Volume 2 Chapter 94: Destruction of Babbit Lake

At the shrubs by the edge of Babbit Lake… Bella, Irene, Lisha, and Luce felt something strange in the shrubs behind them. The intruder didn’t make any loud noises but the strange presence from her body was too obvious.

When Bella turned around, she could clearly see the intruder’s true face. It was a loli in a black gothic attire, who had dark and long black hair, with a headband which was meant for female servants. Her skin was so white that it was close to those sickly white. Bella felt that this girl was similar to the Vampire Beauty Brianna, but this loli didn’t have any fangs, so it was rather far-fetched to say that she was a vampire.

The deepest impression that Bella had on this loli’s eyes was her dark purple irises. Her eyes might be beautiful but Bella had seen many beautiful purple eyes, but this was the first time she saw beautiful purple eyes with dark eye circles. This dark loli was a beautiful girl that had preinstalled dark eye circles.

Apart from her serious dark circles and sickly white skin, she didn’t have any other obvious flaws. Her features were actually much prettier than the Golden Dragon Race Princess Laceman, that Bella had seized earlier. The only thing this loli was inferior to Laceman was probably her smaller bust size. But she wasn’t really flat-chested loli and seemed to have a perfect size.

But, this loli had a frightening aura around her. Bella and the others were quite a distance away from her, but could already feel a rush of cold presence. It was a type of cold that could reach deep into the soul which was fatal towards the Human Race. Luce had an obvious reaction as she was slightly trembling due to the chilling aura field once she saw that loli.

Among the four girls, only Luce had yet to be “corrupted”, hence the reason why she had the most obvious reaction from such dark aura field. Irene was a concealed Demon Marshal, while Lisha had a dark identity as the Demonic Dragon Emperor, so the two of them couldn’t feel anything wrong with this loli’s aura field. Instead, they felt as though this loli had an ineffable intimate feeling between them. As for Bella, it was needless to say, since she was a Demon King and a Demon God, she naturally wouldn’t feel discomfort in such a gloomy and cold aura field. She was just curious, where exactly did this dark loli come from.

“Little girl, what is your name? Can you tell this Big Sister?”

Bella didn’t immediately go up to inquire and just shouted to the loli from a distance. Without knowing if the opposition were a friend or foe, Bella chose to exercise precaution. When this loli entered this zone, she had immediately broken open Bella’s familiar demon, Demon World Princess Diaz’s soundproof barrier. Furthermore, none of Bella’s shadow demons dare to come forth and obstruct the loli. This was sufficient to prove that this dark loli’s strength was already beyond the Demon World Princess Diaz. It was necessary to be cautious against such a horrific loli.

When Bella was asking, she conveniently hugged Luce from behind which helped to stabilize her elder sister. Luce turned back and looked at Bella with a grateful expression, although she did feel weird being hugged by her younger sister like this. But, elder sister Irene had mentioned to Luce that Bella currently had such a personality and she didn’t have to feel strange about it. Furthermore, Bella’s hug had a mystical feeling so that Luce didn’t feel any discomfort. Thus, Luce allowed Bella to intimately hug her from behind like this.

“My… name is, Tiffany Lolita. Big Sister, you have the smell of a comrade! Are you Lolita’s comrade?”

As Lolita was speaking, she slowly approached. When she was moving, everyone noticed that her other hand was wielding a machete that was dripping with blood. The profile of the blade was actually like those terrifying sawtooth-shaped blades. As she was moving, the blood dripped from the blade, leaving behind a long trail of blood. The loli looked especially terrifying and if it weren’t because of the fact that Bella and her group were “abnormal”, any other girls would run at the sight of this scene. Those who couldn’t run were probably frightened stiff and because their legs went soft.

“That fellow is dangerous. You demonic being, see how I take care of you. Princess Irene, all of you should run quickly. Leave the rest to… uhh, you, you two…”

Before Bella and the others could even react, the Savior Scott and a few other male students emerged from the shrub and immediately rushed towards the dark loli, Lolita. Why did these boys like to hide in the shrubs so much? Didn’t they feel so similar to the characters in a certain net game?! Bella nearing yelled out with a curse.

Savior Scott and the other boys were actually touring in the distant griffins’ base, but they didn’t expect to be assaulted by the minions of the 12 Demon Kings. Scott who was a savior naturally wouldn’t miss out such an opportunity to demonstrate his prowess. Thus, he simply led the boys and beat up the 12 Demon Kings’ minions.

After finishing up all the cannon fodders, he naturally wanted to kill a mini-boss in order to truly complete this mission. Dragon Knight Congreve and Superior Dragon Knight Ingrid had already asked them to be on standby and not move around recklessly, but if he didn’t do this, he wouldn’t be a savior. Scott definitely wouldn’t listen to such orders and after being connived by him, the boys that came along to the valley had all followed him.

Scott coincidentally encountered the situation that Bella was in. How could he miss out such a good chance to be the hero that rescued the damsel in distress? Once he managed to rescue the princesses from Octavia Empire, he would definitely attract their curiosity and would be able to hook up with them. Afterward, he would be able to marry the princess, defeat the foreign enemies, and walk towards the pinnacle of life! Wasn’t this how a protagonist should aim to be!?

A pity that Scott’s scheme was wrong from the beginning. This Lolita wasn’t some mini-boss, she was some powerful evil dragon who was sealed in Holy Dragon Valley’s forbidden Haywood Cavern. In terms of strength, she wasn’t someone that Scott could defeat. Moreover, when Scott came over, he just happened to miss out the time when Lolita was speaking and didn’t hear how Lolita was asking about comrades.

The most tragic thing was when Scott saw how Bella was hugging Princess Luce intimately, his complacent smile had utterly collapsed. His intentional smile that was outgoing and dashing had immediately frozen. The affectionate eyes which Princess Luce had for Bella weren’t those for an ordinary friend, it was more like… In addition to that, Princess Lisha and Princess Irene who were nearby, treated Princess Luce and Bella’s overly passionate actions as though it was normal.

“Could they be lesbians? This Other World actually has lesbians too? Director, this script is toxic! Wasn’t it a known fact that all the girls that the protagonist encounters would naturally be infatuated to them?”

At this moment, Scott wanted to look for that Creator who arranged for his transmigration and complain to him. When that treacherous and sly old man handed to Scott the “golden finger”, he said seriously that this Other World was filled with beauties and they would all revolve around him, the hero.

“Ignorant man, get lost!”

Lolita used a single hand to catch hold of a knight’s lance which was thrusting at her. Her petite body forcefully stopped the huge male student from the Knight’s class. She then casually swung and tossed that two-meter tall male knight several meters away. Along the way, the knight crashed and broke five or six large trees and no one knew if that unlucky person was dead or alive.

Everyone that surrounded Lolita got a stun but they quickly reacted. Apart from the wretched Scott who was crouching behind and preparing to claim the last deciding attack, the rest of the knights swiftly thrust their lances at Lolita, which looked like a foul scene. Bella stood behind and watched while shaking her head. Since ancient times, a lancer’s fate had always been bad. It was the reason why Bella didn’t want to use a knight’s lance.

After being stabbed by five or six lances, Lolita remained unchanged and there were no traces of blood on her body as well. It felt as though all the attacks were hitting nothing. There was a circle of black energy which oozed out from Lolita’s body and expanded out like a halo. Bella felt an ominous feeling from that black halo and quickly buried Luce into her embrace. This Lolita was probably going to use her ultimate move.

“All of you bad guys, disappear!”

The energy from Lolita’s black halo instantly exploded like a bomb that was detonated. The circle of black energy immediately blasted this entire region. The first to feel the shockwave were those cannon fodder male students. They didn’t even have time to let out miserable screams and were turned into dust. This was the first time Bella had witness a living person instantly turned into dust and she was rather shocked.

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At the moment of the energy explosion, Bella saw a world that was split into black and white for a split moment. When the world restored its colors, apart from Bella, the other girls, and Scott who fainted from the blast, there were no other living things. All those cannon fodders had died in vain and miserably, as they didn’t leave any corpse behind.

The entire Babbit Lake and the entire region where the Holy Lake was had been razed to the ground. It felt as though this region had been cleansed by an apocalypse. There was no longer any trace of greenery on the lands and all the trees had been turned into black char. The water in the holy lake had been immediately vaporized, leaving behind a large pit.

This dark loli, Lolita definitely had toxins on her body. This destructive power was like a human nuclear bomb and that move didn’t even seem like her ultimate move too. If she were to release her ultimate move, the entire Bronte Holy Dragon Valley might be erased from the map of Octavia Empire.

The only thing to rejoice was that Bella and the girls didn’t receive any damage. Lolita’s attack seemed to automatically give immunity to the girls. Bella, Irene, Lisha, and Luce didn’t suffer any injuries. It seemed like it was true when Lolita was saying ‘comrade’, as her dreadful attack wasn’t so insane that it would cause friendly fire. She still had the basic morality that a villains’ boss should have.

But, Bella didn’t know where did Lolita hide now. After the energy explosion, Lolita had entirely vanished, as though she had never appeared. Had it not been for the absolutely devastated land which silently charged Lolita for her crimes, no one in the world would know that she was once in this place.

Scott who had survived wasn’t in a good shape either. All his divine artifacts had been destroyed and it looked like this guy had to recollect his “golden finger” again. Scott was covered in a layer of thick ashes, thus, Bella and the girls didn’t realize that all his equipment had been obliterated by Lolita’s destructive energy. But, among Bella and the girls, there was one of them who had received the same treatment as Scott.

“Bella, hug me tight and don’t let go!”

“En? Eh? Sister, where are your clothes… and your armor?”

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Just as Bella was going to loosen her grip on her sister, Luce suddenly hugged onto Bella and buried her entire body into Bella’s embrace. Bella might be wearing a dark knight’s armor, but this armor was different from a normal knight’s armor. It was alive and in some moments, some of the parts would automatically go transparent, allowing the owner to ignore its existence.

There were some parts of Bella’s armor that had automatically turned transparent, and because of this, Bella felt something strange about Luce. Luce’s clothes had all been “destroyed” by Lolita’s move. Bella had a little interest to learn such professional clothes ripping move. Since she arrived in this Other World, she had witnessed plenty of “clothes ripping” move, but not one which was as grand and tyrannic like Lolita’s move.

Bella was wearing a slightly thinner cotton clothing inside her armor, while Luce’s entirely naked body had just leaned onto her “female rouge” body without any defenses. Had it not been for Lisha and Irene by the side and this inappropriate location, Bella would have already “eaten” up her second sister right here. Since the “delicacy” had already been delivered, she would reserve it for someone else to eat, right!?

“Bella, don’t let me go. If Irene and Lisha were to see me like this, it would be very humiliating.”

“Sister, we are all sisters, right? What is there to be ashamed about? Furthermore, aren’t the two of us sisters as well? Isn’t it the same for me to see you like this?”

“Bella, stop teasing me. It is already enough for you to see me like this. No one else can see it.”

Luce was embarrassedly buried in Bella’s embrace and she had lifted her head to shyly plea to Bella. Bella’s nickname was taught by Irene, as Irene said that it was Felia’s fake name, hence, Luce called Bella by this nickname along with Irene and Lisha.

Luce’s figure was similar to Irene, which was taller and more voluptuous than Bella. When hugging Luce, Bella felt an itch in her heart, as she recalled the wonderful memory when she was carrying Irene and violating her. The time when Irene transitioned from a desperate struggle to an obedient submission, was truly a wonderful sensation. This elder sister Luce was also one of Bella’s target to snatch away from that heartless emperor father, the Emperor of Octavia Empire. It was the best choice for Bella to keep Luce by her side.

“Elder Sister Luce, I can help you this time, but… after we return, I want to have a bath with you. We can take that time to talk about some private topics between us sisters. If you agree to it, I will help you.”

“Bella, you are actually talking terms with Elder Sister. I remembered that you were very obedient in the past, not even Lisha was more obedient than you…”

“Elder Sister Luce, you are now in my hands, right? If you don’t agree to it, then I will just…”

“Uh, Elder Sister is wrong. Good Little Sister, I will agree to it. Isn’t it just a bath? I will agree to it.”

Luce was thinking that there wouldn’t be any problem to have a bath together with Bella, as she still wasn’t aware of Bella’s evil plan. As of now, apart from Lisha and the female Saviors that weren’t completely corrupted, all the beauties that showered with Bella were all basically washed from the baths to the bed, and they would never be able to escape Bella’s “demon claws”.

As the dark knight’s armor already came along with a knight’s cape, Bella carried Luce and used the black cape to cover her. Lisha and Irene had not realized that their sister had already been stripped naked.

Lolita’s attack actually contained the same lethal power towards Demon Kings and similar individuals, but there was some other reason that prevented the trio’s clothes from getting ripped.

“You are all fine. Thank god, I thought all of you…”

“Big Sister Ingrid, you are a bit late, right? That’s right… Could you allow me to leave first? Classmate Luce has something that she needs to attend to.”

Bella lifted her head to look into the sky. She could see their teacher, the Beauty Dragon Knight Ingrid who was riding on a pure white Radiant Holy Dragon. Under the illumination of the sunlight, her knight’s armor reflected with gentle rays as though she was a female warrior goddess.

Behind Ingrid, were hundreds of dragons of various attributes. Many of the dragons were mounted by people with knight’s attire. They must be one of the four elite knight legions of the Octavia Empire, the members of the Holy Dragon Knight Legion.

Bella was currently most afraid of seeing them. Among them, there were plenty of people that knew of Felia’s real appearance and might probably recognize that Felia’s princess identity. She didn’t want to return to being a princess as the identity of a princess didn’t have any appeal to Bella. This was why Bella wanted to urgently leave this place first, as she wanted to avoid having Felia’s identity recognized by these people.

There was another serious reason that Bella didn’t mention to Ingrid. It wasn’t Luce’s problem… it was actually Lolita. Previously, Bella had been indulging with the fact that she could go on the next phase and violate Luce, and had only calmed down right now. She realized that Lolita, that loli with the destructive energy had never vanished and she was hiding right next to Bella.

Bella could clearly feel a petite figure behind her, who had been leaning and hiding on Bella’s back. Once that body made contact, Bella knew it was Lolita as no one else had this figure apart from her. Diaz and Laceman might have a similar figure like Lolita’s, but her bust size was obviously different, which Bella, the veteran, could guess immediately.

Lolita might have horrifying strength, but since she was obediently staying behind Bella and hiding from the others, Bella couldn’t bring herself to chase Lolita away. But staying here wasn’t a good solution and Bella had to quickly escape. After escaping, Bella could then find a good place to ask why did this horrific dark loli choose to stick with her.

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