Chapter 1-4

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This chapter is an explanatory chapter, too. Although it’s unreasonable, not being able to write something erotic is quite turning on—no, it’s quite irritating.


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Wait what?!

Obviously, I wasn’t even laughing.

Parallel world transfer. Such kind of thing was the trend in novels and films, but it was something that one could enjoy because one was unconsciously convinced that one was in a safe zone. However, unexpectedly…

To think that it happened to myself.

“…Well, I think that it’s something that can’t be helped even if we think about it. For the time being, I’ll try to rationalize the improbable situation that you’re in. Parallel world transfer is a rare thing, but once it occurred, it means that it might occur once more. If that’s the case, you might be able to return.”

The man said as if to mediate the situation.

I involuntarily scowled at the man.

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“An event where the stars were lined up in a row. Was it such a rare incident that the Star-Viewing Tower clamored to the extent that they held a banquet?”

“Well, yeah.”

“And the record that stated the same thing had occurred was…?”

“There appears to be none.”

“Next, the likelihood that the same thing would occur again is…?”

“…After several billion years again… or well, something like that.”

“That, it can be accurately replaced with the word ‘impossible’ then?”


The man nonchalantly said, looking at me with no expression. I could only scowl at most.

The blonde-haired man corrected his posture.

“It’s my bad for saying something that careless, but your appearance in my room can only be supported with that thing earlier. Or rather, it couldn’t be helped but be supported by that idea, right? If you’re known as a suspicious person, then lots of people’s necks are going to literally fly (T/N: If it’s not the literal meaning, the original Japanese text can be translated as “dismissed”). The defense team, and the crisis management team, because it’s all concerned with the reputation of the Gladius house.”

“Gladius house?”

“…Yeah. It’s my household. And here is one of the rooms in my castle.”

The man gazed at me directly.

His strong deep golden pupils were shining. If it was a poor lie, it would be likely to be seen through.

“My name is Leon. Leon Evangelista do Gladius. I am the head of the family in one of the three ducal households of Gladius, going by the alias Evangelista.”

“Three… dukes…”

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There are three dukes. He is one of them. Evangelista? …I don’t quite get it. I only understand that he’s someone in a high position, though.

The man continued his explanation patiently.

“…The Gladius ducal house originally existed as one, but around 1000 years ago from now, it was divided into three. There is no superiority or inferiority one over another. It seemed that the head of the family in the olden time judged that it would be more optimal if the household operation was to be run in three branches of noble families. That’s why we’re called as the three dukes of Gladius, but wouldn’t it be troublesome for the people following them if there was no distinction? To which ducal household do you belong? That’s why there are aliases. I’m addressed with my ‘middle name’ that comes after Leon, as ‘Duke Evangelista’.”

[What a nice social position despite being young], and it was really a prominent social position. He has good looks, youth, and authority. That’s magnificent. I’ll stop thinking that this spacious bed is lacking common sense. It’s passable with the reasoning that it is intended to be used for several people, at least no less than two people. I understand, I understand. Swarming flowers. The world of dazzling debauchery…

I meekly nodded in understanding. I intended to make a meek expression, but it might not seem to be the case. The blonde-haired man, or Duke Evangelist muttered, “Aren’t you thinking of something rude right now?” before saying.

“It’s fine for you to call me Leon.”

He said magnanimously.

“It’s uneasy for me to suddenly call your name like that.”

“I don’t see how my face can be that scary to the extent it makes you feel like that.”

“Please forgive me for insinuating your face. But, it’s true. For me to call the name of someone who I will be indebted to from now on, moreover someone who’s ‘the head of a noble family’…”

“…You can say something unexpectedly proper. Compare it with how you slept naked on someone else’s bed…”

“Like I said, it’s not like I wanted to be naked!”

“Well, it was a beautiful sight, so I don’t really care whether or not you wanted it.”

“Shaking off the matter on your own by saying that you don’t really care about it, really, a big-wig is indeed…”

How willful he is.

“Anyway, I’m the one who decide on how I should be called. You should just call me Leon.”

The way he said his last statement contained a dignity that made others soft or unable to object, and that managed to silence me.

It couldn’t be helped.

I took a deep breath.

“Leon… -sama.”

“That’s fine. At least for now.”

Duke Leon Evangelista do Gladius said profoundly, then he smiled in satisfaction.

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