Chapter 1-5

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“…Now then, Riviere.”

“! …Yes.”

My name was called now, out of all time! Well, it’s fine, though. It will still feel unpleasant even if he calls me with ‘Emil-san’. The tenor voice full of charm gave a surprise attack to my waist, so please stop doing that.

“Although we don’t understand the reason why, but you are here. Is it truly the work of supernatural power of the stars lined up together? Perhaps no one will be able to tell. If that’s the case, the thing I ought to do is to make a family register for you. And your social position while we’re at it. These two things are indispensable. For the sake of your livelihood from now on.”

Leon said indifferently. He was also quick in switching his thoughts over. He is a very sharp-minded person. This person’s authority is not only for show, I guess.

“To have you by my side, just creating an identity is untrustworthy. You need a social position. The Gladius clan has a merit system, that is to say, it’s unreasonable to suddenly appoint someone who hasn’t demonstrated their ability. It would be no problem to a certain degree if you have a social position, though.”

Everything is just as he said. But as a woman, I demand a little more explanation regarding [by my side].

“Although that it can work out at my own discretion, a matching consistency and some necessary arrangements are indispensable. …Now then, it’s still in the middle of the night, and today is a legal holiday following the banquet, so this might be a little bit over the line, but…”

‘Shall I call that guy?’

Leon added one thing after another, as if he was talking to himself.

That guy?


“My aide.”

Leon said as if answering me who was tilting my head in silence.

“He is a very excellent man. You could say that he is prodigious. He doesn’t have any weak point at all, does he? Having made a breakthrough in every field, I always told him, ‘It is said that geniuses will die young, so be a little bit foolish already! Even if you turn a little bit foolish, it will still be equal to around 10 talented people’.”

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Leon-sama said that with a carefree smile. It seemed that he truly valued that person very, very highly. He is a very sharp and able person as well, to think that he can praise his aide that highly…

…He is such a wonderful person. Not only in terms of his social position or appearance.

I looked at Leon-sama once again. It might be more correct to say that I was watching him in fascination, though.

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Leon-sama then said—unknown whether he noticed my condition or not,

“That’s a good stare, isn’t it? Keep it up.”

Yes, he said such an incomprehensible sentence.

I came back to my senses.

“…How does it look like?”

“A defenseless stare that honestly shows how you’re into a man.”

“Please don’t tease me around.”

How bitter did you think I felt because I had no femininity at all? Well, not only did I feel bitter, it also caused bother to the people around me, and the situation ended up unpleasant, I guess. All because of me.

Perhaps it was due to my feelings turning slightly gloomier, but Leon-sama’s next action made me feel taken aback.

“!!! …Wait, Leon-sama, what are you doing…?!”

“……Aah, it’s just as you thought.”

Taking the advantage while I was immersed in recalling unpleasant memories, before I even noticed it, Leon-sama stood up and went to stand in front of me who was sitting on the floor, placing his hands on both of my shoulders as his face approached me.

Towards my nape…

“…You have a nice scent. The scent of various herbs, a variety of citrus, and then… your own scent.”

Leon-sama was sniffing my nape!

A gloomy bedroom. Young man and woman. Receiving the man’s breath on her nape, the woman felt an indescribable sensation as her body trembled…

Wait, just by looking at this situation alone, you can tell how amorous it is!

He’s sniffing me! It’s not just a normal breathing, but it’s a heavier breathing! Not due to excitement, but it’s because he’s really sniffing my scent!

“……A truly sweet scent. First, I was checking your perfume(?)’s mixture that you put on. Then, I was thinking if it was alright to arouse you just a little bit. And perhaps, because of that, this scent…”

Sharp and able person. A wonderful person. I certainly thought of him like that until just now. Yeah, I was sure of it. But, before it all.

…Isn’t he just a perverted duke with a scent fetish?

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