Volume 2 Chapter 95: Evil Dragon Lolita’s Secret

By the side of Vignia Lake, at Duchess Bellina’s dedicated apartment building “Pure White Heaven”… Bella’s secret room had been considerably modified by Bella’s subordinate, Lola. The atmosphere of this room didn’t look as horrific as before, but it was still a punishment room, but the style of decorations had made it much warmer. It was almost at the standard of Bella’s dormitory.

In the bathroom, Bella was seated in the baths and was embracing a beautiful young lady with gorgeous flax color hair. That beautiful girl who she was currently french kissing was no one else, but her second sister, Luce. Earlier on, Bella was fortunate enough to get away from Bronte Holy Dragon Valley, while Lisha and Irene were temporarily made to stay behind. They stayed behind with the Beauty Dragon Knight Ingrid and the Holy Dragon Knight Legion to settle the problems.

The strange incident that happened in the Holy Dragon Valley was said to be sealed up by the Octavia Empire. Right now, the Olsylvia Academy didn’t receive a hint of news, but it was understandable after thinking about it. How could the Octavia Empire tell everyone such humiliating news that the Holy Dragon Valley had been blown up?! Wouldn’t it simply become a joke for the other empires and the Radiant Church?

Apart from Ingrid, the officer in charge of the Holy Dragon Valley, along with the Officer Gould of the Guards Legion were all deposed and investigated. It was rumored that they had received bribes from the Oliver Hunter Group and intentionally allowed them to break through the areas with lesser guards stationed. But no one expected that a subordinate of the 12 Demon Kings was actually in the mix of the Oliver Hunter Group, which greatly increased the severity of this incident. Officer Gould and his men were all accused of colluding with the Demon King, attempting to murder the empire’s princesses and bring destruction to the empire. With all these crimes, it wouldn’t be a problem to actually order execution on them.

Bella was completely fine and no one even suspected her. Although the incident at the Holy Dragon Valley had included Bella and her subordinate demonic beings, all the people in the world only knew about the original 12 Demon Kings. They were completely unaware of Bella who was also a Demon King. As such, the crimes for the destruction of the Holy Dragon Valley had been thrown on the heads of the 12 Demon Kings, while Bella and her people took the opportunity and “got away”.

“Litter sister Bella, don’t be like this. I am your elder sister!”

“Elder Sister Luce, you have already agreed to bathe with me, how can you regret now? A disobedient Elder Sister will have to be punished! Elder Sister Irene was much more obedient than you. Elder Sister Luce better not fall behind!”

“What? Elder Sister Irene had also been… stop, haven’t you kissed enough…”

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Before Luce could finish her statement, Bella kissed her and stopped her from talking, while Luce had no choice but to be violated by Bella. Luce had already regretted agreeing to Bella’s request so easily, as she originally thought it was just a simple bath, and that a secret conversation between sisters should be nothing as shameful as this. Who knew that once Bella brought her back to the dormitory, she was pressed down in the baths and had been violated for quite some time.

Luce was actually quite curious earlier when she saw Elder Sister Irene’s strange and hesitant expression when Bella said to bring her for a bath. So it was actually because of this… Elder Sister Irene was really…! It was fine if she had been violated, but she actually watched quietly as her younger sister got dragged into it as well.

“Elder Sister Luce, you don’t seem like you have a boyfriend right!?”

“No, what are you asking this for? Are you going to introduce one… Don’t hug me so tightly, I can’t run already, right?”

“Hmph, Elder Sister Luce already has me and still wants a boyfriend? Don’t even think about it. It looks like our sisterly relationship is not deep and comprehensive enough uh…”

“Little Sister Bella, please let go of your Elder Sister. That place mustn’t be touch, don’t…”

“Objection denied! Elder Sister Luce, I want you to understand what you truly need. Don’t try to cheat yourself. If you truly didn’t like this, why doesn’t your face have any disgusting expression? Furthermore, your heart has been racing. It proves that you are feeling something!”

“That is… I…”

Luce’s mind was currently in a state of chaos and she was speechless towards Bella’s “extremely harmful teachings”, as she couldn’t find a reason to refute Bella’s misconception. Seeing that Luce’s mind was in a blank state, Bella increased her influence and shifted Luce to a special floating board in the center of the bath. She then pressed down Luce ruthlessly and violated her.

It was around 8 o’clock in the evening and Bella’s dormmates were making their way back to the dormitory. If Bella wanted to violate Luce, this was the only opportunity. But, Bella didn’t intend to let Luce return tonight. She was going to wait for Elder Sister Irene to return and entrusted her to look after Luce for one night. Bella was then going to conveniently work on Luce’s “process of thoughts”.

Apart from Bella and Luce, Diaz and Laceman were also in the baths. Laceman was still bound up and was currently getting washed by Diaz. Bella had temporarily handed Laceman to Diaz to handle, which caused Laceman to have suicidal thoughts. She was, after all, a princess of the Golden Dragon Race, but is actually being treated like a pet by a Demon World Princess. Laceman’s dignity was already non-existent.

Diaz treated Laceman considerably better and wasn’t as tyrannic as Bella. But, when Laceman recalled about Bella’s earlier actions, she felt that she wasn’t going to escape this calamity. Right now, she was just hoping that Bella was truly what Diaz mentioned her to be, and as long as she was obedient, Bella would be gentler to her and she would receive less suffering.

On a luxurious bed which wasn’t too far away from the baths… Holy Maiden Hayley and Susan were sitting there and staring blankly at the lesbian scene in the baths. On a nightly basis, two of the four Holy Maidens would take turns to come and get played by Bella. President Maria would probably bring them along and shift over during this Friday. The reason had already been made up, which was them responding to Chief President Angelia’s proposal. If it were like this, the upper echelons of the church wouldn’t even suspect anything.

Tonight, it was Hayley and Susan’s turn to come and accompany Bella. As it was now a normal thing, they quietly used the dark door of this dormitory building and entered this room. They avoided getting seen by President Lucia and Disciplinary Committee’s Chief, Natasha. It was best to temporarily keep a secret of them getting involved with Bella.

After arriving at the room, they did what they always did. They took the initiative to remove all the clothes and laid on the bed to wait for Bella to come over. But tonight, Bella didn’t seem to be lacking any playmates. As Holy Maidens, they already knew Princess Luce, as this princess was previously bedridden due to the curse from a Death Spirit Wizard. As per requested by the Octavia Empire’s imperial clan, they went over to see the princess in hopes that they were able to rescue Princess Luce as Holy Maidens. As a result, they didn’t succeed in doing so.

Right now, they were still unable to rescue Princess Luce, as they looked on while Luce was slowly “eaten” by Bella, the Female Devil. Hayley and Susan were currently helpless and they were already “eaten” by Bella, hence they couldn’t help Luce. To prevent any sudden resistance, Bella had always used intricate chains to tie up their limbs and this time was no exception.

Apart from Luce, they were deeply astonished to see the beautiful Dragon Race’s loli, Princess Laceman being captured by Bella. They were very clear of Princess Laceman’s strength and she was originally the Magic Dragon Knight, Lisha’s original mount, who was extremely formidable in her physical attacks and defenses. How did she get captured by Bella and was treated like a doll? Was there no one in this world that could stop the “atrocity” from this Female Devil, Bella?

In this room, there was a girl that didn’t get involved in the lesbian atmosphere… She was the black goth attired, the dark attribute loli, Lolita. She was quietly sitting on a small seat while watching Bella tormenting the girls. She was looking with this “I will sit here quietly and see how all of you continue to play” feeling.

If she could put down the snacks on her hands, it would be even more illustrative. Beside Lolita’s seat was a small table that was filled with various kinds of snacks. Her small little mouth didn’t stop munching and when complemented by her especially dark eye circles, she looked just like a female nerd. The snacks supplier, Assassin Lola couldn’t understand where did Mistress Bella bring back this little chowhound. She might be very beautiful, but wasn’t her appetite too good? She looked as though she was a hungry ghost that didn’t eat anything for dozens of years. If Bella wasn’t wealthy enough, no one would be able to give this small loli enough food, and it looked as though she was going to eat until her benefactor went poor.

Tiffany Lolita. She was the legendary Dragon of Evil from an unknown domain and possessed destructive power. It was just as what Bella witnessed earlier, her destructive power was that attack which was like a monochrome map cannon that instantly disintegrated everything nearby. Such power was rare even among the World Destructors and normal Saviors wouldn’t have any way to neutralize such destructive attacks. Scott was a good example who got instantly defeated by the move.

According to the information obtained from Laceman, Lolita was known as the Evil Dragon Empress of the Dragon Race. She might have the looks of a loli, but her age was immeasurable and when she first came to this dimension, it was already 10,000 years ago. When the Dragon Race was forced to a dead end by the 12 Demon Kings, they had no choice but to use an ancient and forbidden book to attempt in summoning an ancient dragon god to rescue the fate of the Dragon Race.

But the book was from a long time ago and the wordings were a little hard to recognize, hence it was inevitable that they might have interpreted it wrong. As such, the summoning ritual went wrong and had summoned the Evil Dragon Empress, Lolita. There were no records of what happened after the summoning. For unknown reasons, Lolita slipped into a deep slumber state in Haywood Cavern, which the Dragon Race took the opportunity to seal the cave. The seal was mainly to prevent anyone from waking her up, as there was no way for the seal to prevent Lolita from coming out.

After the intrusion of the 12 Demon Kings’ servant, they had instigated the Oliver Hunter Group to send two elite teams to infiltrate the sealed up Haywood Cavern and wake up Lolita who had been in a slumber for thousands of years. As such, the “disaster” Lolita was released. If Lolita had not met with Bella and the others, it was probably that no living beings would have left Bronte Holy Dragon Valley alive.

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“You are Lolita, right? What did you follow me for?”

After weakening Luce, Bella stood up and went over to ask Lolita. Lolita might have horrific power, but she didn’t seem to have any obvious hostility towards Bella and her people. Bella brought out her flirting skills and naturally went to chat with Lolita. Had Bella been a coward, there would be some type of girls that Bella would never be able to lay her hands on.

“About that… Mistress Samantha, I am sent here by your Elder Sister to protect you. I am one of the direct subordinates under your Elder Sister. This name Lolita is also given to me by Mistress Elder Sister. Of course, I also belong to you. In any case, I am a shared subordinate between you and Mistress Elder Sister.”

Lolita tilted her head and introduced herself seriously, all while her petite mouth was still frenziedly munching all the snacks on the table. This lass had been sleeping for such a long time and she probably was extremely hungry after not eating for thousands of years.

If Bella remembered it correctly, her true self was the Sacred Demon God Samantha and her younger sister should be the Dark Demon God Alice, who she had seen before. As for her elder sister, Bella’s impression of her had been cut off. Without any choice, she had to thicken her face and continue acting like she had lost her memory and asked Lolita. From the looks of it, Lolita didn’t have any schemes and should be able to provide Bella with more information.

“Lolita, you can just call me Bella, that is my new nickname. That’s right, do you remember what is my Elder Sister’s name? The one that arranged for you to protect me. Another thing, how did you see through my disguise?”

“Mistress… Bella, Mistress Elder Sister is called Mistress Elder Sister! She told us that only you can address her by her name, no other Demon Gods are allowed to! You can just go ask her yourself in the future. She is currently trapped in Alfred Continent with other sisters, and they are waiting for an opportunity to break out! I have been sent by her thousands of years ago to look for you and I have not contacted her for a very long time.”

“That’s right, this is something Mistress Elder Sister asked me to bring to you. Take it! As for how I saw through your disguise… Your disguise is truly incredible and I think even Mistress Elder Sister wouldn’t be able to tell that you are in disguise. But, I was once your mount and I spent a lot of more than together with you than Mistress Elder Sister spent time with you. If even I cannot recognize you, then there is probably no one else that could recognize you in this world.”

As Lolita finished talking, a small pocket from her chest poured out a huge pile of items. Bella suspected that it was a dimensional pocket and all the things it poured out were a pile of storage rings. There were at least more than a thousand rings with a single glance and the things that were gifted were probably in the rings. But, every ring was carved with the name “Samantha” and from the looks of it, it should have been personally carved by that Mistress Elder Sister.

These rings were all designed like engagement rings and those who didn’t know about it would actually think that this was a “grand” marriage proposal. Bella felt a little regretful that she couldn’t know the real name of this Mistress Elder Sister, but she still gladly accepted Mistress Elder Sister’s gifts. Right now, Bella didn’t know that Samantha’s Mistress Elder Sister was actually the fourth generation overlord of the World Destructors and she had a severe sister complex.

“Mistress… Bella, Lolita is your mount? Who exactly are you…”

“Princess Laceman, you are my mount and so is Lolita. You both are and there is no need for you to worry!”

“You are really too greedy, how can a single individual have two… uh. I don’t even have any options!”

Laceman wanted to protest, but when she saw Bella’s dangerous eyes, she had no choice but to compromise. A Dragon Knight could only have one dragon as a mount, but Bella wasn’t strictly considered an official Dragon Knight, thus it wasn’t strange for her to have multiple mounts.

Just as Bella wanted to violate Laceman, Lola who had been standing guard reported to her. Saying that Kriss seemed to have returned in advance and was looking for her urgently. Bella had no choice but to temporarily put away the evil plan to violate these beauties. If Kriss was looking for her, it would generally be a serious matter. Bella must not let Kriss see this secret room, for now, so she had no choice but to go out and meet with Kriss.

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