did not bring smiles to them. Bella this “Flirty Demon King”, had, in advanced, invited the girls in the academy that had a relationship with her to the top floor of the dormitory building, which had a rooftop garden, for a party. The party was opened in the name of the Rose Society so it basically did not welcome outsiders.
Bella had obtained all the top ten academy belles of Olsylvia Academy who were here. Among the student presidents, Ivy, Britney and Maria had already slept with Bella thus they would certainly be there. As for Lucia, Bella had invited her in the name of the Students’ Union secretary from Filomena Nobility Academy. Similarly, the vice president “Thunder Knight” Aurora was also invited.
“Dusk Knight” Daphne also came as she had accepted Bella’s precious present. If she did not attend, it would be hard to justify. Natasha, who was the Disciplinary Committee’s Chief, also attended, she had already worn Bella’s clothes so basically it would be difficult for her to refuse. Henceforth, all the four Maiden Knights of Octavia Empire had all been teased by Bella.

Angelia, who was the Chief President of the Central Student Union, and Cynthia, who was both the Holy Swordsman and Student Union Secretary, were also present. Cynthia had temporarily transformed back into her disguise, but Bella and her dormitory mates had basically seen Cynthia’s looks before and did not mind her disguise.
The other members of the human race who came to attend this gathering were: the four Holy Maidens of Radiant Church, Hayley, Daisy, Susan and Sophia. Bella’s good friend Ivy, the original Five Divine Grand Ladies society from the Rose Society, Nina, Jenny, Sydney, Sharon, Mo Wei, Princess Pamela, sisters of Bella’s substitute, Princess Irene, Princess Luce and younger sister Lisha.
Of course, the girls that Bella had “snatched”, Princess of the Golden Dragon Race, Laceman, and Maiden Mage Sylvia also attended. They were arranged at the special area and temporarily did not come out to meet the other girls.
Bella’s few dormitory roommates over here and a few “loli female servants” were also here. The few lolis, Angel, Mia, Betty and Noesha temporarily acted as maids in the party. They traveled back and forth between all the beautiful big sisters and acted as authentic maids. Although the other girls felt slightly weird that Angel and Mia wearing an eye-patch on one eye, because they were cute and lovable, they did not probe.
The only regret that Bella had was Ingrid the Dragon Knight did not accept the invitation. She deduced that this was a student gathering and that she, being a teacher, was not suitable to attend. Bella could only plan in her heart how to tie her to this place at the next festival.

The top of the dormitory building which belonged to Bella had a huge space and after Bella took over this dormitory building, she talked things over with Jenny and the top of the building was magically altered into a rooftop garden. There were various plants around the top of the building that blocked people’s line of sight. At the center of the top of the building, Bella had done up a very huge natural swimming pool. The swimming pool could be used as a public bath while the shower gel could be gathered from the flower dew of the plants at the top of the building.
The plants over there were all planted with the help of Betty. Although this chaos bringer loli was a natural black, she could do a decent job in planting grass and flowers. The surface of the public bath was scattered with various petals and it looked very aesthetically pleasing.
Since there was a swimming pool and public bath, Bella, who was a “lady” would not let those girls who attended the party to come in vain. This time, the theme of the party was indeed a swimsuit party and all the swimsuits were made by Bella several nights in a row which nearly caused her liver to fail. This female demon king, who did not attend to her proper duties, often spent a great amount of her energy on these side jobs.
Bella’s great efforts were not wasted and she made various kinds of sexy bikinis swimsuits through the night. Finally, all these came in handy. Previously, the girls in the Other World all wore very conservative bras that protected them from the cold. Their hearts were more or less resistant towards Bella’s unorthodox swimsuit design.

However, a few girls had already “betrayed the revolution”, such as the Four Holy Maidens, Ivy, President Ivy and others. They had an intimate relationship with Bella so did not mind this design of swimsuit. At their lead, the remaining girls no longer persisted and changed into various colors of swimsuits then went down to the swimming pool to leisurely enjoy.

Even the other lolis like Angel had received the specially designed loli bikini swimsuit from Bella. In this kind of circumstance, Bella decided to unify all the people. The few “school swimsuits” that were originally planned for the lolis to wear, she restrained herself and did not take out.
The water of the swimming pool was very refreshing and after the girls had gone down the pool, they gradually let go of themselves and were not overcautious like when they had first started. After all, all of them were girls and even if they were wearing such a weird revealing swimsuit, there were no outsiders watching so it was nothing alarming.
Even the conservative Disciplinary Committee President, “Ice Knight” Natasha, the Holy Maidens of the Church and Pope Successor President Maria had already taken the lead, what could they not let go. Those girls who had taken lead were basically “trained” by Bella; it would be strange if they had not taken the lead. The other girls did not know that this was Bella’s hidden method and subsequently let go of themselves.
The swimming pool that Bella and her dormitory roommates were in, were set up in the hidden area near the big swimming pool. The place was separated by natural rattan plants and became like a natural room. The one that Bella and they were in, was the most hidden room.
Bella was drinking delicious fruit juice and observing the window through the rattan, appreciating the girls who were playing with water in the big swimming pool. Her heart was filled with an unexplainable contentment. This was indeed the proper way to celebrate a festival; going to a restaurant was too subpar.
In this hidden swimming pool, besides Bella, there were Noreya, Elaine, Kriss, Ariel, and President Isaman. The attractiveness index of these girls far exceeded the girls that were outside. In order not to let the girls be demoralized and because Noreya and others temporarily did not want to disguise themselves, Bella had arranged for them to be over here.
Lolita was also in this room and was dressed in a black bikini that was especially for lolis. She was seated at the corner and lowered her head to nibble at the plate of fruits. In the room, she was the one who was eating the most happily.
President Isaman looked at the few girls whose good looks were on par with her, in addition to Lolita who was a darkness attribute loli, and her opinion towards Bella greatly changed. The other girls were pretending to relax in the pool but actually they wanted to say something.
They were all Dark Saviors that had traveled to this dimension; these bikinis belonged to Earth. Since Bella had designed them, it meant that she may be a “person from the same village”. Thinking of this, her heart had an additional favorable impression of Bella. Because there were a lot of people, they did not directly open their mouths to ask Bella whether she was an interdimensional traveler.

“Bella, the McPherson Monastery is forbidden ground, has your Rose Society really accepted it?”
“Of course, President Isaman, please kindly agree to it. The other Presidents and Chief Presidents have already agreed, or do you want to be the special one!”
Isaman looked at Bella’s complacent face and her heart was filled with a burst of helplessness. She had the illusion that besides herself, all the girls over here were Bella’s people. This would then be awkward as she still had an ongoing bet with Bella!
“Then I do not have any opinion too. Oh, Bella, could the bet between us …”
“President Isaman, please feel reassured that I will hold fast to the standard of the Knight and certainly fulfill the bet between us!”

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It was so hateful that this unruly female knight was deadly earnest at this time. Bella had clearly guessed her meaning but did not want to give up her absurd bet! The corner of Bella’s mouth went up and she laughed in secret. Isaman clearly saw that. This person was too bad.
“Please relax over here, I will go outside to check on the food preparation.”
Bella got up and left the hidden swimming pool. These few dormitory roommates seemed to want to talk to her. There were too many people over here and she was not a fool either; leave it to them to create a chance then!
This time at the swimming pool party, Bella had other hidden motives. After knowing there was a magic-like spiritual imprint that could control people, Bella called all the girls that had a relationship with her to open a party. Appreciating the swimsuit was one of the important reasons, another reason was to take advantage of those girls who had fewer clothes on them and when they were more relaxed, let Mia and Angel to secretly observe who still anything similar to a sorcery imprint like ”Spiritual imprint”.  

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