Chapter 1-7

“Come in.”

At the same time as Leon’s reply came out, the door was opened. A tall man was shouldering a roll of… carpet? It was pitiful of him to be doing that in the dead of night like this (Leon-sama said that it was already midnight). It was an odd spectacle.

I gazed at the man with sympathy. He was wearing a shirt similar to Leon-sama’s, but the black shirt and pants had a little bit more lines than Leon-sama’s. Since he was dressed in all black, if I didn’t hear that he was Leon-sama’s [aide] just now, I might think that this person was a shinobi instead. As I thought that it would be perfect if he also wore a mask, I looked at his face.


I stiffened.

“…Shall I put it on the floor there?”

“Yeah, just put it there. You will soon understand its purpose.”

“…I already felt like I understood.”


“I thought something happened. For you to order me like that at this hour.”

“My bad. However, no matter what, there’s an emergency that requires necessary arrangements be made without a flaw and secretly.”

“Does that refer to how you did this woman?”

“I didn’t do it, but well, it’s natural how you came up with that conclusion from this kind of situation.”

As they were having a relaxed conversation, I was still stiffened.

…Colonel Karnak was a vehement beauty. His beauty was at an inhuman level. I couldn’t even find the right words to describe him.

Straight silver hair that extended until his shoulders. Deep purple eyes akin to a jewel. Perfectly symmetrical eyes, nose, and mouth. His clear beauty would be favored by women. Coupled with his well-defined figure, he looked like a sculpture made by God’s hands. His hands and feet were long, naturally, since he was of tall stature. His height could be around two meters.  

He was a prodigy with this kind of appearance. Heaven doesn’t grant people with more than one talent, but it feels like the heaven bestows everything to him.

“…Riviere. He is Colonel Karnak, my aide.”

“I’m Orgueil do Karnak.”

His voice was a refreshing tenor. It was different from Leon-sama’s coquettish voice.

He expressionlessly stared at me.

“I’m Riviere Emil.”

I also gave my name to him, somehow. As for the result, I was finally able to return my composure after I spoke.

Colonel Karnak was observing me calmly with his amethyst eyes. I couldn’t tell what kind of judgement was passed inside the head of this genius, but he lightly nodded and put his right fist to his left shoulder, and then he slightly bent his waist.

Is this a knight’s official greeting?

Leon-sama looked at him with a great interest and muttered, “How rare.”


We stopped talking while standing inside this dim bedroom and moved to Leon-sama’s living room. It was connected to the bedroom via an inside door.

Spacious. But it wasn’t just disproportionately spacious. The furniture was arranged harmoniously and profoundly, yet the arrangement didn’t feel that stiff, and there was a sofa set in the middle. The sofa was covered with a bright golden yellow cloth with a gold thread weaved into it, and it looked very comfortable to sit on. There was a matching couch alongside the wall, too. The big window was covered in a curtain with a slightly calmer tone than the sofa. Several big candlesticks were placed, and the tapestry was different from the one in the bedroom, as it had a gorgeous design, with the cloth decorated in golden thread here and there, making the room feel very bright.

It was a familiar place for the two of them. Without saying who would sit in where, the two of them promptly sat down. Well, it’s my turn now.

Before I managed to ask for an instruction on where I should sit, Leon-sama naturally took my hand and wrapped his hand along my waist, putting me to sit on top of his own lap.

On top of his lap.

“…Uhm, Leon-sama, this is, a bit…”

“Your Excellency, what are you doing?”

Colonel Karnak expressionlessly said.

“…What? It’s exactly as you see, Orgueil.”

I couldn’t tell if he did it unconsciously or not, but Leon-sama’s big hand was caressing my waist lightly.

“Do I seem to be captivated by this woman?”

“You seem to be enjoying it.”

Letting someone sit on your lap doesn’t simply mean you’re captivated by them. Really.

Then, he curtly said to Colonel Karnak.

“You’re such a party pooper.”

“I don’t feel that way. Originally, this is outside of my operational hours.”

“Exactly. Sorry for having to summon you.”

Leon-sama didn’t shy away as he caressed my waist as ever. He looked up at me who was sitting on top of his lap.

Then, his expression stiffened as he once again shifted his attention to the subordinate he trusted.

“…I have a request to Colonel Karnak. I want you to create a family register and a social status for Riviere Emil as soon as possible. Tomorrow… or not. Dawn is arriving soon, so it should be today. Before the day is over.”

“What should her social position be? It’s still related to that talk about being captivated, and if it’s only a social position so that she can be loved as your woman, then it’s easy. However, if you intend to have her engage in official duties from now on, we have to arrange everything properly.”

“What do you want to do from now on?”

Leon-sama’s hand that was caressing my waist finally stopped as he continued to talk.

“If it’s you alone, then we can arrange it however you want. Do you want to be kept without doing anything? Or do you want to do something? What can you do?”

You—who have no place to go—I will grant your wishes.

…The words sounded kind, but if you looked at the satire light that floated in his amber eyes, there was no way I could accept his words at face value.

How they deal with me will be decided depending on my answer. If I’m careless, my lifetime from now on will be affected.

What I want to do? I was transferred to another world while being stark naked, and there’s nothing that I want to do. There’s nothing that comes to my mind. However. When it comes to what I can do…

Judo, karate, especially, kung fu. Kendo (swordsmanship), Western fencing, throwing small knives. Kyuudou (Japanese archery), archery. Equestrian art. Of course, I’m adept in using firearms, but I’m afraid that judging from the appearances, I think that firearm doesn’t exist in this world.

Guerrilla warfare is my top forte. Anyway, I generally excel in military affairs to the extent that there was a pseudonym for me: “The Steel Riviere”. I might have been too conceited. That was why, such kind of thing… Those kind of eyes…

…I thought I’d turn over a new leaf, but I wonder if I couldn’t escape?

If I were a dangerous person, wouldn’t it be too late to eliminate now?

As I felt the two presences that were waiting for my answer silently, I bit my lips.

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