Chapter 1-6

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While I was still shocked due to the beautiful duke’s surprise attack and preference, he took one last deep breath and stood up.

He was in a very high spirit.

As I looked at him really hard while honestly showing that my mood was ruined, Leon-sama cheerfully said,

“You liked that perfume so much that you put it on, didn’t you? …Be at ease, I will try to make the same thing. Or rather, I’ll give an order to have it made.”

Err, no, thank you very much for your consideration, though…  

Without being able to give that immediate reply, I only (and barely) managed to politely keep my silence.

This person didn’t want to present me the perfume in order to make me happy. I think that by giving me the perfume, he wants to enjoy the harmony of the perfume and my body odor that I emit if I’m aroused (I feel like he’s a maniac once I give this detailed explanation).

If I were to accept something like that, he might tell me to put it on immediately, and furthermore, just what kind of insolent things will he do in order to get me aroused? I don’t even want to think about it.

While I was shivering alone, Leon-sama nimbly stood up and suddenly, his expression stiffened.

When his long fingers moved to be put together next to his lips, for a moment, ‘whoosh,’ a sharp voice was heard. It was completely different from the so-called [whistling through one’s fingers], it was a quite peculiar voice.

Immediately, a faint voice could be heard twice, coming from who knows where.

From the ceiling?

“Come here immediately. Carry a carpet large enough to hide one adult female.”

Leon-sama shortly said that as his face looked up at the ceiling.

Then once more, the voice some time ago, that probably came from the ceiling, was heard twice. I guess it carried the meaning of, ‘Understood.’


Real shinobi! How convenient!

“This is way faster than relaying a message to the palace guard in the corridor.”

Leon said.

‘Right?’, I silently nodded. What was that, though? How and to who did he order that~? I thoughtlessly felt like I wanted such explanation. If it was necessary, he would surely explain it to me. So, perhaps it isn’t necessary yet in my current situation.

“…Leaving that aside, will you do something with your appearance until he comes here?”

That’s right. I’m sitting on the floor while only wearing a male’s shirt.

“I don’t want him to misunderstand that this is my preference. Well, there won’t be any misunderstanding as I intend to explain the circumstances to him, but there’s still your dignity as a female, right?”

What a gentleman he is. Well, he is indeed a duke.

“Why don’t you wear my robe? Then, I will be wearing that shirt again.”

Leon-sama walked up alongside the wall and lightly pressed somewhere. Then, with some kind of a mechanism, one tapestry rolled up, the wall also moved, revealing a space in the gap. It seemed like a closet. His figure disappeared for a moment, and when he appeared again, he was holding a cloth resembling a soft white robe.

“You can change your clothes inside the bed’s curtain. Here you go.”

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He tossed the robe to my direction.

“Thank you very much,” I said that as I was trying to catch the robe… upon catching it, I lost my balance.


I, who lost my balance, tumbled down from the edge of the bed to the front while still hugging the robe.

…Yes, I wasn’t wearing any underwear (obviously, since I was originally naked), and I was sitting on the floor only wearing a shirt while hugging my knees. Imagine a Humpty Dumpty who wasn’t wearing any underwear, falling in the middle of doing a backflip. The shirt came loose from my knees. As I fell, just right above my head, my buttocks and my private parts were…

Give me a break! Of course this is not an AV (adult video)!

“!! …Help, no, please don’t look!!”

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“…Even if you told me not to look. Well, I won’t come near you more than this, so calm down, you knees are exposed.”

“I told you not to look this way, please-!”

I was stuck with an embarrassment after showing such a shameful appearance, so I quickly stood up and took off the shirt, getting changed into the robe. As I was doing all that, my eyes got teary. Since I was still feeling a little bit embarrassed, I silently walked close to Leon-sama who was close to the wall (he certainly kept his promise of not coming near me) with the shirt in my hand. Since he was going to wear the shirt I took off right away, I didn’t bother folding it. I only thought that I should give it to him to wear right away.

“? …Aah, thanks.”

Leon-sama’s eyes widened, perhaps he didn’t think I’d personally deliver the shirt to him. He immediately turned his back around to make it easier for me to help him get changed. It was obvious I’d lend a hand. After all, it was only natural to do.

His white smooth skin surprisingly had scars of various sizes here and there. He was moderately muscular. His muscles weren’t excessively stiff. It was a supple man’s back that was beautifully forged. He might not be a duke that had only been protected ten or twenty-fold behind.

After I helped him to get the sleeves through his hands, he turned around. While we were doing the buttons up, a low-key knock was heard along with a guard’s voice, “Colonel Karnak is here.”

…Colonel Karnak. The person that seemed to be a prodigy, according to Leon-sama.

My mind was attracted to the door as I was thinking of the person that would soon show up that I didn’t realize how the duke reacted in happiness over my slightly lingering scent that was apparently left on the shirt.

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